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Did the anti-war movement just save the Iraq mission?

13 September 2007 12:26

When you hear people talk about the importance of the NetRoots in left-wing politics in the US they’re largely talking about MoveOn.org which was founded to try and get the… Continue reading


Al Qaeda has not gone away

13 September 2007 8:28

Take a look at the Guardian’s report this morning on a new study by the International Institute for Strategic Studies on the current strength of al Qaeda. So much energy… Continue reading


Toby Young’s new column starts this week

12 September 2007 18:42

Do not miss Toby Young’s new weekly column Status Anxiety, starting in tomorrow’s magazine. As any fule kno, Toby is the laureate of metropolitan angst so it seemed only fair… Continue reading


The coming Lib Dem leadership battle

12 September 2007 17:46

A book has just landed on my desk with Chris Huhne’s beaming, discoloured face on its cover. The LibDem environment spokesman is carrying a placard saying “green taxes now”. So… Continue reading


Putin set to anoint Ivanov as his successor

12 September 2007 12:56

Interesting news from Russia where Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov and his cabinet have all resigned, giving Putin the chance to appoint a new PM and government before presidential elections next… Continue reading


Who would follow Musharraf?

12 September 2007 10:52

On the list of things that should keep us up at night, Pakistan has to be pretty high. It is a phenomenally unstable state with nuclear weapons. Much as I… Continue reading


Toby Young’s video diary of the Boris campaign

12 September 2007 0:29

New York remembers 9/11 six years on

11 September 2007 22:39

Crocker damns Maliki government with faint praise

11 September 2007 21:00

Interestingly enough, after a day and a half of questioning the most damaging sound bite to emerge so far from the Ambassador Crocker and General Petraeus hearings has come in response… Continue reading


Exercise is not great

11 September 2007 15:03

If you want a giggle, do read this account by Christopher Hitchens of his time at a health spa. The hard drinking, chain smoking Hitch is pretty much the last… Continue reading


Martin Amis on the al Qaeda death cult

11 September 2007 11:41

Martin Amis’s essay on Islamism in T2 today is as eloquent as it is perceptive. The latest video produced by the terrorists of al Qaeda only reinforces how right Amis… Continue reading


RIP Anita Roddick, inspiration for the new Conservatives

11 September 2007 9:54

Anita Roddick, implausible as it may seem, deserves a footnote in future histories of the Conservative Party as well as the annals of ‘ethical consumerism’ where her place was already… Continue reading


Boris’s first full length TV interview of the campaign

11 September 2007 8:21

Tonight on 18 Doughty Street, Iain Dale has a half an hour interview with The Spectator’s official candidate for Mayor of London. You can watch the entire thing here.   One… Continue reading


The Iraq report

10 September 2007 21:27

If you want to follow the General Petraeus and Crocker testimony the New York Times, the Washington Post and The Politico are all live blogging it. You can also read… Continue reading


Hague is all too vague on Iraq

10 September 2007 19:53

William Hague has just given a non-committal response to the “mixed results” of the American troop surge. I’d rather have liked him to say something like this (adapted from the… Continue reading


Why is al Qaeda releasing a second bin Laden video?

10 September 2007 16:14

There’s another bin Laden video coming out soon. This time, bin Laden will introduce the testimony of one of the 9/11 suicide bombers. The appearance of a second video is… Continue reading

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Addressing the reality of Iraq

10 September 2007 14:15

The next few days will be a big test of whether the political class on both sides of the Atlantic can think about the reality of Iraq. Too often, the… Continue reading

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How things look from the other side of the pond

10 September 2007 13:37

I have to admit: last week was a bad one to take off. Plenty happened in Britain, which I’m digesting now (what was Mercer playing at?). But for what it’s… Continue reading


The great digital seduction

10 September 2007 11:49

Last week the RSA hosted ‘The Great Digital Seduction’, a lively event that gave rise to a gripping and important debate. On one side was Andrew Keen, author of The… Continue reading


Gordon goes where Dave can’t

10 September 2007 11:23

“British jobs for British workers”: Gordon Brown has road-tested this muscular phrase many times before, not least when he accepted the Labour leadership in Manchester in front of a Union… Continue reading


Give the surge time

9 September 2007 20:51

General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker’s testimony to Congress will be crucial in shaping future US strategy in Iraq. As a new poll reveals, Petraeus will be delivering his report against… Continue reading


‘We need a surge in the South’

9 September 2007 13:05

"I wish they would recalibrate. The south is a growing problem. It’s the next big problem to be faced. The British force in the south could do a great deal… Continue reading


The McCain comeback

8 September 2007 16:41

This week was meant to be all about the entry of Fred Thompson, the politician turned actor who’s being presented as the new Reagan, into the Republican race. But Thompson… Continue reading


The McCann saga

8 September 2007 11:34

In the acres of news print devoted to the McCanns this morning, Andrew Pierce’s Telegraph column (a must-read on Saturdays) offers the best analysis. Andrew points out the sheer scale… Continue reading


What you should do if you can’t see Atonement this weekend

7 September 2007 16:59

Cinema goers will all be planning to go to see Atonement this weekend: I know I am. But if you are defeated by the queues, which threaten to be of… Continue reading