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At last, some good news for Bush

17 August 2007 15:06

The news that Jenna Bush, the president’s daughter, is engaged and likely to get married long before the family leaves the White House raises some delicious questions of both protocol… Continue reading

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Taxing Cameroon consistency

17 August 2007 12:48

James is right that the Tories are not ‘lurching to the Right’. There’s nothing intrinsically ‘rightwing’ about examining the case for tax cuts: if there were, why would Gordon Brown… Continue reading


Why there’s little difference between Hillary and Rudy

17 August 2007 12:01

It’s not possible to be neutral about Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York and now a Republican presidential candidate. You either love him or hate him. The novelist Kevin… Continue reading

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Are the Tories really lurching to the right?

17 August 2007 10:45

Ever since John Redwood’s proposals first began to be floated, the Tories have been accused of lurching to the right. On the Today Programme this morning, Alistair Darling predictably accused… Continue reading


Name that book

17 August 2007 8:51

Today’s papers report that Tony Blair is hoping to pocket £8 million for writing his memoirs. Sadly for the Tories, the book is years away from publication and so won’t… Continue reading


The pick of the Elvis songbook

16 August 2007 20:17

Stuart Reid suggests that if we really want to pay a fitting tribute to Elvis thirty years on from his untimely demise we should put up Lawdy Miss Clawdy. So here… Continue reading


Stand up for Channel 4 and press freedom

16 August 2007 18:46

Channel 4 is not everyone’s favourite TV station, but the way it is being treated by the West Midlands Police and the CPS is disgraceful and represents an existential threat… Continue reading


Use your vote because they’ll use theirs

16 August 2007 16:17

Predictably, people are trying to derail the Tory nominating process for London Mayor. It’s an open primary, so the process is open to abuse—with the £1.50 charge unlikely to deter… Continue reading


The King: The Music Still Lives Thirty Years On

16 August 2007 11:51

We should take lessons from the Swedes in education

16 August 2007 10:18

Greetings from Sweden, where the newspapers today report that huge demand for Chinese has now made it one of the top three languages taught in schools here. Sweden has the… Continue reading


Tories hit Brown on his record

16 August 2007 8:58

George Osborne, who unfairly has been taking much of the flak for the Conservatives’ current woes, has an interview in The Guardian today in which he attacks Brown for failing… Continue reading


Are Beckham and Bush related?

15 August 2007 18:21

David Beckham’s attempt to crack America continues apace. Last week, The New York Daily News reports, Beckham was given a private tour of the White House. His presence sparked confusion… Continue reading


Summer reading

15 August 2007 15:48

Any Coffehousers still hunting for a holiday read should pick up a copy of Alex James’s Bit of a Blur, which is keeping me company in Andalucía. For those who… Continue reading


India sixty years on

15 August 2007 13:31

 Do read this excellent essay in the IHT about why India and Pakistan’s fortunes have diverged so much since partition. While the 60th anniversary of Indian independence, is as good… Continue reading

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Did the BBC play fair with the Redwood report?

15 August 2007 11:17

The BBC’s coverage of the Redwood report has come in for much criticism, notably from The Sun and Iain Dale. Helen Boaden, the director of BBC  News, has now responded,… Continue reading


The next step in the US-Iran showdown

15 August 2007 9:11

Tensions between Tehran and Washington will reach new levels with the news that the US intends to designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organisation. This allows the US… Continue reading


Heathrow’s 3rd runway won’t tip the earth into the balance

14 August 2007 22:58

Alice Miles argues in her Times column on the climate change protests at Heathrow  that, "Pretty much anyone without shares in BAA would not wish another runway on that particular… Continue reading


Vlad on holiday

14 August 2007 16:12

Why do photos of world leaders on holiday hold such fascination for us? The shots of Vladimir Putin fishing seem to be everywhere today, I’ve spared you the one of… Continue reading


Part of the problem, not part of the solution

14 August 2007 13:50

The BBC website is currently running a piece fretting that we all get too many emails. The story opens with the line: "Today’s e-mail glut is a constant worry for… Continue reading

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The shortest of breaks

14 August 2007 10:54

The Sun reports this morning that Gordon Brown’s holidays are over. He’ll be working for the rest of the summer from his constituency in Scotland. So, Brown took a total… Continue reading


What Petraeus will tell Washington

14 August 2007 8:57

No one is more crucial to the future of the Coalition effort in Iraq than David Petraeus, the US commander there. Petraeus is seen by hawks as this war’s Ulysses… Continue reading


And now the end is near

13 August 2007 23:49

Watching the Bush-Rove conference, it was impossible not to feel that this was the end of an era. The president admitted he soon be gone too; telling Rove “I’ll be… Continue reading

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Have we turned away from the emotionalism of the Diana moment?

13 August 2007 22:57

As the 10th anniversary of Diana’s death approaches we’re going to spend a lot of time debating whether or not the public reaction to her death ushered in a new,… Continue reading


Prezza’s tale

13 August 2007 16:20

I am almost certainly in a minority of one on this, but I suspect that John Prescott’s memoirs will be a lot more interesting than people are expecting. On all… Continue reading


Heathrow needs more runways

13 August 2007 14:21

The case for Heathrow getting a third runway is overwhelming. It is mad that the world’s third busiest airport in terms of passenger numbers only has two runways while Amsterdam’s… Continue reading