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Not Reagan but Nixon

18 July 2007 8:21

George W. Bush’s former speechwriter Michael Gerson takes a swing at Rudy Giuliani in today’s Washington Post saying that the Republican president Rudy resembles is not Reagan but Nixon. Gerson lays out… Continue reading


How will British politics look on Friday morning?

17 July 2007 20:28

Boris mania has, understandably, rather crowded out coverage of this Thursday’s Ealing Southall by-election. But the result will be key to the political mood over the summer. If the Tories… Continue reading


Another endorsement for Boris

17 July 2007 14:33

Mike Read, the former Top of the Pops presenter who was touted as a possible Tory Mayoral candidate, has announced today that he’s backing Boris. If Coffee Housers see any… Continue reading


What Putin is up to

17 July 2007 13:47

If you want a handy primer on why so many people think we’re slipping into a new Cold War, read Fraser Nelson’s cover story on the Russian arms build up… Continue reading


Keeping climate change in perspective

17 July 2007 11:48

Richard Littlejohn is perhaps the funniest journalist in Britain today, but it’s a mistake to be distracted by the brilliance of his jokes. He regularly unearths the social and political… Continue reading


Toby Young’s video diary of the Boris campaign

17 July 2007 8:35

Boris has all the right opponents

17 July 2007 8:03

It has been a blistering first 24 hours for The Candidate. But who would have thought that Day Two would begin with the passing of such a significant Non-Electoral Milestone… Continue reading


Obama’s dollars

16 July 2007 21:31

The key to Barack Obama’s phenomenal fund-raising success, $58.6 million raised so far, is that he is working both ends of the spectrum equally hard. He is playing the grassroots… Continue reading


In praise of Boles

16 July 2007 15:41

As Boris steps up to the plate, a word in praise of the man who is now advising him and would, barring an illness, be running as a first-class candidate… Continue reading


Back Boris

16 July 2007 14:22

"Surely what Londoners want is a Mayor who not only gives a lead – and champions the arts and culture of the city in every way – but who also… Continue reading


The Iraq debate

16 July 2007 12:38

This exchange between Lindsey Graham, John McCain’s right-hand man, and Jim Webb, Ronald Reagan’s navy secretary who is now an anti-war Democrat, gives you a good idea of how heated… Continue reading


Rejoice, rejoice! Boris is running

16 July 2007 9:50

Even as I write, the television screen is alight with the long-awaited words: “Boris to stand.” The great man is, as Coffee Housers know, the Spectator’s official candidate and there… Continue reading


A pet just for the holidays

16 July 2007 7:51

I am on holiday in the Hamptons. Conrad Black’s guilty verdict merited two paragraphs in the newspaper. I feel totally starved for news. I found a turtle on the lawn… Continue reading


Politics gets personal

15 July 2007 16:46

Andrew Rawnsley’s column in today’s Observer on quite how much Brown and Cameron dislike each other is essential reading. As one Brown ally tells Rawnsley, ‘Gordon could only be more… Continue reading


No second chance for Malloch Brown

15 July 2007 12:45

Further to James’s post on the dreadful Lord Malloch Brown, my column in today’s Sunday Telegraph addresses the predicament facing Gordon Brown. I doubt the PM will be remotely sentimental… Continue reading


Signs are we might be heading for an early poll

15 July 2007 12:41

What today’s polls say to me is “early election”. If Brown keeps this up into the recess, his honeymoon will stretch through the summer. Remember, the Tories need a ten-point… Continue reading


Brown’s special mistakes

15 July 2007 12:24

Gordon Brown’s government has gone from blunder to blunder in Anglo-American relations. First it ennobled and hires Mark Malloch Brown, a talentless UN bureaucrat known only for his hostility to… Continue reading


The case for indefinite detention of terror suspects

15 July 2007 9:26

The proposal by Ken Jones, the president of the Association of Chief Police Officers, reported in today’s Observer that the Government introduce powers of indefinite detention for terrorist suspects is… Continue reading


New poll shows Labour seven points ahead

15 July 2007 0:24

The Sunday Telegraph’s ICM poll is a serious blow to David Cameron, not least because it coincides with the disclosure that Tony Lit, the Tory candidate in Ealing Southall, gave… Continue reading


Malloch Brown speaks

14 July 2007 10:55

If Douglas Alexander’s speech yesterday–or, more accurately the spin applied to it–prompted concerned phone calls from Washington and a memo from Gordon to the cabinet to go easy with the… Continue reading

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Conrad Black convicted

13 July 2007 20:15

The most comprehensive coverage of the Conrad Black trial can be found at the Canadian magazine Maclean’s. For a firm defence of Black, check out Mark Steyn’s blog on the… Continue reading


It will take more than a tax break to restore the sanctity of marriage

13 July 2007 17:24

David Cameron told Jon Snow last night that in proposing tax breaks for married couples — whether straight or gay — he was ‘not moralising, not preaching’. His social affairs… Continue reading


The astronomical cost of over budget government projects

13 July 2007 12:42

The TaxPayers alliance has a corking piece of research, available on their new website, out on the cost of overruns in public sector projects. They’ve examined the records of 305… Continue reading

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What’s wrong with the new consensus

13 July 2007 12:12

When I supported the Iraq war, it was certainly for the aims James mentioned. And yes, I’m feasting on humble pie now. And Stuart’s right to say that even the… Continue reading


Why America went to war

13 July 2007 11:30

Come off it, James. American did not go to war to ‘set about a phenomenally ambitious project to build democracies in parts of the world where they had never succeeded… Continue reading