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3 July 2008 9:29

Frugality, please

3 July 2008 9:08

Today’s vote on MPs’ pay and expenses is one in which I hope Gordon Brown gets his way. He’s already frozen the pay rises of his ministerial colleagues. And now… Continue reading


The laws of war in the war on terror

2 July 2008 22:51

I’ve just got round to reading the Christopher Hitchens piece on being waterboarded which everyone is talking about. It is definitely worth a look, it deals fairly with both sides… Continue reading


The Gurkha ruling is shameful

2 July 2008 17:02

Over the past few weeks, three Gurkha veterans have been challenging the Government’s imbalanced pension plan for Gurkhas – by which those who signed up for the army before July 1997, and retired after… Continue reading


There should be a cost to doing business with the Mugabe regime

2 July 2008 16:53

A fortnight ago Peter Oborne wrote in his cover story on Zimbabwe about how “The Munich-based company Giesecke & Devrient continues to supply, unhindered, truckloads of large denomination banknotes. This… Continue reading


Cameron drops the Hoon bomb in PMQs

2 July 2008 15:22

With a little help from the Daily Telegraph, David Cameron staged an ambush for Gordon Brown at PMQs today – the letter to Keith Vaz from Geoff Hoon promising he… Continue reading


PMQs footage

2 July 2008 13:45

Thanks to the essential Politics Home, here’s footage of the Cameron and Brown exchanges in today’s PMQs.  Expect Fraser’s report shortly.


Hoon to Vaz: "I trust you’ll be rewarded"

2 July 2008 12:47

The Telegraph have scored a great scoop.  It’s a letter in which Geoff Hoon thanks the Labour MP Keith Vaz for his crucial U-turn over the recent terror bill – a U-turn which contributed to Brown’s… Continue reading


The Times they are a-changin’

2 July 2008 11:41

If you haven’t already done so, do read this morning’s Times editorial on the Conservatives. It argues, correctly to my mind, that the Tories should not be satisfied to win… Continue reading


A gateway to success

2 July 2008 10:53

Stephen highlights Bill Gates’ tips for success.  Well worth a read.


Saudi moves in Syria

2 July 2008 10:20

David Ignatius’s column this morning in The Washington Post on covert efforts to pin back Iranian attempt to establish hegemony in the Middle East, contains this fascinating detail: Saudi Arabia… Continue reading


Eight new laws a day under Brown

2 July 2008 8:37

This passage jumped out at me from Irwin Stelzer’s excellent article in the Telegraph this morning: “[Gordon Brown] has had some 2,823 laws passed during his first year in office… Continue reading


CoffeeHousers’ Wall

2 July 2008 8:07

This week’s CoffeeHousers’ Wall is here. Head over there to have your say on the week’s events and to let us know what you’d like to see on Coffee House.


SNP favourites to win in Glasgow East

1 July 2008 18:18

Ladbrokes have released their odds for the Glasgow East by-election. They’ve chalked the SNP up as favourites to win: SNP — 8/13 Labour — 6/5 Conservatives — 100/1 Liberal Democrats — 100/1 Remember,… Continue reading


More people in America kill themselves with guns than other people

1 July 2008 16:19

Michelle Cottle flags up a fascinating stat, 55 percent of the 30,000 plus firearms deaths in America in 2005 were suicides. I would have thought that murders would have made… Continue reading


What will happen now?

1 July 2008 16:18

Harare, Zimbabwe Post-election drama, Harare thrives once more. Market women back to selling vegetables on the street; businessmen in second-hand suits talking loudly into their mobile phones. Queues stretching round the… Continue reading

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Mugabe to a British journalist: "You bloody idiots!"

1 July 2008 14:52

Here’s footage of Robert Mugabe verbally attacking the ITN journalist Julian Manyon at the African Union summit:


The smoking ban: one year on

1 July 2008 13:26

So, it’s one year since the ban on smoking in public indoor places was introduced across England. If the latest figures from Cancer Research UK are anything to go by, it’s… Continue reading


Cherie speaks sense

1 July 2008 13:07

Cherie Booth, aka Mrs Blair, was giving evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee this morning. One of the MPs asked her what she would do to combat knife crime… Continue reading


Clarke waters down the West Lothian Answer

1 July 2008 11:58

I have always considered the West Lothian Answer to be fairly simple. The Speaker decides if legislation is England-only, and if so then only English MPs get to vote on… Continue reading


We’ll go on getting bad results

1 July 2008 10:52

Try as I might I can’t get overly excited about Wimbledon—I’m more of a football and cricket man. So Boris Johnson’s column this morning on why England under-achieve at football… Continue reading


Brown faces another 10p tax rebellion

1 July 2008 9:02

Oh dear. It looks like Brown and Darling could be facing yet another rebellion over the abolition of the 10p tax band. Last night, No.10 confirmed that there’ll be no… Continue reading


CoffeeHousers’ Wall

1 July 2008 7:48

This week’s CoffeeHousers’ Wall is here. Head over there to have your say on the week’s events and to let us know what you’d like to see on Coffee House.

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Stop running

30 June 2008 23:11

Running is not a part of my repertoire – nobody with a bosom of even a sliver above the average size would dream of subjecting it to such horrendously jolting… Continue reading


The beginning of the end for eco-towns?

30 June 2008 18:07

It’s hard not to applaud those who marched on Parliament today to protest the Government’s eco-town policy. Whatever their motivations, they’ve got quite a case. As I’ve blogged before, there… Continue reading