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27 February 2008 11:01

With anti-Heathrow-expansion protestors scaling the roof of Parliament – and sparking all kind of security concerns in the process - it’s worth asking when & whether protests cross the line of decency. It’s… Continue reading


A blessing in disguise

27 February 2008 9:03

The Today Programme’s interview with Hector Sants – the chief executive of the Financial Services Authority – is well-worth listening to. His message is that the credit crunch will change… Continue reading


Too much information

26 February 2008 20:29

The Information Commissioner is wrong to order that the minutes of the Cabinet meeting where the legality of the Iraq war was discussed be published. If Cabinet Minutes can be… Continue reading


Boris leads London mayoral race

26 February 2008 20:14

Political Betting has details of a new YouGov poll which shows Boris five points ahead of Ken Livingstone at 44 percent. Livingstone’s people are reportedly claiming that their polling still… Continue reading


Listen Live: Spectator Education debate

26 February 2008 18:24

Tonight, an all star panel debate whether all schools should be allowed to select their own pupils. Speakers for the motion are Chris Woodhead, former chief inspector of schools, Dr… Continue reading


Intelligence Squared debate: All schools, state as well as private, should be allowed to select their own pupils

26 February 2008 17:40

Just a reminder that the latest Spectator/Intelligence Squared debate - "All schools, state as well as private should be allowed to select their own pupils" – begins at 18:45 tonight. The… Continue reading


Taking leave of their senses

26 February 2008 16:57

Fraser told us to "stay tuned" to the Lib Dems’ continuing efforts to force an "in or out" referendum, and now we’ve been rewarded with a spot of Parliamentary drama.   Ed Davey –… Continue reading

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Clegg rebuffed

26 February 2008 16:15

Michael Martin has for once proved his worth by throwing out Clegg’s amendment for an “in or out” referendum saying its not relevant to the Lisbon Treaty (which, of course,… Continue reading


Tex Avery is 100

26 February 2008 14:53

One of the greatest American artists of the Twentieth Century was born 100 years ago today.  The artist was Tex Avery (d. August 26th, 1980), and his medium was animation. … Continue reading


Splitting Brownies

26 February 2008 12:55

We’re on the last couple of days for collecting entries for the Gordon Brown’s book of fibs, but we haven’t quite decided what to call his embellishments. Many of you… Continue reading


Calling Nick Clegg’s bluff

26 February 2008 11:46

An early test of Nick Clegg’s credibility is at hand. Labour’s Ian Davidson has sent a letter to him proposing a solution: a two-question referendum on both the Lisbon Treaty… Continue reading


Building Down

26 February 2008 10:33

There’s a fascinating piece in The Times today arguing that rather than building ever upwards in London we should bore down. Certainly, the idea of putting some of London’s hideously… Continue reading


Polling cheer for Cameron

26 February 2008 10:06

Today’s poll in The Independent is striking not only for the fact that it gives the Tories an 11 point lead but for how broad it finds Tory support with… Continue reading


Fixing the Prozac Nation

26 February 2008 8:51

“Anti-depressants don’t work” is the message splashed across the front pages this morning, after a research team from the University of Hull discovered that: “The difference in improvement between patients… Continue reading


School daze

25 February 2008 18:43

Why would anyone want to be the “heir to Blair”?   It’s a question that’s popping up numerous times in the comments on Michael Gove’s latest piece for the Spectator. And I’m… Continue reading


Nick Clegg should speak out

25 February 2008 17:50

The Lib Dems should be leading the charge against Michael Martin. It is the kind of issue where the Lib Dems can emphasise their outsider status and come across as… Continue reading


A mobile police force?

25 February 2008 14:14

Reading the news release, I initially thought that Gordon Brown’s "new kind of policing" – by which every household in England and Wales will be given e-mail/mobile phone details to contact "neighbourhood… Continue reading


Clegg and his European red herring

25 February 2008 12:24

Now, as Fraser’s noted before, the official Lib Dem position on the Lisbon Treaty is a tad bizarre.  Nonetheless, Nick Clegg stubbornly sets about defending it in today’s Guardian: “It’s… Continue reading


Just in case you missed them…

25 February 2008 11:21

Be sure to check out some of the posts made over the weekend: Fraser Nelson sets out the Coffee House ethos, and also charts Britain’s spiraling drugs problem. Peter Hoskin… Continue reading


Harriet Harman needs a moral compass

25 February 2008 10:24

Harriet Harman comes out with one of the most disgraceful statements by a government minister in a while, in today’s Independent. Here’s the exchange: Now, Castro is not some cuddly… Continue reading


The protective cloak

25 February 2008 8:52

After the events of the weekend, all eyes will be on Michael Martin.  Will he buckle under the media’s relentless pressure?  Or will he dig in his heels, and continue… Continue reading


News from the front

24 February 2008 23:10

Anthony Cordesman, the respected US military expert, has an important piece in the Washington Post today on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As he reports, both conflicts are at… Continue reading


The cost of drugs

24 February 2008 17:09

To clarify my earlier blog, I certainly did not mean the murdered prostitutes in Suffolk were “victims” of the government’s failed war on drugs. They were born free and chose… Continue reading


The right long-term decisions?

24 February 2008 12:49

Just in case anyone still believed Gordon Brown’s "right long-term decisions" claim, then the Observer’s interview with Anne Owers – the chief inspector of prisons – should set them straight.  … Continue reading


How the Tories can break on through

24 February 2008 11:32

Northern Rock has not fatally wounded this government and Gordon Brown is slowly getting back on the front foot. The government, it appears, will not lose the next election all… Continue reading