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Let parents be the tsars

10 June 2008 13:09

Slip some truth serum into Lord Adonis and, yes, I suspect he will admit the flaw in proposing new combined primary and secondary schools. Not that they won’t work, but… Continue reading


If you don’t understand it, why vote for it?

10 June 2008 12:15

In his Irish Independent column today, Kevin Myers brilliantly nails one of the most infuriating pro-European arguments: The final argument from the ‘Yes’ camp is that the ‘No’ side really… Continue reading


Why Britain needs a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty

10 June 2008 11:13

[After the news that the British public want a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, here’s a exclusive blog from Stuart Wheeler. Stuart is one of the leading figures in the… Continue reading


The public want a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty

10 June 2008 10:23

Conservative Home have an exclusive sneak peek of a Daily Politics / ComRes poll on the Lisbon Treaty.  Here are some of the numbers, which – to my mind –… Continue reading


61 percent of voters think the Tories are tainted by financial sleaze

10 June 2008 10:21

Jon Craig highlights this finding from today’s Populus poll which should worry the Tories. However, to be fair we should note that even more voters think that Labour is compromised… Continue reading


Balls to get tough on failing schools

10 June 2008 8:54

In an interview with the Guardian this morning, Ed Balls pledges to crack down on failing schools: "We don’t want to see excuses about poor performance, what we want to… Continue reading


Tory poll leads widens dramatically

10 June 2008 1:02

A new Populus poll for The Times shows the Tories surging yet further ahead of Labour. The Tories are now on 45, Labour on 25 and the Lib Dems on… Continue reading


An Afghanistan progress report

9 June 2008 21:01

Channel Four says it feels "dutybound" to examine on what ground Gordon Brown says of the 100 servicemen who died in Afghanistan that "they have paid the ultimate price but… Continue reading


Having a flutter on Euro 2008

9 June 2008 18:25

Ok, so Euro 2008 has kicked off (if my calculations are correct, we should be most of the way through France vs Romania right now). And the BBC still bellows… Continue reading


London MPs aren’t even all talk when it comes to dealing with knife crime

9 June 2008 18:00

Clive flags up a story in today’s Evening Standard about how when Parliament debated knife crime last week, only 10 of the 74 London MPs bothered to turn up. Showing… Continue reading


What do CoffeeHousers think about a Manchester congestion charge?

9 June 2008 16:39

What do CoffeeHousers – and particularly those based in Manchester – make of Ruth Kelly’s plans to impose congestion charges in cities other than London?  You see, there are two… Continue reading


Cameron is just doing what Thatcher did

9 June 2008 16:22

Watching Michael Cockrell’s documentary on Margaret Thatcher’s rise to power last night, I was struck by how many times she was interviewed with her family. Just after her maiden speech… Continue reading


The cost of living under Gordon Brown

9 June 2008 15:22

Over at Trading Floor, Fraser wonders why the Government won’t tighten its belt when the rest of the country is being forced to.


Dealing with knife crime

9 June 2008 14:08

Knife crime is a serious problem—those who claim that the current concern over it is all a result of media fear-mongering are being far too flippant. But I do wish… Continue reading

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Has Clarke found the answer to the West Lothian question?

9 June 2008 14:06

There’s an interesting debate fizzing between Iain Dale’s Diary and Three Line Whip at the moment. It’s all about the West Lothian question or, rather, Ken Clarke’s proposed solution to it. As… Continue reading


Is Cameron dyeing his hair?

9 June 2008 12:43

Iain Martin moves the Cameron hair story along over at Three Line Whip. Iain suggest that we hacks might have been wrong to concentrate on the parting and should instead… Continue reading


Dorries takes on the Beeb

9 June 2008 12:31

Nadine Dorries’ latest blog post is a classic piece of telling-it-like-it-is.  Here’s how she kicks off: "The frenzied attack against Conservative MPs and MEPs, orchestrated by and emanating from the… Continue reading


The Taliban’s suicide bombing campaign

9 June 2008 12:08

If you ever wondered what a Taliban suicide bomber looks like, examine the boy on the left.  Aged 14, Rafiqullah was caught with a suicide vest but pardoned by President… Continue reading


Damning with faint praise

9 June 2008 10:50

Tonight’s Dispatches on Gordon Brown, which Pete blogged about on Sunday, has already generated a bunch of buzz. Reading the transcript, these two quotes jumped out at me as neither… Continue reading


Just in case you missed them…

9 June 2008 10:41

Here are some posts made over the weekend on James Forsyth identifies the most worrying Tory sleaze story so far, and highlights a new poll which shows that the… Continue reading


Do the professionals want 42-day detention?

9 June 2008 9:01

One of the Government’s loudest defences for 42-day detention is that it will help the intelligence services and the police catch more terrorists. Problem is, the professionals aren’t exactly backing… Continue reading


Report: Brown won’t reshuffle before the next election

8 June 2008 16:39

 In The News of The World today, Ian Kirby reports that: “Last night, however, Mr Brown insisted all his Cabinet would stay in their jobs till the next General Election.… Continue reading


Brown’s a ditherer, says Straw

8 June 2008 12:25

Ok, so Jack Straw may not quite have used the word "ditherer", but here’s what he has to say about the PM in a Channel 4 documentary, aired tomorrow: "[Brown… Continue reading


The public back Labour on 42 days but think the Tories are tougher on terrorism

8 June 2008 11:06

The latest ICM poll for The Sunday Telegraph has the Tories on 42, Labour 26 and the Lib Dems 21. Labour’s ranking is the lowest it has ever been in… Continue reading


Should British military casualties be named and honoured in PMQs?

8 June 2008 0:45

Should the Prime Minister (and, increasingly, each party leader) name and honour the recent fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan at PMQs? I had thought this quite respectful, but when I… Continue reading