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Who should carry the can for the bank run?

21 September 2007 11:12

If you’re trying to figure out who should be blamed for the whole Northern Rock debacle, do read Martin Vander Weyer’s column today. As Martin argues, Northern Rock is in… Continue reading


Will Brown go early to avoid the voters’ verdict

21 September 2007 9:04

Andrew Porter has a must-read story on the chances of an early election in the Telegraph this morning. He reports that Brown will not decide whether to call an early… Continue reading


The great Blue Peter voting scandal

21 September 2007 0:00

The breaking news is that the BBC Blue Peter cat-naming scandal was even murkier than it first appeared. As the Beeb fessed up today, the true result of a viewer… Continue reading


US Defense Secretary doesn’t know if it was right to invade Iraq

20 September 2007 20:34

If you want an idea of how far the Iraq debate has shifted since 2003 consider this exchange between David Brooks, The New York Times columnist, and Robert Gates, the… Continue reading


The Ming Show

20 September 2007 18:10

Lloyd Evans watches as Ming Campbell attempts to revive his party and leadership and witnesses a performance which is typically, well, Liberal Democrat. Lloyd Evans The final day of the… Continue reading


Ming Reviewed

20 September 2007 15:36

Lloyd Evans, The Spectator’s theatre critic, has penned an absolutely fantastic sketch of Ming Campbell’s speech today for us which you can read here. I particularly enjoyed his final thoughts on… Continue reading


Ming places Lib Dems decisively to the left of Labour

20 September 2007 13:58

 Ming Campbell’s speech to conference just now removed any doubt about where the Lib Dems fit on the political spectrum. In a passage criticising Gordon Brown he charged that “New… Continue reading


What Cameron is missing

20 September 2007 12:01

It was great to see Baroness Thatcher on such good form at the Rudy Giuliani dinner last night and with some choice words about the decision to bail out Northern… Continue reading

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Has Britain failed Zimbabwe?

20 September 2007 8:53

On Wednesday night, The Spectator and Intelligence Square hosted a debate on the motion of whether or not Britain has failed Zimbabwe. You can listen to the whole debate via… Continue reading



20 September 2007 8:21

It has always seemed to me that the controversy over the EU Reform Treaty and the Government’s refusal to hold a referendum was more about honesty and transparency than sovereignty… Continue reading


Listen live

19 September 2007 18:51

You can now listen to the inaugural Spectator / Intelligence Squared debate via this link. The motion is ‘Has Britain failed Zimbabwe.’ Update: At the debate the motion was passed… Continue reading

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Gordon has reason to fear Cherie’s pen

19 September 2007 16:18

Following on from Fraser: if I was Gordon, the news that Cherie is writing her memoirs would be one pre-conference headline I would not be happy about. The Campbell diaries… Continue reading


Coming soon: Cherie Blair’s memoirs

19 September 2007 14:41

You have to hand it to her. Cherie Blair has beaten her husband to it, and signed a book deal. Blair hasn’t event started writing up his memoirs, but there’s… Continue reading


Join the debate

19 September 2007 13:10

Tonight, The Spectator and Intelligence Squared are hosting the first in a series of debates. This evening’s topic is Zimbabwe and an all star cast of speakers will be debating… Continue reading


Coffee House Blog Roll

19 September 2007 12:44

Andrew Neil’s blog (Daily Politics) Archbishop Cranmer Bagehot’s Notebook Benedict Brogan Ben Smith Boulton and Co. Comment Central (£) ConservativeHome Conservative Voices Dizzy Thinks EU Referendum Euroseptic FP Passport FT… Continue reading


What Gordon told Paddy

19 September 2007 12:02

Michael White has the scoop on a classic exchange between Gordon Brown and Paddy Ashdown when Brown was trying to persuade Ashdown to come into his big tent: When Paddy… Continue reading

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These polls really are awful for the Tories

19 September 2007 9:02

The details of the polls this morning make for even grimmer reading for the Tories than the headline figures. Populus reports that, astonishingly, Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling’s lead over… Continue reading


Tories down by eight in new ICM poll

18 September 2007 23:29

The latest poll news isn’t good for David Cameron. ICM has the Tories eight points behind Labour and Cameron with the worst personal ratings of all the party leaders. The… Continue reading


What to read in The New York Times

18 September 2007 17:19

As Clive noted earlier, the whole of the New York Times will be free online from midnight tonight. I’d thoroughly recommend that you take the opportunity to start reading David… Continue reading


How do you solve a problem like Ming?

18 September 2007 15:22

Last night’s Newsnight interview with Ming summed up the problems the Lib Dems face. First of all, Ming only got 15 minutes at the end of the show compared to… Continue reading


Guess how much tax the rich pay?

18 September 2007 13:11

Where would the Liberal Democrats be without the insinuation that the rich are let off lightly by the tax system? But I would like to let CoffeeHousers in on what… Continue reading


Is Bush senior sending a message on behalf of his son?

18 September 2007 12:25

An intriguing development in the US presidential race, Bush senior just came very close to endorsing John McCain. McCain is currently on a ‘No Surrender’ tour designed to reenergise his… Continue reading


What was behind the Israeli raid on Syria?

18 September 2007 10:10

One of the more intriguing events of recent weeks has been the Israeli air raid on Syria earlier this month. Why the Israelis felt obliged to act remains clouded in… Continue reading


The Namier de nos jours

18 September 2007 8:27

Last night, The Spectator hosted its first book launch at our new home in Old Queen Street. And how apt that it should be in honour of The Triumph of… Continue reading


Darling’s rocky guarantee

18 September 2007 0:19

The government’s unprecedented decision to guarantee every bank deposit in the country should be enough to stop the queues outside Northern Rock branches and any further meltdown in the financial… Continue reading