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Shannon Matthews found alive

14 March 2008 16:06

I passed two Evening Standard vendors shouting out the news that Shannon Mathews has been found alive – even though it’s not in the newspaper. One was listening on his… Continue reading


Do the reverse Salisbury

14 March 2008 14:57

Last week, The Spectator called on the House of Lords to apply the Salisbury convention in reverse to the Lisbon treaty and use its power to force the government to… Continue reading


Carry On Recruiting

14 March 2008 14:26

Aside from the Chinese Red Army and Indian Post Office, the NHS is the world’s largest employer with 1.3m staff. Government attempts to trim this unwieldy, inefficient behemoth are pathetic.… Continue reading


A tale of two polls

14 March 2008 13:46

As the Tories descend on Gateshead, two polls will be giving them food for thought.  The first is one of party members conducted by ConservativeHome.  It’s worth flicking through all the results, but… Continue reading


Play the Dave game

14 March 2008 13:02

So Dave has let cameras into his house, to show that ‘the anxieties of parenting are universal’. And what cosy fun the clip is too, and how lovely Sam looks… Continue reading


Family-friendly politics

14 March 2008 10:41

The urgency behind the “family friendly” agenda – which is to be the theme of the Tories’ spring conference in Gateshead – can be traced to an internal opinion poll… Continue reading


Saving the world

14 March 2008 9:00

Yet another job for our former Prime Minister.  And this one’s all about saving the world. In an interview with today’s Guardian, Tony Blair reveals that he’ll lead an international… Continue reading


How much should a politician’s faith be scrutinised?

13 March 2008 19:14

Today both George W. Bush and Barack Obama find their faith under scrutiny. A new book questions Bush’s conversion narrative and suggests that Bush is highly aware of the political… Continue reading


Quiz Clegg

13 March 2008 16:58

Nick Clegg has kindly agreed to a Q&A session with Coffee House.  Obviously, he’ll be providing the answers.  But – as for the questions – that’s where you come in.… Continue reading


A pint will cost £6.47 by 2012

13 March 2008 16:38

The Sun’s Budget coverage today spells out the real-life impact of yesterday’s tax increases. Darling’s booze taxes grow with time and by the 2012 Olympics a pint will cost £6.47.… Continue reading


A majority of Americans now think the US will succeed in Iraq

13 March 2008 15:32

New polling data reveals that 53 percent of Americans now believe that the United States will ultimately achieve its aims in Iraq compared to 39 percent who think it will… Continue reading


A Budget response

13 March 2008 14:14

The Chancellor’s projections for economic growth look to be on the sanguine side. Having said that, the Treasury’s economic forecasts have tended to be closer to out-turn than has the… Continue reading


How the tax system discourages work

13 March 2008 12:45

One of the great scandals of this government is how many obstacles there are to people moving up the economic ladder. The Red Book (page 62) reveals that more than… Continue reading


Cameron v Balls: now with added video!

13 March 2008 12:43

Guido’s put together some great footage of David Cameron taking on Ed Balls in the Budget debate yesterday.  Here it is, for the benefit of CoffeeHousers:


Getting spending down

13 March 2008 12:25

Aside from British budget madness, as Labour and the Tories argue about how much they’d push state spending up, the rest of the world talks about getting spending down. Yesterday,… Continue reading


The Government have got their priorities right

13 March 2008 11:21

Alistair Darling’s first Budget was a Budget for uncertain times. Given the current global turbulence, the Government have taken no chances. This is not the time for a showstopping Budget.… Continue reading


Hangover time

13 March 2008 11:08

Anyone who stockpiled their vodka collection ahead of yesterday’s savage increases in alcohol duties will probably be feeling a little rough this morning; and so too will Alastair Darling, I… Continue reading


Budget roundup

13 March 2008 9:12

The consensus in today’s papers?  That yesterday’s Budget was unexciting.  No surprises.  No radical policy ideas.  A "safe Budget", according to the FT.  Or just plain "dull", as the Guardian… Continue reading

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Spinning a revolution

13 March 2008 8:33

At 7.10am this morning, there was a prime example of why Brown may get away with posing as the champion of welfare reform. Kim Catcheside, the BBC’s social affairs correspondent,… Continue reading


Coffee House’s Budget Coverage

12 March 2008 21:05

Here is a selection of our Budget coverage, do check back tomorrow for more analysis and if you want to read our thoughts as they unfolded through the day just… Continue reading

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Why save?

12 March 2008 19:47

The Chancellor made much today about the government’s attempt to encourage saving. But with up to 40 per cent of people’s income taken away from them before they even get… Continue reading


Unjustified smugness

12 March 2008 19:37

The Chancellor may have claimed that Britain was better prepared than any other nation to deal with a cooling world economy, but looking behind the headline-grabbing initiatives on ‘sin taxes’… Continue reading


No company

12 March 2008 19:21

The Chancellor waffled on about the millions of new companies created in the past ten years, yet these ‘new’ companies are simply a legal re-branding: sole-traders and partnerships that have… Continue reading


A Budget for social justice?

12 March 2008 19:19

Given the tight position of the public finances and the global economic slowdown this was never going to be a Budget for big giveaways. In this context the fact that… Continue reading


Another Balls up

12 March 2008 19:10

You would have thought that by now the Labour front bench would have learned not to heckle David Cameron as one of Cameron’s strengths at the Despatch Box is his… Continue reading