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A Grieve set of issues

13 June 2008 11:40

David Cameron wasted no time in appointing Dominic Grieve yesterday but it might be a case of act in haste, repent at leisure. I’m picking up considerable concern in Conservative… Continue reading


Has the No campaign won in Ireland?

13 June 2008 11:03

The ‘No’s have won it, according to Iain Dale.  Expect further Coffee House coverage shortly.


Footage of Cameron’s response

13 June 2008 10:07

For those who missed it, here’s footage of Cameron’s response to Davis’ resignation, as discussed by James here.


David Davis: the morning view

13 June 2008 9:01

A flick through the papers this morning just confirms the spilt between the political commentariat and the public over David Davis. Most of the headlines are of the negative –… Continue reading


David Davis throws down the gauntlet to Brown and the cabinet

13 June 2008 1:08

David Davis’s Daily Telegraph piece makes clear that he will be running as a Conservative party candidate in the by-election, something about which there has been some confusion. He also… Continue reading


Is Davis the sanest man in the Westminster madhouse?

12 June 2008 21:32

I am just out of doing BBC news interview, where they were discussing the public reaction to Davis. Eveyone in Westminster thinks Davis is mad, loopy, gone off on one,… Continue reading


Davis vs The Munsters

12 June 2008 19:33

I hear it is now almost certain that Labour will definitely not put a candidate up against Davis, to deny him the battle he seeks. Logic is to make him… Continue reading


What a way to start

12 June 2008 18:59

It seems that Dominic Grieve has, as he did with grammar schools, forced a re-write of Tory policy. Last night, the Tory position was that they would almost certainly repeal… Continue reading


Culture suggestions

12 June 2008 18:17

We’ve just uploaded a new set of culture picks from our arts editor, Liz Anderson.  You can access them here.


Labour to decline challenging Davis?

12 June 2008 17:40

Over at Three Line Whip, it’s being reported that Labour think it "highly unlikely" that they’ll put forward a candidate in David Davis’ constituency of Haltemprice & Howden.  As James… Continue reading


The Passion of David Davis

12 June 2008 17:18

After pumping the phones, I am now clear(er) on the great Davis mystery. To get to the bottom of what many in Westminster regard as an act of borderline lunacy,… Continue reading


Irish Referendum Watch

12 June 2008 16:42

It seemed yesterday like a No, but I’m not so sure now.  While the taxi drivers were still resolutely No voters (mostly because they resent taxi deregulation and immigrant drivers),… Continue reading

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Grieve: Tories will repeal 42-day detention

12 June 2008 15:56

According to Conservative Home, Dominic Grieve has announced that the Tories will repeal 42-days detention legislation if elected into government. This certainly shines a new light on Davis’ actions…  


Will David Davis achieve anything?

12 June 2008 15:38

I find it hard to be cynical about Davis’ actions today. Rather than being a “publicity stunt”, I suspect they may demonstrate that rarest of things – a politician acting on… Continue reading


Davis: the word in Westminster

12 June 2008 14:47

Every lunch in Westminster has just been rudely interrupted. Rumours are already whirling – did Davis storm out of a meeting with Cameron, angered that a Tory government would not… Continue reading


"The coldness necessary to command"

12 June 2008 14:16

As so often, Charles Moore put it best when he used this phrase about Cameron. Charles was reflecting on Cameron telling Stanley Johnson straight out at a social occasion that… Continue reading


Cameron responds to Davis

12 June 2008 13:48

David Cameron’s ruthlessness was on full display just now in his statement on Davis’ resignation. He has appointed Dominic Grieve as the new shadow Home Secretary. There was no indication… Continue reading


Will David Davis be denied a publicity triumph?

12 June 2008 13:39

The Lib Dems have announced that they will not stand against David Davis. Now, this is because they agree with him on 42 days. But if Labour were also not… Continue reading


Davis announces his resignation – now with added video

12 June 2008 13:33

Again, courtesy of the indispensable Politics Home:

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Davis announces his resignation

12 June 2008 13:22

So that’s it then.  Here are Davis’ own words:  "This cannot go on. It must be stopped and for that reason I feel it incumbent on me to make a stand.… Continue reading


Clegg confirms the Davis story

12 June 2008 13:16

Nick Clegg takes a principled stance, and confirms what we’ve been hearing about Davis: "David Davis’s decision to resign his seat and fight a by-election over the issue of 42… Continue reading


Is this the reason for Davis’ resignation?

12 June 2008 13:06

A Tory source has just explained to me what Davis is up to. He wants to stand down, force a by-election, then run a campaign on 42 days and declare… Continue reading


Breaking: David Davis resigns

12 June 2008 12:45

According to Politics Home, David Davis has resigned as an MP. As of yet, it’s uncertain why.  We’ll have more shortly. Stay tuned. UPDATE: Nick Robinson’s reporting a row between Davis and… Continue reading


Brown struggles through his press conference

12 June 2008 12:39

Short of having Nick Leeson pledge to sort out banking regulation, it’s hard to think of a less congruous sight than Gordon Brown pledging to sort the financial mess he’s… Continue reading


Can we blame the DUP?

12 June 2008 11:47

The DUP’s actions over the 42-day detention vote yesterday have provoked quite a lot of anger. CoffeeHouser ‘cuffleyburgers’ provides a good example of that: “…the DUP worms who sold their principles… Continue reading