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Channel 4 fact check

14 April 2008 22:28

George Osborne had a bit of a rough ride on Channel Four news at 7pm and the Labour Party has gleefully sent around a transcript. Jon Snow put to him… Continue reading


Who should you vote for?

14 April 2008 19:10

Still undecided on who you’d have as London mayor?  If so, this nifty "Who should I vote for?" quiz that Sky have put together should help you decide.  It asks questions on a policy-by-policy… Continue reading


A change of address

14 April 2008 16:28

So – in an effort to save taxpayers’ money – David Miliband is to permanently vacate his lavish official residence.  Over at Three Line Whip, Con Coughlin is disappointed by the move, thinking it… Continue reading


Britain is "bust" says Osborne

14 April 2008 14:56

A first for British politics – standing room only in a speech about economics. George Osborne was at Policy Exchange laying out his “alternative view” and, as he went, ticking… Continue reading


A cut lead for Boris

14 April 2008 13:13

As Centre Right reveal, today’s Evening Standard records a cut poll lead for Boris. Their latest YouGov poll has Our Man on 45 percent (down 4 on the last poll); Livingstone… Continue reading


Brown shouldn’t fear the stalking horses

14 April 2008 12:47

It is a modern ritual that when a party political leader’s fortunes plummet – and Gordon Brown’s certainly fit that category – there is talk of a leadership contest and,… Continue reading


Just in case you missed them…

14 April 2008 11:26

Here are some posts made over the weekend: Matthew d’Ancona thinks Gordon Brown is his own worst enemy. Fraser Nelson charts Brown’s reign of error. Peter Hoskin tracks the growing… Continue reading


Another day, same bad story for Brown

14 April 2008 10:50

Every day now brings another set of bad headlines for Gordon Brown. Today, there’s that dire poll in the FT–which Pete mentioned, the news that a cabinet minster told Nick… Continue reading


The Minotaur at the heart of the labyrinth as a metaphor for our times?

14 April 2008 10:35

Difficult not to make comparisons between any number of world leaders and the image of a trapped but powerful figure lashing out in impotent rage, bellowing incomprehensibly, half man, half… Continue reading


No confidence

14 April 2008 8:57

George Osborne couldn’t have hoped for a better background to his speech at Policy Exchange today than this FT poll. It finds that some 68 percent of UK voters don’t… Continue reading

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Labour would be doing better with Blair in charge

13 April 2008 17:19

If Tony Blair were still Prime Minister Labour would be five—not sixteen—points behind the Conservatives, according to the latest YouGov poll. With Blair back at the helm, the Conservative vote… Continue reading


Not worth the candle

13 April 2008 15:51

The full absurdity of the health and safety culture is brought home by this story in The Sunday Times.  A chap was taking his date to the champagne bar at… Continue reading


Brown’s reign of error

13 April 2008 13:45

Gordon Brown doesn’t boast anymore about his friendship with Alan Greenspan – and little wonder. The former Fed Chairman’s name is fast becoming mud in America, as they turn on… Continue reading


No day of rest for Brown in trouble stories

13 April 2008 11:56

The Sunday papers pick up where the Saturday ones left off. The Independent on Sunday reports that Charles Clarke is preparing a stalking horse challenger  if Labour does badly on… Continue reading


Essential reading

13 April 2008 10:55

With the headlines dominated by Chinese action in Tibet, Issac Beech’s new Web Exclusive article – Reporting from Tibet’s cocoon – is essential reading.  You can access it here.


His own worst enemy

13 April 2008 10:28

There is a must-read piece in the Mail on Sunday by the impeccably connected Sue Cameron, who provides a compelling inventory of the Brown administration’s dysfunctions. My favourite detail –… Continue reading


May Day for the Prime Minister

12 April 2008 15:14

May 1st is becoming ever more important for Gordon Brown. Holding London and exceeding expectations in the rest of the country is the only thing that can put a stop… Continue reading


Curbing Iranian influence in Iraq

12 April 2008 14:57

One of the most important things to have emerged from recent events in Basra and the testimony of General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker is that Iran has stepped up its… Continue reading


Yesterday’s man?

12 April 2008 12:56

The succession talk is chasing Gordon Brown into the weekend. Here’s Martin Kettle in today’s Guardian: "A spectre is haunting the Labour party – the spectre of Gordon Brown’s failure.… Continue reading


We urgently need education reform, just ask the Coils if you doubt me

12 April 2008 9:51

At 11am today, Radio Four looks at the Tory school reform plan – inspired, apparently, by our recent cover story on Cameron’s schools revolution. I’m on the panel of Talking… Continue reading


The week that was

11 April 2008 19:22

Matthew d’Ancona reports on the schools battle. Fraser Nelson identifies Brown’s five steps to denial. Peter Hoskin suggests that relations between Britain and Iraq may be at a low ebb.… Continue reading


What if…

11 April 2008 18:46

Another week, another PR Week story about what Stephen Carter’s new Downing Street team has planned. The frequency with which these stories are appearing is becoming really quite comic—it must… Continue reading


Tread the Trading Floor

11 April 2008 16:57

Head over to Trading Floor for the latest on the credit crunch, including: Fraser Nelson on the UK’s shaky economic framework. And Michael Millar on why it’s not all doom-and-gloom… Continue reading


What is Des Browne thinking?

11 April 2008 15:44

I’ve always found it shocking that British troops are sent into combat with inadequate equipment – not least because it costs lives. That’s why today’s High Court ruling should be welcomed. Invoking the… Continue reading


Ideas for government

11 April 2008 13:26

Frank Field’s piece for the latest issue of the magazine is well-worth reading, and fecund ground for a weekend debate.    As he sees it, Brown and Cameron have to… Continue reading