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Where’s the beef, David?

30 July 2008 22:04

Camilla Cavendish’s column in The Times is essential reading about the Miliband leadership bid. She makes the point that for all the talk about Miliband being a big thinker with… Continue reading


Any would-be Labour leaders reading?

30 July 2008 21:49

If so, you may want to print out the speech that Matthew Parris wrote for you in The Spectator recently.  

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Might Miliband move Labour to the left?

30 July 2008 21:04

In media short-hand Miliband is a Blairite. But after talking to a bunch of folk over the last few weeks, I suspect that he might actually be a more left-wing… Continue reading


Just in case you missed them…

30 July 2008 20:28

We’ve had a few technical problems today, so here are some Coffee House posts that you may have missed: Fraser Nelson wonders whether Alex Salmond is Labour’s biggest threat, and give his… Continue reading


Will the Redditch by-election force Jacqui Smith’s hand?

30 July 2008 19:28

A leadership challenge really picks up steam when Cabinet ministers start coming out in support of it.  Who’ll be the first to do so, should Miliband, Straw, Harman et al… Continue reading


An apology

30 July 2008 18:10

As I’m sure many of you will have noticed, Coffee House has been inaccessible for much of the day.  Apologies – we were having technical difficulties, which we’re assured have… Continue reading


Whilst Miliband’s a-plotting…

30 July 2008 17:44

…Ed Balls is a-skipping.  Well, not quite – this footage is actually from an event back in May, and it hit YouTube in June.  But it’s only just made it… Continue reading


A neglected near-masterpiece

30 July 2008 17:01

Michael Tanner calls it a ‘neglected near-masterpiece’. So what is ‘it’? Answer: Tchaikovsky’s Iolanta, a one-act opera about a blind princess, which is now on at Opera Holland Park. I was… Continue reading


The Northern Rock redundancies

30 July 2008 15:50

Of course, enforced job losses are never a pleasant thing.  But at least Ron Sandler’s announcement that 1,300 Northern Rock employees will be made redundant falls short of the 2,000 redundancies that were… Continue reading


It’s on

30 July 2008 15:25

I’ve just been watching the Miliband press conference on TV and it is clear that Miliband isn’t going to back down. He didn’t actually declare he was standing for the… Continue reading


Is Salmond the real threat for Labour?

30 July 2008 14:55

I just bumped into John Mason, the glorious victor of Glasgow East, nemesis of the once mighty Scottish Labour and trigger of Gordon Brown’s leadership woes. He hardly said a… Continue reading


Something a bit dainty about the Miliband technique

30 July 2008 13:26

David Miliband was always expected to lay out his creed somehow – the surprise is that he has done so now. Here’s my take. Straw’s move last week, with his… Continue reading


Blair’s prescience

30 July 2008 12:48

Cast your mind back to the Seventh of September 2006, the attempt to force Tony Blair to name a date certain for his departure was at its height. Blair was… Continue reading


Turmoil ahead for Labour

30 July 2008 10:25

The atmosphere in Westminster right now is incredibly febrile, no idea or speculation seems too outlandish to contemplate. But it does seem to me that a couple of things are… Continue reading


A nudge from the past

30 July 2008 10:04

Rory Sutherland, The Spectator’s Wiki Man, sends along a historical example of nudging, the Cameroons’ new favourite idea: Frederick the Great of Prussia saw the potato’s potential to help feed his… Continue reading


Can Labour die?

30 July 2008 8:53

An essential article by Iain Martin in today’s Telegraph, on a topic that Coffee House will devote more attention to shortly – are Labour on the path to annihilation? On… Continue reading


Miliband sets out his stall

30 July 2008 1:53

Forget anonymous quotes, we now have a David Miliband op-ed to analyse.  In a 900-odd word Guardian article explaining why he believes that “the times demand a radical new phase”… Continue reading


Good news for women killers

29 July 2008 19:56

The one fact that screams out of the proposed murder law shake-up, is that it’s great news for girls. Reform is overdue — there hasn’t been any change in the… Continue reading


Power out

29 July 2008 19:38

If you haven’t already, do read Melissa Kite’s column in the Telegraph today. It contains this very telling anecdote about Gordon Brown’s attempt to shoot the breeze with the press:… Continue reading


Clegg’s pendulum politics

29 July 2008 17:50

Nick Clegg’s declaration that the Lib Dems will now concentrate on snaring 50 paticularly vulnerable Labour seats at the next election (see video above) is a puzzling one.  Ok, it… Continue reading


Harriet tries to be helpful

29 July 2008 17:13

Harriet Harman has denied The Times story about her preparing a leadership bid but I’m sure this part of her denial will not go down well in Southwold: "I do not… Continue reading


A reminder

29 July 2008 16:23

We’re running a Q&A with Chris Grayling, the shadow work and pensions secretary.  You can submit you questions for him here.  We’ll be picking out the best later this week.


The quitting game

29 July 2008 14:38

A quick update to my earlier post: according to the Evening Standard, ten ministers are now prepared to quit in protest at Brown’s leadership.  Of course, they may not go ahead… Continue reading


The Times: Harman and Miliband are readying themselves for a contest

29 July 2008 14:18

I’m sure most readers are sick of anonymous quotes and accusations but with so few people prepared to go on the record they do give a far better sense of… Continue reading


When politicians shut themselves away

29 July 2008 13:35

What happens when politicians shut themselves away, and stare into an abyss both political and personal? After Bruce Anderson’s revelations about Gordon Brown yesterday, I think we need to know. So I… Continue reading