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A litmus test for Cameron’s leadership?

29 February 2008 11:18

Iain Dale flags up a letter in today’s Telegraph written by 27 of the 2005 intake of Tory MPs.  They’re asking for the sanctions that MPs face to be tightened,… Continue reading


Going further on welfare reform

29 February 2008 8:58

James Purnell yesterday confirmed that David Freud-style welfare reform will be implemented by the Government. And now Frank Field writes a comment piece for the Telegraph, warning his Labour compatriots… Continue reading


What Cameron should learn from Blair’s experience

28 February 2008 21:42

When historians look back at the Blair era, one of the things that will puzzle them is the fact that Tony Blair never attempted anything truly radical when his popularity was at… Continue reading


A responsible blogosphere?

28 February 2008 18:42

Was Fleet Street right to cover up the fact that Prince Harry is in Afghanistan? Many in cyberspace would see this as an Old Media cover up. Journalists have known… Continue reading


520 abortions every day

28 February 2008 18:13

I would have missed this ONS study had it not been to the very last line in the Guardian’s story about the number of over-40s giving birth. “In other findings,… Continue reading


Who is Gordon Brown?

28 February 2008 16:15

Our Prime Minister’s been compared to quite a few (real and fictional) characters of late.  Lord Turnbull got the ball rolling with his "Stalin" jibe; Vince Cable observed Brown’s transformation into Mr… Continue reading


Blowing the Tory budget

28 February 2008 13:59

Eight years ago, Tony Blair sat on Sir David Frost’s sofa and pledged that Labour would spend 8% of GDP on health. Brown called up afterwards in a fury, saying… Continue reading


The Norman conquest

28 February 2008 11:01

Lord Tebbit’s response to Michael Gove’s Spectator article last week is a remarkable spectacle: an argument between a past colossus of Tory Government and a future one. To the irritation… Continue reading


Lansley splashes the cash

28 February 2008 8:40

Andrew Lansley lobs a firecracker into the tortoise-hare debate this morning; announcing that the Tories would increase health spending by an extra £28 billion a year. The pledge actually goes… Continue reading


Europe Referendum back on the cards

27 February 2008 19:30

Ian Davidson, the Labour MP who has been leading the charge for a referendum, has managed to get down an amendment on whether or not Britain should remain in the… Continue reading


RIP William F. Buckley Jr

27 February 2008 19:12

Few journalists can claim to have been as influential as Bill Buckley was. George Will, the conservative columnist, introduced Buckley thus on the 50th anniversary of National Review, the conservative… Continue reading

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Anger management

27 February 2008 19:05

Here – for your viewing pleasure – is The Daily Politics’ footage of Ed Davey getting "cross" in the Commons yesterday: 


Poll skulduggery

27 February 2008 18:02

If Mike Smithson over at Political Betting is right (and he usually is), then there was a spot of Team Livingstone skulduggery behind yesterday’s tit-for-tat poll exchange. That "new" MORI… Continue reading


The press takes direct action

27 February 2008 17:22

During today’s protest against a third runway at Heathrow the protestsers draped a banner down from the roof over the side of the Palace of Westminster. Someone from the inside, though,… Continue reading


Tebbit wades into the "Heir to Blair" debate.

27 February 2008 15:34

Here - for the benefit of CoffeeHousers – is the full text of a letter from Lord Tebbit that will run in tomorrow’s Spectator: "Sir: Michael Gove gives a eulogy to Tony Blair, ‘I… Continue reading


Here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into Harriet

27 February 2008 15:01

Over at The Three Line Whip, Andrew Porter notes how Gordon Brown distanced himself at PMQs from Harriet Harman’s disgraceful praise for the former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Porter reports… Continue reading


Davey bites back 

27 February 2008 13:15

Open House have afforded Ed Davey a plaform from which to deliver his version of yesterday’s events.  Unfortunately – yet predictably – he uses it peddle the Lib Dem’s ludicrous line on… Continue reading


Cameron urges Brown to clean-up politics

27 February 2008 12:56

A rather downbeat PMQs session, where the following quote from Cameron is the highlight. “If he really thinks these exchanges once a week are a substitute for a proper television debate,… Continue reading



27 February 2008 11:01

With anti-Heathrow-expansion protestors scaling the roof of Parliament – and sparking all kind of security concerns in the process - it’s worth asking when & whether protests cross the line of decency. It’s… Continue reading


A blessing in disguise

27 February 2008 9:03

The Today Programme’s interview with Hector Sants – the chief executive of the Financial Services Authority – is well-worth listening to. His message is that the credit crunch will change… Continue reading


Too much information

26 February 2008 20:29

The Information Commissioner is wrong to order that the minutes of the Cabinet meeting where the legality of the Iraq war was discussed be published. If Cabinet Minutes can be… Continue reading


Boris leads London mayoral race

26 February 2008 20:14

Political Betting has details of a new YouGov poll which shows Boris five points ahead of Ken Livingstone at 44 percent. Livingstone’s people are reportedly claiming that their polling still… Continue reading


Listen Live: Spectator Education debate

26 February 2008 18:24

Tonight, an all star panel debate whether all schools should be allowed to select their own pupils. Speakers for the motion are Chris Woodhead, former chief inspector of schools, Dr… Continue reading


Intelligence Squared debate: All schools, state as well as private, should be allowed to select their own pupils

26 February 2008 17:40

Just a reminder that the latest Spectator/Intelligence Squared debate - "All schools, state as well as private should be allowed to select their own pupils" – begins at 18:45 tonight. The… Continue reading


Taking leave of their senses

26 February 2008 16:57

Fraser told us to "stay tuned" to the Lib Dems’ continuing efforts to force an "in or out" referendum, and now we’ve been rewarded with a spot of Parliamentary drama.   Ed Davey –… Continue reading

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