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On the road with Sarkozy

24 August 2007 18:53

For any politician to allow someone full access to them so that they can write an ‘on the campaign trail with’ book is always a risk. It says something about… Continue reading


The East End Way

24 August 2007 16:07

I spent part of this morning on a delightful walk down Brick Lane in east London with the artist and historian Rachel Lichtenstein, recording a piece for the Today programme… Continue reading

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An opportunity to fix the broken society

24 August 2007 12:11

When trying to understand the impact of events like the shooting of Rhys Jones, turn to the tabloids. Their readers are the ones who suffer from the "broken society" and are… Continue reading


Hamas’s mask of moderation slips

24 August 2007 8:57

Osama Hamdan is the supposeldy moderate face of Hamas. The organisation’s representative in Beirut, he has met with Michael Ancram and is viewed as the kind of man we can—and… Continue reading


The MCB is back in with the government

23 August 2007 16:22

This morning, Coffee House heard that the government’s policy of freezing out the Muslim Council of Britain was over and that Hazel Blears had met with representatives of the Muslim… Continue reading


Bush’s literary gamble

23 August 2007 12:45

Further to James’s post, Bush’s invocation of The Quiet American in his speech was either compellingly smart or astonishingly foolhardy: The argument that America’s presence in Indochina was dangerous had… Continue reading

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Captions Please

23 August 2007 11:47

Leave them in the comments below.  


How West Midlands Police undermines community cohesion

23 August 2007 8:50

There is an important op-ed in today’s Times by Dean Godson on the latest developments in the Undercover Mosque saga, the sorry tale of the decision by West Midlands Police… Continue reading

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What Bush is up to

22 August 2007 21:23

At first glance it seems bizarre that Bush invoked Vietnam in defence of his Iraq policy. After all, for years the Bush administration has argued that any parallel to Vietnam is… Continue reading

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Where the Iraq debate now stands in the US

22 August 2007 15:48

This brief Time magazine article is as good a summation as any of the current situation in Iraq and how the US feels about it. Essentially, the surge has made military… Continue reading

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Cameron on crime

22 August 2007 13:53

In his speech on youth crime today, David Cameron suggested that those who commit minor offences should have their driving licences delayed. This is a more sensible idea than marching… Continue reading


A Straw man of an argument

22 August 2007 12:05

David Davis’s op-ed in the Telegraph today on immigration makes an absolutely crucial point about the Learco Chindamo case. As Davis writes, “On the Today programme yesterday, Jack Straw blamed… Continue reading


Your taxes paying for taxis

22 August 2007 10:32

The Pandora column in today’s Independent report on just how much the Department of Health spent on transport last year, and the sums are quite staggering:   £310,754 on taxis  £463,723… Continue reading


Fighting the bureaucratic enemy, not the real one

22 August 2007 8:31

Perhaps, the most damning thing about the CIA Inspector General’s report into the Agency’s performance into the run up to 9/11 is that even after George Tent concluded that the… Continue reading

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What Sarko told Condi

21 August 2007 20:23

Have we entered a post-American age in Europe? That’s the argument of this Adam Gopnik piece in the New Yorker. It argues that what Gordon Brown, Angela Merkel and Nicolas… Continue reading


Hold the front page: Boris Johnson more right-wing than Steve Norris

21 August 2007 16:38

“Boris Johnson is by far the most right wing candidate ever to be presented by a major party for Mayor of London.” This is how the Compass dossier on Boris… Continue reading


Updating Our Island Story

21 August 2007 13:54

John Lloyd has a typically thoughtful op-ed in the FT today about how we should teach history in schools and how we can create a sense of nationhood that fits… Continue reading


The trendiest political trends

21 August 2007 11:56

Mark Penn is the pollster of choice for those politicians who still believe in the third way. He advised Tony Blair on how to win a third term in 2005,… Continue reading


Labelling Boris a bigot is pathetic

21 August 2007 11:35

The Guardian reports today that Compass, the leftwing pressure group, has compiled a dossier accusing Boris of being “Norman Tebbit in a clown’s uniform”. Well, now: I admire Norman and… Continue reading


The consequences of having a small army

21 August 2007 10:56

The FT’s look at how the British deployment in Basra got to where it is today is well worth reading. As the FT notes, the reason the British force in… Continue reading


How the Monarchy restored public affection for it

21 August 2007 8:45

If you’re planning to listen to a Royal Recovery on Radio 4 this morning at nine, repeated this evening at half nine, about how the Royal family came back from… Continue reading


Stripped down politics down under

21 August 2007 8:34

Australian Labor Party leader Kevin Rudd is hardly the first decent Christian family man visiting from out-of-town to find himself in a New York strip club. These things happen when… Continue reading

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Restoring the compact between the military and society

20 August 2007 21:26

One of the things that has been strained to an intolerable extent since 9/11 is the compact between the British people, represented by their government, and the armed forces. We… Continue reading


Whose memoirs would you most like to read?

20 August 2007 19:01

Michael White has a fun post up on which political memoirs really were worth the advances that their publishers paid for them. Which raises the question of which politician’s autobiography… Continue reading


Government spends like a WAG on a shopping trip

20 August 2007 16:43

If you want an example of how government comes up with ways to waste our money, just consider the story in The Sun today of ‘The WAG’s Guide to Travel’… Continue reading

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