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The 2008 version of the Olympic Spirit

8 August 2007 18:26

A small, but telling, example of the nature of the regime that will be hosting the 2008 Olympics comes in James Fallows’s latest missive from China. “CNN International began its… Continue reading

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When discrimination is good

8 August 2007 16:33

Thank God for the Act of Settlement (1701). It keeps us focused. In the past week newspapers have been focusing on poor Peter Phillips, tenth in line to the throne,… Continue reading


What’s wrong with the right

8 August 2007 13:57

Over at Conservative Home, Peter Franklin has written a hard-hitting piece setting out some ‘home truths for the right.’ He accuses various bits of it of being self-indulgent, hypocritical and living… Continue reading


How emotional should politicians get?

8 August 2007 11:53

Drew Westen, the super smart American political scientist who wrote for The Spectator a few weeks back, has extracts of his new book on why leaders need to connect on… Continue reading

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What is Mark Malloch Brown up to?

8 August 2007 9:59

Further to James’s post, when the prospect of a Darfur deal at the UN was raised on the PM’s plane to Washington nine days ago, I asked British officials this… Continue reading


A period of silence on Malloch Brown’s part

8 August 2007 8:09

This morning’s Today Programme had an item on the Foreign Office Minister Mark Malloch Brown that’s well worth listening to. Malloch Brown has quickly become the most controversial of Gordon’s… Continue reading


A Golden Opportunity for the GOP

7 August 2007 23:46

A ballot initiative in California could have more impact on the 2008 presidential race than any of the back and forth that is going on between the candidates at present.… Continue reading


You don’t want to say that

7 August 2007 16:28

Here’s the Guardian’s website reporting William Hague’s defence of David Cameron today: “Speaking at a press conference in central London, Mr Hague also dismissed claims that Mr Cameron was failing to… Continue reading


Why England industrialised first

7 August 2007 14:20

Was the industrial revolution a product of downward social mobility? That’s the argument of a forthcoming book by the American historian Gregory Clark. His thesis is that as the rich… Continue reading


Cameron shouldn’t be cowed by Cowie

7 August 2007 12:50

Sir Tom Cowie is always great value for journalists. When I was a business hack, I would call him up when reporting the annual results of Cowie Plc, the car… Continue reading


The state of Basra

7 August 2007 8:44

The Washington Post this morning has a sobering account of the situation on the ground in Basra. The paper reveals that the US government has expressed concerns about the impact of… Continue reading


Things you shouldn’t reveal on Facebook

6 August 2007 18:37

If you’re the daughter of a presidential candidate who already has political problems because of his complicated family life it doesn’t help if you reveals on your Facebook page that your supporting another… Continue reading


What Labour MPs should read instead of The God Delusion

6 August 2007 17:03

The most popular book among Labour MPs this summer is, according to a new survey, The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. I have rather mixed views on Dawkins who is… Continue reading


Another Rumsfeld blunder

6 August 2007 15:02

Abu Ghraib was a shameful episode and Don Rumsfeld, true to obstinate form, never seemed to grasp quite how much damage it had done America. But what is equally revealing is… Continue reading


Help, help me Rhondda, there’s been another defection

6 August 2007 13:23

After Quentin Davies defected to Labour, Ed Balls hinted that there would be more to come. Well, one is about to be announced. Are you sitting down? It is none… Continue reading


Is Ashcroft’s money a reason for Brown to go early?

6 August 2007 12:23

John Kampfner has a piece in The Guardian today urging caution on Labour and its supporters about the party’s electoral prospects because of the amount of resources Lord Ashcroft is… Continue reading


Malloch Brown wanted a joint EU seat on the UNSC

6 August 2007 10:36

The Tories have dug up a rather good story. When Mark Malloch Brown was still at the UN he was a strong advocate of the EU having one collective seat… Continue reading


Miles off

6 August 2007 8:35

‘Food miles’ is one of the new eco buzz phrases and makes people think that buying local food is inherently better for the environment. But an op-ed in the New York… Continue reading


America looks for a first spouse

5 August 2007 21:22

One of the most notable features of the 2008 presidential race is the amount of attention being lavished on the spouses of the candidates. Just today we have a New… Continue reading

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What are Britain’s best blogs?

5 August 2007 19:45

Iain Dale is compiling a list of the best political blogs in the UK and wants to know what  y’all think. If you want to take part just send iain AT… Continue reading

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Gordon’s retirement plan

5 August 2007 13:12

With Brown celebrating what Matt rightly calls a triumph of a first month, it is a strange time to consider his retirment as I do in my column in today’s… Continue reading


Miraj row rumbles on

5 August 2007 10:24

The Ali Miraj saga takes another twist with a piece by him in The Sunday Times alleging that a current member of the shadow cabinet offered him a peerage soon… Continue reading


Screening the PM

4 August 2007 10:40

The Times has a cracking story this morning about how everyone in Whitehall is coping—or not—with Gordon Brown’s ferocious appetite for work. Apparently, “His weapon of choice is the mobile… Continue reading


What Cameron can learn from Canada

3 August 2007 19:59

The Conservative Home team are currently touring the Anglosphere and reporting back on the state of conservatism in these countries. This week’s report is on Canada under Stephen Harper (pictured) and… Continue reading


Summer reading for Gordon

3 August 2007 14:58

Matt notes in his report on Brown’s US trip this that Gordon Brown has, thankfully, abandoned the intellectual lazy assumption that poverty causes terrorism. But Brown should still get hold of a… Continue reading