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Chinese whispers

21 February 2008 17:56

Judging by this post over at Sky’s Adam Boulton & Co. blog, the dispute between Steven Spielberg and China over Darfur has just entered the realm of the bizarre.  According… Continue reading


Lords inflicts defeat on government over Northern Rock

21 February 2008 16:13

The Lords has just defeated the government on its plan to exempt Northern Rock from the freedom of information act, the issue which David Cameron raised at PMQs yesterday. Brown… Continue reading


A rhetorical divide

21 February 2008 14:56

David Cameron’s announcement that a Tory government would consider making forced marriages a criminal offence opens up – at the very least – a rhetorical divide between his party and the… Continue reading


The rendition row

21 February 2008 13:52

David Miliband has confirmed that two US rendition flights – carrying suspected terrorists – stopped on UK territory in the Indian Ocean, in 2002. There had previously been “no evidence” of… Continue reading


The brain drain goes into overdrive

21 February 2008 11:38

Anyone who was depressed by the powerful splash in the Daily Telegraph today about Britain’s brain drain had best sit down. I have worse news. It may be a new OECD report,… Continue reading


Viewing guide

21 February 2008 10:58

Anyone with a taste for schadenfreude can tune in to BBC1 Question Time tonight, where yours truly will be in Newcastle extolling the virtues of the free market in the… Continue reading


Brown’s Black Wednesday?

21 February 2008 8:35

Few have torn into Gordon Brown’s Government with the ferocity of Anatole Kaletsky, and today the Times writer adds another landmark article to the pile.  In it, he highlights the parallels between… Continue reading


Gordon’s American problem

20 February 2008 19:25

Gordon Brown should be casting nervous glances across the Atlantic because a defeat for Hillary Clinton, which is now the most likely result, would be bad news for him. First,… Continue reading


Why the Tories will win the welfare debate

20 February 2008 19:22

I took a pew at James Purnell’s talk to the Social Market Foundation earlier today, and it was striking just how far he went to distinguish Labour’s tough line on… Continue reading


The grim state of public finances

20 February 2008 16:55

Once again, Gordon Brown has got away lightly with his gross mismanagement of the economy. Today’s public finances statistics were less bad than feared, thanks to strong revenues from income… Continue reading


Legal drama

20 February 2008 16:29

Supreme Court Bar Association President, and senior PPPP figure, Aitzaz Ahsan has just finished a second powerful and moving speech to the media in Lahore. It’s the first day that press restrictions on him… Continue reading


Lib Dems all at sea over the Lisbon Treaty 

20 February 2008 16:11

CoffeeHouse has just been brought up in the Commons – Mark Harper has challenged Ed Davey to clarify what on earth Lembit Opik is on about. Is it true, he… Continue reading


The oddest thing about Lembit Opik

20 February 2008 15:03

Do read Lesley White’s sympathetic profile of Lembit Opik in today’s Times. There is, though, no getting away from the fact that Opik has some strange views and none stranger… Continue reading


Brown and Cameron back at it

20 February 2008 12:57

Back refreshed from the recess, Cameron (41) starts off by wishing Brown a “happy 57th birthday” – when “happy birthday” would have done. Nothing groundbreaking in their exchange. Cameron had… Continue reading


Happy Birthday, Mr. Prime Minister

20 February 2008 11:52

It’s our Dear Leader’s birthday today: Gordon Brown is 57 years young. He’s a famous bibliophile – and I figured we could send him a list of books. Here’s five… Continue reading


Banking on another holiday…

20 February 2008 10:53

There was a nice vignette on Today in Parliament last night; centred around Lord Foulkes of Cumnock’s request for another bank holiday in the UK.  Sir Digby Jones was the… Continue reading


Brown tries to outflank the Tories on welfare reform

20 February 2008 9:12

The Tories had a head start on welfare reform, but Brown is fast catching up.  When Chris Grayling launched his Wisconsin-style proposals last month, there were (typically) fears internally that… Continue reading


Obama’s victory leaves Hillary with two weeks to turn things round

20 February 2008 9:05

Americano has analysis of Obama’s big win last night and wonders whether Hillary can recover before the crucial March 4th contests.


The Mayor blows his top

19 February 2008 19:11

This video of Ken Livingstone laying into the London Assembly is quite breathtaking. If he carries on like this, he’s going to lose in May Via Play Political


Opik tries to set the record straight

19 February 2008 17:54

Lembit Opik calls up to set me straight. Here was I portraying him as a principled rebel true to his manifesto by pledging to abstain, rather than vote against, the… Continue reading


A NEET idea?

19 February 2008 17:08

The number of NEETs – that’s those young people Not in Education, Employment or Training – has swollen over the past decade. There were 154,000 NEETs aged 16-18 in 1997, and… Continue reading


Rocking with the non-doms

19 February 2008 16:51

Ron Sandler, the Treasury appointed chairman of Northern Rock, is a non-dom, Robert Peston confirms. Add to this the brewing row about how much the new management team is being… Continue reading


The immediate aftermath

19 February 2008 15:25

It’s curtains for the “King’s Party” – the PML (Q), President Musharraf’s political prop – which has all but lost its power base after key figures were felled in yesterday’s… Continue reading


The disaster that backgrounds Northern Rock

19 February 2008 13:30

Hamish McRae writes an excellent article in today’s Independent; reminding us that the Northern Rock debacle pales in comparison to the Government’s mishandling of public finances:  “The much more substantial… Continue reading


Opik joins the yellow rebels

19 February 2008 12:26

A cheeky little bird has leaked me this text, from a letter Lembit Opik sent to a constituent – saying he will defy Nick Clegg and abstain from a vote… Continue reading