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Snuffing away

9 July 2007 11:53

Marvellous to read James Delingpole on snuff in this week’s issue and the very next day to go out to lunch and encounter two people both enthusiastically snuffling away. They… Continue reading


More Mole than Machiavelli

9 July 2007 11:43

Well, Alan Clark he aint. The publication today of Alastair Campbell’s diaries looks set to be a colossal damp squib. I haven’t read the 794-page book, but judging from the… Continue reading


Advice for Cameron’s Campbell

9 July 2007 9:13

Amidst all the publicity surrounding the publication of Alastair Campbell’s diaries, it is easy to forget that David Cameron’s new spin doctor, former News of the World editor Andy Coulson, starts… Continue reading


What happened at Live Earth

8 July 2007 22:24

Read Matthew d’Ancona’s Live Earth reports: Live from Live Earth, Rocking for the Planet, Gore’s message is confusing, can Geri be clearer?, Let’s save this funny old world, Nan-archy in… Continue reading

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Obama’s challenge

8 July 2007 19:05

Newsweek has a great cover story about Barack Obama that touches on one of the least-talked about, but most interesting issues surrounding his candidacy: the worry among some black leaders… Continue reading


What’s missing from the Blair years?

8 July 2007 11:27

A "gold mine": that is how the Tories would regard Alastair Campbell’s unexpurgated diaries, according to Campbell himself. In an interview with Andrew Marr, the great spin doctor admitted that… Continue reading

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Where the UK terror cells are

8 July 2007 11:10

The News of the World (where yours truly is a columnist) is not only top for celebrity news (they had the Wills/Kate reunion last week) but its news stories are… Continue reading


Nobody does it better

8 July 2007 0:39

During Terence Stamp’s summing up speech at Live Earth, I very nearly lost the will to live – a self-defeating performance by the actor, given that the whole point of… Continue reading


Turning it up to 11

7 July 2007 23:41

There are few sights in Western civilisation to compare with Spinal Tap performing ‘Stonehenge’ and it is at least arguable that the risk of impending apocalypse caused by climate change… Continue reading


The excellence of Tree-Stock

7 July 2007 23:34

Teatime has come and gone here at Tree-Stock, and we have yawned our way through tepid sets by Corinne Bailey Rae and the insufferably wimpy Keane. Don’t send a bunch… Continue reading

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Nan-archy in the UK

7 July 2007 23:26

Call it ‘nan-archy’: the anarchy of rock’n’roll grafted onto the spirit of the nanny state.  The Red Hot Chili Peppers bounce and rave pleasingly in front of a huge rolling… Continue reading

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Let’s save this funny old world

7 July 2007 23:18

Almost exactly 24 years ago, in July 1983, the IRA planned to kill Charles and Diana by bombing a Duran Duran concert at the Dominion, Tottenham Court Road.  I was… Continue reading


Gore’s message is confusing, can Geri be clearer?

7 July 2007 23:05

Al Gore’s message to the planet is that the cavalry are not the cavalry: the American Indians are the cavalry. An Inconvenient Truth? More confusing than inconvenient, I would say.… Continue reading

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Rocking for the planet

7 July 2007 15:28

After a jurassic start, the joint is jumping now: Razorlight were as sharp as their name, and Dundee’s finest, Snow Patrol, turned in a stunning set, the highlight of which… Continue reading

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Live from Live Earth

7 July 2007 14:07

At Wembley Stadium for Live Earth: host Chris Moyles has just tried to sell a used 4×4 to two billion people watching the great eco-event. The atmosphere is indeed amazing.… Continue reading

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Al Gore’s musical past

7 July 2007 10:10

Al Gore has done a Q&A with Independent readers ahead of today’s Live Earth concerts and while most of the exchanges are rather predictably about carbon offsetting, food miles, Gore’s… Continue reading


The Tour de France starts here

6 July 2007 20:48

Yesterday, I rode up the Ballon d’Alsace, a mountain in the Vosges range that was the first hill ever included in the Tour de France, which starts this Saturday in… Continue reading


Poll: A majority of Americans favour impeaching Cheney

6 July 2007 18:19

If you want to get an idea of how unpopular Dick Cheney has become, consider this: 54% of American think the House of Representatives should impeach him.


We have an answer…it’s Charlie Kennedy

6 July 2007 16:43

Earlier in the week Coffee House asked who would be the first public figure to fall foul of the smoking ban and it appears we have an answer. BBC News… Continue reading


Another Mayoral twist

6 July 2007 15:51

The latest development in the saga of who will be the Tory candidate to take on Red Ken is the Tory claim that Digby Jones wanted to be their candidate,… Continue reading


Brown takes a page from the Clinton playbook

6 July 2007 12:28

Gordon Brown told the BBC this morning that he’ll be holidaying in Britain this year. Dick Morris will be proud! With all his Middle Britain pleasing micro-initiatives–flying the flag over… Continue reading


Where Cherie goes wrong

6 July 2007 10:17

Fiona Millar has a piece in The Guardian today defending herself from some of the implicit criticisms made of her in the Cherie Blair documentary. Much of the criticism Cherie… Continue reading


A swell party

6 July 2007 7:47

Last night, The Spectator celebrated its (modern) birthday, July 5, 1828, and its move to the heart of Westminster with the magazine’s annual summer party. It isn’t for me to… Continue reading


Cameron takes on the broken society agenda

5 July 2007 17:59

The Spectator last week ran a piece by Andrew Neil saying "Memo to Gordon: it’s the Broken Society, stupid." Was his memo intercepted? Because David Cameron has today given a… Continue reading


Our news from America

5 July 2007 16:54

British police are infuriatingly tight-lipped about terror investigations. But they do talk to American counterparts, who are less guarded with American journalists, so often the US media is first with… Continue reading

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