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A guide to Glasgow East

19 July 2008 14:50

That wee film I presented about Glasgow East – just over 3 minutes long – is now up on YouTube (you can watch it after the jump), It’s based on… Continue reading


Brilliantly Dark

19 July 2008 12:04

The Spectator’s own Wiki Man, Rory Sutherland, and I spent yesterday evening at the BFI Imax near Waterloo watching a preview of The Dark Knight. Very rarely is it genuinely… Continue reading


Not all right Jack

19 July 2008 11:48

Peter Oborne in his Mail column conducts a telling thought experiment: “Yesterday morning witnessed a summit in Whitehall between Cabinet ministers and the country’s biggest union barons. Top of the… Continue reading


It’s bad out there, Darling 

19 July 2008 11:02

Alistair Darling’s interview with The Times this morning marks the start of a new chapter in British politics. Darling makes no attempt to sugar-coat the economic situation. He is frank… Continue reading


The week in posts

18 July 2008 19:01

Fraser Nelson wondered if Labour’s welfare reform proposals would cost it Glasgow East and critiqued the Tory plan to import US-style bankruptcy protections for failing firms. James Forsyth looked at… Continue reading


Going places on welfare

18 July 2008 16:41

It is a red letter day for welfare reform. James Purnell’s Green Paper, leaked today, is a clear, honest and robust approach to the scandal of Britain’s 5.1m on benefits.… Continue reading


Why an Israeli strike on Iran could turn nuclear

18 July 2008 14:29

Benny Morris’s op-ed in The New York Times is essential reading. He sets out how any Israeli, as opposed to American, strike on Iran could easily escalate into a nuclear… Continue reading


Livingstone to run again

18 July 2008 12:51

Ken Livingstone has confirmed to The Guardian that he will run for Mayor of London in 2012. It is hard to see how anyone could stop Livingstone from winning the… Continue reading


The Unions have their strategy right

18 July 2008 10:46

The Unions have 130 demands that they intend to lay before Labour’s National Policy Forum, Patrick Wintour reports this morning. These range from extending the minimum wage to those under… Continue reading


Brown is not playing by the rules any more

18 July 2008 8:55

The Scorched Earth policy has begun. The FT has a hugely significant story – that the Treasury is “working privately on plans to reform Gordon Brown’s fiscal rules” which would… Continue reading


Coffee House Exclusive: Richard Reeves to be the new director of Demos

17 July 2008 18:50

I said earlier on Coffee House that who Demos appointed as their new director would give us a sense of where the intellectual energy is on the left and the… Continue reading


The next key stage in the SATS debacle

17 July 2008 17:24

The current SATS marks scandal is going to have huge knock-on effects. Schools are getting back results with pupils marked as absent who were present, other scripts are being returned… Continue reading


Milburn for Chancellor?

17 July 2008 15:32

On Tuesday, Coffee Housers mused about the possibility of Alan Milburn replacing Alistair Darling. Today, Andrew Porter reports on the Westminster Village chatter about this: “So could he make an… Continue reading


Director of Demos quits

17 July 2008 13:37

Stephen has already flagged this, but Catherine Fieschi has resigned as Director of Demos. She sets out her reasons for leaving in The New Statesman as well as defending Demos’s… Continue reading

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The Islamism agenda

17 July 2008 12:49

Seamus Milne’s column in The Guardian today is most revealing. Milne is completely frank that he believes that the government should engage with Islamism. As Milne writes: “The issue is… Continue reading


The Blairite plates are shifting

17 July 2008 11:09

There have been few harsher—or more prescient—critics of Gordon Brown than John Rentoul. Today, Rentoul again predicts that Brown will be forced out by the Cabinet before the next election… Continue reading


The Daily Mail lauds Cameron as a real leader

17 July 2008 6:56

At the beginning of his premiership, The Daily Mail used to heap praise on Gordon Brown at David Cameron’s expense. But today, The Mail devotes its leader column to congratulating… Continue reading


Seven Tory MPs make an expensive mistake

16 July 2008 20:52

The vast majority of Tory MPs have, at David Cameron’s request, published further details of their expenses. The right to know forms they have had to produce are not hugely revelatory… Continue reading


Will Labour’s welfare reform proposals cost it Glasgow East?

16 July 2008 19:06

Has Glasgow East influenced the postponed 2p increase in fuel duty, as David Cameron implied today? I doubt it, for a depressing reason. The place is so poor that most… Continue reading


A bumper pack of Brownies

16 July 2008 17:04

Just as Mr Brown’s jokes are no laughing matter, you imagine his facts are not supposed to be taken seriously anymore either. His statistics go over the heads of the… Continue reading


Clegg shines at PMQs

16 July 2008 15:19

I watched PMQs from the vantage point of Simon Mayo’s Radio Five studio today, with John Pienaar. We both scribble furiously during the PMQs – John has to select clips… Continue reading


A state funeral for Thatcher wouldn’t be as divisive as the left think 

16 July 2008 13:26

It feels rather unseemly to be discussing Margaret Thatcher’s funeral arrangements while she is still very much alive but I doubt that giving her a state funeral will divide the… Continue reading


PMQs: The key moments

16 July 2008 12:38

Cameron versus Brown Clegg versus Brown As always thanks to the wonderful Politics Home team.


If you fight fire with fire, you’ll get burned

16 July 2008 11:37

Nick Cohen has a fantastic post at Harry’s Place, questioning why Demos was happy to participate in an event at Islam Expo organised by the British Muslim Initiatives. Here’s the… Continue reading


Another Budget u-turn

16 July 2008 10:39

Alistair Darling’s Budgets really should come with the words “subject to change” stamped across them. Darling has just done another u-turn, postponing the 2p rise in fuel duty. (In the… Continue reading