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Will NATO split over cluster bombs?

19 May 2008 0:33

NATO is under attack from so many forces (mainly the EU wanting a common defence policy) that it’s hard to work out what will eventually break up the alliance. But… Continue reading


West Midlands Police owe the public an explanation of why they got it so wrong over Undercover Mosque

18 May 2008 18:00

Alasdair Palmer’s column in The Sunday Telegraph on the whole Undercover Mosque business is essential reading. Undercover Mosque was the Channel 4 programme which revealed the extremism that was being… Continue reading


What all MPs should read before voting on the abortion time limit

18 May 2008 15:56

I was reviewing the papers on the Marr sofa earlier with Jane Moore, one of my favourite columnists. Next week’s abortion vote came up, and she said she is pro-choice… Continue reading


Class tensions at Number 10

18 May 2008 12:34

Labour’s campaign in Crewe is, rightly being, lambasted. It is depressing that after 11 years in power, Labour can’t give voters a positive reason to vote for the party and… Continue reading


Will Gordon shed a tear for his old grammar school?

18 May 2008 9:19

When Gordon Brown entered Downing Street for the first time as Prime Minister he talked about the excellence of the education he received at Kirkcaldy High School in Fife. He… Continue reading


A by-election poll boost for the Tories

17 May 2008 17:34

Oh dear. Rather than buy votes, Gordon Brown’s £2.7bn unfunded tax cut has doubled the Tory lead in Crewe & Nantwich according to an ICM poll of the constituency for… Continue reading


The legality of war

17 May 2008 15:53

The Cherie Blair interview in The Guardian is well worth reading and I’m sure it will be all over the news that the Blairs have not been invited to Downing… Continue reading


The Gord delusion

17 May 2008 11:38

Matthew Parris, who has been consistently right about Gordon Brown, is on brilliant form in The Times this morning. Matthew points out how Brown seems quite incapable of admitting error. … Continue reading


More anger over the 10p tax con

17 May 2008 11:09

Simon Heffer’s at his angry best in today’s Telegraph, attacking Brown over the recent 10p tax con.  Here are the last two paragraphs, but do read the whole thing: "The £2.7 billion… Continue reading


The week that was

16 May 2008 18:48

Fraser Nelson outlines the high cost of living, and claims that James Purnell could be the next Labour leader. James Forsyth asks CoffeeHousers to suggest what the Tories would achieve… Continue reading

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Brown’s sermon on The Mound

16 May 2008 18:23

Do you give in yet? Because Gordon Brown still isn’t through. Another speech tomorrow, to the General Assembly on the Church of Scotland at The Mound in Edinburgh. Pointedly, it’s the… Continue reading


The 42 day detention rebels make their move

16 May 2008 17:55

Things are hotting up over the Government’s plan to extend pre-charge detention for terror suspects to 42 days.  A group of Labour rebels, headed by Andrew Dismore MP, have tabled… Continue reading


More bad news for Brown

16 May 2008 16:13

One of the last things Brown will want is a summer of public sector unrest.  Problem is, that’s exactly what he might be facing.  Check out Michael Millar’s post over… Continue reading

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Brown’s poverty fiddle

16 May 2008 14:17

Over at the Adam Smith Institute blog, Dr Eamon Butler highlights a very important truth - that severe poverty has worsened under this government.  How so, when the Government claims to have… Continue reading


Gove lays out the Tory first-term agenda

16 May 2008 12:19

Yesterday, we asked what the Conservatives would promise to do in their first term. Today, Michael Gove goes a long way to answering that question in a typically smart column… Continue reading


The right result

16 May 2008 10:23

The Michael Martin-led effort to block the disclosure of MPs’ expenses has been turned down in the High Court.  The right result.  Hopefully, Martin will accept it with grace and… Continue reading


The chances of a Brown comeback

16 May 2008 9:01

Some good reading material in today’s Economist.  Bagehot charts the recent attacks and apologies that have coursed through Labour, concentrating on the case of Frank Field.  Here’s the concluding paragraph:… Continue reading


How depressed is the left?

15 May 2008 20:26

Martin Bright and Jackie Ashley are two of the most astute and influential commentators on the left. So I was particularly struck by how bearish about Brown’s prospects they both… Continue reading


Exam meltdown?

15 May 2008 18:08

Could the first major league disaster of the summer be about to break? There are rumblings about problems with the computer system marking exams. It’s to do with ETS, an… Continue reading


Celebrity matters

15 May 2008 16:39

We have just seen Naomi Campbell coming out of No10 – her appointment was with Mrs Brown, apparently, but she bumped into Gordon while he was there. So where does… Continue reading


Write Cameron’s version of this ad

15 May 2008 15:27

John McCain’s latest ad is a simple message to voters about what a McCain presidency would achieve in its first term. Here’s the script: The year, 2013. The Middle East… Continue reading


Cameron on top form

15 May 2008 14:33

A number of CoffeeHousers asked that we put up video of Cameron’s superlative response to Brown’s Not The Queen’s Speech yesterday.  It’s been put up on YouTube now, so here goes (Cameron starts… Continue reading


Greed or need?

15 May 2008 13:30

Just to flag up another article from the latest issue for CoffeeHousers.  This one’s by Rod Liddle, and he takes issue with the recent deluge of memoirs from Blairite figures.  As he… Continue reading


Not Gordon’s Today

15 May 2008 11:08

If you didn’t hear Gordon Brown’s Today Programme interview this morning, do go and listen to it. You can almost hear Brown’s frustration as he tries to—unsuccessfully—wrestle back control of… Continue reading


Purnell: the next Labour leader?

15 May 2008 10:42

Just a follow-up to Fraser’s post of yesterday.  His article on why James Purnell could be the man to rescue Labour from their current scrape is now on the website. … Continue reading