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What Cameron must do now

14 October 2007 12:21

Today’s newspapers are another treat for Conservatives with a taste for schadenfreude. Blair has, overnight, denied that he’s authorising briefings against Brown. But he doesn’t need to. They’ve been at… Continue reading


Another panic-induced u-turn

14 October 2007 12:05

Andy Burnham is a talented minister but his interview in Saturday’s Daily Telegraph represents yet another ignominious U-turn by this Government in response to Conservative pressure. For almost two years,… Continue reading


No lead, no loyalty

14 October 2007 12:00

Loyalty only lasts as long as your opinion poll lead. Mutinous Labour voices liven up the Sunday press and an ICM poll for the Sunday Telegraph gives the Tories a… Continue reading


Are Labour wedded to stealing every Tory idea?

13 October 2007 12:15

Andy Burnham saying that “marriage is best for kids” and that it is “not wrong that the tax system should recognise commitment and marriage” is a victory for common sense.… Continue reading


Weekend Listening

13 October 2007 12:08

This week’s Spectator Intelligence Squared debate about whether we shouldn’t be reluctant to assert the superiorty of Western values is an absolute cracker. To listen to David Aaronovitch, Tariq Ramadan,… Continue reading


Allez les Blancs

13 October 2007 12:01

If you’re kicking your heels until the rugby gets under way, do read this preview of the weekend’s semi-finals.


If Al Gore really wants to stop Hillary this is what he’ll do

12 October 2007 19:18

The dream scenario for the Gore supporters who’ve kept the faith was that Al would pick up the Nobel, return to national acclaim and a draft Gore movement and then—like… Continue reading


Dave is back–he hasn’t been Terminated

12 October 2007 15:41

A few weeks ago I was reliably informed by an adviser to Arnold Schwarzenegger that the Governator, as a consummate “image man”, had cancelled his trip to the Tory Party… Continue reading


Pulling back the curtain

12 October 2007 12:12

The drama of the last week in politics defies analogy – but one celluloid parallel has stuck in my mind. As it is Friday, I thought I’d share. This clip from… Continue reading


Going for a song

12 October 2007 11:57

Twenty years ago when I worked at Our Price Records the thing we shop assistants dreaded most were customers who would march up to the counter and announce that they’d… Continue reading

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A worthy winner

12 October 2007 11:41

Most of the media seemed determined to turn Doris Lessing into a sweet old lady who had won the Nobel Prize for Literature, as it were, in a fit of… Continue reading


How Barroso and Brown could stitch up the press

12 October 2007 11:21

If I were Barroso, I would pick a huge, fake fight with Gordon Brown before the EU constitution, sorry, treaty is signed. His plea today that Britain should not be… Continue reading


From Oscar to Nobel

12 October 2007 10:18

I think I am right that Al Gore and George Bernard Shaw are the only two people ever to have won both a Nobel Prize and an Oscar. Can Coffee… Continue reading


How long can Ming hang on?

12 October 2007 8:44

When it looked like there was going to be an autumn election, Ming Campbell’s position was safe for the simple reason that there wasn’t time to replace him. But now… Continue reading


Blood Sports

11 October 2007 18:31

Toby set tongues wagging with his post about whether David Cameron was Muhammed Ali to Gordon Brown’s George Foreman. (Do see Clive’s post on why Gordon is really Sonny Liston)… Continue reading


Things worth seeing

11 October 2007 16:55

Anyone who missed Sky News’ Adam Boulton giving Jacqui Smith a kicking over the election last Sunday can now see it again on their excellent revamped website Boulton & Co.… Continue reading

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Brown’s Euro-vision

11 October 2007 15:33

Do read Mark Mardell’s piece on Gordon Brown’s meeting with Jose Manuel Barroso. Particularly interesting, is his account of Brown’s European vision. “I’m told he argues that there are three… Continue reading


Is this the new ‘John Major tucks his shirts into his underpants’?

11 October 2007 12:35

One of the many things that undermined John Major’s authority was the idea, first put about by Alastair Campbell, that the PM tucked his shirt into his underpants. Now, it… Continue reading


What Darling really did with Inheritance Tax

11 October 2007 11:18

I was too harsh on the Treasury. I derided their inheritance tax con, saying it may fool TV news but would be shredded by the press. This was not the… Continue reading


The Muhammad Ali of British Politics

11 October 2007 8:07

Has David Cameron rope-a-doped Gordon Brown? “Rope-a-dope” was the phrase coined by Muhammad Ali to describe the strategy he used to achieve his famous victory over George Foreman in the… Continue reading


Get ready for a row over Europe

10 October 2007 16:06

After being pummelled at PMQs today, the last thing Gordon Brown wants is an escalation of the row over the so-called EU Reform Treaty, what used to be called the… Continue reading


First blood to Cameron

10 October 2007 12:15

Cameron is at his derisive, aggressive best. Everything Brown says is being greeted with hoots of derision.  Brown’s "I will take no lectures" was weak to the point of being… Continue reading


The first PMQs of term

10 October 2007 12:08

Real first-day-back-at-school atmosphere in the Commons, in a good way. Andy Coulson has taken a perch in the press gallery, Alex Salmond is making a rare appearance but there is… Continue reading


Bush’s right-hand man ranks the Republican field

10 October 2007 11:50

This speech by Dan Bartlett, who was formerly a key Bush adviser, is well worth watching. Most of it is devoted to ranking the Republican contenders to succeed his old… Continue reading


Brown disappoints his own supporters while Cameron cheers his

10 October 2007 9:01

Columns by two of Britain’s most astute political commentators will not improve Gordon Brown’s mood this morning. In The Guardian, Jonathan Freedland bemoans how Brown doesn’t get the vision thing. He… Continue reading