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Is this cricket?

16 June 2008 12:17

Kevin Pietersen’s switch hit six in yesterday’s one day international up at the Riverside was remarkable to watch. Yet, I have a certain sympathy with those who think it is… Continue reading


A time for choosing

16 June 2008 10:12

The Irish "no" vote just gets better and better. The Plan B, as Wolfgang Müünchau says in today’s Financial Times, probably is to carry on without Ireland and create what… Continue reading


Just in case you missed them…

16 June 2008 10:08

…here are some of the posts made over the weekend on Coffee House is looking for interns. James Forsyth sets a Coffee House challenge, and says the Tories should… Continue reading


Will the Government help David Davis?

16 June 2008 9:01

On Saturday, James asked CoffeeHousers to suggest how David Davis can keep his campaign in the news. He’s doing alright so far – most of the major Monday columnists have… Continue reading


Today’s most worrying news story

15 June 2008 18:44

The news that AQ Khan was selling the electronic blueprints for a modern nuclear device brings home just how close some rogue nations might be to a nuclear bomb. Here… Continue reading


Waste and waste again

15 June 2008 15:08

Alasdair Palmer’s column in The Sunday Telegraph chronicles how the government makes the same mistakes again and again wasting more and more of our money yet no one carries the… Continue reading


Has Brown realised that the Lisbon Treaty is dead?

15 June 2008 11:50

So far, the Government have acted as pig-headed as we expected them to over the Irish referendum result. Rather than seeing it as a sign that the public may have… Continue reading


Another set of big poll leads for the Tories

15 June 2008 10:35

Two new polls this morning show the Tories with massive leads over Labour.  The Independent reports that the Tories were ahead 48-26 in the fieldwork for their poll which was… Continue reading


If there is no Labour candidate, can Labour MPs campaign for Davis?

15 June 2008 9:57

Bob Marshall-Andrews, the maverick Labour MP, has offered to campaign for David Davis, The Observer reports. Marshall-Andrews has encouraged other Labour MPs to join him and it is not hard… Continue reading


Coffee House is looking for interns

14 June 2008 18:48

Coffee House is offering internships to students and recent graduates.  Successful applicants will be able to write for Coffee House, work on the website, and experience behind-the-scenes life here at… Continue reading


The Tories should accuse Brown of perpetrating a fraud against the public  

14 June 2008 18:16

The Irish no vote provides the Tories with a golden opportunity to make Gordon Brown’s trustworthiness the defining political issue of the summer. Brown stood in 2005 on a manifesto… Continue reading


A Coffee House challenge

14 June 2008 14:16

The split between the Westminster Village and the public at large over whether David Davis’s resignation was a moment of madness or an act of profound principle is rapidly becoming… Continue reading


Arise Sir Mark

14 June 2008 10:57

Hurrah for Sir Mark Elder. A knighthood richly deserved and, many would say, long overdue. And with splendid timing he’s conducting a revival of Strauss’s Ariadne auf Naxos at the… Continue reading


Tim Russert RIP

14 June 2008 10:44

Tim Russert was the finest American political interviewer of his generation. People in Washington used to talk about the Russert primary, the idea that a candidate had only proved they… Continue reading


Unprecedented actions?

14 June 2008 10:22

Is Davis’ action really unprecedented? The latest issue of The House magazine has a piece by Vernon Bogdanor, perhaps the best politics academic in Britain. He names all previous by-election candidates,… Continue reading


Union of denial

14 June 2008 10:05

Denis MacShane, the former Europe minister, was not a happy man as he did interviews yesterday about the Irish no vote and his piece in today’s Times is a mixture… Continue reading


The week that was

13 June 2008 19:00

Some highlights of the week on David Davis is taking CoffeeHousers’ questions. Ruth Dudley Edwards responds to the No campaign’s victory in the Irish referendum, Neil O’Brien gives his thoughts… Continue reading


Could Brown offer a referendum?

13 June 2008 18:07

Here – thanks to Politics Home – is what Cameron has to say on the No camp’s victory in the Irish referendum: “The Treaty is now dead … It would be… Continue reading


Barroso tries to come to terms with defeat and fails

13 June 2008 16:57

Watching the BBC broadcast of Barroso’s press conference you realised how the EU just can not compute any result that does not go its way. Barroso said that he respected… Continue reading


Let’s drink to the Irish

13 June 2008 16:52

Eight decades ago, Britain gave Ireland back her sovereignty. Today, it seems the people of that glorious country have returned the favour. It’s too soon to know for sure if… Continue reading


Ireland votes no, now what’s next?

13 June 2008 15:27

1) This was a vote against the Treaty, and against deeper EU integration This was indeed a vote against deeper integration.  The political class are already spinning that it was… Continue reading


Across the site

13 June 2008 15:05

Don’t forget to check out the responses – from across – to the events of the past few days. Both Stephen Pollard and Melanie Phillips are sceptical about David Davis’… Continue reading


Even the Eurocrats won’t be able to ignore this vote

13 June 2008 14:51

I’ve just had a joyful phone call from Kevin Myers, one of the very few Irish journalists who was on the ‘No’ side.  I was fearing the Irish vote would… Continue reading


I have nothing to say but ‘Rejoice, rejoice’ and I’m proud to be Irish.

13 June 2008 14:10

Put your questions to David Davis

13 June 2008 13:41

The man of the moment – David Davis – has kindly agreed to a Q&A session with Coffee House.  So, post your questions for him in the comments sections below. … Continue reading