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Will David Davis be denied a publicity triumph?

12 June 2008 13:39

The Lib Dems have announced that they will not stand against David Davis. Now, this is because they agree with him on 42 days. But if Labour were also not… Continue reading


Davis announces his resignation – now with added video

12 June 2008 13:33

Again, courtesy of the indispensable Politics Home:

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Davis announces his resignation

12 June 2008 13:22

So that’s it then.  Here are Davis’ own words:  "This cannot go on. It must be stopped and for that reason I feel it incumbent on me to make a stand.… Continue reading


Clegg confirms the Davis story

12 June 2008 13:16

Nick Clegg takes a principled stance, and confirms what we’ve been hearing about Davis: "David Davis’s decision to resign his seat and fight a by-election over the issue of 42… Continue reading


Is this the reason for Davis’ resignation?

12 June 2008 13:06

A Tory source has just explained to me what Davis is up to. He wants to stand down, force a by-election, then run a campaign on 42 days and declare… Continue reading


Breaking: David Davis resigns

12 June 2008 12:45

According to Politics Home, David Davis has resigned as an MP. As of yet, it’s uncertain why.  We’ll have more shortly. Stay tuned. UPDATE: Nick Robinson’s reporting a row between Davis and… Continue reading


Brown struggles through his press conference

12 June 2008 12:39

Short of having Nick Leeson pledge to sort out banking regulation, it’s hard to think of a less congruous sight than Gordon Brown pledging to sort the financial mess he’s… Continue reading


Can we blame the DUP?

12 June 2008 11:47

The DUP’s actions over the 42-day detention vote yesterday have provoked quite a lot of anger. CoffeeHouser ‘cuffleyburgers’ provides a good example of that: “…the DUP worms who sold their principles… Continue reading


Ed Balls gets it wrong, wrong, wrong

12 June 2008 11:28

Never let it be said that The Spectator makes no space for dissenting views. Ed Balls makes the case for his school policy today – worth reading. It is a powerful… Continue reading


42-days: the fallout

12 June 2008 10:38

The point of all those bribes was so Gordon Brown could wake up to headlines after the 42 days vote saying "principled Prime Minister holds firm to his principles and… Continue reading


A waste of time

12 June 2008 8:58

Plenty of reaction to the 42-day vote in this morning’s papers.  A summary of the consensus: enjoy this success while you can Brown, because it won’t last long.  But of… Continue reading


Men of goodwill disagreed today

11 June 2008 23:37

42 days is, an understandably, emotive issue. People who are normally ideological comrades found themselves disagreeing over this issue. It scrambled divides of left and right and even dove and hawk.… Continue reading


The Government wins the 42-day detention vote

11 June 2008 18:25

For: 315 Against: 306 So that’s a majority of nine for the Government.  Incidentally, that’s the exact number of DUP MPs, who did side with Brown in the end.


MPs’ pettiness over expenses doesn’t help

11 June 2008 17:52

Thanks to the High Court, we’ll be seeing full details of MPs’ expenses in October. That’s a good thing.  But, as Three Line Whip is reporting, some MPs are still waging… Continue reading


The rebels aren’t going quietly

11 June 2008 17:20

There was talk earlier this morning that Diane Abbott was one of those MPs who had been coaxed back to the government side. That seems to have been spectacularly wide… Continue reading


Is the 42-day vote still too close to call?

11 June 2008 17:16

As a partial counterpoint to Fraser’s post, Ben Brogan writes on his blog: "Mr Brown’s spokesman a short while ago said if the vote were held now "the Government would not… Continue reading


As the vote looms, Government success looks likely

11 June 2008 16:54

Depending on who you listen to, the government is currently between 4 and 18 votes down on 42 days, excluding the DUP’s eight votes. But it’s difficult to divine the… Continue reading


If 42 days is bad, 90 must have been worse

11 June 2008 15:37

There will be no profiles in courage written about those people who were happy to be part of a government that was pushing aggressively for 90 days but–now that they… Continue reading


PMQs footage

11 June 2008 14:19

Courtesy of Politics Home, here’s footage of Cameron’s exchanges with Brown in PMQs:  


42-days dominates PMQs

11 June 2008 13:27

It was a 42 days special, with Brown referring five times to the advice of the "security services." On Monday a CoffeeHouser named "Smiley", claiming to be from MI5, said… Continue reading


The love affair of some on the left with Cuba illustrates their moral depravity

11 June 2008 13:21

That Gordon Brown can buy off potential Labour rebels by proposing a softer line on Cuba illustrates just how much of a special place the Castro despotism still has in… Continue reading


Is Ed Balls trying to kill off grammar schools?

11 June 2008 12:48

Janet Daley writes on Ed Balls’ latest initiative: So what Mr Balls is proposing is effectively merging local secondary moderns with grammars. And what do you call a grammar school… Continue reading


The ‘No’s are sneaking it in Ireland

11 June 2008 11:40

[Many thanks to Ruth Dudley Edwards, who'll be covering the Irish referendum for Coffee House over the next few days.  Here's her first post - Pete Hoskin]  I haven’t seen so many confusing posters… Continue reading


Brogan: The vote looks won

11 June 2008 10:45

Over at his invaluable blog, Ben Brogan reports that: The DUP are on board, Diane Abbott has been spoken to by Gordon Brown for the first time in 20 years,… Continue reading


Political insiders think 42-day detention will scrape through

11 June 2008 10:03

According to their latest poll, some 66 percent of Politics Home’s group of insiders think that the Government’s 42-day detention proposal will get through Parliament today.  All things considered, a two-thirds chance… Continue reading