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Clegg’s idea would give the Lib Dems more of an identity

31 October 2007 8:22

Nick Clegg’s announcement that if ID cards are introduced he will simply refuse to register is smart politics. First, it prevents Chris Huhne from gaining a monopoly on eye-catching, activist-pleasing… Continue reading

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No Ming, more zing for the Lib Dems

30 October 2007 22:42

Maybe the Lib Dems shouldn’t elect a new leader at all. In their current leaderless state, they have jumped 4 percent in the latest ICM poll to put them at… Continue reading


Listen Live: Can capitalism save the planet?

30 October 2007 18:33

Tonight, Spectator.co.uk broadcasts the latest debate in the Spectator / Intelligence Squared series. From 6:45pm, listen to John Redwood, Nigel Lawson, Tim Harford, David Rieff, Eric Bettellheim and Frances Cairncross… Continue reading


The rewards of failure

30 October 2007 16:12

We’ve just posted a great piece by Martin Vander Weyer on the dangers to capitalism of the kind of huge pay-offs that the departing boss of Merrill Lynch is set… Continue reading


What values do we share with Saudi Arabia?

30 October 2007 13:49

First we had the Saudi King declaring that Britain had not done enough to tackle the threat of terrorism which may be true but considering Saudi Arabia’s continuing role in… Continue reading

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Gove skewers Gordon

30 October 2007 11:59

As I predicted yesterday, Michael Gove’s speech to the Bow Group this morning was a belter: as trenchant and subtle an analysis of Gordon Brown’s politics as any Tory politician… Continue reading


Who is right on immigration?

30 October 2007 10:31

Steve Richards, one of the unmissable voices of the centre-Left, has an interesting column in today’s Indy in which he takes issue with Fraser over immigration. If those on the… Continue reading


Do the government’s numbers tell the whole story?

30 October 2007 9:53

Have we had the full story about foreign workers? Peter Hain has admitted the figure of those arriving here since 1997 is 1.1 million, not 800,000, and Caroline Flint said… Continue reading


It is no surprise that the government’s numbers don’t add up

30 October 2007 8:43

There is much upset over the news that the government underestimated by 300,000 the number of immigrants working in this country. Yet, this is hardly surprising considering the appalling quality… Continue reading


Talking Turkey

29 October 2007 19:28

If you want to see how real the danger of the West losing Turkey is, examine these poll numbers. The United States’s favourability rating is down to 9%- from 52%… Continue reading


The Tory neo-cons

29 October 2007 15:33

Bruce Anderson rides to David Cameron’s support over foreign policy in today’s Independent. In the piece, he writes that two key members of the  shadow cabinet, Liam Fox and Michael… Continue reading


Cameron’s take on immigration

29 October 2007 13:46

A very good speech on demography from Cameron, I thought. Perhaps, the clearest and widest-ranging one delivered by any frontbench politician so far. “Demographic change” is better than the I-word… Continue reading

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Gove to deliver the Tory verdict on Brown

29 October 2007 13:33

Huge excitement at Tory HQ over a speech which Michael Gove will deliver tomorrow on Gordon Brown’s politics. It is meant, I am told, to be seen both as the… Continue reading


Private lives, public figures

29 October 2007 12:49

Nicolas Sarkozy walking out of his interview with 60 Minutes when asked about relations with his then wife Cécilia is creating waves. It is tempting to see the incident as a… Continue reading


America’s confessional cinema

29 October 2007 10:32

Two big movies on release at the moment – Michael Moore’s Sicko and the thriller Rendition – have in common a deep strand of American self-loathing. Say what you like… Continue reading


Cameron must bring honesty to the immigration debate

29 October 2007 10:13

I had thought David Cameron would shy away from immigration. That the scars of the 2005 campaign would keep him away from it just as Letwin’s 2001 disaster left him… Continue reading


Blair’s thwarted plans

29 October 2007 7:40

The latest revelations from the Anthony Seldon book reveal just how much Tony Blair was weakened by his diminished majority following the 2005 election. The Times reports that not only… Continue reading


Listen Live: Can capitalism save the planet?

28 October 2007 20:27

This Tuesday, Spectator.co.uk broadcasts the latest debate in the Spectator / Intelligence Squared series. From 6:45pm, listen to John Redwood, Nigel Lawson, Tim Harford, David Rieff, Eric Bettellheim and Frances… Continue reading


Obama steps it up

28 October 2007 20:10

Barack Obama is finally going to take the gloves off against Hillary Clinton. Under pressure from donors who are disappointed by the fact that Hillary is maintaining her  dominant lead… Continue reading


Whitehall put on PMQs alert

28 October 2007 16:16

If anyone wants to know how rattled Downing Street is by the hammering that Gordon Brown now regularly receives at Prime Ministers Questions they should read this story in The Sunday Times.… Continue reading


What’s next after English votes for English laws

28 October 2007 11:48

Once, Alistair Campbell would have spotted and filled the news vacuum which sucks away at the papers this weekend. Instead it the Tories have scored a spin coup. They have… Continue reading


The evil that the welfare system encourages

28 October 2007 10:42

One of the benefits of doing Question Time is being taken to task on the blogosphere for days afterwards, and my comments on welfare and immigration have been reproduced and… Continue reading


Rats to product placement

27 October 2007 16:34

The magic of Pixar films – especially the Toy Story duet and The Incredibles – is that they appeal to adults as well as the children at whom they are… Continue reading


How far does the Iranian nuclear programme extend?

27 October 2007 15:35

To follow up on Matt’s post, Caroline Glick has a fascinating piece out today on the latest developments in the Iran nuclear saga. She speculates that the purpose of the… Continue reading


The Iran problem isn’t going away

27 October 2007 11:22

Don’t miss the excellent Toby Harnden’s interview with Norman Podhoretz in today’s Daily Telegraph in which the US conservative guru – an adviser to, amongst many others Rudy Giuliani –… Continue reading