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Give Balls a kicking

11 April 2008 11:46

Some computer-whizz at CCHQ has knocked up a Jack Straw vs Ed Balls online fighting game.  It hardly spells the end to "punch and judy politics", but it might help CoffeeHousers while… Continue reading

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Essential viewing on Iraq

11 April 2008 10:58

This episode of Charlie Rose with John Burns and Dexter Filkins of The New York Times (full video below) is by far the most informative thing I’ve seen on the… Continue reading

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Surveillance society

11 April 2008 9:00

There’s a worrying story in the papers this morning – Poole borough council has used anti-terror powers to spy on a family who were wrongly accused of lying on a… Continue reading


More bad news for Brown

10 April 2008 23:07

I’m in the Sky News green room, preparing for an 11.30pm paper review. The front pages coming in could be straight from Gordon Brown’s nightmares.  "Consumer crunch" says The Times… Continue reading


Yet another Balls up

10 April 2008 18:37

Ed Balls has had a rather bad week and it now appears that Jim Knight, the schools minister, has been sent to mend fences with the Board of Deputies over… Continue reading


Will borrowers be spared?

10 April 2008 17:14

Don’t breathe easily. Apart from the lucky minority with mortgages linked to Bank of England’s base rates, today’s rate cut won’t alleviate the mortgage industry misery. The city expected this… Continue reading

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Video wars

10 April 2008 15:22

How strange.  Ken’s just released a video attacking Boris’s first election broadcast.  For me, the main thrust of it seems to be: "black-and-white film = unattractive to foreign investors; colour film = attractive to… Continue reading


A clearer position?

10 April 2008 14:13

Recently, the Tories haven’t quite been giving us the full picture on Europe.  Sure, they’ve opposed the Lisbon Treaty, and have been pushing for a referendum on it.  But they’ve also been… Continue reading


That didn’t take long, did it?

10 April 2008 12:51

Gordon Brown has only been Prime Minister for 289 days but already The Sun  is devoting its main commentary slot to handicapping the race to succeed him. George Pascoe-Watson lists… Continue reading


Was this the Straw that broke Jack’s back?

10 April 2008 12:23

The knives are out for Ed Balls at the moment. Partly this is because, as Michael White points out in The Guardian, he is a proxy for Gordon Brown. But… Continue reading


The schools battle

10 April 2008 11:30

As Jonathan Freedland and Coffee House favourite Steve Richards have pointed out, the row over school admissions is turning into a proper Left-Right punch-up. And quite right, too. For much… Continue reading


You know Berlusconi’s back on the scene…

10 April 2008 10:06

…when you read stories like this in the papers.


Fractured relations

10 April 2008 9:00

There’s a shocking finding in today’s Times, and one that could permanently undermine relations between Britain and Iraq. The reason British troops weren’t involved in the early stages of the… Continue reading


Brown’s Olympian confusion

9 April 2008 22:59

Gordon Brown’s position on the Beijing Olympics is becoming more absurd by the day. He’s happy to have the Olympic flame surrounded by guards from a particularly unsavoury branch of… Continue reading


More trouble for Ken

9 April 2008 18:54

Over the past few months, the Evening Standard has been a particularly sharp thorn in Ken’s side.  And tonight they reveal that the current Mayor has mislead the public over donations.  Here’s… Continue reading


A tale of two wives

9 April 2008 17:46

The Skimmer is genuinely puzzled and needs the help of Coffee Housers. A story appeared on 5th April about a Scottish Muslim called Mohammed Anwar who was clocked doing 64mph… Continue reading


Who to believe?

9 April 2008 16:44

Which polling company’s getting it right in the run-up to the mayoral elections?  YouGov reckons Boris is miles ahead.  ICM have it as neck-and-neck.  And today Ipsos-MORI records a slender lead for Ken. … Continue reading


Lies, Darling lies and statistics

9 April 2008 15:12

Alistair Darling’s stubborn refusal to accept the economic statistics in front of him is getting a bit silly. Now anyone can prove something with stats – two out of three… Continue reading


Olympic outrage

9 April 2008 13:44

There has been understandable outrage about the role that those blue-tracksuited heavies played as the Olympic torch made its ignominious way round London. But now The Independent is reporting that… Continue reading


The Ministry of Silly Talks?

9 April 2008 12:08

Hugo has a terrific lead item in his Times column: namely that John Cleese is offering his speech-writing services to Barack Obama. Having had the amazing opportunity to co-write a… Continue reading


Amnesty London

9 April 2008 10:54

As the Independent reports this morning, Boris has united with the other mayoral candidates in support of an amnesty for illegal immigrants – a move which goes against official Tory… Continue reading


Five steps to denial

9 April 2008 8:59

Here is Gordon Brown’s five-step plan to escape blame for the credit crunch. 1) Blame America for the credit crunch, present Britain as the innocent victim of a global storm. 2)… Continue reading


Balls serves up some Brownies

8 April 2008 19:09

CoffeeHouse has been running a series of Brownies – statistical tricks which are used to create a misleading image. But this risks overlooking the important contribution of Ed Balls in… Continue reading


Petraeus and Crocker on Iraq

8 April 2008 17:44

The message from General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker’s opening statements to the Senate Armed Services Committee is that there has been significant progress in Iraq since September, but that his… Continue reading


Rudd gets it right

8 April 2008 15:45

Iain Martin is spot-on over at Three Line Whip. Kevin Rudd has shown Gordon Brown exactly how he should have handled the recent Olympic torch relay in London. Here’s what the… Continue reading