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The UN is not designed to be moral

12 July 2008 9:46

The decision by Russia and China to veto sanctions against Zimbabwe should finally remove the scales from peoples’ eyes about the role and purpose of the United Nations. The UN’s… Continue reading


A week in posts

11 July 2008 19:48

Here are a selection of the Coffee House posts made this week: Fraser Nelson explains what is really going on in the credit market and writes about how the Glasgow… Continue reading


Top economist: UK will enter recession this year

11 July 2008 17:38

The City economist I mentioned yesterday, Michael Saunders from Citibank, has today revised forecasts and believes the UK recession will start this year and expects growth of 0.3% next year… Continue reading


David Davis to be Tory civil liberties tsar

11 July 2008 16:00

The Telegraph is reporting that next week David Cameron will invite David Davis to take on a role overseeing Tory policy on civil liberties. Presumably, the hope is that this… Continue reading


If Brown can’t win in Scotland, where can he win?

11 July 2008 12:43

There is another set of depressing poll numbers for Gordon Brown today. A new YouGov poll for The Telegraph has the SNP ahead of Labour in general election voting intention… Continue reading


The Glasgow East by-election shows us the two Scotlands

11 July 2008 11:54

My wee film about Glasgow East will be shown on BBC Daily Politics today. I’ve blogged plenty about this, but if CoffeeHousers will indulge me here’s my take on the… Continue reading


Labour’s depressed MPs

11 July 2008 10:29

If you want to get a sense for how demoralised Labour MPs are at the moment read John Kampfner in The Telegraph today. Kampfner writes that: “Several senior figures I… Continue reading


David Davis gets the decent turnout he needed

11 July 2008 8:19

David Davis cruised to victory last night in the Haltemprice and Howden by-election with 72 percent of the vote on a 34 percent turnout. Turnout was high enough for Davis… Continue reading


The Beijing Olympic Spirit

10 July 2008 21:08

There is an important piece in The Washington Post today detailing how China is imprisoning and harassing political activists in the run up to the games: As the Olympics draw… Continue reading


Salmond’s airs and graces

10 July 2008 18:34

Kevin Maguire reports in the New Statesman that Alex Salmond has taken to signing his letters: Yours of Scotland, Alex It is hard to think of a more pompous valediction.


Brown’s Praetorians close ranks

10 July 2008 17:46

Ben Brogan, one of the most plugged-in journalists in Westminster, has a great scoop about a Brownite whipping operation which bypasses Geoff Hoon, the chief whip, and reports directly to… Continue reading


Should Labour get the defeat out of the way as quickly as possible?

10 July 2008 15:59

There is an absolutely fascinating post by Simon Carr over at Open House. Carr reports that Labour SPADs are kicking around the idea that a Cabinet delegation should force Brown… Continue reading


House price crash the worst since the war

10 July 2008 14:39

For months we’ve been hearing that however bad it may be with Brown, it was worse under Major. But new house price data from the Halifax shows that this is… Continue reading


The terminal dozen

10 July 2008 12:59

The opening of Terminal 5 was a national humiliation but it seems that the problems there aren’t fixed yet. The trade union that handles the baggage at T5 claim that passengers… Continue reading


Brown’s confused media strategy

10 July 2008 12:40

I must admit to being slightly puzzled by Gordon Brown’s interview in The New Statesman this week with GMTV’s political editor, Gloria De Piero. It is a full of the… Continue reading


Labour’s factions

10 July 2008 11:17

Talk about how to depose Gordon Brown is widespread in Labour circles, but for journalists it is hard to know how to convey it. There is no real news story,… Continue reading


Labour pains

10 July 2008 8:52

Another day, another slew of stories about how Brown—or Heathcliff, as we should perhaps now call him—might be removed. The Guardian reports that the PM has been holding meetings with… Continue reading


Public opinion on 42 days unchanged by the Davis by-election

9 July 2008 19:26

Results from Politics Home’s tracker poll of 5,000 voters suggest that David Davis still has a long way to go in his campaign to shift public opinion on 42 days.… Continue reading


What’s really happening in the credit market

9 July 2008 16:33

As Joni Mitchell said, you don’t know what you got till it’s gone. Only when cheap credit is over do we realise how much we relied on it, and that… Continue reading


Purnell on manoeuvres

9 July 2008 15:41

A fraternal friend of Coffee House is in touch to say that at a recent TUC drinks-do James Purnell stayed longer than any other minister and shook hands with everyone… Continue reading


The campaign in Glasgow East

9 July 2008 14:03

Drive around Glasgow East and it seems the SNP is making most of the headway. Its simple yellow fluorescent logo is everywhere. When I was in the constituency yesterday, I… Continue reading


Fear or stupidity?

9 July 2008 13:20

My first reaction on hearing of what Harriet Harman said at PMQs today about her becoming Prime Minister—she joked that if it wouldn’t be possible because there isn’t enough airport… Continue reading


Is this Labour’s new argument for airport expansion?

9 July 2008 13:06

Today, at Prime Minister’s Question Time, Harriet Harman—standing in for Gordon Brown—joked that she could not become PM because: “there aren’t enough airports for all the men who would want… Continue reading


PMQs without the Prime Minister

9 July 2008 12:42

Courtsey of the invaluable Politics Home, the footage from today’s key exchanges: Harman and Hague (Part One) Harman versus Hague (Part Two) Harman and Cable

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Harriet Harman’s home should be protected

9 July 2008 11:57

I think the idea of Harriet Harman as Prime Minister is ridiculous but she is a member of the Cabinet and would probably be the PM if Gordon fell under… Continue reading