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Unprecedented actions?

14 June 2008 10:22

Is Davis’ action really unprecedented? The latest issue of The House magazine has a piece by Vernon Bogdanor, perhaps the best politics academic in Britain. He names all previous by-election candidates,… Continue reading


Union of denial

14 June 2008 10:05

Denis MacShane, the former Europe minister, was not a happy man as he did interviews yesterday about the Irish no vote and his piece in today’s Times is a mixture… Continue reading


The week that was

13 June 2008 19:00

Some highlights of the week on David Davis is taking CoffeeHousers’ questions. Ruth Dudley Edwards responds to the No campaign’s victory in the Irish referendum, Neil O’Brien gives his thoughts… Continue reading


Could Brown offer a referendum?

13 June 2008 18:07

Here – thanks to Politics Home – is what Cameron has to say on the No camp’s victory in the Irish referendum: “The Treaty is now dead … It would be… Continue reading


Barroso tries to come to terms with defeat and fails

13 June 2008 16:57

Watching the BBC broadcast of Barroso’s press conference you realised how the EU just can not compute any result that does not go its way. Barroso said that he respected… Continue reading


Let’s drink to the Irish

13 June 2008 16:52

Eight decades ago, Britain gave Ireland back her sovereignty. Today, it seems the people of that glorious country have returned the favour. It’s too soon to know for sure if… Continue reading


Ireland votes no, now what’s next?

13 June 2008 15:27

1) This was a vote against the Treaty, and against deeper EU integration This was indeed a vote against deeper integration.  The political class are already spinning that it was… Continue reading


Across the site

13 June 2008 15:05

Don’t forget to check out the responses – from across – to the events of the past few days. Both Stephen Pollard and Melanie Phillips are sceptical about David Davis’… Continue reading


Even the Eurocrats won’t be able to ignore this vote

13 June 2008 14:51

I’ve just had a joyful phone call from Kevin Myers, one of the very few Irish journalists who was on the ‘No’ side.  I was fearing the Irish vote would… Continue reading


I have nothing to say but ‘Rejoice, rejoice’ and I’m proud to be Irish.

13 June 2008 14:10

Put your questions to David Davis

13 June 2008 13:41

The man of the moment – David Davis – has kindly agreed to a Q&A session with Coffee House.  So, post your questions for him in the comments sections below. … Continue reading


The ‘No’s seem to have it

13 June 2008 13:10

The Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs is already making excuses, so I think it’s all over.  As a friend, who voted Yes because Sinn Fein were Nos, texted from Dublin: … Continue reading


Brown tells Sarkozy that he’ll plough on with ratification regardless

13 June 2008 12:54

Mark Mardell has just reported that Gordon Brown has phoned Nicolas Sarkozy and told him that he would continue with ratification even if the Irish vote no. One wonders what… Continue reading


Ireland: Know hope

13 June 2008 12:03

The counting started at 9.00 and the Nos are daring to hope as the famed Irish tallymen report many working class and rural areas voting against Lisbon.  As against that,… Continue reading

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If Britain had a referendum, the no camp would win 51 to 28

13 June 2008 11:54

A new ICM poll of 1,012 voters for Open Europe, finds that  if a referendum was held in Britain on the Lisbon Treaty, 51 percent of people would vote against… Continue reading


A Grieve set of issues

13 June 2008 11:40

David Cameron wasted no time in appointing Dominic Grieve yesterday but it might be a case of act in haste, repent at leisure. I’m picking up considerable concern in Conservative… Continue reading


Has the No campaign won in Ireland?

13 June 2008 11:03

The ‘No’s have won it, according to Iain Dale.  Expect further Coffee House coverage shortly.


Footage of Cameron’s response

13 June 2008 10:07

For those who missed it, here’s footage of Cameron’s response to Davis’ resignation, as discussed by James here.


David Davis: the morning view

13 June 2008 9:01

A flick through the papers this morning just confirms the spilt between the political commentariat and the public over David Davis. Most of the headlines are of the negative –… Continue reading


David Davis throws down the gauntlet to Brown and the cabinet

13 June 2008 1:08

David Davis’s Daily Telegraph piece makes clear that he will be running as a Conservative party candidate in the by-election, something about which there has been some confusion. He also… Continue reading


Is Davis the sanest man in the Westminster madhouse?

12 June 2008 21:32

I am just out of doing BBC news interview, where they were discussing the public reaction to Davis. Eveyone in Westminster thinks Davis is mad, loopy, gone off on one,… Continue reading


Davis vs The Munsters

12 June 2008 19:33

I hear it is now almost certain that Labour will definitely not put a candidate up against Davis, to deny him the battle he seeks. Logic is to make him… Continue reading


What a way to start

12 June 2008 18:59

It seems that Dominic Grieve has, as he did with grammar schools, forced a re-write of Tory policy. Last night, the Tory position was that they would almost certainly repeal… Continue reading


Culture suggestions

12 June 2008 18:17

We’ve just uploaded a new set of culture picks from our arts editor, Liz Anderson.  You can access them here.


Labour to decline challenging Davis?

12 June 2008 17:40

Over at Three Line Whip, it’s being reported that Labour think it "highly unlikely" that they’ll put forward a candidate in David Davis’ constituency of Haltemprice & Howden.  As James… Continue reading