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The failure of Brown’s third way

1 April 2008 13:30

Steve Richards has a typically excellent piece in today’s Independent. In it, he paints Brown’s effort to push through longer detention times for terror suspects as another instance of Blairite… Continue reading


A present from Harriet to Boris

1 April 2008 11:58

Will the gaffes ever stop coming?  Just a matter of weeks after Jacqui Smith admitted she has police protection when walking around London, the Daily Mail have caught out Harriet Harman… Continue reading


April Fools?

1 April 2008 11:28

The hallmark of this ridiculous government is the difficulty one always has on 1 April trying to discern which newspaper stories are April Fools. The Guardian tickles our ribs in… Continue reading


Terminal Five, five days of chaos and counting

1 April 2008 9:46

It is quite incredible that the problems at Terminal Five have still not been resolved. It is expected that 50 flights will be cancelled today, bringing the total since Thursday… Continue reading


Immigration nation

1 April 2008 8:59

A Lords’ committee today claims that record levels of immigration have had no economic benefit for the UK. But what about that £6 billion figure the Government likes to wheel… Continue reading


Trimming government

31 March 2008 19:14

Was Alan Milburn on to something? When he proposed slashing Whitehall by a quarter in his interview with me for this week’s magazine – on the grounds that you can… Continue reading


Harman vs. Cable

31 March 2008 18:54

As James reported last week, Harriet Harman will be standing in for Brown at Wednesday’s PMQs.  Her Tory opponent will most likely be William Hague.  And now Red Box confirm that she’ll… Continue reading


Obama’s web site is more popular in Britain than those of Britain’s political parties

31 March 2008 18:17

If anyone doubted that British political parties are doing a poor job of both using the internet to drive their message and exciting voters, then just consider this from Tom Watson’s… Continue reading

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McCain on Basra

31 March 2008 18:14

Talking about the situation in Basra today, John McCain makes the point that the problems in the city reflect not on the current strategy in Iraq but on the mistaken… Continue reading


End of a circus?

31 March 2008 17:26

So there we have it. According to Lord Justice Scott Baker, there is not a “shred of evidence” that Diana was assassinated by the Royal Family or by anyone else. A line… Continue reading


Has Mugabe actually come third?

31 March 2008 16:18

The Institute for War and Peace Reporting latest update on the Zimbabwe election quotes source with knowledge of the results saying that Mugabe actually came third. He is, however, set… Continue reading


Another considerable lead

31 March 2008 14:27

More encouraging news for Boris, on the day that he formally launched his mayoral campaign. The latest YouGov / Evening Standard poll puts the Spectator’s candidate 10 percentage points clear of… Continue reading


Come and get me

31 March 2008 12:34

Charles Clarke’s interview in The Independent is good value. He lets rip with his now trademark straight talk, declaring that he’s “frustrated that Labour does not seem to be doing… Continue reading


You don’t say

31 March 2008 11:34

The opening line of Northern Rock’s annual report, out today, deserves to win an award for understatement: "2007 was a difficult and challenging year for Northern Rock"


Law, Actually

31 March 2008 11:03

It all depends who says it, doesn’t it? I hold unfashionably robust views on the proposed extension of pre-charge detention for terrorist suspects (the arguments are familiar now: see my article… Continue reading


Just in case you missed them…

31 March 2008 10:29

Here are some of the posts made over the weekend: James Forsyth reports on how divisions in Team Brown are working against Douglas Alexander. Fraser Nelson decodes Ivan Lewis’ ideas… Continue reading


Unhappy to pay more tax

31 March 2008 8:57

Do check out Janet Daley’s comment piece in the Telegraph today. On her account, we’ve reached a political landmark: “Something has snapped. I feel it in the air just as… Continue reading


Decoding Lewis

30 March 2008 17:23

It’s always a pleasure when a Labour MP – panicked about impending defeat – ruminates about the future for their party strategy. It’s rarer for a minister to do so… Continue reading


Someone really doesn’t like Douglas Alexander

30 March 2008 15:43

Last Sunday, The Observer suggested that Douglas Alexander’s political career was effectively over after a falling out with the Prime Minister. This Sunday brings another anti-Alexander briefing with The News… Continue reading


An issue for debate

30 March 2008 14:47

A quick post to recommend ConservativeHome’s list of which political debates the left and right are winning in the UK.  Among the right’s triumphs are crime, welfare and schools reform.  And among the left’s are… Continue reading


Is the curtain falling on Mugabe?

30 March 2008 12:30

The results of yesterday’s elections in Zimbabwe aren’t due out for few more days.  But the opposition MDC party is already claiming victory.  According to their own counts at polling… Continue reading


A life of luxury

29 March 2008 20:27

£1.7 million of taxpayer’s money. That’s how much Michael Martin’s spent on his home and garden since 2001. Of that, some £700,000 went on merely prettifying the Speaker’s official residence.… Continue reading


Cycling ahead

29 March 2008 18:15

This post over at Three Line Whip makes a good point. That fun Mirror story about Cameron “flouting the laws” as he cycled to Parliament doesn’t seem to have done… Continue reading


Fear and loathing in Downing Street

29 March 2008 9:49

Toby Helm’s piece in the Telegraph on the mood in Downing Street is this morning’s must read. Helm reports that it was the Brownite old guard who leaked Stephen Carter’s… Continue reading


Harman’s turn in the limelight

28 March 2008 18:56

Some of the most memorable PMQs of recent times were when John Prescott faced William Hague. The two-men both went at it with vigour and the total contrast in styles… Continue reading