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The beginning of the end for eco-towns?

30 June 2008 18:07

It’s hard not to applaud those who marched on Parliament today to protest the Government’s eco-town policy. Whatever their motivations, they’ve got quite a case. As I’ve blogged before, there… Continue reading


A question of timing

30 June 2008 17:20

Over at Three Line Whip, Rob Winnett points out that David Cameron really needs to decide what to do about Caroline Spellman before the Haltemprice & Howden by-election. If Spellman… Continue reading


And now Davis responds…

30 June 2008 15:39

Here’s the text of David Davis’ response to Gordon Brown’s letter: Dear Gordon, Thank you for your letter of 26 June. This is the second time you have responded to… Continue reading


Al Qaeda’s base

30 June 2008 15:37

The New York Times’ big splash today on the hunt for Osama bin Laden is well worth reading in full as it deals with the more important question of what Al… Continue reading


Has the endgame already started?

30 June 2008 13:43

You won’t find many hacks better connected than Trevor Kavanagh so his column today is particularly noteworthy as it assumes that Gordon Brown being told to step down by some… Continue reading


Gordon Brown writes to David Davis

30 June 2008 13:21

Benedict Brogan has a copy of a letter sent by Brown to David Davis.  It challenges David Cameron over his relative silence on civil liberty issues.  Here’s the text: Dear David As you… Continue reading


Mugabe’s victory: the aftermath

30 June 2008 12:55

Mugabe’s inauguration was a closed affair. Judges in colonial era wigs and robes sat patiently whilst he spoke, whilst advisors and military personnel, bedecked in medals, marched and saluted him.… Continue reading


Ashley diagnoses Labour ministers with clinical depression

30 June 2008 11:08

If you want to get a feeling for the pain that Labour is currently going through read Jackie Ashley’s column in The Guardian which sums up the situation brilliantly. “Talking… Continue reading


And the winner is…

30 June 2008 11:04

Congratulations to ‘Patrick, London’ for making the best contribution to last week’s CoffeeHousers’ Wall, and for winning a bottle of champagne in the process. Patrick both kickstarted and contributed to… Continue reading


CoffeeHousers’ Wall, 30 June – 6 July

30 June 2008 10:55

Welcome to the second CoffeeHousers’ Wall. For those who missed it first time around, CoffeeHousers’ Wall is a new feature on  Every Monday, we’ll put up a ‘wall’ post… Continue reading


You couldn’t make it up

30 June 2008 10:31

Like Stephen, I couldn’t quite believe it when I read that children now receive marks in English GCSE for writing ‘F*** off’. The explanation from Peter Buckroyd, chief examiner of English… Continue reading


Just in case you missed them…

30 June 2008 10:06

… hare are some posts made over the weekend on Maurice Gerard reports on race relations from inside Zimbabwe. Fraser Nelson analyses the "meltdown" that Gordon Brown could face in Scotland, and… Continue reading


Brown poisons Labour’s health reform message

30 June 2008 9:06

It’s the week of the 60th Anniversary of the NHS.  And, to mark the occasion, the Government is today releasing the final report in Lord Darzi’s review of the health… Continue reading


The ECHR rules supreme

29 June 2008 19:10

Sometimes you really do wonder if Labour’s wide-eyed Euro supporters realise just how tightly they have tied their own hands. Take Jack Straw, proposing new “emergency legislation” to allow anonymous… Continue reading


The rape of democracy

29 June 2008 15:42

Now this is unsurprising: Robert Mugabe is being sworn in as Zimbabwe’s president for another five years, after winning the recent "run-off" election by a landslide. I guess this is his… Continue reading


Video: Wendy Alexander’s resignation statement

29 June 2008 13:17

For those who missed it yesterday, here’s footage of Wendy Alexander’s resignation statement:


1066 votes, and all that

29 June 2008 7:58

John Major’s mistake was to believe time would be a healer. It was not for him, nor will it be for Gordon Brown. Instead of nursing his wounds from the… Continue reading


CoffeeHousers’ Wall

29 June 2008 7:46

This week’s CoffeeHousers’ Wall is here. Head over there to have your say on the week’s events and to let us know what you’d like to see on Coffee House.… Continue reading


Could the SNP win out?

28 June 2008 19:22

With a 13,500 Labour majority, Glasgow East is as unwinnable for the SNP as Crewe was for the Tories. Expectation here in Edinburgh is that the election will take place… Continue reading


The referendum pantomine

28 June 2008 17:06

I’ve been catching up with some old friends here in Edinburgh and in between speculation about what will happen next – the Glasgow East by election would be miles worse… Continue reading


Race relations in Zimbabwe

28 June 2008 15:50

Sometimes the façade cracks. Despite official rhetoric branding white Zimbabweans as everything from ‘traitors’ to (that perennial government favourite) ‘economic saboteurs’, race relations on the ground are quietly healthy. Even,… Continue reading


She was not up to the job

28 June 2008 12:13

I’m in Edinburgh right now, and read the morning press with suspicion. It’s full of quotes from Wendy Alexander’s friends saying she would not stand down at all. Hmm. What… Continue reading


Breaking: Wendy Alexander to step down

28 June 2008 9:32

It’s being reported that Wendy Alexander is set to step down.  No details yet, but it’s almost certainly over her donations scandal. Coffee House will bring you more on this… Continue reading


CoffeeHousers’ Wall

28 June 2008 9:24

This week’s CoffeeHousers’ Wall is here. Head over there to have your say on the week’s events and to let us know what you’d like to see on Coffee House.… Continue reading


Where it all went wrong for Brown – your verdict

28 June 2008 0:17

As of midnight, the voting on where it all went wrong for Brown stood as follows: The election that wasn’t  —  24.4% His addiction to Brownies  —  17.1% The 10p… Continue reading