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On to Blackpool

25 September 2007 21:16

When I zipped through security, I knew something was up. The conference here is almost dead. The normal buzz of a Tuesday has vanished, even if Brown’s up for a… Continue reading


What they’re talking about in the bars of Bournemouth

25 September 2007 13:28

Here’s a recap of the gossip around the bars last night..   1. Early election: Perhaps Brown started this hare running to wrong-foot the Tories, then came to take it… Continue reading

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Why British jobs for British workers won’t work

25 September 2007 13:08

As I type, a frustrated cleaner has just come in my room in Bournemouth. To my amazement, she’s English. We get talking about Brown’s “British jobs for British workers” mantra,… Continue reading


The struggle takes many forms

25 September 2007 12:19

Jon Cruddas’s latest conferences diary gives a great feeling for the Labour mood after yesterday’s speech. As Jon puts it, ‘Last night the Conference really kicked off.’ Do read it,… Continue reading


How does Brown plan to deliver on his promises?

25 September 2007 9:01

There is a consensus in the papers this morning that for all the politiical skill of Gordon Brown’s speech, it puts us no closer to knowing how Brown plans to achieve… Continue reading


Not the front pages Gordon would have wanted

24 September 2007 23:31

Despite all the courting of small ‘c’ conservatives in the speech, Gordon Brown doesn’t get the front page coverage he would have wanted in two key papers. The Sun’s front… Continue reading

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Conference Update

24 September 2007 19:19

We’ve just posted the latest instalment of Jon Cruddas’s conference diary which includes details of a classic encounter with Peter Mandelson and an explanation of what Gordon Brown is trying… Continue reading


Brown’s national party

24 September 2007 17:09

Talk here is turning to Brown’s decision not to blast the Tories in his speech. This fits with the idea of him transcending party division, and of course wooing Tory… Continue reading


Brown writes the Tories out of the script

24 September 2007 16:45

For me, the most striking feature of Brown’s speech was what was missing from it: not the election date but the Conservative Party. You would not think that less than… Continue reading


Brown fails to inspire

24 September 2007 16:20

Was that it? Gordon Brown’s speech was no launch-pad for an election or anything else. It was competent and workmanlike but its shopping list of initiatives recalled his duller budgets.… Continue reading


Gordon Brown’s speech

24 September 2007 14:43

2:40pm: So far, Brown is trying to lay out a third way between equality of outcome and opportunity pitching New Labour as the party of aspiration and community. Brown’s delivery… Continue reading


What Brown’s speech will tell us about his election plans

24 September 2007 12:30

The word is that Gordon Brown’s speech will not mention when he might go to the country. Indeed, judging by his rather tetchy performance on the Today Programme this morning… Continue reading


The Sun rains on Brown’s parade

24 September 2007 10:12

The one cloud on the Bournemouth horizon for Gordon Brown this morning is the vigorous campaign that the Sun has launched today for a referendum on the EU treaty formerly… Continue reading


Brown previews his big speech

24 September 2007 8:17

Today is G-Day, and Gordon is doing the rounds of the broadcasters before his big speech this afternoon. Up against Sky’s Adam Boulton, Brown led off, as he did on… Continue reading


Might there be some controversey in Bournemouth after all?

24 September 2007 0:47

                We’ve just posted the second instalment of Jon Cruddas’s conference diary in which he reports that a deal agreed by the Labour National to Executive avoid any votes on… Continue reading


More good poll news for Brown

23 September 2007 22:32

The case for Gordon Brown going to the country in October just keeps getting stronger.  A poll in tomorrow’s Sun puts Labour on 42%–8 points ahead of the Tories, an… Continue reading


The new Labour split

23 September 2007 21:14

In the conference hotel bar, there is but one subject under heated discussion, and it is, like treason, a matter of dates. The old Blair-Brown conference clash (RIP) has been… Continue reading

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Jon Cruddas’s conference diary

23 September 2007 19:36

All week, Jon Cruddas will be writing a conference diary for us from Bournemouth. We’ve just posted his first entry in which Jon explains why the Labour party is parting… Continue reading


Fisking Darling

23 September 2007 15:34

The Labour Party conference is already turning out to be a stage where a fictional narrative of events is being established and Alistair Darling’s speech was no exception. Here is… Continue reading


Will Brown take the October plunge?

23 September 2007 10:23

Two moments stood out for me in Gordon’s Andrew Marr interview: when the PM discussed the health service, not only personalised but capable of delivering to patients the "doctor that… Continue reading


What to watch for in Bournemouth

23 September 2007 10:12

Gordon’s first Labour conference as Prime Minister begins today: it could conceivably be his last. Just as last year’s gathering of the party in Manchester was dominated by Tony Blair’s… Continue reading


Which Blairite will spill the beans on Brown?

23 September 2007 10:03

After the censored purity of the Campbell diaries, the Blair era memoirs competition finally looks like becoming a race to the bitchy bottom. Jonathan Powell’s autobiography is to have the… Continue reading

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The terracotta PM

22 September 2007 14:21

Number Ten has been sending a steady stream of visitors to the British Museum to see its exhibition of the First Emperor of China and his terracotta army. Quite right,… Continue reading


Douglas Alexander admits Cameron is asking some of the right questions

22 September 2007 13:45

                  In a Guardian interview this morning, Douglas Alexander let something interesting slip. Amidst the usual rubbishing of the opposition, Alexander says this about David Cameron: “Over the past 18… Continue reading


Ian Gilmour RIP

22 September 2007 10:33

Less than a year since the death of Frank Johnson, the Spectator has lost another of its family. Last night, the death of Ian Gilmour, who was our proprietor and… Continue reading

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