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Harman’s turn in the limelight

28 March 2008 18:56

Some of the most memorable PMQs of recent times were when John Prescott faced William Hague. The two-men both went at it with vigour and the total contrast in styles… Continue reading


The week that was

28 March 2008 18:09

Revealed: the ten questions that CoffeeHousers will pose to Nick Clegg.   James Forsyth says the Tories need to get serious about Iraq.   Peter Hoskin assesses Nick Clegg’s first… Continue reading


Is this a justice system?

28 March 2008 17:34

This story could run and run. It’s being reported that a Muslim cleric convicted of terrorist offences has been released early from prison thanks to a Government scheme to ease overcrowding. He… Continue reading


Trading Post TV

28 March 2008 16:27

There’s a new feature on the Spectator website – Trading Post TV.  It’s a weekly video slot, packed with business news, analysis and interviews.  The first episode can be found here, although you can also watch it… Continue reading


Was Jesus left wing?

28 March 2008 14:52

I summarised Radio Four’s “Thought For The Day” as being “Jesus was left-wing too”. Yet a CoffeeHouser says Jesus was the first socialist and has challenged me to find one… Continue reading


What the world is reading about Britain

28 March 2008 13:11

The cover story of the international edition of Time is about “Britain’s mean streets”. The article presents a litany of depressing statistics about children in Britain and why we now… Continue reading


Getting down to business

28 March 2008 12:20

The problem with speeches on matters fiscal is that they can often be quite dull – full of dreary statistics and technical lingo. The oratory efforts of Brown and Darling are… Continue reading


The Carter clear out continues

28 March 2008 11:22

Sam Coates flags up an article in PR Week which says that Stephen Carter is looking for a new speechwriter for Gordon Brown and is considering the position of Deborah… Continue reading


Radio select

28 March 2008 10:21

Do you ever wish you could listen to the best bits of Radio Four’s Today Programme while skipping the dross? Just as Sky Plus has transformed television by allowing you… Continue reading


More good news for the Tories

28 March 2008 8:55

There’s more poll cheer for the Tories this morning. The latest YouGov poll for the Telegraph puts them on 43 percent (up 3 from last month); Labour on 29 percent… Continue reading


So much for Terminal 5 being the answer to BA’s problems

27 March 2008 23:03

The opening day of Terminal 5 has been a PR disaster for British Airways. 34 flights have been cancelled and passengers can now only board if they do not check… Continue reading


Cameron talks tax

27 March 2008 22:28

David Cameron has an interview with tomorrow’s FT where he comes up with lots of reasons why there will be no tax cuts. Here’s the gist. 1. The tax burden… Continue reading


An awareness test

27 March 2008 18:46

Daniel Finkelstein’s already flagged it up, but I thought I’d share this Transport for London ad with CoffeeHousers.  It’s really quite good:


Richards for the New Statesman?

27 March 2008 17:50

Has Times Online just scooped Media Guardian on a media story? Sam Coates has a one-liner in Red Box saying that Steve Richards (one of CoffeeHouse’s favourite columnists from the… Continue reading

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Prepare for 2010

27 March 2008 17:11

As Iain Dale reports, Wendy Alexander may have let slip with with the date of the next election.  Here’s what she told the Glasgow Herald: "We’re now in a continuous campaigning environment… Continue reading


One hundred days

27 March 2008 15:35

What’s the verdict, then, on Nick Clegg’s first 100 days as Lib Dem leader? Not good, I’d say. Sure, he got off to a solid start – making positive noises on public… Continue reading


Why Blair backed the Iraq war

27 March 2008 13:40

Do read Steve Richards in The Independent today. He makes an interesting case that Tony Blair’s decision to support the war in Iraq was a result of political pragmatism not… Continue reading


Sarko in full flow

27 March 2008 11:52

Here’s a short clip of Nicolas Sarkozy’s address to Parliament yesterday.  For Matthew’s account of it all, click here.


Captions please

27 March 2008 11:50

Brown turns his back on Ken

27 March 2008 10:48

According to a Times report this morning, Gordon Brown is set to jump from the sinking ship that is HMS Livingstone.  Downing Street has "all but written off" Ken’s chances, and the… Continue reading


A state of emergency

27 March 2008 8:52

I have known David Selbourne for almost a decade and a half, and have long admired his trenchant, impeccably argued analysis of the state of modern society (as well as… Continue reading


A remarkable performance

26 March 2008 19:54

Nicolas Sarkozy’s address to both Houses of Parliament was a remarkable political performance, bristling with confident charm, and a reminder that, for all his travails, the French President is a… Continue reading


The smarter Bush doctrine

26 March 2008 19:32

Over on Americano, I’ve just posted some thoughts on John McCain’s big speech setting out his foreign policy platform. Plus, there’s fascinating polling data on whether Barack Obama and Hillary… Continue reading


Time to quiz Clegg

26 March 2008 18:02

Thanks to all the CoffeeHousers who posted questions for Nick Clegg over the past two weeks. Phone lines have now closed, so to speak – and we’ve picked out the… Continue reading


Simple but effective politics

26 March 2008 17:12

Today Boris has pledged to scrap Ken Livingstone’s “newspaper” The Londoner, and use the money to plant an extra 10,000 trees throughout the capital. It’s a simple but effective proposal.… Continue reading