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No November election

6 October 2007 16:00

Gordon Brown has called off the election. He may appear on Andrew Marr tomorrow to tell us why. I am in a rather unusual position here – I can tell… Continue reading

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Will he go now?

6 October 2007 11:49

As Gordon Brown prepares for tomorrow’s crunch meeting on whether or not to call an election the case against going early is getting stronger. A poll for the Daily Politics… Continue reading


More grim poll news for Brown

5 October 2007 18:24

Gordon’s decision just got trickier. The latest figures from The Guardian / ICM poll show that 48% of voters want a November poll compared to 43% who don’t. However, 58%… Continue reading


A week is a long time in politics

5 October 2007 15:29

Rarely has that old cliché seemed so true. On Saturday, Anthony King wrote that “Mr Cameron looks increasingly like a rich man’s Iain Duncan Smith” and with the Tories behind… Continue reading


Gordon and Maggie, together at last

5 October 2007 14:24

If there is a snap election, I suspect the resurgent Scottish National Party’s television campaign will look something like this…


Gordon and Maggie, together at last

5 October 2007 14:12

If there is a snap election, I suspect the resurgent Scottish National Party’s television campaign will look something like this…


The tide is turning

5 October 2007 12:36

Ben Brogan’s blog makes available to the punter the kind of lobby corridor gossip which I’d have given my right arm to be privy to when I was a press… Continue reading


Brown’s number cruncher

5 October 2007 11:33

This morning the chances of an early election have receded considerably but it is not over yet. Gordon Brown receives internal polling today and tomorrow and if these numbers look… Continue reading


Tories bounce level

5 October 2007 8:37

This morning’s polls will be causing consternation in Downing Street. ICM in The Guardian finds the two parties level on 38 points and Populus for The Times has Labour ahead… Continue reading


Labour’s lead drops by 7 points, what will Brown do now?

4 October 2007 20:14

It’s 7pm and the Channel 4/YouGov poll is out: Lab40, Tory36, LibDem13. Now, 40% isn’t bad for Labour – but a lead that’s shrunk from 11 points to 4 emphasises… Continue reading


Tories bounce

4 October 2007 17:52

I’m hearing unconfirmed reports that the Channel Four/YouGov poll has Labour’s lead reduced to four points. The last YouGov poll (for the Telegraph) had a Labour lead of 11 points.… Continue reading

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Taxing the hand that feeds

4 October 2007 17:29

The Tories have issued a document defending their plan to pay for the £3.5bn cost of their inheritance tax cut by taxing non dom. Still, the only source they can… Continue reading


Evil’s inspiration

4 October 2007 17:05

I’m certainly not suggesting that any of the political parties follow this particular source of inspiration but if you want to see, terrifyingly clearly, exactly where Hitler got a great… Continue reading


An award winning life

4 October 2007 15:28

A huge screen behind the stage at the Dorchester Hotel yesterday showed Montserrat Caballé singing for a hot-dog in a café. Sadly, she wasn’t there in person to collect the… Continue reading

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The lazy party

4 October 2007 14:31

I must have been watching some other conference. Judging by the general view taken of David Cameron’s speech to the Tory conference yesterday this was a masterly exercise in understated… Continue reading


A portrait of the artist

4 October 2007 14:21

An exhibition of self-portraits by members of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters has opened at the Bulldog Trust, 2 Temple Place, London WC2, and runs until 10 October. The… Continue reading


Brown rage

4 October 2007 13:03

Martin Bright sheds light on what Brown’s inner circle are thinking about an early election in this week’s New Statesman. What stands out, though, is how thin-skinned they are.  Danny… Continue reading


Torn about the ending

4 October 2007 11:14

ITV’s three-parter Torn came to an end last night. This drama by Chris Lang about an abducted child was one of the most gripping television plays I have seen for… Continue reading

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Will Gordon go?

4 October 2007 9:06

There are two schools of thought on whether the chances of an early election have increased or receded since last week. On the one hand, the Tory conference was a… Continue reading


What Cameron achieved

3 October 2007 21:44

A few hours on from the end of conference and the new political landscape is becoming clearer. David Cameron has succeeded in uniting the Conservative party and the right more… Continue reading


Did I watch the same speech?

3 October 2007 19:20

What planet am I from? What have I been smoking? Matt and Fraser understand politics far better than I can ever hope to, but after reading their blogs I can… Continue reading


David is ready

3 October 2007 19:10

David looked so smart when he walked onto the stage with his hair slicked back, I thought he was going to break into a verse of Mack the Knife. He… Continue reading


Goodbye Blackpool, hello Number Ten

3 October 2007 17:44

I’ve never been so happy! What a speech! What a leader!!! I’ve already started a Facebook group entitled: "Does anyone not want to vote for Dave?" When he whispered "I… Continue reading


The Labour spin on the speech

3 October 2007 17:34

Hilariously, Labour is briefing that Gordon Brown did not watch Cameron’s speech. I suspect they wouldn’t be saying that if Dave had bombed. The more people I speak to, the… Continue reading


Cameron passes the test

3 October 2007 17:16

Bookended by the soothing techno of Moby and a (perhaps unintended) reference to Jimmy Cliff’s "You Can Get It If You Really Want It", David Cameron today gave a speech that… Continue reading

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