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Tories down by eight in new ICM poll

18 September 2007 23:29

The latest poll news isn’t good for David Cameron. ICM has the Tories eight points behind Labour and Cameron with the worst personal ratings of all the party leaders. The… Continue reading


What to read in The New York Times

18 September 2007 17:19

As Clive noted earlier, the whole of the New York Times will be free online from midnight tonight. I’d thoroughly recommend that you take the opportunity to start reading David… Continue reading


How do you solve a problem like Ming?

18 September 2007 15:22

Last night’s Newsnight interview with Ming summed up the problems the Lib Dems face. First of all, Ming only got 15 minutes at the end of the show compared to… Continue reading


Guess how much tax the rich pay?

18 September 2007 13:11

Where would the Liberal Democrats be without the insinuation that the rich are let off lightly by the tax system? But I would like to let CoffeeHousers in on what… Continue reading


Is Bush senior sending a message on behalf of his son?

18 September 2007 12:25

An intriguing development in the US presidential race, Bush senior just came very close to endorsing John McCain. McCain is currently on a ‘No Surrender’ tour designed to reenergise his… Continue reading


What was behind the Israeli raid on Syria?

18 September 2007 10:10

One of the more intriguing events of recent weeks has been the Israeli air raid on Syria earlier this month. Why the Israelis felt obliged to act remains clouded in… Continue reading


The Namier de nos jours

18 September 2007 8:27

Last night, The Spectator hosted its first book launch at our new home in Old Queen Street. And how apt that it should be in honour of The Triumph of… Continue reading


Darling’s rocky guarantee

18 September 2007 0:19

The government’s unprecedented decision to guarantee every bank deposit in the country should be enough to stop the queues outside Northern Rock branches and any further meltdown in the financial… Continue reading


Free advice to Ming: Don’t declare yourself a failure

17 September 2007 16:34

Mike Smithson has an interesting piece up at Political Betting arguing that if the Lib Dems are to be taken seriously by the media they need their very own Campbell… Continue reading


Lib Dem conference gets bumped down the new agenda

17 September 2007 13:38

The predicament of the Lib Dems is summed up by the media coverage, or lack thereof, of their conference. Looking at the papers today, the Lib Dem conference seems to… Continue reading


How we got into the current mess

17 September 2007 11:37

As David Cameron prepares to speak, I would like to helpfully outline five components behind the mess we see today. 1. Bungling central bankers: As I blogged earlier, the Bank of… Continue reading


More bad poll news for the Lib Dem

17 September 2007 10:00

The ComRes poll in today’s Independent will not improve the mood of grumpy Lib Dem delegates in Brighton. The poll finds that the party is down at 15 percent, a… Continue reading


Ming on the back foot

16 September 2007 23:02

The YouGov poll in the Sunday Times has got the Lib Dem conference off on the wrong foot for Ming Campbell. The poll finds that only four percent of voters… Continue reading

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Darling stumbles

16 September 2007 17:11

Darling is losing his grip. He got his figures wrong twice on the World This Weekend and his exasperated stuttering hardly inspired confidence at a time when it is so… Continue reading


How the Tories could get the public to go green

16 September 2007 10:52

The YouGov poll in Sunday Times which shows that Labour is five points ahead also contains some instructive data on the public’s reactions to the policies suggested by the Tory… Continue reading


Why John Reid is stepping down

15 September 2007 17:21

Earlier today, like many people around Westminster, I received a text message from John Reid letting me know that he will be standing down as an MP at the next… Continue reading


How government and the Bank of England exacerbated the credit crunch

15 September 2007 16:35

The credit crunch is global. So why has there only been a run on the banks in Britain? Alistair Darling suggests Northern Rock is a mere domino in a chain… Continue reading


Might Brown’s tea-time stunt backfire?

15 September 2007 13:52

On Thursday I thought that Gordon Brown had pulled off a masterstroke by inviting Margaret Thatcher to tea at Downing Street, but now I’m not so sure. Marina Hyde’s column… Continue reading


Only a Lib Dem could get it this wrong

15 September 2007 1:56

Sir Menzies Campbell’s call for a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU is a desperate bid to preserve party unity on the eve of what may be his last… Continue reading


The pick of the weekend’s films

14 September 2007 18:05

If you’re planning a visit to the cinema this weekend, I recommend you bypass the  cold, albeit visually impressive, ‘Atonement’, in favour of  Julie Delpy’s first effort as an actor,… Continue reading

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Old is the new new

14 September 2007 11:40

The old Latin rite of Mass is officially reinstated today. It’s not easy to explain the significance of this to non-Catholics (or even to Catholics under the age of 50),… Continue reading


Not Rocking

14 September 2007 10:30

As a Northern Rock mortgage holder, I naturally went to the bank’s website when I heard the news about the Bank of England’s extraordinary intervention, providing emergency funding for the… Continue reading


Bush on Iraq

14 September 2007 8:30

President Bush’s speech on Iraq last night showed how reliant he now is on others for credibility on Iraq. Take the two key paragraphs that set out the shift in… Continue reading


Captions Please

13 September 2007 19:19

Gordon’s new ad message: I’m not Tony

13 September 2007 16:06

Back in May, the American pollster (and Spectator contributor) Frank Luntz advised Gordon Brown to make a virtue out of his reputation for being boring. The Prime Minister has today… Continue reading