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Fixing it

3 April 2008 13:24

The appalling story of how the Tory Party fixes its MEP candidates is told on ConservativeHome. This won’t be picked up on Fleet Street, as MEPs are such a boring business.… Continue reading


Labouring on

3 April 2008 12:08

Peter Riddell is not a man prone to hyperbole so when he writes that “The malaise is real and it is widespread. The Brown Government is in deep trouble” we… Continue reading


Clegg responds – Part I

3 April 2008 11:05

Here are Nick Clegg’s answers to the first 5 questions put forward by CoffeeHousers:   Q: If the Lib Dems hold the balance of power in 2010, which Cabinet portfolios… Continue reading


Closer than we thought?

3 April 2008 8:58

Another poll lead for Boris this morning, but it’s significantly shorter than those 10 and 12 point advantages he’s enjoyed recently. This Guardian / ICM poll – which they’re hawking… Continue reading


The Harman and Hague duel

2 April 2008 18:22

Here’s footage of the back-and-forth between Harman and Hague in PMQs earlier:


Where are Britain’s unexploded sub-prime bombs?

2 April 2008 17:03

Of all the scary economic forecasts we’ve heard recently, perhaps the most chilling is the idea that we’re nine months behind America on the credit crunch. What would it mean… Continue reading


The insiders give the Tories the edge

2 April 2008 15:18

The Politics Home Index, a poll of 100 political insiders which has just launched, is going to provide a fascinating insight into what the Westminster Village is thinking. Earlier this… Continue reading


Bertie Ahern resigns

2 April 2008 15:09

Bertie Ahern is to step down from his twin role as Irish taoiseach and leader of the Fianna Fáil party on May 6th.  He’s departing under something of a cloud - his personal finances… Continue reading


Harman holds her own at PMQs

2 April 2008 13:36

A bit of a damp squib, really.  Harman held her own against those PMQs titans that are Hague and Cable. And all my anticipatory drooling was for nought.   Hague opened… Continue reading


Clinton’s Rocky road

2 April 2008 12:27

It was Eddie Murphy who pointed out, brilliantly, that white people make the terrible mistake of thinking that Rocky is true. His stand-up riff on the subject involved an Italian… Continue reading


Two greats

2 April 2008 11:59

Cinema is losing its heroes in pairs at the moment. After Bergman and Antonioni passed-away in quick succession last year, the past week has seen the deaths of Richard Widmark and… Continue reading


Ken Livingstone has no shame

2 April 2008 11:06

Ok, so Political Betting covered this yesterday - among others – but the words "Magpie Mayor" emblazoned across the front of last night’s Evening Standard reminded me to give it a Coffee… Continue reading


By design, not by accident

2 April 2008 8:55

Simon Heffer serves up a bracing cup of invective in the Telegraph this morning. His message is that we shouldn’t be too quick to label the Government “incompetent”, as doing… Continue reading


More misery for Clegg

1 April 2008 18:32

Nick Clegg’s in line for more misery over Europe.  Today, Lord McNally announced that Lib Dem peers would go against Clegg’s orders by not abstaining from the upcoming referendum vote.  Instead, they’re set… Continue reading


90 years of the RAF

1 April 2008 17:54

The Red Arrows and four Typhoons fly over London today, to mark the 90th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force.


Mugabe to step down?

1 April 2008 16:23

Many fear that the delay in Zimbabwe’s presidential election results getting released is a sign that Mugabe is working out how he can rig it.  But Centre Right flag up… Continue reading


Cameron & friends

1 April 2008 15:37

A perennial problem for Opposition leaders – and particularly those that have never been in Government – is how they put forward their party’s defence credentials.  They haven’t been in the… Continue reading


The failure of Brown’s third way

1 April 2008 13:30

Steve Richards has a typically excellent piece in today’s Independent. In it, he paints Brown’s effort to push through longer detention times for terror suspects as another instance of Blairite… Continue reading


A present from Harriet to Boris

1 April 2008 11:58

Will the gaffes ever stop coming?  Just a matter of weeks after Jacqui Smith admitted she has police protection when walking around London, the Daily Mail have caught out Harriet Harman… Continue reading


April Fools?

1 April 2008 11:28

The hallmark of this ridiculous government is the difficulty one always has on 1 April trying to discern which newspaper stories are April Fools. The Guardian tickles our ribs in… Continue reading


Terminal Five, five days of chaos and counting

1 April 2008 9:46

It is quite incredible that the problems at Terminal Five have still not been resolved. It is expected that 50 flights will be cancelled today, bringing the total since Thursday… Continue reading


Immigration nation

1 April 2008 8:59

A Lords’ committee today claims that record levels of immigration have had no economic benefit for the UK. But what about that £6 billion figure the Government likes to wheel… Continue reading


Trimming government

31 March 2008 19:14

Was Alan Milburn on to something? When he proposed slashing Whitehall by a quarter in his interview with me for this week’s magazine – on the grounds that you can… Continue reading


Harman vs. Cable

31 March 2008 18:54

As James reported last week, Harriet Harman will be standing in for Brown at Wednesday’s PMQs.  Her Tory opponent will most likely be William Hague.  And now Red Box confirm that she’ll… Continue reading


Obama’s web site is more popular in Britain than those of Britain’s political parties

31 March 2008 18:17

If anyone doubted that British political parties are doing a poor job of both using the internet to drive their message and exciting voters, then just consider this from Tom Watson’s… Continue reading

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