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The boy behind the man

9 June 2007 17:57

This piece in the Telegraph about Brown’s upbringing is well worth reading. It gives you an idea of how precocious Brown was and how early he developed his sense of… Continue reading


Food glorious food

9 June 2007 12:55

I take back most of my biting comments on Wholefoods. It is now up and running and irresistible. Last night I went and was seduced into spending a small fortune.… Continue reading


Fond farewells

9 June 2007 9:30

I caught the end of the Darcey Bussell farewell after an evening at the birthday party of Blair’s departing head of communications, Ben Wegg-Prosser, an event attended by many of… Continue reading

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No technicolour language, please

8 June 2007 17:47

Thought for the weekend: what if the racist Tourette syndrome rampaging through the nation’s reality shows hits Lewis, Keith or Lee tomorrow night as they battle it out to decide… Continue reading


Why the 7/7 bombers did it

8 June 2007 16:04

This essay by Shiv Malik in Prospect about the lead 7/7 bomber Sidique Khan is an absolute must read, it is one of the best thing I’ve ever read on… Continue reading


Sunday rules

8 June 2007 12:38

I’ve been following with fascination the still-ongoing spat between Iain Dale and Sunday journalists: he suggests they wrote up a story Gordon Brown planted on the condition that no opposition… Continue reading


Why are we all so fascinated by Paris Hilton?

8 June 2007 10:29

It is easy to denounce the media for the amount of attention that they devote to Paris Hilton’s antics, to rail against the cult of celebrity and the like. But… Continue reading


Rivers of reality

8 June 2007 9:56

I have yet to capitulate to this series of Big Brother, which is not to say that I won’t. But it does seem very striking to me that the reality… Continue reading

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Yes, Prime Minister Brown

8 June 2007 8:43

Interesting piece by Denis MacShane in the Telegraph on how Brown is planning to “trust the professionals” when he becomes PM. MacShane thinks that Brown is comfortable with the governing… Continue reading


Top McCain man would rather quit than work against Obama

7 June 2007 17:47

If you want a sense of how an Obama candidacy might shake up American politics, consider this: John McCain’s ad man, who was Bush’s media adviser, has reportedly told the… Continue reading


How big a deal is the climate deal?

7 June 2007 15:32

Not very. As Matt pointed out the other day, anything like this that doesn’t mandate binding cuts is just hot air. The big winner from the failure to agree a… Continue reading


Big Brother’s standards

7 June 2007 12:40

A truculent, argumentative blonde drama student called Emily has just been kicked off Big Brother for saying to the even more truculent and argumentative black WAG wannabe Charley – as… Continue reading


Am I the only person who hated Glastonbury?

7 June 2007 11:40

Reading James Delingpole’s fine piece about ‘the best music festival in the universe’ brought it all flooding back. Twenty years ago, buoyed by rave reviews such as James’s, I headed… Continue reading

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Throw a hoodie

7 June 2007 10:22

My book of the moment is Mark Law’s brilliant exploration of judo, The Pyjama Game (Aurum). A specialist book on a marginal sport? Not at all. There is something about… Continue reading


How Bandar operates

7 June 2007 8:54

Prince Bandar, the Saudi royal whom the BBC is alleging received huge sums from BAE during an arms deal, was a phenomenal Washington operator when he was Saudi ambassador there. Part… Continue reading


Things you don’t expect to hear in the 21st century

6 June 2007 16:47

“But, you know, if anybody wants to believe that they are the descendants of a primate, they are certainly welcome to do it.” Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee at the… Continue reading


3 Lions

6 June 2007 15:22

Bring back Sven!


No deal on C02 emissions

6 June 2007 14:37

“You wanna translate?” said President Bush as he concluded his remarks standing beside the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. No need: it was quite clear from Dubya’s repeated bland thanks to… Continue reading

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Is it our patriotic duty to support Estonia tonight?

6 June 2007 13:26

If you think that England will never win a major trophy under Steve McClaren, and everyone pretty much accepts this, then shouldn’t we all be hoping England lose tonight? An… Continue reading


Spinning down the Tube

6 June 2007 11:16

The other morning I came into work after one of those awful tube journeys that put you in the foulest of tempers. So it didn’t improve my mood to see… Continue reading


Britain’s second most popular baby name

6 June 2007 10:29

Add up all the spellings of Mohammed and you learn it’s now Britain’s no2 baby name. I did this for my News of the World column on Sunday, and The… Continue reading


Channel 4′s crass sensationalism

6 June 2007 9:43

My first job was working for Index on Censorship, so I instinctively recoil from prior restraint of the media. Nonetheless, there is a difference between censorship and humane editing, and… Continue reading


True Brits don’t need a designated Britain day

6 June 2007 8:04

I understand Labour wants to introduce another Bank Holiday: British Day. Having spent the last decade systematically destroying all that was distinctively British and replacing treasured traditions with new-fangled politically-correct,… Continue reading


How high is your inflation rate?

5 June 2007 21:25

In his Economics Made Easy column in the magazine last week, Allister Heath pointed out that the Consumer Price Index (CPI), the debased European measure of inflation which Gordon Brown… Continue reading


Is Bush a good man?

5 June 2007 19:14

Politics in Washington can be an unpleasant affair. But the news that Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, has been sentenced to 30 months in jail for perjury… Continue reading