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The tragic fall of Amy Winehouse

29 August 2007 12:01

There is something more than usually grotesque about the slow-motion downfall of Amy Winehouse being played out daily in the media. As the singer and her appalling husband holiday in… Continue reading


The importance of what Bush is saying about Iran

29 August 2007 8:51

President Bush’s statement to the American Legion  that “I have authorized our military commanders in Iraq to confront Tehran’s murderous activities” is understandably getting a lot of ink this morning. But this… Continue reading


Paul Keating regrets

29 August 2007 8:30

APEC–the group which brings together the countries of the Pacific Rim including the US, Russia, Japan and China–is meeting in Sydney next week and to mark the occasion former Australian… Continue reading


Cameron’s next test

28 August 2007 23:08

As Matt, Fraser and Tim Montgomerie have all argued things are looking up for Project Cameron. Peter Riddell in Wednesday’s Times is more cautious but he still thinks that “Cameron… Continue reading


How Cameron can mend the broken society

28 August 2007 16:26

Was the Rhys Jones murder just a crime, or the result of a new phenomenon? The answer splits left and right. We’ve heard strikingly little from Gordon Brown – and… Continue reading


Lady of the night

28 August 2007 15:35

I don’t ‘do’ sleep very well. Never have. If I do manage it, I don’t do it for very long. Or long enough. I am not an insomniac yet according… Continue reading


What to see this Autumn

28 August 2007 13:31

If you want to know what’s coming up in the arts this autumn a good place to look is today’s G2, where critics have chosen the ‘50 hottest acts’. The… Continue reading


Boris leads primary race by 60 percent

28 August 2007 11:13

Conservative Home’s monthly survey of members reveals that Boris is well ahead of the pack in the race to become Mayor of London. Amongst London members, Boris has 70 percent… Continue reading


Internal Labour pressure for an EU referendum grows

28 August 2007 8:23

Today’s Daily Telegraph reports that as many as 120 Labour MPs want a referendum on the new EU treaty. Ian Davidson, the MP who is at the forefront of efforts… Continue reading


Was Gordon’s 10 point lead a blessing in disguise for Dave?

27 August 2007 14:54

John Rentoul points out in a typically sharp column in today’s Independent that Gordon Brown has benefited from the low expectation surrounding his arrival at Number 10. There had been… Continue reading


A consequence of withdrawal

27 August 2007 11:49

Newsweek’s investigation into the hunt for bin Laden makes for excellent reading. It gives you a real sense of the trade-offs involving in trying to capture him while not losing… Continue reading


Advantage Cameron

27 August 2007 9:57

David Cameron will surely be relieved by the finding in today’s Guardian/ICM poll that Gordon Brown’s lead has narrowed already to five points. But the much more significant figures are… Continue reading


Brown’s lead narrows

27 August 2007 8:42

Today’s poll in The Guardian will be met with relief at CCHQ. Labour is still ahead, but a 5 percent advantage is far less intimidating than a double digit lead… Continue reading


Our outrage should give us hope

26 August 2007 18:58

The more you read about the murder of Rhys Jones, the more shocking it becomes. The combination of a BMX—a symbol of childhood fun—and a brutal shooting brings home just… Continue reading


What the statistics don’t show

26 August 2007 11:13

In my Sunday Telegraph column today, I argue that statistics cannot reflect cultural sensibilities, especially in the wake of a horror such as Rhys Jones’s murder. But if crime statistics… Continue reading

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Naipaul on Walcott

25 August 2007 15:34

V.S. Naipaul’s essay on Derek Walcott, the great St. Lucian poet, in today’s Guardian review is as eloquent and insightful as one would expect. What caught my eye is a point… Continue reading


Roll up for Humphrys versus Paxman

25 August 2007 11:24

If you didn’t hear it, don’t miss John Humphrys interviewing Jeremy Paxman on this morning’s Today programme (you can hear it online). Paxman has issued a resounding critique of British… Continue reading


On the road with Sarkozy

24 August 2007 18:53

For any politician to allow someone full access to them so that they can write an ‘on the campaign trail with’ book is always a risk. It says something about… Continue reading


The East End Way

24 August 2007 16:07

I spent part of this morning on a delightful walk down Brick Lane in east London with the artist and historian Rachel Lichtenstein, recording a piece for the Today programme… Continue reading

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An opportunity to fix the broken society

24 August 2007 12:11

When trying to understand the impact of events like the shooting of Rhys Jones, turn to the tabloids. Their readers are the ones who suffer from the "broken society" and are… Continue reading


Hamas’s mask of moderation slips

24 August 2007 8:57

Osama Hamdan is the supposeldy moderate face of Hamas. The organisation’s representative in Beirut, he has met with Michael Ancram and is viewed as the kind of man we can—and… Continue reading


The MCB is back in with the government

23 August 2007 16:22

This morning, Coffee House heard that the government’s policy of freezing out the Muslim Council of Britain was over and that Hazel Blears had met with representatives of the Muslim… Continue reading


Bush’s literary gamble

23 August 2007 12:45

Further to James’s post, Bush’s invocation of The Quiet American in his speech was either compellingly smart or astonishingly foolhardy: The argument that America’s presence in Indochina was dangerous had… Continue reading

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Captions Please

23 August 2007 11:47

Leave them in the comments below.  


How West Midlands Police undermines community cohesion

23 August 2007 8:50

There is an important op-ed in today’s Times by Dean Godson on the latest developments in the Undercover Mosque saga, the sorry tale of the decision by West Midlands Police… Continue reading

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