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Stuart Wheeler loses his High Court battle for a referendum

25 June 2008 10:52

The story’s here.  Stuart’s already said that he’ll appeal the decision.  Here at Coffee House we wish him all the best with that.  However, by all accounts, the Government is going… Continue reading


Planning Bill 2008 vs Reform Bill 1832

25 June 2008 10:33

It’s the big vote on the Planning Bill today. As seems to be the way of things at the moment, the Government has made last minute changes to placate angry… Continue reading


One year on, Brown’s got the opinion poll blues

25 June 2008 8:56

James may have linked to it earlier, but this ICM poll in today’s Guardian deserves its own post. It puts the Tories on 45 points (up 4 from last month); Labour… Continue reading


CoffeeHousers’ Wall

25 June 2008 8:01

This week’s CoffeeHousers’ Wall is here. Head over there to have your say on the week’s events and to let us know what you’d like to see on Coffee House.


Where it all went wrong for Brown: he’s never said sorry

25 June 2008 2:18

What is most remarkable about the descent of Gordon Brown is that the voters have never even hinted at giving him a second chance. Ever since the debacle of the… Continue reading


Intelligence Squared debate: Tax the rich (more)

24 June 2008 18:18

Tonight broadcasts the latest Intelligence Squared debate: "Tax the rich (more)". Speaking for the motion are Andrew Hilton, Professor John Kay and Polly Toynbee. Opposing them will be Lord Jacobs, James… Continue reading


Playing with toy soldiers

24 June 2008 17:47

Danny Finkelstein has responded to my post suggesting that he is fighting the last war by saying, rather ingenuously, that this is generally a smart strategy. Now, at the risk… Continue reading

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Total launch

24 June 2008 16:44

I headed off to Milbank Tower last night for the launch of Total Politics, the brainchild of Iain Dale. The magazine looks great and has interviews with Gordon Brown and… Continue reading


Where it all went wrong for Brown: the 10p tax debacle

24 June 2008 15:15

Here’s the first in our series of posts looking back over the mistakes made by Brown in his first year as Prime Minister.  Later in the week, you’ll be able to vote on which… Continue reading


Is Davis heading for the Speaker’s chair?

24 June 2008 13:28

Over on his superb blog, Benedict Brogan indulges in a bit of interesting speculation: does David Davis want to be Speaker? It seems crazy – and probably is – but there could… Continue reading


"Record low" doesn’t cover it

24 June 2008 11:46

The problem with charting Gordon Brown’s economic slowdown is that the phrase “record low” is not enough. Take today’s data from the British Bankers Association. Its mortgages approval was 27,968… Continue reading


Olympic pollution

24 June 2008 11:18

Last night I was having drinks with a China expert and he made a rather startling prediction: Beijing will be the first summer Olympics where no records are broken in… Continue reading


Stephen Pollard: Social mobility disappeared with the grammar schools

24 June 2008 10:17

I’d recommend you head over to Stephen’s blog, where he flags up his latest Times article: "Social Mobility disappeared with the grammar schools".  It’s a great response to Brown’s speech… Continue reading


Brown feels the fiscal squeeze

24 June 2008 8:57

Another week, another great column from Rachel Sylvester. It contains venomous quotes aplenty (e.g. one cabinet minister: “We’re all doomed … We might as well ring the removal vans to… Continue reading


CoffeeHousers’ Wall

24 June 2008 7:49

This week’s CoffeeHousers’ Wall is here. Head over there to have your say on the week’s events and to let us know what you’d like to see on Coffee House.


The first spouse problem

23 June 2008 19:16

Clive flags up Maureen Dowd’s entertaining column on how the Americans would react to having Carla Bruni as First Lady. But on top of the comedy value there’s a serious issue… Continue reading


Can Brown avoid death by inflation?

23 June 2008 18:18

We’ve made the point before that Brown’s fortunes are largely wedded to the state of the economy.  After all, he took all the credit for its buoyancy during his time as Chancellor. … Continue reading


The credit crunch: your questions answered

23 June 2008 17:36

We’ve started posting economic analyst Graham Turner’s answers to readers’ questions on Trading Floor.  You can view Graham’s responses here.

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Your questions for David Davis

23 June 2008 16:33

It’s been just over a week since we asked CoffeeHousers to put forward their questions for David Davis.  We’ve since picked out the best ten, which have now been put to… Continue reading


Where it all went wrong for Brown

23 June 2008 15:58

This Friday marks the first anniversary of Gordon Brown becoming PM. To put it mildly, it hasn’t been a successful start. This week on Coffee House we’ll be putting forward… Continue reading


Rip off Britain

23 June 2008 13:57

One would have thought that getting a bunch of passport photos done in London would be no great hassle—but you’d be wrong. For a while I’ve needed to get some… Continue reading


CoffeeHousers’ Wall, 23 June – 29 June

23 June 2008 13:04

Welcome to a new feature on Coffee House – one we’re calling CoffeeHousers’ Wall. Every Monday, we’ll put up a ‘wall’ post and – provided your writing isn’t libelous, crammed with… Continue reading


Two MPs wanted to join David Davis

23 June 2008 12:19

If you want to quantify the power of David Davis’ campaign for civil liberties, then there’s always this news story in today’s Standard.  Apparently, two other MPs offered to step down –… Continue reading


Chalk one up for the Davis campaign 

23 June 2008 11:11

The letter from Sir Simon Milton, head of the Local Government Association, to local councils telling them not to use the powers granted to them under the Regulation of Investigatory… Continue reading


Just in case you missed them…

23 June 2008 10:16

Here are some of the posts made over the weekend on James Forsyth wonders whether a coup is the best Zimbabwe can hope for, and highlights another disastrous poll… Continue reading