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The Powell doctrine

23 April 2008 15:04

Jonathan Powell’s essay on the Northern Ireland peace process in the May Prospect sets out his position on talking to terrorists with complete clarity: “To argue that al Qaeda and the… Continue reading


From Darling with love

23 April 2008 14:33

For those who want to know what a U-turn looks like, the Guardian has a scanned copy (pdf) of Alistair Darling’s 10p tax letter to John McFall.


Wednesday Whoppers

23 April 2008 13:56

Cameron said it should be called Prime Minister’s U-Turn, not PMQs. I disagree. It should be renamed Wednesday Whoppers or – as we say here in CoffeeHouse – Brownies. A… Continue reading


The rebellion fizzles out

23 April 2008 12:26

A quick update to Fraser’s post – the 10p tax rebels, lead by Frank Field, have withdrawn their amendment to the Finance Bill in the wake of Alistair Darling’s statement. … Continue reading



23 April 2008 12:21

Hillary Clinton scored a solid victory in the Pennsylvania primary.  How is Team Obama going to react?  Find out over at Americano.


The 10p tax U-turn

23 April 2008 11:53

Gordon Brown doesn’t get it. Even his U-turn over the 10p tax rate (announced just time for PMQs in the form of a letter to John McFall) is devilishly complicated.… Continue reading


The finishing post is in sight

23 April 2008 11:24

I don’t know a single person in Westminster willing to predict the outcome of the Mayoral election. Most people I speak to say their gut tells them Livingstone will win, but… Continue reading


Happy St George’s Day

23 April 2008 8:59

It’s St George’s Day today, so – if you haven’t already – do check out the special articles from the latest issue of the Spectator, and have your say on… Continue reading


Should the flag of St George fly over Downing Street?

22 April 2008 18:13

I must admit to mixed feelings at the news that Number Ten will fly the flag of St George tomorrow. On the one hand, it’ll be an impressive sight and… Continue reading


Gaffes galore

22 April 2008 17:46

Even spell-checker’s rebelling against Gordon Brown.  On the Labour website earlier: "excellance for all".  It’s been fixed now, but not before some quick-thinking types captured screen grabs. 


How can Brown make amends?

22 April 2008 17:05

How should Brown deal with the 10p tax band issue?  That’s the question that was put to Politics Home’s group of 100 political insiders today.  In answer – some 62 percent of repondents believe… Continue reading


Will the rebellion be quashed?

22 April 2008 15:22

Team Brown’s clearly spooked by the 10p tax rebellion (and so it should be – as Jackie Ashley pointed out yesterday, the repercussions could be massive). The evidence? Well, the Prime Minister… Continue reading


It’s crunch time

22 April 2008 12:46

With polls in Pennsylvania having opened – and with everyone expecting a Clinton victory - do check out Americano’s guide to how to interpret her winning margin.


The Sun shines on Boris and Paddick says he couldn’t work for Ken

22 April 2008 10:34

This morning, The Sun offers an enthusiastic endorsement of Boris Johnson proclaiming that he ‘has the energy and the imagination to give this great city what it needs.’ Meanwhile, in… Continue reading


Blair’s prescience

22 April 2008 10:15

There’s a certain amount of Blair nostalgia in the Labour party at the moment as Gordon Brown struggles at Number Ten. That feeling is only going to be heightened by… Continue reading


Labour make up ground on the Tories

22 April 2008 8:59

Now this is an odd one. In spite of the 10p tax row – and the very public dissent by some Labour figures – the latest Guardian / ICM poll… Continue reading


How the Labour government has hurt the poor

21 April 2008 18:18

Why are all these Labour MPs worried about the 10p tax? It is the least of the ways in which this Labour government has hurt the poor over its years… Continue reading


Boris leads, as another Livingstone associate comes under question

21 April 2008 16:33

The latest Evening Standard / YouGov poll is in, and it records another encouraging lead for Boris. The results in full – Boris is on 44 percent (down 1 from last… Continue reading


Hague talks politics & faith

21 April 2008 15:16

After hearing Tony Blair’s first confession, Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor is on a roll. He landed Blair for a speech on religion at Westminster Cathedral earlier this month, and now he’s lined… Continue reading


Kate Hoey’s explanation is, well, whooey

21 April 2008 14:11

Rosa Prince, who is owning this whole (non) endorsement story, has spoken to Kate Hoey about what happened and it seems she genuinely is sick. But the rest of Hoey’s… Continue reading


The Brownites don’t have the moral authority to talk about party loyalty

21 April 2008 12:55

Labour are going through a wobble at the moment—which might turn into a collapse on May 1st—and the leadership desperately needs the party to close ranks and MPs to stop… Continue reading


Is Kate Hoey backing Boris?

21 April 2008 11:39

Three Line Whip have been tracking a bit of mayoral election drama this morning.  On the way to Boris’ campaign event today, Rosa Prince disclosed that a "special guest backer"… Continue reading


Just in case you missed them…

21 April 2008 10:57

Here are some of the posts made over the weekend: Andrew Neil thinks that the abolition of the 10p tax band could cause major problems for the Government. Fraser Nelson… Continue reading


China is gaming the Olympic system

21 April 2008 10:45

The Washington Post has an important story this morning about how China is failing to live up to the promises it made on press freedom when it was awarded the… Continue reading

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Clarke lashes out at Balls

21 April 2008 8:56

The Labour infighting is becoming bloodier by the day. Remember Ed Balls’ call for party unity last week? Well – in a letter to today’s Times – Charles Clarke responds… Continue reading