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We have a winner, Ms. Moneypolly

12 July 2007 13:38

The best suggestion by a Coffee Houser for a new author of James Bond stories was Simon Chapman who proposed The Guardian’s in-house funster, Polly Toynbee. A bottle of champagne… Continue reading


How the Beckhams will crack America

12 July 2007 11:50

If you want to know how Brand Beckham will be marketed in the States take a look at the storyboards for the ad campaign that is being launched to promote… Continue reading


The coming Cold War

12 July 2007 8:21

With Britain and Russia on the verge of Cold War style diplomatic expulsions over Russia’s refusal to extradite Andrei Lugovoi over the death of Alexander Litvinenko, do read Fraser’s cover… Continue reading


The Bureaucratic Bungling Corporation

11 July 2007 17:59

Life is full of little ironies. I am just off to the BBC’s Millbank studios to do some recording for The Week in Westminster. Meanwhile, I have spent much of… Continue reading


City Academies and Super Casinos, RIP

11 July 2007 14:33

Putting City Academies under the care of local authorities is like putting chickens in the care of wolves – as Mr Brown knows very well. So it’s goodbye to Mr… Continue reading


Spot the Scot

11 July 2007 12:59

Brown has a PMQs headline for us: let Cameron do the PR, he’ll be the PM. Well, his performance was better than last week. But what struck me was the… Continue reading


Ricky Gervais hasn’t lost it

11 July 2007 12:37

I rarely allow myself to be “Outraged of Westminster”, but this scandalous post by Jim Shelley, the Mirror’s TV critic, has forced me to make an exception. Ricky Gervais has… Continue reading


Where Bill and Hillary disagree

11 July 2007 12:05

New York magazine has a piece that is well worth reading on the one issue where Hillary is busy distancing herself from the record of the Clinton presidency: trade. Free… Continue reading


The author’s Faulks, Sebastian Faulks

11 July 2007 10:05

The news that Sebastian Faulks has written a Bond novel says a lot about the status 007 has achieved in the culture. On the big screen and through a ruthless… Continue reading


Brown’s family problem

11 July 2007 8:49

Gordon Brown’s Today Programme interview this morning was fascinating, you’ll be able to listen to it here in a little bit. It was clear how much the family agenda rattles… Continue reading


Why Cameron is right on families

10 July 2007 20:11

For all my misgivings about the Cameron project, he is in exactly the right place on the family. His speech today was authentic, strong, thought-provoking and laid out clear blue… Continue reading


Can John McCain recover?

10 July 2007 17:22

The former Republican frontrunner has just let his three most senior campaign aides go. These three departures signify the deep trouble that McCain’s campaign is in; he is now third… Continue reading

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I haven’t thrown in the towel

10 July 2007 15:59

I would like to reach across cyberspace to reassure the great Anne Applebaum. She says in Slate that "the Spectator magazine—the Conservatives’ once-faithful house organ—was ready to throw in the… Continue reading


Why social breakdown is so difficult for government to deal with

10 July 2007 15:37

"All of the work that we have done has reinforced the importance of the first three years on a child’s cognitive and emotional development. The emotional brain is largely created… Continue reading


Bush will change Britain’s politics more than America’s

10 July 2007 11:56

While the Republicans in America are quietly burying George W. Bush’s legacy in domestic policy, the Tories are embracing it. Iain Duncan Smith’s report on social policy, a labour of love if… Continue reading

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We spend far too much on science

10 July 2007 9:51

A brilliant topic on the Today programme – the scandal of the government science budget. A staggering £3.4bn of our money is spent on science – thus socialising what should… Continue reading


How Brown views the world

10 July 2007 8:36

The always astute Irwin Stelzer has an interesting op-ed in today’s Telegraph on Gordon Brown’s foreign policy. Stelzer reveals that Brown has been angered by reports that he has banned… Continue reading

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If you’re looking for…

9 July 2007 20:50

The Spectator’s thoughts on Boris running for Mayor see Mary Wakefield’s ten point plan and the magazine’s official endorsement. We also have comprehensive coverage of the Alastair Campbell diaries. Anthony… Continue reading

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How close is the Bush administration to giving up on Iraq?

9 July 2007 20:32

This New York Times story about the Bush administration considering abandoning the surge far more quickly than anyone is expecting is well worth reading. Also, take a look at this… Continue reading


"I’ve written about this in The Spectator so I may as well say it to his face."

9 July 2007 20:06

Out of sheer wickedness, this is the moment Michael Howard socked it to Alastair Campbell in a Newsnight discussion the night Blair resigned as Labour leader. Cold and brutal.


What matters in the Campbell diaries

9 July 2007 18:54

If you can’t be bothered ploughing through the Campbell memoirs, BBC2 has done a superb job filleting it. I’ve just had a preview of the three-part documentary starting on Wednesday… Continue reading


Boris for Mayor: A ten-step program

9 July 2007 17:23

1) Do you remember in Peter Pan when poor Tinkerbell fades away because no-one believes in fairies, and how miraculously she perks up when the children begin to clap? Well,… Continue reading


Mo Mowlam, not as useful as she was popular

9 July 2007 16:32

August 17th, 1998 on how useless Mo Mowlam was in drafting a statement after the Omagh bomb: “We then had the ludicrous situation of TB having to ask Mo for… Continue reading

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The Dodgy Dossier

9 July 2007 16:30

Sunday 21st June 2003, on demands that he should resign over the “dodgy dossier” on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq: “I hadn’t slept well. I was avoiding answering the… Continue reading

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9 July 2007 16:25

June 2nd 2003, on the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq: “TB was still in ‘it’s ridiculous’ mode and getting more and more irritated by what was… Continue reading

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