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A city transformed

12 May 2008 12:39

Today’s New York Times details just how much progress has been made in Basra since Iraqi government forces launched a push to restore order in the city. It is hard… Continue reading


Breaking up

12 May 2008 12:03

Politics is moving at an astonishing pace. Frank Field has upped the ante with his extraordinary remarks on the BBC World Service – that Gordon will not lead Labour into… Continue reading


Just in case you missed them…

12 May 2008 11:17

…here are some of the posts made over the weekend: Fraser Nelson is amazed at how quickly the public are turning against Gordon Brown, and highlights the Blairites’ coordinated effort… Continue reading


1.2 trillion reasons Brown deserves to lose the next election

12 May 2008 10:48

Trevor Kavanagh’s column in The Sun today brilliantly details the way that £1.229 trillion has been added to the public’s tab over the last ten years—an astonishing £20,500 extra per… Continue reading


Another bad start to the week for Brown

12 May 2008 8:59

It’s not a great start to the week for Gordon Brown, as he prepares for relaunch no.29. After the pummelling he received from John Prescott, Cherie Blair and Stephen Byers… Continue reading


Byers remorse

11 May 2008 17:46

Just after Christmas, Stephen Byers declared Tony Blair to be history and that Labour needed to unite behind Gordon Brown if it was to win the next election. Byers was… Continue reading


Working-class hero?

11 May 2008 13:10

From Prescott’s interview in Sunday Times news review, this description of his home jumps out. "Here is not a working-class hero… but an Englishman in his castle, complete with turrets,… Continue reading


What they spend your money on

11 May 2008 11:28

The Portcullis column in The Sunday Telegraph has a quite astonishing tale of how the Department for International Development uses its money: “Diligent Tory researchers have established that the ministry spent… Continue reading


The writing’s on the wall

11 May 2008 11:13

There is a housing development in Brockley, south east London, with an extraordinary piece of graffiti. “Thanks to Gordon Brown, I will never buy a house,” it says, and in… Continue reading


Prescott adds to Brown’s woes

11 May 2008 10:29

On Saturday it was Cherie talking about what went on behind the scenes during the Blair / Brown era, today it is John Prescott. The result: more bad headlines for… Continue reading


Blairs on the trail

10 May 2008 18:55

Reading through the Cherie interviews in the papers today I was struck by this part of her reply when she was asked if she took any pleasure in Brown’s difficulties:… Continue reading


Lost in the shuffle

10 May 2008 18:32

Peter Hyman’s piece in The Times today is well worth reading if only for this anecdote about one of the Blair reshuffles. On another occasion an MP was sacked for… Continue reading


The Blairites bite back

10 May 2008 0:14

Turns out the mystery story is a Cherie Blair interview being run jointly by The Sun and The Times. The Sun promises to run the "bomshell" interview on its website… Continue reading


The week that was

9 May 2008 18:45

David Cameron answers your questions Matthew d’Ancona wonders whether Brown has broken the New Labour pact. Fraser Nelson serves up ‘Brownie No.3 – Gordon Brown’s "transitional" 10p tax rate’, and… Continue reading


Story alert

9 May 2008 18:07

A good political story is about to break. Have no idea what, but Westminster’s nervous system is twitching. My only information is that it is "big, followable and with us… Continue reading


The situation in Burma

9 May 2008 16:50

The news that food aid to Burma has had to be suspended because the military junta that rules the country has seized it for its own purposes is as depressing… Continue reading


The Spectator 180th anniversary party

9 May 2008 15:08

The champagne was flowing freely at this week’s party in celebration of the The Spectator’s 180th anniversary.  We’ve just put up exclusive footage of the bash on a special corner of the website -… Continue reading


A couple of clarifications

9 May 2008 13:58

Hugo Rifkind today picks up on a point in my Cameron interview where I describe how he has the ring tone from 24 on his phone. "’It’s an in joke,’… Continue reading


More bad news for Gordon…

9 May 2008 13:00

…yet another data scandal. 


America looks to Cameron

9 May 2008 10:59

You know an Opposition leader’s doing well when he makes waves across the pond. And – if an important article in today’s New York Times is anything to go by –… Continue reading


Will Ken work with Boris?

9 May 2008 9:00

Ken discusses the lessons of May 1 in an article for the Guardian today. There’s not much there, beyond talk about how he performed better than Labour did nationally, and… Continue reading


A 26 point lead for the Tories

8 May 2008 20:04

The Sun have just released the results of a YouGov poll, and it gives the Tories an astonishing 26 point lead over Labour.  The numbers in full: Tories, 49 percent;… Continue reading


What will Gordon do if the US strikes Iran’s insurgent training camps?

8 May 2008 19:07

David Ignatius has a great column in The Washington Post this morning looking at the international events that could shake up the presidential race. One of the things that he… Continue reading


The Economist: Is Gordon Brown doomed?

8 May 2008 18:36

The Economist sells shares in Brown tomorrow – its front cover will ask ‘Is Gordon Doomed?’ and its lead article will pretty much say that he is. “Mr Brown can scarcely… Continue reading


Out now: Issue 1 of the Spectator Business

8 May 2008 17:23

We’ve just released the first issue of the monthly Spectator Business magazine. You can access all of its content online – just head over here to check it out.