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The wacky world of Lib Dem policy

3 June 2008 18:23

I know one shouldn’t take Liberal Democrat policy seriously, but I went along to their first lobby briefing today just to see. Anyone who believes Gordon Brown is detached from… Continue reading


A recommendation

3 June 2008 16:45

British cinema is renowned largely for its spirit of documentary realism. Think Ken Loach, think Mike Leigh, or – more recently – think Shane Meadows. The four-disc, forty-film box set… Continue reading


The odds on ministers losing their seats

3 June 2008 16:37

If you fancy a punt on various cabinet ministers losing their seats here are the odds from William Hill and, where relevant, the swing required for the Tories to take… Continue reading


And now the end is near

3 June 2008 13:26

As the final votes are cast in the Democratic primaries, Americano reflects on when the race tipped in Barack Obama’s favour and looks at the proposed five-step plan for how… Continue reading


No unadulterated good news for Gordon anymore

3 June 2008 11:22

Gordon Brown should be breathing a large sigh of relief over the fact that Jacqui Smith has apparently won over enough Labour backbenchers to stave off defeat. But it seems… Continue reading


The best case for 42 days

3 June 2008 10:39

The piece by Peter Clarke, the former head of the Met’s anti-terror command, arguing for 42 days detention in the Telegraph today is essential reading. As I said the other… Continue reading


The Brown question

3 June 2008 8:46

Gordon Brown timed the Crewe and Nantwich by-election so that MPs would be heading out for the recess as the result came in. With Labour MPs scattered to the four… Continue reading


Andrew Grice: 42 days rebellion fading

2 June 2008 20:11

The Independent’s Andrew Grice reports that Jacqui Smith’s performance at the Parliamentary Labour Party meeting was well received. It appears that the rebellion is diminishing rather than meta-sizing. Smith was… Continue reading


Hillary’s hold on Obama

2 June 2008 20:03

Over on Americano, an explanation of why Hillary Clinton holds the key to what Barack Obama will say on Tuesday night when the primary process finally finishes.


Blunkett: Things can only get better

2 June 2008 17:13

David Blunkett’s attempt to be helpful on 42 days is a classic: We’ve hit a rock bottom in my view and we can only get… climb out of it, so… Continue reading


The aftermath of the Tube riot

2 June 2008 15:41

Clive has footage of the Tube riot on the Circle Line which is well worth watching to get a feel for what went . Harry’s Place (link via Stephen) calls… Continue reading


The Union wish list

2 June 2008 13:50

Over at Red Box, Sam Coates runs down what the brothers appear to want for bailing Labour out of its present financial difficulties: 1. Windfall tax for energy companies (floated… Continue reading


Is Clegg about to do a left turn?

2 June 2008 12:12

Nick Clegg is the subject of The Independent’ s ‘You ask the question..’ feature today. His answer to this question is particularly interesting:  Who was a worse PM, Blair or… Continue reading


Balls’s drinking rules 

2 June 2008 11:33

Ed Balls worries quite a lot about the shortcomings of British parents. Today, he says the state should give clearer instructions on drinking – because he has detected confused British… Continue reading


In case you missed them

2 June 2008 11:18

A selection of some of the posts made over the weekend: James Forsyth argues that the blame for the violence on the Tube on Saturday nights rests not with Mayor… Continue reading


The economy points to a two term Tory government

2 June 2008 10:03

I’m now back from the recess and checking up on all the news I missed – the most striking of which seems to be how the economic stars are aligning… Continue reading


Brown makes the case for 42 days

2 June 2008 8:40

Tonight, Jacqui Smith will address the Parliamentary Labour Party. Brown will not attend the meeting but he has outlined the compromises he is prepared to make in an article for… Continue reading


It should be clear where the blame for last night’s violence lies

1 June 2008 15:55

The behaviour of those protesting the booze ban on the Tube last night was disgraceful. Those who assaulted Tube staff and police officers should be punished to the fullest extent… Continue reading


A month of real progress in Iraq

1 June 2008 11:17

This May saw fewer US military casualties in Iraq, 18, than any previous month in the war. It also saw the Iraqi government take significant steps to becoming a truly… Continue reading


Score one to Obama

31 May 2008 18:08

On Tuesday night after the last vote in the Democratic primaries has been cast, Obama will speak in the very hall in which John McCain will accept the Republican nomination… Continue reading


Brown has been phoning round since 1997

31 May 2008 16:49

The story that Gordon Brown personally calls members of the public who write him critical letters gets more bizarre with the news in today’s Guardian that he has apparently being… Continue reading


Labour’s money woes

31 May 2008 11:56

Peter Oborne’s column in The Daily Mail reveals just how bad Labour’s financial position is. As Peter notes, there are doubts as to whether the party can be deemed a… Continue reading


"Madrassa Guardian"

31 May 2008 9:26

Time was when the Guardian was the favourite British newspaper of the Indian elite because of its historic support for Indian independence and its generally liberal-left collectivist outlook, which coincided… Continue reading


The week that was

30 May 2008 19:01

Some highlights of the week on Matthew d’Ancona surveys the new political landscape. James Forsyth asks if New Labour can survive opposition and looks at the Cruddas alternative. Stephen… Continue reading


Was the Chinese army responsible for the 2003 New York blackout?

30 May 2008 17:32

  National Journal has an eye-opening cover story this week on the extent of China’s e-espionage. The piece reveals that US intelligence officials believe that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army… Continue reading