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The economic storm clouds gather

7 December 2007 18:13

I’m not superstitious, but if I was Gordon Brown I wouldn’t take much comfort in tonight’s figure for the one-month LIBOR interbank interest rate. It’s an ominous 6.66% – having… Continue reading


Why teaching nonsense makes sense

7 December 2007 17:28

There is more than enough dumbing down in modern education without seeing it where it doesn’t exist. The new Ofsted report complaining that under-11s are being taught too much Edward… Continue reading


Celebrity politics

7 December 2007 14:44

I’m normally fairly sceptical about the value of celebrity endorsements. I can’t imagine that if, say, Frank Lampard urged people to vote Tory at the next election it would make… Continue reading


The Jewish Chronicle on how they got the Abrahams interview

7 December 2007 14:28

The Jewish Chronicle calls to explain further following my earlier post. Jenni (with an i – my apologies) had heard Abrahams might be at the dinner and had set out… Continue reading


Dinner with Abrahams

7 December 2007 12:13

Amidst all this mystery about the Jewish Chronicle’s interview with Abrahams, an interesting aside springs to mind. I am told that Abrahams was a late arrival to the Anglo Israel… Continue reading


The struggle takes many forms

7 December 2007 10:58

Nick Robinson has a great little story about when Gordon Brown’s photo shoot with  the fashion photographer David Bailey. My favourite story of the week comes from the studios of… Continue reading

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Did Abrahams say this?

7 December 2007 9:00

Just when you thought that the David Abrahams’s story could not become any more bizzare, along comes this. The Jewish Chronicle has an explosive interview with Abrahams this morning in… Continue reading


Will the rate cut work?

6 December 2007 19:31

"Interest rates are cut for the first time in two years, so does that mean we can spend more this Christmas?" so runs the headline from Radio One’s Newsbeat. As… Continue reading


The Ukraine’s Iron Lady

6 December 2007 19:21

With today’s news that Yulia Tymoshenko, one of the key figures in the Orange Revolution, is set to return as Prime Minister of the Ukraine, it is well worth re-reading… Continue reading

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Brown under factional fire

6 December 2007 17:13

If I was Gordon Brown, one of the things that would worry me most is how much more relaxed Labour figure are becoming about expressing unhelpful thoughts. Just today we… Continue reading


All faiths are welcome but none

6 December 2007 15:14

Mitt Romney’s campaign has released extracts from his speech today on the role on faith in public life, or more cynically his explanation of why his Mormonism shouldn’t bother voters.… Continue reading


What the rate cut tells us

6 December 2007 13:00

The Bank of England’s decision to cut interest rates is an acknowledgment that the UK economy is in a far worse condition that Gordon Brown makes out. It’s so important,… Continue reading


Why 42 days?

6 December 2007 11:40

It seems only yesterday that Jacqui Smith was saying “I don’t know” when asked how long terror suspects should be detained without trial. Now it seems she has decided on… Continue reading


What the Brownite bunglers are up to today

6 December 2007 10:28

Fraser explains the absence of Douglas Alexander and Ed Balls from the airwaves in the past week in this week’s cover story and today brings further news on what this… Continue reading


A debatable triumph

6 December 2007 8:21

Last night I was at a Policy Exchange debate where I was proposing the motion that Cameron has changed the Tory party for good. They expected 40 guests, but had… Continue reading


The religion question

5 December 2007 16:59

Tony Blair recently complained of how in Britain people think of politicians as nuts if they talk about God. But Blair was a lot better off than Mitt Romney, a… Continue reading


An explanation for why the Bush administration changed course on Iran

5 December 2007 15:48

Bob Baer, a retired CIA officer who has been deeply sceptical of the Bush administration’s approach to the world, has an interesting take on the whole Iran NIE business:  “The… Continue reading

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Brown finally wins a round

5 December 2007 12:54

I normally review PMQs from the chamber, and conclude Brown has bombed. So I tried a TV view for a bit of balance. Labour does looks better from this vantage… Continue reading


Clegg ahead in the press

5 December 2007 11:54

Iain Dale is out with his monthly ranking of the shadow cabinet’s media appearances but it is actually his Lib Dem numbers that are most interesting. If anyone had asked… Continue reading


We need more prisons

5 December 2007 11:09

The review on penal policy by Lord Carter of Coles is unbelievably depressing, giving, as it does, further respectability to the idea that sentencing should be driven by the supply… Continue reading


The Suffolk Way

5 December 2007 10:42

I spent last weekend at the Aldeburgh Documentary Festival and it’s an event I can thoroughly recommend. It’s been going for 13 years now, with a programme devised by Craig… Continue reading


More details emerge about the Wendy Alexander fundraising scandal

5 December 2007 8:44

The Jersey based businessmen whose donation to Wendy Alexander’s leadership bid should not have been accepted, has revealed more about his contacts with the Alexander campaign. He alleges that Charlie… Continue reading


The neo-con case for talking to Iran

4 December 2007 22:47

Bob Kagan, one of the smartest and most influential American foreign policy thinkers, has a compelling piece on how to deal with Iran in the Washington Post.  Here’s how he… Continue reading


The government’s damning report card

4 December 2007 18:50

Gordon Brown likes to say people will judge this government not on day-to-day scandal but its record on public services. So the OECD’s study on education is devastating. It is… Continue reading

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Why the snob smear matters

4 December 2007 17:16

One of the joys of blogging is that you can take a kicking instantly from people who disagree with you. I had this pleasure yesterday when I recommended that CoffeeHousers… Continue reading