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Will a mellower Musharraf win over the voters?

6 February 2008 12:15

If this family interview with Pakistan Television is anything to go by, President Musharraf is doing cuddly. The interview’s mainly in Urdu, but I thought Coffee Housers might like to… Continue reading


Different ways to cook the spending omelette

6 February 2008 11:50

The spending debate continues with Philip Hammond over at ConservativeHome defending his decision to sign up to Brown’s current spending plan. The 2% total ain’t that much, he says, slower… Continue reading


Last stand against protectionism?

6 February 2008 9:25

Irwin Stelzer writes a great piece in today’s Telegraph, characterising Gordon Brown and George Bush as united by their strident belief in free trade: "Both have a relaxed attitude towards the… Continue reading


Full Super Tuesday coverage on Americano

5 February 2008 19:50

The first result is already in but the big states are still to come. Americano will have all the latest throughout the night.


Brown outbids Cameron on sleaze

5 February 2008 18:07

Cameron may have moved first, but Brown has now upped the ante, writing to the Speaker calling for a "root and branch overhaul of the current system". He has told… Continue reading


What will be hit next by the sub-prime crisis?

5 February 2008 17:03

We’ve just posted an important piece by Martin Vander Weyer on the sub prime hurricane passing through the financial markets, you can read it here.


Waste continued…

5 February 2008 16:24

Following Fraser’s earlier comments on Tory spending, I thought I’d point out Iain Martin’s excellent post on tax credits over at Three Line Whip.  Martin rightly characterises Brown as a "wasteful spendaholic": "The… Continue reading

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Finding an alternative to Brownism

5 February 2008 14:26

Danny Finkelstein does me the honour of Fisking my post on Tories and spending. I’m being a little bit mischievous, he suggests, by claiming the Tories didn’t offer tax cuts… Continue reading


Wind power: so much hot air?

5 February 2008 12:36

The Lewis islanders up in arms against the 181 wind turbines planned for their little slice of Hebrides have many aesthetic reasons to object. Environmentalists are torn between the green… Continue reading


Fundamentalists will factor in

5 February 2008 11:02

The parties are now on the campaign trail though there is no Super Tuesday scenario; more like a free-for-all. Adding to the chaos, election-watchers never know who is going to… Continue reading


A shocking – but not surprising – dependency culture

5 February 2008 9:06

This time it’s Caroline Flint who has been wheeled out to get tough on welfare claimants. But this sentence in her interview in The Guardian jumped out at me. "She… Continue reading


A political hybrid?

4 February 2008 18:12

Thanks to Rachel Sylvester over at Three Line Whip, Tim Montgomerie’s tortoise-and-the-hare analogy has now been mapped onto the Labour Party. Sylvester characterises the Blairite reformers as “hares”, whilst those who… Continue reading


The oldest truth in political history

4 February 2008 16:26

Poor Derek Conway. The allegations about how he used his allowances have been an opportunity for an avalanche of homophobic gossip about his son and a tidal wave of sneering… Continue reading


Singing from Hillary’s hymn-sheet?

4 February 2008 14:43

Forget John McCain – on the evidence of this morning’s Press Conference it is Hillary Clinton who is getting inside David Cameron’s head. Talking about Britain’s UNICEF rankings, Cameron concluded,… Continue reading


Power broking in Park Lane

4 February 2008 12:34

Some of Musharraf’s domestic problems arise from his attitude to the judiciary. There’s widespread anger over his suspension of Pakistan’s top judge, the first time such an event has happened in… Continue reading


Thirty hours in America

4 February 2008 10:24

Super Tuesday is now only a day away and Americano has the very latest from the campaign. Can John McCain sew up the Republican nomination? Can Obama’s momentum overcome the… Continue reading


Break free from the spending shackles

4 February 2008 8:50

William Rees-Mogg yesterday added his voice to the many suggesting that, now the economic outlook has changed, so should the Tories’ daft proposal to match Gordon Brown’s spending pledges. Iain Martin,… Continue reading


Will the broken referendum promise break the Lib Dems?

3 February 2008 20:34

At last, some life in the Lisbon Treaty debate – and from the least likely party. All LibDem MPs stood on a manifesto pledge to hold a referendum on the… Continue reading


Defend yourself

3 February 2008 16:25

John Rentoul writes a typically-perceptive piece in the Independent on Sunday, doubting that Gordon Brown will ever seize back the political initiative.  For Rentoul, Brown’s major problem is that he’s not engaging in "the… Continue reading


Permanent damage to the political classes

3 February 2008 12:13

What I love about the Derek Conway’s je ne regrette rien in the Mail on Sunday is the way he gives clues as to where the other bodies are buried.… Continue reading


Tories on the offensive?

3 February 2008 11:11

Another poll, another decreased lead for the Tories.  The latest ICM/Sunday Telegraph poll – the first conducted after both Peter Hain’s resignation and the Derek Conway furore – puts Labour on 32… Continue reading

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This is reality, folks

3 February 2008 9:08

Party chiefs launched their manifestos at Imperial College in London this week. No slick Anglo-American electioneering with carefully choreographed speeches and prepared questions here, this was raw Pakistani politics where… Continue reading


Election Watch

2 February 2008 19:57

Be sure to check out Rani Singh’s Coffee House coverage of the forthcoming Pakistani elections.  Rani’s first post is an unmissable primer in the issues, parties and individuals that will dominate the contest.  She… Continue reading


Marriage à-la-Francaise

2 February 2008 19:16

Lieutenant George: Look what I got for you sir.  Captain Blackadder: What?  Lieutenant George: It’s the latest issue of "King & Country". Oh, damn inspiring stuff; the magazine that tells… Continue reading

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Brown is all that stands between Blair and the EU presidency

2 February 2008 18:38

What started off as a joke is growing more serious by the hour. Bets are being laid on the next EU president and the favourite is one Anthony Charles Lynton… Continue reading