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The next Republican contest

10 January 2008 7:04

Washington, DC The Michigan primary coming up on Tuesday will determine whether Mitt Romney can remain a credible candidate. If he can’t win in a state where his father was… Continue reading

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Wrong exit

9 January 2008 18:57

A set or first editions of today’s newspapers will be a collector’s item. Here are a selection of their stories, usually printed at 9pm, predicting Hillary’s downfall. "Iowa, New Hampshire,… Continue reading


What role did race play in Obama’s loss?

9 January 2008 17:10

The debate over whether the reluctance of white voters to support a black candidate once in the privacy of the voting booth is what explains Obama’s loss is raging here… Continue reading


Brown does a Hillary (again) – and fights back

9 January 2008 13:14

An angrier Brown was in front of us today, holding handwritten notes for his exchanges with Cameron rather than anything given to him by No10. He would scribble furiously, and… Continue reading


Are markets becoming part of the problem?

9 January 2008 11:47

We’ve just posted a piece that is well worth reading by Martin Vander Weyer on whether ‘City spivs’ are responsible for the current economic turbulence. You can read it here.


Hillary now odds-on favourite again

9 January 2008 10:12

Ladbrokes is calling it "one of the largest shocks in political betting history" – along with journalists and pollsters the money had also predicted an Obama win. Yesterday, Ladbrokes had… Continue reading


Hillary’s remarkable triumph

9 January 2008 8:29

Hillary Clinton’s comeback win took everyone, including her own campaign, by surprise. The theories are flowing as to how she pulled it out. Some are claiming it is because people… Continue reading


How did we all get this so wrong?

9 January 2008 5:20

To say that there is shock at tonight’s result would be an understatement. Every poll was predicting an Obama win–the internal numbers of both campaigns had him up by double-digits,… Continue reading


McCain’s first step to the nomination

9 January 2008 4:05

John McCain’s commanding win here makes him, remarkably for a candidate who was written off for dead last summer, the favourite to be the Republican nominee in November. To be… Continue reading


ABC call New Hampshire for Obama

9 January 2008 1:28

The big question now is the margin. If it is less than five the Clintons will spin a comeback narrative, if it is double digits for Obama then the meltdown… Continue reading

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McCain wins New Hampshire

9 January 2008 1:17

This place has just errupted with the news that the networks have called New Hampshire for McCain. Considering how quickly this has been called, McCain must have won by a… Continue reading


Welfare reform is now seen as well fair

8 January 2008 23:49

I’ve just finished a 45-minute BBC Five Live phone-in with Richard Bacon about Cameron’s welfare reform – me in favour and Lisa Harker from the IPPR (ex DWP) against. I… Continue reading


This could be a blow out

8 January 2008 19:03

Extra Democratic ballots are needed in a string of towns, this is great news for Obama—who won in Iowa by bringing new people into the caucuses—and bad for Hillary Clinton.… Continue reading


If you want to win big, you’ve got to think big

8 January 2008 15:39

The post-mortems are already beginning on the Clinton campaign as everyone here is expecting a big Obama win tonight; the spin from her side is that if they can keep… Continue reading


The Impossible Quiz–Answers

8 January 2008 14:23

For the answers to the Impossible Quiz, click here.


The Gordon and Alistair show

8 January 2008 13:24

It was the Gordon and Alistair show today, rather than the Brown press conference. And Darling did far more than the intro. He jumped into answer questions, with his message… Continue reading


The truth behind inflation

8 January 2008 10:16

Is Brown right on inflation? TGF UKIP appeals for help: is it correct to say as he did in the Observer and on Marr that inflation is 4% in America,… Continue reading


Hillary supporters rally to her but there’s no sign that she is set to be the new comeback kid

8 January 2008 6:00

The line of cars trying to get into the Clinton event tonight must have been more than a couple of miles long and her supporters were noisy, clearly determined that… Continue reading


McCain and Romney go to the wire in New Hampshire

8 January 2008 4:59

John McCain and Mitt Romney have both been criss-crossing the Granite state in one last quest for votes. McCain’s Straight Talk Express pulled a decent, but far from spectacular, crowd… Continue reading

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Did Hillary just alienate black voters?

7 January 2008 22:48

Hillary Clinton has been trying to raise doubts about Barack Obama by talking about the limits of hope. Obama has counter-punched by pointing out that many of the greatest advances… Continue reading

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The sharks gather

7 January 2008 18:37

A whole slew of polls have now confirmed that Obama is surging ahead of Hillary here in New Hampshire. To compound the problem for the  Clinton camp, there is now… Continue reading


How badly will Rudy do?

7 January 2008 16:17

Rudy Giuliani’s sixth place finish in Iowa could be shrugged off as he had never really put that much effort into the state and as Iowa with its socially conservative… Continue reading

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Gordon’s passage to India

7 January 2008 15:48

A well-connected CoffeeHouse reader kindly informs me that Brown is due in China next week, goes to India for two days and  back in time for PMQs on the Wed.… Continue reading


Twenty hours in America

7 January 2008 13:57

 Voting in New Hampshire starts in 21 hours time and unless something dramatic happens between now and then Barack Obama will win big. If he does, the nomination will be… Continue reading

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Obama now favourite

7 January 2008 11:49

Even on Saturday afternoon, I couldn’t find a bookmaker who made Barack Obama favourite to be the next us president. People’s money was still on Hillary, suggesting Iowa was a… Continue reading