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Under fire

26 March 2008 14:06

After Hillary Clinton’s hilarious “mis-speak” – whereby she concocted a story about arriving in Bosnia under sniper fire – the betting markets have moved again towards Barack Obama, who is… Continue reading


The Tories need to get serious about Iraq

26 March 2008 12:06

As Tim Montgomerie points out, it is a sad indictment of the Conservative party that the only time it seems to be able to get excited about Iraq is when… Continue reading


Where are the moderates?

26 March 2008 11:05

“£10 note is at the centre of a crossroads. To the north, there’s Santa Claus. To the west, the Tooth Fairy. To the east, a radical Muslim. To the south,… Continue reading


Entente cordiale

26 March 2008 8:54

With Nicolas Sarkozy set to meet Gordon Brown later today, it’s well-worth reading Simon Heffer’s article in the Telegraph. He characterises the meeting as one between two beleaguered premiers who… Continue reading


Islington schools fail their pupils

25 March 2008 19:24

Pete’s already posted on the thinking benhind Michael Gove’s speech on school reform, but reading it one statistic jumped out at me and struck me as worth noting: “In the… Continue reading


Fake plastic politics?

25 March 2008 19:04

Words you seldom hear at U2 concerts (or, indeed anywhere else): "If only Bono spent a bit less time in the recording studio and a bit more time on the… Continue reading


Freedom for schools

25 March 2008 18:32

David Cameron and his front-benchers seem to be reeling off one impressive speech after another at the moment.  And today Michael Gove continued the run, with a key address on… Continue reading


Back down Brown

25 March 2008 16:34

And so Gordon Brown has backed-down over the Embryology Bill.  Now he won’t be forcing Labour MPs to vote in favour of the Bill outright – instead, they’ll get a free vote on… Continue reading


Getting it wrong on higher education

25 March 2008 15:45

Dynamic New Labour always talks about the so-called "skills crisis"; the "need" for more funding for higher education. But we mustn’t forget that blunt spending increases for higher education may… Continue reading


A day at the beach

25 March 2008 14:23

Ken Livingstone now proposes to close Victoria Embankment every August from 2010 and turn it into a "beach" as he feels Londoners and tourists would benefit from …. from what… Continue reading


Get your questions in

25 March 2008 12:34

Today will be the last day for you to quiz Nick Clegg – so rush over to this post and register your questions in the comments section.  Tomorrow we’ll pick out the best ones… Continue reading


The new Labour faultline

25 March 2008 12:17

For the Kremlinologists among us, Rachel Sylvester’s column on the ideological divisions between the old Brownites and the new recruits in today’s Telegraph is essential reading:  "The ‘old Brownites’ –… Continue reading


A direct hit

25 March 2008 11:19

The Tory inflation report has splashed today’s Mail, got (another) p1 in the Telegraph, p2 lead in The Sun – the list goes on. A direct hit. Proof of Coulson’s… Continue reading


Just in case you missed them…

25 March 2008 10:41

Here are some of the posts made over the Easter weekend: Nadine Dorries MP criticises the Embryology Bill. Fraser Nelson warns Team Cameron that the Government may outflank them on… Continue reading


A lenient system

25 March 2008 8:56

The Times features an important interview with Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Chief Constable of Merseyside Police. In it, he takes issue with the sentences meted out to those found guilty of… Continue reading


More on Iran’s role in Iraq

24 March 2008 23:01

Many of those who advocate for an early withdrawal from Iraq argue that Iran can be persuaded to play a constructive role there. But all of Iran’s actions suggest that… Continue reading


The world must not forget Tibet

24 March 2008 14:41

The New York Times has a great tick-tock on the riots in Tibet, it is the best thing I’ve read yet on what has gone on there these past few… Continue reading


The cost of living under Brown

24 March 2008 11:46

The Conservatives have today published one of the best pieces of research I have seen them do in some time – a “cost of living” report to coincide with David… Continue reading


Is the new Brown team compatible with the old one?

23 March 2008 18:34

Gordon Brown’s new team at Number Ten have received rave reviews. Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer today points out how cabinet ministers who were in despair before Christmas have been… Continue reading


Brain dead liberals

23 March 2008 14:26

 The reaction from the liberal-left to David Mamet’s confession that he is no longer a "brain-dead liberal" has been strangely muted — and often hilariously ludicrous. The most priceless piece… Continue reading


If Cameron isn’t careful, Brown will outflank him on education reform

23 March 2008 11:53

The Spectator recently ran a letter from Lord Adonis saying the Swedish schools revolution which I said David Cameron would bring to Britain was in fact being delivered under Labour.… Continue reading


The Embryology Bill, cui bono?

22 March 2008 17:46

A guest blog from Nadine Dorries, MP.  The Human Tissue and Embryology Bill will be the show of the year in Parliament. The amendments I and others will lay down… Continue reading


Merci beaucoup, Msr. Sarkozy

22 March 2008 13:14

Next week, Gordon Brown will meet with Nicolas Sarkozy at the home of French football. And, according to early reports, Sarkozy will come bearing a few petits cadeaux – among which will be… Continue reading


The funding muddle

22 March 2008 11:48

The issue of party funding is going to run and run with the parties still nowhere near an agreement on it. In an interview with the Telegraph today, Francis Maude… Continue reading


Iran’s role in Iraq

21 March 2008 18:34

This week’s Time has an important piece on Iran’s role in training, funding and arming the insurgency in Iraq. What one Shiite fighter told Time illustrates just how much Iran… Continue reading