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Spitzer’s done

11 March 2008 15:26

Eliot Spitzer’s political career is over. The New York Governor might not have resigned yet but it is impossible to see how he can recover from the revelation that he… Continue reading


Devolving responsibility 

11 March 2008 15:24

Three Line Whip are reporting that Paul Murphy, the current Welsh Secretary, is being lined up by Gordon Brown for a new Cabinet position - the Secretary of State for the UK’s devolved regions: Wales,… Continue reading


Laying down the law

11 March 2008 14:52

What is going on over school admissions? Last week, Jim Knight, the schools minister, urged disappointed parents to make greater use of the hopelessly bureaucratic appeals system. Today, he and… Continue reading


A gulf in opinion

11 March 2008 13:22

A profile of Admiral William Fallon, the head of US Central Command, in Esquire is bound to make waves as it claims that, “well-placed observers now say that it will… Continue reading


A poll conundrum

11 March 2008 13:08

The latest Times / Populus poll places the Tories on 37 percent (down 3 on last month); Labour on 34 percent (up 3); and the Lib Dems on 19 percent (up… Continue reading


Backing the big-earners

11 March 2008 12:01

I said yesterday that it’d be a good idea for the Government to use tomorrow’s Budget as a peace offering to the business world.  After Northern Wreck and the non-dom taxation row, bridges need rebuilding. The… Continue reading


Controlling the classroom

11 March 2008 10:57

A friend is on the board of an independent school, and has been attending more than the usual amount of meetings recently. They are discussing whether the burden of government… Continue reading


Swearing allegiance

11 March 2008 8:51

Lord Goldsmith will today release his review into British citizenship and social cohesion. One of his ideas: that all school-leavers take part in ceremonies to swear allegiance to the Queen.… Continue reading


Budget 2008: Taxing issues

10 March 2008 18:29

The discussion around Alistair Darling’s first Budget is likely to be dominated by immediate worries, such as non-dom taxation, capital gains tax, the rising budget deficit, Northern Rock, and the… Continue reading


Hammond puts his foot in it

10 March 2008 17:09

Philip Hammond, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, has just finished a pre-Budget lobby briefing, which I suspect will end in some troublesome headlines for him tomorrow for two reasons.  First,… Continue reading


You’d be mad to miss it

10 March 2008 16:20

If you haven’t seen Mad Men—the drama set in a Madison Avenue advertising agency in 1960—already, I’d thoroughly recommend watching it. (You can catch up on the first episode here.)… Continue reading


Storm Watch UK

10 March 2008 15:56

Trearddur, North Wales


Oil-and-water politics

10 March 2008 14:00

In an article for the FT, Gordon Brown makes his strongest commitment yet to public service reform.  As he puts it: "…there can be no backtracking on reform, no go-slow,… Continue reading


Budget 2008: Arresting the fiscal flood

10 March 2008 13:34

The focus of the UK economic debate of recent weeks has been the credit crunch and the evolution of Northern Rock.  Now, however, the Government’s plans for fiscal policy will… Continue reading

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Darling wins one

10 March 2008 11:34

Over at Boulton and Co, Jonathan Levy reports that Alistair Darling has successfully faced down Gordon Brown over who should lead an inquiry into the economic effects of climate change.… Continue reading


Budget 2008: Sending out a message

10 March 2008 11:05

As Dr Oliver Hartwich outlined on Coffee House yesterday, The Treasury doesn’t have much room for manoeuvre ahead of Wednesday’s Budget.  In short: it’s down to our economy being taxed, spent and borrowed up… Continue reading


And the lion shall lie down with the lamb

10 March 2008 8:39

The most surprising piece of news in the papers this morning is that Gordon Brown is sounding Peter Mandelson out about whether he would like to serve a second term… Continue reading


Political progress in Iraq

9 March 2008 18:29

The latest State of Iraq update from the Brookings Institution in The New York Times confirms the security success of the surge—there have been fewer civilian deaths in Iraq this… Continue reading

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The height of hypocrisy

9 March 2008 16:44

I was right – Clegg’s speech was better with the volume down. He wasn’t just copying Cameron’s walkabout speech tactics but also his "broken politics" analysis (itself inspired by Obama).… Continue reading


Budget 2008: Brown’s wasted years

9 March 2008 15:37

Five years ago, Gordon Brown’s 2003 Budget forecast that the current budget would now be in surplus by £9 billion.  That might have allowed the new Chancellor to cut taxes for… Continue reading


Hamming it up

9 March 2008 13:14

Well, David Cameron has changed politics in this regard: no party leader can give a speech without walking around the stage – at least for a bit.  Over at the… Continue reading


Talking the talk while walking the walk

9 March 2008 12:58

David Cameron’s piece in The Sunday Telegraph this morning is a neat example of how he tries to position himself politically. On the one hand, the article is about what… Continue reading


Budget 2008: No room for manoeuvre?

9 March 2008 12:47

Dr Oliver Hartwich – Chief Economist at Policy Exchange – provides CoffeeHousers with some background on Budget 2008 here.


Who kicked who?

9 March 2008 10:50

The Peev v Carlson clash (watch it here) is fast mutating into a debate between the merits of UK and US journalism. And another issue – who gave who a… Continue reading


Can Cable turn the Lib Dems into The British Bull Moose Party?

8 March 2008 18:07

Vince Cable’s speech to the Lib Dem spring conference today showed how fortunate it was for the two main parties that he did not become leader either in 2006 or… Continue reading