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We need more prisons

5 December 2007 11:09

The review on penal policy by Lord Carter of Coles is unbelievably depressing, giving, as it does, further respectability to the idea that sentencing should be driven by the supply… Continue reading


The Suffolk Way

5 December 2007 10:42

I spent last weekend at the Aldeburgh Documentary Festival and it’s an event I can thoroughly recommend. It’s been going for 13 years now, with a programme devised by Craig… Continue reading


More details emerge about the Wendy Alexander fundraising scandal

5 December 2007 8:44

The Jersey based businessmen whose donation to Wendy Alexander’s leadership bid should not have been accepted, has revealed more about his contacts with the Alexander campaign. He alleges that Charlie… Continue reading


The neo-con case for talking to Iran

4 December 2007 22:47

Bob Kagan, one of the smartest and most influential American foreign policy thinkers, has a compelling piece on how to deal with Iran in the Washington Post.  Here’s how he… Continue reading


The government’s damning report card

4 December 2007 18:50

Gordon Brown likes to say people will judge this government not on day-to-day scandal but its record on public services. So the OECD’s study on education is devastating. It is… Continue reading

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Why the snob smear matters

4 December 2007 17:16

One of the joys of blogging is that you can take a kicking instantly from people who disagree with you. I had this pleasure yesterday when I recommended that CoffeeHousers… Continue reading


At least Labour have money coming from somewhere

4 December 2007 15:42

One inevitable consequence of donor-gate is that Labour will find it even more difficult to raise money. If things were hard after the whole ‘cash for honours business’, just imagine… Continue reading


Can you put a fork in this government?

4 December 2007 13:57

The speed with which things are unravelling for Labour at the moment is quite extraordinary. But the big question is, can Gordon recover? I’ve always been inclined to say yes.… Continue reading


Nought out of ten for the News at Ten

4 December 2007 12:00

Amazingly bad news judgement by the BBC1 News at Ten last night when it devoted only 10 seconds — and a mere voiceover at that — to the latest development… Continue reading


What’s wrong with Nick Clegg?

4 December 2007 10:51

The lacklustre nature of Nick Clegg’s public performances is becoming more and more bizarre. This morning on the Today Programme he let Chris Huhne comprehensively out muscle him. Indeed, at… Continue reading


How Labour will try and fight back

4 December 2007 8:49

The Labour fundraising scandal has taken another twist this morning with the news that there is a hunt on for the mole in the Scottish Labour party who is supposedly… Continue reading


Iran’s nuclear programme is on hold, according to US national intelligence estimate

3 December 2007 17:56

A new report signed off on by the various US intelligence agencies says that Iran halted its nuclear weapons programme in 2003. This declaration is, to put it mildly, a… Continue reading


Cameron strong on party funding, vulnerable on dinner party etiquette

3 December 2007 15:21

The monthly Cameron press conference is far more congenial than Brown’s. Coffee is offered at the door, together with biscuits made by the chef in downstairs kitchen. But for all… Continue reading


What is Gordon up to?

3 December 2007 13:43

This morning the general view was that Wendy Alexander was staying in post because Gordon Brown feared the consequences of her quitting. Yet when Brown was offered the chance to… Continue reading

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Can Clegg be caught?

3 December 2007 11:23

Following this weekend’s release of a YouGov poll that showed Nick Clegg ahead of Chris Huhne by 56 to 44, the Clegg camp have released their own internal numbers which… Continue reading


What’s at stake in Scotland

3 December 2007 8:58

Perhaps, more extraordinary than anything going on south of the border with donor-gate is the situation in Scotland. When it was revealed on Friday that Wendy Alexander had sent a… Continue reading


How bad will this week be for Labour?

2 December 2007 23:56

Last week events drew forth plenty of “worst week ever” headlines in the Sunday papers. But there is reason to think that this week could be even worse for Gordon… Continue reading


How much will Northern Rock end up costing the taxpayer?

2 December 2007 20:05

I notice how, in the full-page adverts he has taken out today, Richard Branson says his Northern Rock bailout plan will place no "additional" burden on the taxpayer. Even he… Continue reading

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The succession chatter just got a lot louder

2 December 2007 15:11

If you haven’t already, do read John Rentoul’s column in today’s Independent on Sunday. It is the first time that a major commentator sympathetic to New Labour has seriously suggested… Continue reading


What Gordon needs for Christmas

2 December 2007 11:36

On Marr, David Cameron rightly said that the question on funding is "Who Knew?" This is also the title of a song last year by Pink which has been irritatingly… Continue reading


Abrahams causes more damage to Labour

2 December 2007 11:22

David Abrahams has plunged the hierarchy of the Labour party further into crisis with an article in the Independent on Sunday describing how he donated to the party. Here’s the… Continue reading


Tories must say no to more state funding

2 December 2007 10:29

Hazel Blears’s appearance on Marr provides yet another example of how Team Brown likes putting up women on TV when it’s in real trouble; perhaps, it is because the women… Continue reading


Spot the spoiled ones

1 December 2007 17:30

Amanda Platell, a must-read columnist as well as a hugely experienced former editor and political adviser, hits the nail on the head today with her piece on New Labour’s ‘trustafarians’.… Continue reading


What Gordon Brown should have done

1 December 2007 13:20

As this scandal drags on it is becoming clearer that Gordon Brown made a huge political mistake on Wednesday morning.  When Jon Mendelsohn confirmed Nick Robinson’s report that he was… Continue reading


Paper chase

1 December 2007 9:30

Having trawled the papers for a 7am slot on Sky News, I can perhaps save you some trouble. Buy The Times today: it is simply brilliant. It’s splash tells us… Continue reading