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Situation soon to be vacant?

6 July 2008 12:10

When John Reid was given his last-ever appointment, he’d have fun introducing himself at meetings by saying “I’m John Reid and I am the current Home Secretary.” It was a… Continue reading


Will it be goodbye from Glasgow for Gordon?

6 July 2008 10:28

Gordon Brown is, according to The Sunday Mirror, finally going to take a proper holiday. The Brown family will head to East Anglia later this month for a week or… Continue reading


Pink nonsense

5 July 2008 20:04

It looks like Gordon Brown broke into The Financial Times last night and wrote its second leader – which is a summary of all Labour’s clichéd attack points, strikingly unworthy… Continue reading


The hunt for Bin Laden

5 July 2008 18:37

The new issue of Time magazine has a couple of interesting pieces on the hunt for Osama bin Laden. The magazine reports that US counter-terrorism officials have decided that the… Continue reading


The State and the establishment should stop pulling the rug out from under moderate Muslims

5 July 2008 15:31

Matthew Parris and Charles Moore both have important columns in their respective papers today about the Lord Chief Justice’s remarks. Matthew eloquently sums up what is most worrying about the… Continue reading


Brown’s dirty deal on the expenses vote

5 July 2008 12:12

The vote on Thursday night not to fix the broken system of MP’s expenses was a disgrace; it was the kind of behaviour that brings politics into disrepute. It was… Continue reading


Ray Lewis stands down

5 July 2008 9:47

There is no doubt that Ray Lewis’s resignation is embarrassing for Boris Johnson but I rather feel that sections of the media are rather overreacting to it. Listening to the Today… Continue reading


The week that was

4 July 2008 20:33

Some highlights of the week on George Osborne wants your questions. Maurice Gerard reports on the aftermath of the presidential election in Zimbabwe. Fraser Nelson says that Ken Clarke has… Continue reading


Walking the freedom trail

4 July 2008 19:52

Something that I would recommend all Coffee Housers do if they get the chance is to walk the Freedom Trail in Boston. It is brilliantly laid out and gives you a… Continue reading


A careless talk

4 July 2008 18:45

The Lord Chief Justice’s speech last night at the East London Muslim Centre was, to put it mildly, unhelpful. His point that English law allows people to arbitrate disputes under… Continue reading


Why Brown will be cheering on the Tories in Glasgow East

4 July 2008 18:20

David Cameron is heading up to Glasgow East on Monday to make a visit with Iain Duncan Smith – and they will be campaigning like mad. You may think they’d… Continue reading


London: the best of

4 July 2008 15:45

Here’s one for whilst you’re winding down on a Friday afternoon: a Guardian article outlining Ken Livingstone’s 10 favourite London haunts. I’m not sure whether they’re in any particular order,… Continue reading


And the winner is…

4 July 2008 14:00

Last week we asked you what small proposal you would like to see in David Cameron’s first Queen Speech, after Fraser outlined what the big ticket items would be in the… Continue reading


Issue 3 of Spectator Business

4 July 2008 13:45

We’ve just uploaded the content from the latest issue of the Spectator Business – you can access it here. In particular, I’d recommend you read Michael Millar’s piece on the… Continue reading


Put your questions to George Osborne

4 July 2008 12:24

George Osborne has kindly agreed to a Q&A session with Coffee House.  So, post your questions for him in the comments sections below.  And, in a week-or-so’s time, we’ll pick… Continue reading


How much does a butler’s uniform cost at John Lewis?

4 July 2008 10:57

Labour MPs trying to defend the indefensible John Lewis list resorted to pathetic class war attacks last night. Ian Austin, the PM’s bag carrier, reportedly told George Osborne to “F**… Continue reading


Brown turns to the Blairites

4 July 2008 9:03

“It worked for Tony, so it might just work for me.” That’s what must be going through Gordon Brown’s head at the moment, as – according to this story in… Continue reading


All hail Kylie

3 July 2008 17:27

To honour Kylie Minogue (sorry Stephen) on the day she was awarded the OBE, I’ve been tasked with selecting the best Kylie video. This is a tough challenge; they are… Continue reading


The spirit of the game

3 July 2008 16:25

Now that Andy Murray is out of Wimbledon, we can turn our sporting attention to the coming Test series between England and South Africa. It should be a cracking series,… Continue reading


MPs vote against an above-inflation pay rise

3 July 2008 16:04

Now this is the right outcome.  We’ve just got to hope that MPs are similarly conscientious when it comes voting on changes to the expenses system later.


Is Darling set to axe the fuel duty rise?

3 July 2008 15:11

Alistair Darling’s interviewed in today’s Standard and, in response to a question about vehicle excise duty, he says: "I think the bigger question for motorists, frankly, is the fuel duty… Continue reading


David Davis on Brown’s security strategy

3 July 2008 13:44

We uploaded the content from the latest issue of the magazine this morning.  It includes an article by David Davis, which you can access here.  In it, Davis argues against Brown’s… Continue reading


Failing the laugh test

3 July 2008 12:57

The confusion that underlies the government’s attitude to testing is illustrated by the interview with Ed Balls in this week’s New Statesman. Martin Bright and Suzanne Moore press Balls on… Continue reading


CoffeeHousers’ Wall

3 July 2008 11:24

We’ve added a new linking button to Coffee House - one which takes you through to the latest CoffeeHousers’ Wall.  It’s about halfway down on the right of any Coffee House page. … Continue reading


Smoke and mirrors

3 July 2008 11:07

Harare, Zimbabwe It’s smoke and mirrors for Zimbabweans. State-run TV has been blaring non-stop Mugabe’s statement that he is willing to sit down and negotiate with the opposition MDC –… Continue reading