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Blears blunders?

17 June 2008 15:50

The news that Hazel Blears has had a computer with sensitive material on it stolen from her constituency office is acutely embarrassing for the government, coming as it does on… Continue reading


The fight against ratification continues

17 June 2008 15:14

According to a new YouGov / Open Europe poll: 54% [of respondents] agreed with the statement that "The government should drop the Lisbon Treaty and not try and ratify it". Just… Continue reading


Has Brown done the right thing over pay?

17 June 2008 14:04

George Osborne’s referred to it as a "gesture" – which is almost certainly true.  But at least the announcement that ministers will give up their pay rise this year is the… Continue reading


The truth behind the high cost of living

17 June 2008 13:32

If looked as if Alistair Darling were stuck on a groove on his Sky News interview. Michael Howard was famously asked the same question 13 times – Darling seemed to… Continue reading


Introducing Spectator Live

17 June 2008 12:40

We’ve added a new feature to the site – Spectator Live.  You can access it via the ‘Live’ tab at the top of the page, or by going to … Continue reading


Are the Tories in good health?

17 June 2008 12:22

The Telegraph is running an excellent series on what the Tories would do in power. Yesterday, Jill Kirby wrote about the Tories and family policy, and this morning Anthony Browne turns… Continue reading


A new inflationary peak

17 June 2008 10:55

So the latest ONS data puts May’s inflation at 3.3 percent - the highest figure since the current measure was introduced in 1997, and higher even than the 3.2 percent that many pessimistic analysts were… Continue reading


Tell Brown to abandon ratification

17 June 2008 10:25

Neil O’Brien and Richard North have submitted a petition to the Downing Street website stating that: We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Respect the result of the Irish… Continue reading


Richards outlines the Westminster argument

17 June 2008 9:00

Even if you don’t agree with his conclusions, Steve Richards is always worth reading. His article in today’s Independent is a case in point. It largely lambasts the actions of… Continue reading


And the winner is…

16 June 2008 19:20

We got lots of good responses to our request for ideas as to how David Davis can keep his cause in the news. The champagne goes to a Coffee Houser… Continue reading


A rather good Churchill quote

16 June 2008 18:22

The New York Times has a fun round-up of commencement addresses, speeches by the great and the good to the graduating classes of US universities. Gavin Newsom, the mayor of… Continue reading


Davis to keep shtum during PMQs

16 June 2008 17:07

Three Line Whip are reporting that we won’t hear a rousing speech or probing question from David Davis during Wednesday’s PMQs.  It looks like that champagne will be staying firmly in the the Coffee House cellar, then… 


Murdoch steps down from the fight

16 June 2008 16:58

In the end Rupert Murdoch decided he didn’t want a fight with the Tories after all, so he pulled the plug on Kelvin MacKenzie’s bid to give David Davis a… Continue reading


Anti-waste campaigner to stand against Davis

16 June 2008 15:23

The Guardian’s reporting that Kelvin MacKenzie probably won’t run in the Haltemprice & Howden by-election after all.  Perhaps a sign that Murdoch and Co. don’t want to pick a fight with the… Continue reading


David Davis states his case

16 June 2008 14:41

Over at Conservative Home, David Davis sets out his reasons for resigning as an MP.  He also provides details of the website he’s launching tomorrow, and of how people can… Continue reading

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Are British children seeing too little of their parents?

16 June 2008 14:24

For those who haven’t read it yet, I’d recommend Rachel Johnson’s article in the latest issue of the magazine. Her thesis is neatly contained in this paragraph: "If you add… Continue reading


What should David Davis ask Brown?

16 June 2008 13:16

Ben Brogan reports that David Davis has put off resigning as an MP. The word in Westminster is that he is waiting until Wednesday as he intends to go out… Continue reading


Reducing the cost of living should be the Tories’ priority

16 June 2008 12:36

Hm. I’m not sure about Cameron’s ‘green’ speech today. Not because I have anything hugely against the green agenda per se. But I am concerned about how the current Government’s environmental taxes have… Continue reading


Is this cricket?

16 June 2008 12:17

Kevin Pietersen’s switch hit six in yesterday’s one day international up at the Riverside was remarkable to watch. Yet, I have a certain sympathy with those who think it is… Continue reading


A time for choosing

16 June 2008 10:12

The Irish "no" vote just gets better and better. The Plan B, as Wolfgang Müünchau says in today’s Financial Times, probably is to carry on without Ireland and create what… Continue reading


Just in case you missed them…

16 June 2008 10:08

…here are some of the posts made over the weekend on Coffee House is looking for interns. James Forsyth sets a Coffee House challenge, and says the Tories should… Continue reading


Will the Government help David Davis?

16 June 2008 9:01

On Saturday, James asked CoffeeHousers to suggest how David Davis can keep his campaign in the news. He’s doing alright so far – most of the major Monday columnists have… Continue reading


Today’s most worrying news story

15 June 2008 18:44

The news that AQ Khan was selling the electronic blueprints for a modern nuclear device brings home just how close some rogue nations might be to a nuclear bomb. Here… Continue reading


Waste and waste again

15 June 2008 15:08

Alasdair Palmer’s column in The Sunday Telegraph chronicles how the government makes the same mistakes again and again wasting more and more of our money yet no one carries the… Continue reading


Has Brown realised that the Lisbon Treaty is dead?

15 June 2008 11:50

So far, the Government have acted as pig-headed as we expected them to over the Irish referendum result. Rather than seeing it as a sign that the public may have… Continue reading