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The Blair memoirs

26 October 2007 9:23

Tony Blair has announced the name of the ghost writer for his forthcoming memoirs: Frank But-not-disloyal. Mr Blair and Frank go back a long way, and their laughter could often… Continue reading


Tories 3 points ahead in latest poll

26 October 2007 8:57

The latest YouGov poll for the Telegraph has the Tories on 41, Labour 38 and the Liberal Democrats languishing on a 11 percent. I suspect that both main parties will… Continue reading


Time for Parliament to take a stand

25 October 2007 18:56

I’m normally slightly sceptical of the value of Early Day Motions; too few of them justify the £627,000 that they cost the taxpayer in 2005/6. But one put down today… Continue reading

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Gordon doesn’t get it

25 October 2007 15:31

Anatole Kaletsky has a cracking column in The Times today about Gordon Brown’s political difficulties. One point is particularly worth noting: Brown doesn’t know how to triangulate. Bill Clinton and… Continue reading


Preparations for a possible strike on Iran stepped up

25 October 2007 12:53

The speculation over whether President George W. Bush will order strikes on Iran before he leaves office in January 2009 will ramp up another notch with the news that the Bush administration… Continue reading


Will Tony wear a blue dress?

25 October 2007 12:18

Oh, this is going to be fun. Adam Boulton, writing in the New Statesman, says that Tony Blair and David Cameron will indeed be holding a meeting soon. Apparently, Blair… Continue reading


The real abortion figures

25 October 2007 10:25

One of my favourite themes is the power of metrics. The party who chooses the right yardsticks shapes the debate: something Labour understood early on, with their specific definition of… Continue reading

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Ashdown warns that Afghanistan is lost

25 October 2007 8:46

When it comes to winning the peace few people know more than Paddy Ashdown so his warning that Afghanistan is “lost” is particularly alarming. The Telegraph quotes him setting out… Continue reading


Brown is having tent trouble

24 October 2007 17:13

When Gordon Brown first announced the outsiders he had recruited to his ‘ministry of all the talents’ there was much chuckling in Westminster about whether Digby Jones or Mark Malloch… Continue reading

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Arnie earns his stripes

24 October 2007 16:32

Most people chuckled at California when it elected Arnold Schwarzenegger governor. But the sheer competence of the state government’s reaction to the appalling wild fires that are sweeping the state… Continue reading


Brown gets clunked again

24 October 2007 13:28

More Labour glum faces today, and much for them to be glum about. Cameron opened on a good theme: Brown’s plans to confiscate budget surpluses accrued by prudent schools. Cameron… Continue reading


Time to use the space created by the surge

24 October 2007 11:43

The military success of the surge in Iraq has been quite astonishing but much remains to be done on the political front. Part of the reason for this is that… Continue reading


Brown shouldn’t waste his breath on the UN over Burma

24 October 2007 8:59

In The Guardian, Gordon Brown asks the world to focus itself on Burma today as Aung Sui Kyi’s 12th year under house arrest draws to and end. The Prime Minister’s… Continue reading


Why is it the money that gets the English so cross?

23 October 2007 23:19

The constitutional settlement created by New Labour is clearly iniquitous. But what is interesting about the current debate is that it is based around the higher public spending per head… Continue reading


Cash for honours returns

23 October 2007 17:31

I’m just out of the Public Administration Select Committee meeting with John Yates. No revelations, but a clear clash of cultures – and philosophies. Tony Wright, the PASC chair, said… Continue reading


Let’s welcome immigration but also prepare for it

23 October 2007 15:57

Imagine a new city the size of York or Portsmouth being built every year for 30 years. This, according to the Office of National Statistics, is what’s happening for the… Continue reading


Why I can’t take Norman Baker seriously

23 October 2007 14:25

Folk on the previous thread seem to think that I should have dismissed Norman Baker’s belief that David Kelly might have been murdered so quickly. The problem is when you… Continue reading


The MP who thinks David Kelly was murdered

23 October 2007 10:54

Norman Baker, the Lib Dem MP, has gained a reputation in Westminster as one of the best ferreters out of information. But his new theories about how David Kelly died… Continue reading


A peek at Gordon’s vision

23 October 2007 8:48

One of the surprises of Gordon Brown’s premiership so far to date, is how little substantive policy there has been. Pretty much everything Brown has done has been about political… Continue reading


Why won’t The Independent print this letter?

22 October 2007 22:37

On Thursday, when I saw that The Independent had reprinted almost word for word Foreign Office talking points without attribution or any indication to its readers that this is what… Continue reading


Howard’s end?

22 October 2007 22:30

Nothing is going right for John Howard at the moment. Following a slight improvement in the polls last week came a poor showing against Kevin Rudd in the only debate… Continue reading


Hollywood goes to war

22 October 2007 22:00

Just out of the Lions for Lambs premiere in Leicester Square. It is the latest of Hollywood’s celluloid attacks on the White House, and a call to arms. The plot:… Continue reading

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Abortion lobby on the back foot

22 October 2007 17:05

On Wednesday the Health Minister, Dawn Primarolo MP (pictured), will be giving evidence to the Science and Technology Select Committee. She has already provided her answers to our assumed questions… Continue reading


The McCain comeback

22 October 2007 16:24

If I was a betting man, I’d be very tempted by the 16 to 1 available on John McCain to be the 2008 Republican nominee. McCain has had a fantastic… Continue reading


Who would have thought it?

22 October 2007 14:40

There is a long tradition of the pop intelligentsia getting involved with academe or publishing – Pete Townshend’s work as an editor for Faber being the obvious example, Jah Wobble’s labours… Continue reading