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Bad timing

18 May 2007 10:24

Good to see Paul Wolfowitz taking my advice. In a way the whole story’s about bad timing. For him, in the sense that a relatively insignificant and disputable allegation of… Continue reading


Gordon’s court

18 May 2007 8:02

There is plenty of baffled commentary in this morning’s newspapers about the strange US-style transition arrangements between the Blair and Brown regimes – see for instance this leader in the… Continue reading

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The end of an era

18 May 2007 0:19

The last Bush-Blair press conference marks the end of an era. However, close the relationship between Bush and Brown turns out to be—and I expect it will be closer than… Continue reading


A convenient quote

17 May 2007 16:43

It is the worst kept secret in Washington—and that is saying something—that Al Gore and Hillary Clinton don’t get on. Many DC insiders have long claimed that Gore would get… Continue reading

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Have I gone soft on Brown?

17 May 2007 14:37

My political column has only just been published, and already I’m getting stick for being soft on Gordon Brown. Here’s my case: few can deny Brown has great political skills,… Continue reading

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Museum piece

17 May 2007 14:07

What are museums for? I wish I’d never asked the question but I did once unfortunately in a Douglas-Home-Memorial-Prize-winning essay which caused a bit of a stink in the increasingly… Continue reading


Cricket lovely cricket

17 May 2007 12:23

It is hard to utter the phrase “glorious summer of sport” with a straight face today thanks to the grim drizzle that is our lot but the sporting summer is… Continue reading


Scotland’s new leader

17 May 2007 8:04

So Alex Salmond has become Scotland’s first minister, with no  majority. If he can’t legislate, his administration may be the best Holyrood has had yet. Its hard to think of… Continue reading


The man who crowned Gordon

16 May 2007 21:15

In politics, as in life, destiny is a capricious business. Andrew Mackinlay, the Labour MP for Thurrock, must have assumed that it was his bleak fate to be remembered as… Continue reading


Why Willetts is right

16 May 2007 18:00

Is it just me, or is David Willetts largely right in the great Tory grammar school row? Ah yes, it would appear to be just me who thinks so. That… Continue reading


Fancy a ciggie?

16 May 2007 16:48

If a man can’t smoke what can he do?


Disraeli’s ghost

16 May 2007 16:38

Grammars were the nearest we got to breaking the hold of the old school tie on our society.


An American in Notting Hill

16 May 2007 16:36

Favourite story about Hockney si that when his mother came to see him in LA she wondered why no one was drying their washing in the sunshine!


Lord of the ratings

16 May 2007 16:26

Now, I am as much a fan of reality television as the next man, but there are limits. It’s one thing to take inspiration from Golding’s Lord of the Flies… Continue reading

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The Grammar School row

16 May 2007 14:58

We’ve just posted our editorial which is a strong attack on the Tories for their anti-grammar school stance. Scroll down for further comment on the subject from Matthew d’Ancona and… Continue reading


No smoke without ire

16 May 2007 14:34

In yesterday’s Guardian, there was a literally smokin’ hot piece lpiece by David Hockney (because our greatest living artist was pictured wreathed happily in cigarette smoke to accompany the piece)… Continue reading


A flaw in project Cameron

16 May 2007 13:06

Broadly speaking, I’m impressed by the Cameroon project: Dave is right to face down his critics and stick with his strategy to “decontaminate the brand”. Yes, we in the Westminster… Continue reading


Have you earned pudding?

16 May 2007 11:53

For those counting calories, there’s a website just for you: www.walkit.com not only gives you written directions plus map on how to walk from A to B (central London only)… Continue reading


Should Wolfowitz walk?

16 May 2007 10:59

An interesting item by Tom Regan on the US National Public Radio blog points out that while our own Daily Telegraph and Guardian and Germany’s Der Spiegel all focus heavily… Continue reading

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A brainless policy

16 May 2007 9:13

There is something phenomenally depressing about the relish with which the Tories are burying grammar schools. Here are the most effective implements of social mobility this country has ever had—by… Continue reading

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Background to the reshuffle row

15 May 2007 18:28

If you wondering what the above row is all about here’s Melissa’s orginial Sunday Telegraph piece,  Iain’s comment on it and Alan Duncan’s remarks.


Melissa Kite bites back

15 May 2007 14:38

Tory blogging is close to death, I can announce. It’s been in intensive care for some time thanks to the meanderings of Iain Dale and the endless pronouncements of ConservativeHome… Continue reading


The PM we’ll never have

15 May 2007 13:08

Well, so long, after not so long to Michael Meacher, a man who was never leader, nor was meant to be. ‘Pleased to’ Meacher was his nickname around here, because… Continue reading

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Documentary evidence

15 May 2007 11:41

Some of the best journalism never appears in print, which is why it’s a tragedy that documentaries are so tough to get hold of once broadcast. I was being treated… Continue reading

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Smile, you’re on camera

15 May 2007 11:33

This titbit from The Sun is too good not to pass on: One of Jack Straw’s aides currently assigned to make Gordon Brown personable has come up with a rather… Continue reading