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Obama steps it up

28 October 2007 20:10

Barack Obama is finally going to take the gloves off against Hillary Clinton. Under pressure from donors who are disappointed by the fact that Hillary is maintaining her  dominant lead… Continue reading


Whitehall put on PMQs alert

28 October 2007 16:16

If anyone wants to know how rattled Downing Street is by the hammering that Gordon Brown now regularly receives at Prime Ministers Questions they should read this story in The Sunday Times.… Continue reading


What’s next after English votes for English laws

28 October 2007 11:48

Once, Alistair Campbell would have spotted and filled the news vacuum which sucks away at the papers this weekend. Instead it the Tories have scored a spin coup. They have… Continue reading


The evil that the welfare system encourages

28 October 2007 10:42

One of the benefits of doing Question Time is being taken to task on the blogosphere for days afterwards, and my comments on welfare and immigration have been reproduced and… Continue reading


Rats to product placement

27 October 2007 16:34

The magic of Pixar films – especially the Toy Story duet and The Incredibles – is that they appeal to adults as well as the children at whom they are… Continue reading


How far does the Iranian nuclear programme extend?

27 October 2007 15:35

To follow up on Matt’s post, Caroline Glick has a fascinating piece out today on the latest developments in the Iran nuclear saga. She speculates that the purpose of the… Continue reading


The Iran problem isn’t going away

27 October 2007 11:22

Don’t miss the excellent Toby Harnden’s interview with Norman Podhoretz in today’s Daily Telegraph in which the US conservative guru – an adviser to, amongst many others Rudy Giuliani –… Continue reading


Listen up

26 October 2007 18:57

Tomorrow morning you’ll want to tune into The Week at Westminster on Radio 4, Matt will be presenting and he’s got some great guest lined up including Dennis Skinner, Gisela… Continue reading


No question about it, it was a great performance

26 October 2007 18:22

Around Westminster today plenty of normally hard-bitten folk have been saying to me how good Fraser was on Question Time. He’s far too modest to say it, so let me… Continue reading


Cameron’s outdated foreign policy

26 October 2007 16:42

David Cameron’s speech in Berlin today on foreign policy advocated a cautious, liberal conservative approach to foreign policy. It is very different, at least in tone, from the foreign policy vision that… Continue reading


The trick to doing Question Time

26 October 2007 14:29

While preparing for my first Question Time last night, talking to former panellists, I discovered a strata of politics I didn’t know existed. With five million viewers it’s the most-watched… Continue reading


Chris Huhne and whose army?

26 October 2007 13:30

The Lib Dem leadership will be a closer affair than many people expect. Chris Huhne having run before and got a respectable 40 odd percent of vote is going to… Continue reading


How liberal is the BBC?

26 October 2007 11:39

Sam Coates over at Conservative Home has done some great number crunching on how BBC employees identify themselves politically on Facebook. Of the 10,580 BBC workers on the site, 1,… Continue reading


The Blair memoirs

26 October 2007 9:23

Tony Blair has announced the name of the ghost writer for his forthcoming memoirs: Frank But-not-disloyal. Mr Blair and Frank go back a long way, and their laughter could often… Continue reading


Tories 3 points ahead in latest poll

26 October 2007 8:57

The latest YouGov poll for the Telegraph has the Tories on 41, Labour 38 and the Liberal Democrats languishing on a 11 percent. I suspect that both main parties will… Continue reading


Time for Parliament to take a stand

25 October 2007 18:56

I’m normally slightly sceptical of the value of Early Day Motions; too few of them justify the £627,000 that they cost the taxpayer in 2005/6. But one put down today… Continue reading

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Gordon doesn’t get it

25 October 2007 15:31

Anatole Kaletsky has a cracking column in The Times today about Gordon Brown’s political difficulties. One point is particularly worth noting: Brown doesn’t know how to triangulate. Bill Clinton and… Continue reading


Preparations for a possible strike on Iran stepped up

25 October 2007 12:53

The speculation over whether President George W. Bush will order strikes on Iran before he leaves office in January 2009 will ramp up another notch with the news that the Bush administration… Continue reading


Will Tony wear a blue dress?

25 October 2007 12:18

Oh, this is going to be fun. Adam Boulton, writing in the New Statesman, says that Tony Blair and David Cameron will indeed be holding a meeting soon. Apparently, Blair… Continue reading


The real abortion figures

25 October 2007 10:25

One of my favourite themes is the power of metrics. The party who chooses the right yardsticks shapes the debate: something Labour understood early on, with their specific definition of… Continue reading

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Ashdown warns that Afghanistan is lost

25 October 2007 8:46

When it comes to winning the peace few people know more than Paddy Ashdown so his warning that Afghanistan is “lost” is particularly alarming. The Telegraph quotes him setting out… Continue reading


Brown is having tent trouble

24 October 2007 17:13

When Gordon Brown first announced the outsiders he had recruited to his ‘ministry of all the talents’ there was much chuckling in Westminster about whether Digby Jones or Mark Malloch… Continue reading

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Arnie earns his stripes

24 October 2007 16:32

Most people chuckled at California when it elected Arnold Schwarzenegger governor. But the sheer competence of the state government’s reaction to the appalling wild fires that are sweeping the state… Continue reading


Brown gets clunked again

24 October 2007 13:28

More Labour glum faces today, and much for them to be glum about. Cameron opened on a good theme: Brown’s plans to confiscate budget surpluses accrued by prudent schools. Cameron… Continue reading


Time to use the space created by the surge

24 October 2007 11:43

The military success of the surge in Iraq has been quite astonishing but much remains to be done on the political front. Part of the reason for this is that… Continue reading