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The hidden hand of the web

9 May 2007 18:55

Fabulous piece by P.J. O’Rourke on Adam Smith as inventor of the web. "I wonder if the know-it-alls at Wikipedia realize that the Internet was fully described and completely understood… Continue reading

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RIP Isabella Blow

9 May 2007 18:35

Isabella Blow passed away on Monday morning and took with her much of what made London a fashion capital. She was original and funny and the antithesis of Philip Green… Continue reading

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Watch that man

9 May 2007 18:28

Last Friday, flanked by rows of books and the Blutack-flecked walls of the children’s section of Brixton Library, against a backdrop of wailing sirens, the brilliant Phillip Jeays played to… Continue reading


Cameron’s guru speaks

9 May 2007 14:42

‘Radically pragmatic, rather than dogmatic’, is the way Oliver Letwin, Conservative head of policy, described the new Tory approach this week. Speaking at Policy Exchange, Letwin was hoping to ‘rebut’… Continue reading


What Tony would like to say

9 May 2007 13:54

Nobody knows what Blair will say tomorrow in his constituency. But this is what he will mean: “People of Sedgefield: in 1983 you were fortunate enough to elect me your… Continue reading


No kidding

9 May 2007 13:27

Children’s films ought to be at least as much for adults as children and I do get annoyed by those film critics who think otherwise. I’m thinking, for example, of… Continue reading


The long goodbye

9 May 2007 13:06

Fans of Thatcher’s famous no confidence debate performance shortly before her downfall, will be pleased to note that the same fey eloquence is enlivening Tony Blair’s final few performances. Oliver… Continue reading

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How will Blair sign off?

9 May 2007 10:40

Today’s Sun has the scoop on the choreography behind Blair’s resignation as Labour leader. Apparently, he’ll travel up to Sedgefield and announce his departure in an “emotional resignation speech” at… Continue reading


The long and the short of it

9 May 2007 8:53

If, like me, you’re trying to get your head round the radical changes in the online world – and the revolution usually called “Web 2.0” – then check out Seth… Continue reading

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Sarkozy gets pranked

8 May 2007 23:21

Nicolas Sarkozy was taken in by a phone prankster claiming to be the Canadian PM on Sunday night. No damage done, though. Sarkozy said nothing controversial, merely some boiler plate… Continue reading

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The New Yorker on Banksy

8 May 2007 19:40

This week’s New Yorker has a fascinating profile of the graffiti artist Banky. He’s one of those people you either love or hate. This quote gives you a flavour of… Continue reading

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Debatable Polls

8 May 2007 15:53

At 9p.m. last Thursday, while over 15 million American households were tuned in to “Grey’s Anatomy” on ABC, 1.7 million were watching the first Republican primary debate on the cable… Continue reading


Our shameful indifference

8 May 2007 12:48

Peter Hain was on the Today programme this morning doing a victory lap for the resumption of devolution in Northern Ireland. But he gave the game away when he predicted… Continue reading


Peace is not about to break out

8 May 2007 12:31

I am amused by much of the coverage of John Reid’s resignation which focuses on the upside for Gordon Brown of securing a senior vacancy in the Cabinet. The exit… Continue reading


Reshuffle, Kerfuffle

8 May 2007 11:33

Melissa Kite’s story in the Sunday Telegraph about a coming Tory reshuffle has ruffled feathers. This morning, via the indispensable Conservative Home, comes a highly personal attack on Kite from… Continue reading


Paralysis at Holyrood?

8 May 2007 10:48

The Scottish Parliament is often reported by London newsreaders as a proxy for Scottish public opinion. In truth, it’s an institution held in wide contempt – and the desultory 52%… Continue reading

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The quiet dignity of the McCanns

8 May 2007 8:33

There can be no nightmare greater than the one the McCanns are currently living through. Throughout this Bank Holiday weekend I have found myself compulsively checking the news every hour… Continue reading


From black sheep of the family to president

7 May 2007 18:06

Tonight isn’t the first time that the Queen and George W. Bush have broken bread together at the White House. But the odds are that the conversation tonight will be… Continue reading


How good is Tony Blair’s French?

7 May 2007 17:00

Tony Blair’ send his congratulations–or should that be félicitations–to Nicolas Sarkozy.


Rain, glorious rain

7 May 2007 15:01

I don’t mean to diss the recent sunshine, but hasn’t the rain today been happy and glorious? An hour ago there were ancient, damp smells on the streets of my… Continue reading

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The meaning of life

7 May 2007 14:55

Andrew Ferguson is one of America’s most accomplished conservative writers, but he is barely known here. That’s a pity because his sceptical pen would appeal to many English readers. The… Continue reading

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How Sarko will cause trouble for Brown and Cameron

7 May 2007 10:53

Nicolas Sarkozy is going to cause problems for both Gordon Brown and David Cameron. The headache for Cameron, as Matt pointed out the other day, is that Sarkozy sounds far… Continue reading

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The Gordfather

7 May 2007 8:42

"Barzini’s dead. So is Phillip Tattaglia — Moe Greene — Strachi — Cuneo — Today I settle all Family business." Remember that scene in The Godfather, where Michael Corleone tells… Continue reading

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Sarkozy’s message to France

6 May 2007 20:13

Truly extraordinary scenes at the Salle Gaveau in the eighth arrondissement of Paris tonight. Shortly after the official exit polls announcing Sarko’s victory, thousands of his supporters sang the Marseillaise, with… Continue reading

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Sarko, le Président

6 May 2007 19:20

It’s official: Sarkozy has won, probably by around 53.5%-46.5%. In the earliest ever concession speech in a French election, it took only until 8:03 French time for Sego to concede… Continue reading