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Live Audio: Britain should have a referendum on the EU Treaty

5 March 2008 18:31

A reminder that the Spectator / Intelligence Squared debate – "Britain should have a referendum on the EU Treaty" – begins at 18:45 tonight.  Standing for the motion are Lord… Continue reading


Signing in

5 March 2008 16:27

Iain Martin’s already highlighted it over at Three Line Whip today.  But I thought CoffeeHousers would also enjoy this topical clip of Brown wrapping his clunking fist around a pen,… Continue reading


Europe dominates PMQs

5 March 2008 12:54

Fabian Hamilton kicked off with today’s planted question. Poverty pay in this country has been abolished by the National Minimum Wage, he says, and will Brown increase it and retain… Continue reading


Testing times

5 March 2008 12:23

As Guido reports, Nick Clegg has accepted the first Lib Dem front-bencher resignation over Europe.  No news of who it is, though.  How many more will follow? UPDATE: According to CoffeeHouser,… Continue reading


Taxing times

5 March 2008 12:07

Danny Finkelstein has a must-read column today on the Tory tax row, which has already prompted response over at Conservativehome. Quite apart from his formidable intellect, Danny has something which… Continue reading


This be the verse

5 March 2008 11:37

If you are in awe of the wit and skill of those who appear regularly on the Spectator’s weekly competition pages, and are looking for an antidote to doom and… Continue reading


Special emergency debate: Britain should have a referendum on the EU Treaty

5 March 2008 10:50

With today’s key vote dominating the headlines, a reminder that The Spectator / Intelligence Squared are holding a special emergency debate at 18:45 tonight – "Britain should have a referendum on the EU… Continue reading


It’s so unfair!

5 March 2008 8:48

I briefly mentioned the exchange between David Miliband and William Hague on the Today Programme earlier, although a little detail deserves its own post. The to-and-fro discussion went as expected –… Continue reading


Deciding on a referendum

5 March 2008 8:31

The big Parliamentary event of the day is undoubtedly the vote on whether to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. The outcome’s expected at about 1900 this evening. It… Continue reading


Live blogging tonight’s results

5 March 2008 0:09

Over at Americano, I’ll be reporting on the resuts from today’s primaries as they come in. Later on, I’ll be heading over to the Obama election night event here in… Continue reading

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Will the Democratic race twist again tonight?

4 March 2008 18:20

Tonight, for the first time in a while, the pressure is all on Barack Obama. When I arrived here in Austin on Friday, the general feeling was that Obama was going… Continue reading


Pledge-avoidance tactics

4 March 2008 17:32

I went along to the launch for Cameron’s Military Covenant Commission, aimed at renewing the obligations that are owed to the military.  It’s a good idea and good box office… Continue reading


Cooking the books

4 March 2008 14:39

Northern Rock is £110 billion of public debt.  An amount which “blows a hole” in the Treasury’s “sustainable investment rule” – that the debt-GDP ratio shouldn’t go higher than 40 percent. … Continue reading


What’s to blame for the Broken Society?

4 March 2008 12:37

A CoffeeHouser, William, asks how I can blame socialism for the Broken Society – a problem which he says is an “absence, not the promotion, of a collective responsibility”. This… Continue reading


Remembering Chancellor Road-Block 

4 March 2008 11:13

Rachel Sylvester writes a typically excellent article in today’s Telegraph, charting Brown’s apparent transformation into a fervid Blairite. I’m still not convinced that the change is anything more than rhetorical.  But… Continue reading


A successful policy?

4 March 2008 8:50

Apparently, the Government’s 24-hour drinking laws have been a success.  So much so, in fact, that a review will today mark them a solid 7-out-of-10 for delivering "excellent" results in many areas. Why, then, do the statistics… Continue reading


The dangers of state dependency

3 March 2008 23:00

A powerful Panorama was shown tonight about the Broken Society (as the BBC didn’t call it). It was about how if communities get together they can reclaim control of the… Continue reading


Team Brown strengthens

3 March 2008 21:26

The Number Ten operation is getting stronger by the day. Downing Street will announce tomorrow the appointment of WPP’s David Muir as Director of Political Strategy. Regarded as one of… Continue reading


Can the Lords deliver?

3 March 2008 17:44

For a split second, I felt sorry for Nick Clegg. I mean, aren’t all political leaders entitled to a honeymoon? But no, he deserves this. Every bit. Each one of his… Continue reading


Clegg keeps digging

3 March 2008 15:56

As James Kirkup reports over at Three Line Whip, Nick Clegg’s still getting himself into a "pickle" over Europe.  Here are the three key points which came out of his… Continue reading


From Putin with love

3 March 2008 14:16

So, Putin’s protégé Dmitry Medvedev scored an overwhelming – and very much expected – victory in the Russian Presidential elections.  Was it a fair result?  It seems unlikely.  The chairman… Continue reading


Back at square one?

3 March 2008 12:14

With Israeli troops conducting operations in Gaza over the weekend, it’s well worth reading (or re-reading) Lorna Fitzsimons’ prescient article for the Spectator. Fitzsimons concludes her piece as follows: “What is plain is… Continue reading



3 March 2008 11:08

If betting matters as a political indicator, Boris is neck-and-neck with the self-destructing Ken. Here are the latest odds from Ladbrokes: Ken Livingstone —- 5/6 Boris Johnson —- 5/6 Brian Paddick… Continue reading


Just in case you missed them…

3 March 2008 10:49

Be sure to check out some of the posts made over the weekend: Peter Hoskin offers his cultural picks, and reflects on Gordon Brown’s speech to the Labour Party Spring… Continue reading


We want a referendum

3 March 2008 8:55

I Want a Referendum have released the results to the referenda they conducted in ten marginal constituencies. The numbers say it all. 150,000 people registered their votes. 88 percent of… Continue reading