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Exit polls predict Sarkozy win

6 May 2007 17:10

Belgium TV are reporting that Nicolas Sarkozy has got 53-54% of the vote in the French presidential election according to early exit polls. These are only exit polls but they… Continue reading


France votes

6 May 2007 16:59

Anything other than a Nicolas Sarkozy win this evening would be a huge upset. The latest polls show him with a 10 point lead over Ségolène Royal (pictured left). The… Continue reading


Reid resigns

6 May 2007 13:39

The unravelling of New Labour starts here. John Reid’s decision to quit the cabinet today is loaded with unanswered questions. He has said he’ll back Gordon Brown as leader, but… Continue reading

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Brown’s media management

6 May 2007 9:29

When John Major was at his most paranoid, he used to have every edition of the Evening Standard brought to him by a flunky in his study – whereupon he… Continue reading


McCain: I’ll pursue OBL "to the gates of hell"

5 May 2007 16:56

Thursday wasn’t only election night here, but also the first Republican primary debate of 2008. Over at Comment Central Daniel Finkelstein has a typically astute post on whether Republicans shouldn’t… Continue reading


If you like this…

5 May 2007 16:35

If you’re enjoying Coffee House, I do hope you’ll take a look at Stephen Pollard’s new blog and Clive Davis’s—which come complete with a photograph by PooterGeek.

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Why Friday was a very good day

5 May 2007 9:17

Good news from Paris. No, not the capital of France which, it seems likely, will tomorrow crown Sarkozy its President. I mean the Hilton heiress, who was sent to jail… Continue reading


The ideal result

4 May 2007 21:55

When I was a reporter in the Scottish Parliament seven years ago, I wrote a piece on the life of the poor Hansard reporters up there. The MSPs were not… Continue reading

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Is it too painful to say the Tories did well?

4 May 2007 19:37

Last night I said that it looked like being a mediocre result for David Cameron, well it looks like it was substantially better than that. The Tories have quietly rattled… Continue reading


The worst possible start for Brown

4 May 2007 18:52

I started the day unsure that the political landscape had changed but 12 hours is a long time in politics. Few moments deserve to be called historic, but the fall… Continue reading


Why PR is bad

4 May 2007 18:16

The situation about to unfold in Scotland is why I can’t stand PR. First of all, not one voter will get the government they actually voted for. Instead, politicians will… Continue reading

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SNP the biggest party in the Scottish Parliament

4 May 2007 17:59

So, finally we know the news from Scotland and it’s not good for Gordon Brown. The SNP have 47 seats to Labour’s 46. During the campaign, the Lib Dems made… Continue reading


It’s a Facebook world we’re living in

4 May 2007 17:10

A couple of months ago I had never heard of Facebook. Now, I place internal bets with myself at every social gathering I go to about how long it will… Continue reading

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Welsh Tory Revival

4 May 2007 14:48

It wil be a while before Welsh Tories officially rename themselves  ‘Ceidwadwyr Cymru’ . But their renaissance on the political map shows them coming home with last night’s results representing the party’s… Continue reading

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Respectable not sensational

4 May 2007 14:04

I went to bed at 5.30am thinking "Well, I’ll wake up and know the result". It’s now Friday lunchtime, and we’re none the wiser. Who won Scotland? Labour and SNP… Continue reading


Catherine Tate

4 May 2007 13:55

The forgotten party of British politics

4 May 2007 12:57

Conservative Home asks why there isn’t more speculation about Ming Campbell’s future. It does seem odd how easy a ride he’s been given considering that the Lib Dems must be… Continue reading

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How good a night was it for the Tories?

4 May 2007 11:37

The general view so far which I myself posted earlier is that this has been a respectable rather than seriously impressive night for the Tories. However, see Iain Dale’s analysis… Continue reading

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Required viewing for all MPs

4 May 2007 11:32

It’s a pity that the elections yesterday coincided with Molly Dineen’s documentary ‘The Lie of the Land’ because I imagine that the minister of agriculture (or minister of Naff, Maff,… Continue reading

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Sarkozy’s lead widens

4 May 2007 11:12

To shift focus in our election coverage to across the Channel, Nicolas Sarkozy’s lead is widening. Two new polls out today put him at 54% and 54.5% respectively, a comfortable… Continue reading



4 May 2007 10:37

As Matt d’Ancona says, ‘hanging chads’ are the words that spring to mind when considering the technical disasters that attended the vote in Scotland. But there is another, less charitable… Continue reading


Recreating an Elgar premiere

4 May 2007 9:19

What is the peculiar magic of string quartets? Ian McEwan posed this question when I interviewed him recently. It came to mind again during an enchanting evening at the Spectator’s… Continue reading


The result: No overall control

4 May 2007 6:59

‘A new dawn has broken,’ said Eric Pickles, the Tories’ local government spokesman, just after 5:20. Oh no it hasn’t, Eric. Hovering around 41 per cent, with patchy gains in… Continue reading


Tories up 1%, Lib Dems down 1%

4 May 2007 2:15

And Labour pretty much as they were the BBC are projecting. That has got to count as a good night for Labour, in the circumstances, and a mediocre one for… Continue reading


Caught Spinning

4 May 2007 1:06