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The week that was

25 April 2008 18:13

The Spectator 180th Anniversary blog has been launched.  Visit it here. Fraser Nelson confronts the striking teachers, and charts how Labour has hurt the poor. James Forsyth questions the moral… Continue reading


Any suggestions?

25 April 2008 17:47

Over at the 180th Anniversary blog, we’re asking which historic events you’d like to see The Spectator’s take on.  Just head over there to post your suggestions. As part of the anniversary celebrations,… Continue reading

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The Beeb’s anti-Thatcherism

25 April 2008 14:54

What is it with the BBC and Margaret Thatcher? Britain’s leading public-service broadcaster never seems to miss an opportunity to do her down, especially in its dramatic depictions, which regularly… Continue reading


A nuclear Syria?

25 April 2008 14:04

Perhaps, the oddest event of 2007 was the non-reaction to Israel’s strike on Syria. One would have thought that Israel bombing a target deep inside Syria would have sparked off… Continue reading


Will the nationalists team up with the Tories?

25 April 2008 12:17

In a pre-record for GMTV on Sunday, a Plaid Cymru MP – Adam Price – has said there is "no veto" on coalition with the Tories. That’s an understatement. The… Continue reading


Spin cycle

25 April 2008 11:33

Another issue of PR Week, another scoop for David Singleton. Today, he’s used his Downing Street sources to reveal that Brown’s “obsessed” with the Tories’ press man, Andy Coulson. So obsessed, in… Continue reading


Reshuffle rumours

25 April 2008 10:25

If Labour does as badly as the polls suggest it will on May 1st, one of the few options left to Gordon Brown will be to reshuffle his cabinet. Today’s… Continue reading


Field’s Pyrrhic victory?

25 April 2008 8:58

Matthew Norman’s article in the Independent today is among the liveliest, and most condemnatory, accounts of the Government’s 10p tax U-turn. The whole thing’s well worth reading, although I thought I’d… Continue reading


An 18 point lead for the Tories

24 April 2008 18:46

After that ICM poll suggesting the Tory lead had shrunk to 5 points, tomorrow’s Telegraph gives Cameron just what he wants ahead of next week’s local elections: an 18 point… Continue reading


Cooper bombs on Newsnight

24 April 2008 17:50

Iain Martin is right to highlight Yvette Cooper’s dreadful performance on Newsnight yesterday evening. She personified the Government’s actions over the 10p tax rate – confused and unconvincing.  Here’s footage, for your viewing pleasure:


Rebellion is in the air

24 April 2008 17:07

As ever, Martin Bright’s column in the New Statesman is well worth reading. Here’s the key paragraph: “Brown and his poll-obsessed allies may find some comfort in the latest figures,… Continue reading


Dorries plans revenge

24 April 2008 15:11

Hm. The latest post (entitled ‘Secrets’) over at Nadine Dorries’ blog is very intriguing. Do CoffeeHousers have any ideas what she might be getting at?  UPDATE: It seems to have been taken down. Curiouser and curiouser…


Ken ponders defeat

24 April 2008 14:46

Is Ken getting worried? Until now he’s been tight-lipped about the prospect of defeat – but that changed this morning at the launch of his full manifesto. He told the assembled journos… Continue reading


Striking out

24 April 2008 13:17

I have just ran into the striking teachers, placards aloft as they try to extort even more money from the taxpayer by closing a third of English schools today. Three… Continue reading


Three men stabbed outside Jacqui Smith’s kebab shop

24 April 2008 11:45

During the kerfuffle after the Jacqui Smith told The Sunday Times that she wouldn’t feel safe walking the streets of London her aides made great play of the fact that… Continue reading


Running scared

24 April 2008 11:29

As Fraser said yesterday – and as Peter Riddell writes in today’s Times – we may be entering a phase in which Labour rebellion and dissent become commonplace. “After all” –… Continue reading


Can Boris run London?

24 April 2008 8:56

Can Boris run London? That’s the question that Matthew answers with a resounding “Yes!” in the latest issue of the Spectator. His article’s just been uploaded to the website, so… Continue reading


Where have all the Brownites gone?

23 April 2008 22:39

I’m just out of a More4 studio debating Brown with Francis Beckett, author of a very good (and, to my mind, under-appreciated) biography of the Dear Leader. He’ll carve a… Continue reading


The return of drama and rebellion?

23 April 2008 18:05

Apparently Brown (or, more likely, Carter) didn’t think the PMQs performance leant itself to the right kind of footage for the evening news. So political editors are being summoned to… Continue reading


Introducing The Spectator 180th anniversary blog

23 April 2008 15:58

We’ve just launched a blog celebrating the 180th anniversary of the Spectator. You can check it out here. At the moment, there are two posts up – an introduction and a look… Continue reading


The Powell doctrine

23 April 2008 15:04

Jonathan Powell’s essay on the Northern Ireland peace process in the May Prospect sets out his position on talking to terrorists with complete clarity: “To argue that al Qaeda and the… Continue reading


From Darling with love

23 April 2008 14:33

For those who want to know what a U-turn looks like, the Guardian has a scanned copy (pdf) of Alistair Darling’s 10p tax letter to John McFall.


Wednesday Whoppers

23 April 2008 13:56

Cameron said it should be called Prime Minister’s U-Turn, not PMQs. I disagree. It should be renamed Wednesday Whoppers or – as we say here in CoffeeHouse – Brownies. A… Continue reading


The rebellion fizzles out

23 April 2008 12:26

A quick update to Fraser’s post – the 10p tax rebels, lead by Frank Field, have withdrawn their amendment to the Finance Bill in the wake of Alistair Darling’s statement. … Continue reading



23 April 2008 12:21

Hillary Clinton scored a solid victory in the Pennsylvania primary.  How is Team Obama going to react?  Find out over at Americano.