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Name that minister

23 May 2007 12:43

Iain Dale is running a rather cheeky competition to name the most incompetent Labour minister. As his comments section demonstrates, there’s no shortage of candidates. The question is will things… Continue reading

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Groups of New York?

23 May 2007 10:40

According to the Youth Justice Board, most teenage “gangs” should be referred to less abrasively as “groups”. Which makes me think how very different Martin Scorsese’s movie would have been… Continue reading


Bush signs off on black ops against Iran

23 May 2007 10:09

ABC News has an interesting report on the CIA’s new covert Iran strategy which is designed to get the Iranians to stop enriching uranium and arming elements of the insurgency… Continue reading


Cameron’s education

23 May 2007 7:52

Tim Montgomerie has a piece in today’s Daily Telegraph which should cause anxiety in Conservative Party HQ. Tim – reasonable and eloquent as ever – explains why the grammar school… Continue reading

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Our rotten taste in tomatoes

22 May 2007 18:14

Some people think that the only tomato worth eating is the one you’ve grown yourself but this isn’t actually true. I can think of loads of tomatoes – eg the… Continue reading


Remembering Sheridan Morley

22 May 2007 16:38

What a wonderful afternoon it was! Who can imagine a theatre jammed full of the most famous thespians in London honouring that despised creature, a theatre critic? But they —… Continue reading

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The great PMs

22 May 2007 15:58

Over at Comment is Free, Martin Kettle has an interesting post on which 20th Century British Prime Ministers deserve to be classified as outstanding. Kettle thinks that 11 deserve the… Continue reading


Poetic news

22 May 2007 15:08

Tomorrow, I am taking part in the launch of Pass on a Poem, a terrific campaign to encourage the reading and enjoyment of poetry at the Oxfam Bookshop, 170 Portobello… Continue reading


Will he or won’t he?

22 May 2007 13:12

If you want a quick guide to whether Al Gore will end up running for president or not read this piece by Ben Smith, one of the savviest US political… Continue reading


The fight on the right

22 May 2007 12:08

The issue that ends up rendering asunder the American right will not be Iraq but the other i-word, immigration. George W. Bush and Karl Rove have long believed that the… Continue reading


An audience with the King of Google

22 May 2007 0:28

Just back from Google Zeitgeist Europe 2007 in Hertfordshire, as dazzling an assembly of those shaping the destiny of the web as you could hope to behold. The cast list… Continue reading


Hollywood, friend of cheap dates everywhere

21 May 2007 16:42

Leonardo di-Caprio and Blood Diamond gave men an excuse not to buy their wives and girlfriends diamonds on the grounds that they were ethically tainted. Now Julia Roberts is going… Continue reading

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The political web

21 May 2007 13:36

Fascinating piece in today’s Washington Post about Republican’s fears that they are “losing the Web.” What was once a side-show for political geeks is becoming core electoral terrain. Actually the… Continue reading


Advantage Cameron

21 May 2007 12:48

Just back from David Cameron’s press conference. It was a Blair-style "beat the goalie" session, with journalists invited to ask him nasty questions until they were exhausted. And, like Blair,… Continue reading


A good idea from Don Rumsfeld–no really

21 May 2007 12:21

Few people have a good word to say about Don Rumsfeld right now and there is little doubt that he was an absolute disaster in his second stint at the… Continue reading


Heated debate

21 May 2007 10:31

If man-made global warming is killing Africans, as the climate change alarmists suggest, shouldn’t we reduce our carbon footprint?  Tesco did just that, says Dominic Lawson, and reduced by two-thirds… Continue reading


Grammatical error

21 May 2007 7:53

Janet Daley is spot on in today’s Telegraph: the grammar schools row was a coronation gift to Gordon Brown. What were the Tories thinking of? According to the always excellent… Continue reading


Olympian debate

20 May 2007 18:58

Should Scotland have its own Olympic team? Alex Salmond thinks so, and his point is far from trivial. For the SNP, politics is sport carried on by other means. I… Continue reading


Brown goes nuclear

20 May 2007 18:06

Today’s news that Gordon Brown will back the next generation of nuclear power plants is further proof of his desire to put the Tories on the back foot. Nuclear power… Continue reading

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Irish notes

20 May 2007 10:10

In County Wexford on the South East coast of Ireland for the wedding of Number Ten strategist and Beatles fanatic, Steve Morris, to his beautiful bride, Tara Hopkins – complete… Continue reading

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What Brown should say

19 May 2007 9:31

Frank Luntz, the US polling guru whose Newsnight focus group gave David Cameron a crucial boost in the Tory leadership election, has an interesting piece in today’s Guardian. He argues… Continue reading

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Those with a past need not apply

18 May 2007 17:20

"George Bush could never get elected President if he went to Yale now," according to Google CEO Eric Schmidt. His argument is that he’d be caught on mobile phone cameras… Continue reading

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Things got worse

18 May 2007 16:10

A fact I dropped into my political column has been picked up by Iain Dale and (rightly) questioned. Could unemployment for under-25s really be worse than under the Tories? I… Continue reading


Where left meets right

18 May 2007 12:55

Throughout the French presidential campaign Nicolas Sarkozy was lambasted by his critics as an American neo-con with a French passport. This description was excessive, but there’s little doubt that Sarkozy… Continue reading


Bad timing

18 May 2007 10:24

Good to see Paul Wolfowitz taking my advice. In a way the whole story’s about bad timing. For him, in the sense that a relatively insignificant and disputable allegation of… Continue reading