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House price crash the worst since the war

10 July 2008 14:39

For months we’ve been hearing that however bad it may be with Brown, it was worse under Major. But new house price data from the Halifax shows that this is… Continue reading


The terminal dozen

10 July 2008 12:59

The opening of Terminal 5 was a national humiliation but it seems that the problems there aren’t fixed yet. The trade union that handles the baggage at T5 claim that passengers… Continue reading


Brown’s confused media strategy

10 July 2008 12:40

I must admit to being slightly puzzled by Gordon Brown’s interview in The New Statesman this week with GMTV’s political editor, Gloria De Piero. It is a full of the… Continue reading


Labour’s factions

10 July 2008 11:17

Talk about how to depose Gordon Brown is widespread in Labour circles, but for journalists it is hard to know how to convey it. There is no real news story,… Continue reading


Labour pains

10 July 2008 8:52

Another day, another slew of stories about how Brown—or Heathcliff, as we should perhaps now call him—might be removed. The Guardian reports that the PM has been holding meetings with… Continue reading


Public opinion on 42 days unchanged by the Davis by-election

9 July 2008 19:26

Results from Politics Home’s tracker poll of 5,000 voters suggest that David Davis still has a long way to go in his campaign to shift public opinion on 42 days.… Continue reading


What’s really happening in the credit market

9 July 2008 16:33

As Joni Mitchell said, you don’t know what you got till it’s gone. Only when cheap credit is over do we realise how much we relied on it, and that… Continue reading


Purnell on manoeuvres

9 July 2008 15:41

A fraternal friend of Coffee House is in touch to say that at a recent TUC drinks-do James Purnell stayed longer than any other minister and shook hands with everyone… Continue reading


The campaign in Glasgow East

9 July 2008 14:03

Drive around Glasgow East and it seems the SNP is making most of the headway. Its simple yellow fluorescent logo is everywhere. When I was in the constituency yesterday, I… Continue reading


Fear or stupidity?

9 July 2008 13:20

My first reaction on hearing of what Harriet Harman said at PMQs today about her becoming Prime Minister—she joked that if it wouldn’t be possible because there isn’t enough airport… Continue reading


Is this Labour’s new argument for airport expansion?

9 July 2008 13:06

Today, at Prime Minister’s Question Time, Harriet Harman—standing in for Gordon Brown—joked that she could not become PM because: “there aren’t enough airports for all the men who would want… Continue reading


PMQs without the Prime Minister

9 July 2008 12:42

Courtsey of the invaluable Politics Home, the footage from today’s key exchanges: Harman and Hague (Part One) Harman versus Hague (Part Two) Harman and Cable

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Harriet Harman’s home should be protected

9 July 2008 11:57

I think the idea of Harriet Harman as Prime Minister is ridiculous but she is a member of the Cabinet and would probably be the PM if Gordon fell under… Continue reading


Change on the plane

9 July 2008 10:38

Airlines these days seem to be finding any number of ways to squeeze some extra cash out of us. Some are now charging to check a bag, others for priority… Continue reading


Labour’s latest problem in Glasgow East

9 July 2008 8:56

After an embarrassingly drawn out selection process with potential candidates dropping out or refusing Prime Ministerial entreaties to enter the fray, Labour has a candidate in Glasgow East, Margaret Curran… Continue reading


How McCain can trump Obama’s convention address and change the course of the presidential race

8 July 2008 21:42

On TV today, John McCain joked that the only way he could trump Barack Obama’s plan to deliver his acceptance speech not in the hall at the Democratic convention but… Continue reading


Why Israel probably won’t bomb Iran during the transition

8 July 2008 20:38

There is a lot of chatter at the moment about the idea that Israel might use the gap between the US elections in November and the inauguration of a new… Continue reading


What I saw in Glasgow East

8 July 2008 17:47

I’m in Glasgow East for the day, making a short film of my column in the current Spectator for the BBC. We’ve just been in perhaps the most run down… Continue reading


Did they vet the wrong Ray Lewis?

8 July 2008 16:41

There is a quite remarkable item in Londoner’s Diary today: RUMOUR reaches the Londoner that the reason Boris Johnson’s office failed to pick up on the fact former Deputy Mayor… Continue reading

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Brogan: Brown should not beware Glasgow East but September

8 July 2008 14:42

Over on his blog, Ben Brogan dissents from the conventional Westminster wisdom that Glasgow East is make or break for Brown, arguing that the polls post-conference will be more important:… Continue reading


A plurality of Muslims under 35 support there being areas of the UK where some elements of sharia law are introduced

8 July 2008 12:44

A friend of Coffee House is in touch to point out that the numbers from the ICM poll for Peter Oborne’s Dispatches programme last night, show that a plurality of… Continue reading


Minister, you have six seconds to make your case

8 July 2008 11:26

Skimming the interview with David Blunkett in G2 on the Tube on the way home last night, this grabbed my attention: "In my time in politics, the soundbite on television… Continue reading


It is personal between Brown and the electorate

8 July 2008 10:32

There is a fantastic chart on page 7 of The Times today (annoyingly, I can’t find it online) which shows just how deeply and personally unpopular Brown is. Here are… Continue reading


Addressing the social question

8 July 2008 8:56

The Daily Mirror launches a predictable attack on David Cameron today, claiming that in his Glasgow speech yesterday he blamed the poor, the unemployed and the fat for their own… Continue reading


The Tory lead is down but this poll might encourage Labour MPs to move against Brown

7 July 2008 21:48

Normally the news that the Tories had fallen and Labour had gained in the polls would be met with cheers in the Brown bunker but the latest Populus poll might… Continue reading