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Torn about the ending

4 October 2007 11:14

ITV’s three-parter Torn came to an end last night. This drama by Chris Lang about an abducted child was one of the most gripping television plays I have seen for… Continue reading

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Will Gordon go?

4 October 2007 9:06

There are two schools of thought on whether the chances of an early election have increased or receded since last week. On the one hand, the Tory conference was a… Continue reading


What Cameron achieved

3 October 2007 21:44

A few hours on from the end of conference and the new political landscape is becoming clearer. David Cameron has succeeded in uniting the Conservative party and the right more… Continue reading


Did I watch the same speech?

3 October 2007 19:20

What planet am I from? What have I been smoking? Matt and Fraser understand politics far better than I can ever hope to, but after reading their blogs I can… Continue reading


David is ready

3 October 2007 19:10

David looked so smart when he walked onto the stage with his hair slicked back, I thought he was going to break into a verse of Mack the Knife. He… Continue reading


Goodbye Blackpool, hello Number Ten

3 October 2007 17:44

I’ve never been so happy! What a speech! What a leader!!! I’ve already started a Facebook group entitled: "Does anyone not want to vote for Dave?" When he whispered "I… Continue reading


The Labour spin on the speech

3 October 2007 17:34

Hilariously, Labour is briefing that Gordon Brown did not watch Cameron’s speech. I suspect they wouldn’t be saying that if Dave had bombed. The more people I speak to, the… Continue reading


Cameron passes the test

3 October 2007 17:16

Bookended by the soothing techno of Moby and a (perhaps unintended) reference to Jimmy Cliff’s "You Can Get It If You Really Want It", David Cameron today gave a speech that… Continue reading

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Hit and Run

3 October 2007 17:01

Cameron has just given the speech of his life, and celebrated by wasting no time getting out of Blackpool. Like me, he took a cab out of the conference straight… Continue reading


How did Cam do?

3 October 2007 15:59

My initial reaction is that it was good but not a home run. The ending was very strong but there was a bit towards the end when it ran out… Continue reading


Cameron’s speech

3 October 2007 14:17

2:15pm Cameron comes out to a rapturous reception. He tells the audience this might be a messy as he’s got no autocue, Cameron unspun. Fraser emails in: I notice all… Continue reading


The atmospherics

3 October 2007 14:15

I’ve never felt an atmosphere quite like this in a party conference. The press pack is silent, waiting for Cameron to come on. Its like we’re waiting for a tightrope… Continue reading

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Coffee House on your phone

3 October 2007 14:04

If you want to follow Coffee House’s coverage of and reaction to David Cameron’s speech on your mobile phone just text SPECTATOR to 88010 *Normal operator data charges apply.


Not the way to warm up an audience

3 October 2007 13:55

Standing in the press gallery waiting to go into the 5 Live bubble. Just finished BBC, Anglia and Sky. The BBC make up woman has made me look like the… Continue reading


Dare Cameron do it without notes?

3 October 2007 13:45

Word is that Cameron will attempt the speech of his life without notes or autocue. Critics said his 2005 noteless speech was no better than many stage actors could do… Continue reading


Tax and the Tories

3 October 2007 12:55

You wait ages for a Tory tax pledge then a whole slew come along at once. Following his speech on Monday which pledged to raise the threshold for inheritance tax… Continue reading


Waiting for Dave

3 October 2007 12:34

Waiting for David Cameron’s speech, which is going to be a great end to a great conference. General buzz here amongst those who were at Labour’s Conference last week is… Continue reading


The Night Before

3 October 2007 11:17

We were finally served our dinner at 10.30 last night. Thank goodness I was with the Countryside Alliance who are good fun and tolerant. It was then onto the News… Continue reading


Speech Countdown

3 October 2007 11:05

Samantha Cameron has risen even further in my estimation by declining to spend the week in Blackpool. She showed up on Sunday, to provide the main photo-shoot, then worked Monday… Continue reading


Back to the future

3 October 2007 10:53

Today’s speech really is as important as the hype says it is. If David Cameron delivers a barnstormer and Gordon Brown pulls out of calling an election it will be… Continue reading


Will Gordon ask the Commons before heading to the Palace?

3 October 2007 9:01

Peter Ridell makes an excellent point in The Times today. Three months ago, in a Green Paper Gordon proposed a new convention that the PM should be ‘required to seek… Continue reading

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Bye, bye Blackpool

3 October 2007 2:18

The Tories don’t like to be beside the seaside. Or, more specifically, I’m assured this is the last time they will choose a coastal resort for their conference;  which means… Continue reading


The gossip on what’s in Cameron’s speech

2 October 2007 23:16

Guido has been having fun at the conference here, and has caught wind of what’s in Cameron’s speech tomorrow. It squares with the gossip here.


How many minutes are left on the election countdown clock?

2 October 2007 22:37

I am on a Today Programme panel this week playing a prediction game modelled on the famous Doomsday Clock. The idea is for Michael Portillo, Jackie Ashley, John Curtice, Peter… Continue reading


The quiet man roars

2 October 2007 22:21

I am in the Hilton at a dinner hosted by the Countryside Alliance. There is someone I know on almost every table in the restaurant. Everyone is talking about the… Continue reading