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The Olympic Games get under way

10 August 2008 10:27

Beijing looks so much better at night. The smog that has been enveloping the city by day is far less visible after the heavens darken. Street lights penetrate the gloom… Continue reading


What price oil?

9 August 2008 15:28

As Morus writes in an excellent post over at Political Betting, the escalation of the conflict in Georgia will cause more than a few headaches for Western policymakers.  Most of their worries will centre… Continue reading


What Toynbee doesn’t get

9 August 2008 11:19

For those who haven’t leafed through a copy, or read the extracts in the Guardian this week, Polly Toynbee and David Walker’s new book is effectively an extended diatribe against the Unjust Rewards… Continue reading


Abnormal Miliband?

9 August 2008 9:15

Fun quote from William Hague in today’s Times: "People want normal politicians and David Miliband is more geeky, more like me… David Cameron could wear a baseball cap, whereas Miliband… Continue reading


The week that was

8 August 2008 19:05

Here are some of the posts made this week on… Eric Pickles wants your questions. Chris Grayling answers your questions. Spectator staff suggest some good summer reads. Kaz Mochlinski… Continue reading


The Cameroons do the environment (again)

8 August 2008 18:20

When Cameron first set about decontaminating the Conservative brand, the emphasis was on turning the Tories into the party of the environment – the Blue ‘n’ Greens, if you like.  But… Continue reading


Comparing Cabinets

8 August 2008 17:44

Just to recommend a great post over on Iain Dale’s blog comparing Thatcher’s 1988 Cabinet with Brown’s 2008 vintage.  Do Brown and Darling rank up to Margaret Thatcher, Nigel Lawson… Continue reading


Update to the Spectator summer reading list

8 August 2008 15:37

We’ve just updated the Spectator summer reading list with some selections from our literary editor, Mark Amory.  You can see them – and the rest of the list – here.


Risk aversion therapy

8 August 2008 14:41

If you want some grisly reading for a Friday afternoon, I’d recommend the National Risk Register, released by the Cabinet Office today.  It outlines the "range of emergencies that might have a… Continue reading


Two reminders

8 August 2008 13:30

Just to remind you that… We’re running a Q&A with Eric Pickles.  Go here to submit your questions. And we’ll be posting our first Sunday Essay this weekend.  For more… Continue reading


Brown’s PR people should rein him in

8 August 2008 13:21

Gordon Brown has written in the literary anthology Wow 366 that he had a boyhood fascination with Antarctic explorers such as Captain Scott.  It surely won’t be long before the… Continue reading


How long before the knives come out for Clegg?

8 August 2008 12:10

Nick Clegg can count himself lucky that there’s so much leadership speculation whirling around Gordon Brown – it’s probably deflected attention from his own less-than-stellar performance as Lib Dem leader.  How disappointing… Continue reading



8 August 2008 10:47

The ever-readable Daniel Finkelstein wrote an entertaining piece on Comment Central last week, noting the parallels between Richard Nixon and our own beleagured premier, Gordon Brown.  And I weighed in with… Continue reading


Gove demolishes Labour’s record on education

8 August 2008 9:40

Do take the time to read Michael Gove’s report A Failed Generation: Educational Inequality Under Labour, out today.  Many of it findings have peppered his recent articles and speeches (including his speech on… Continue reading


CoffeeHousers’ Wall

8 August 2008 9:38

This week’s CoffeeHousers’ Wall is here. Head over there to have your say on the week’s events and to let us know what you’d like to see on Coffee House.


What will 2018 look like?

7 August 2008 17:45

Hugo Rifkind’s got a superb article in the latest issue of the magazine, outlining what Britain’s political scene might look like ten years from now.  It’s all a little tongue-in-cheek,… Continue reading


Maybe not so courageous

7 August 2008 17:03

There is an irony about the arrest of Tibetan freedom protesters in Beijing yesterday. The mother of Lucy Fairbrother – one of those detained – was quoted as saying:  "If… Continue reading


Daniel Kawczynski MP apologises to Melanie Phillips

7 August 2008 16:01

Daniel Kawczynski has written a web exclusive article for The Spectator, apologising for his recent online quarrel with Melanie Phillips.  You can read it here. To catch up on the… Continue reading


On your marks

7 August 2008 14:20

The worst place to try to put Beijing’s Olympic Games into context is perhaps actually Beijing. Arrive in the city at present and the overwhelming impression is of a modern,… Continue reading


The plot thickens…

7 August 2008 12:45

And so the Labour leadership struggle rumbles on, with claims by Team Miliband that the Milburn for Chancellor story was "fictional" – an effort by the Brownites to smear their… Continue reading


Update to the summer reading list

7 August 2008 12:33

We’ve just updated the Spectator summer reading list with recommendations from Liz Anderson and Henrietta Bredin.  You can see the full list here.


Rod Liddle takes on green taxes

7 August 2008 11:43

In this week’s magazine, Rod Liddle provides a brilliantly acerbic take on the Government’s green agenda.  Here’s the bottom line: “The truth is, I suspect, that you can ‘prove’ almost… Continue reading


Rowan Atkinson weighs into the debate

7 August 2008 11:00

Amid all the earnest discussion of Rowan Williams’s position on homosexuality and Christianity, can I recommend the classic Not the Nine O’Clock News sketch on the subject? Still essential viewing:

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10 years after the US embassy attacks, al Qaeda is winning

7 August 2008 9:00

Nothing on God’s Earth would persuade me to wish al Qaeda a "Happy Anniversary", ten years to the day since its simultaneous attacks on US Embassies in the East African capital… Continue reading


The most ineffectual phrase in current misuse?

6 August 2008 19:33

Is there a more pathetically ineffectual phrase in current misuse than ‘international condemnation’? "Oooh, how awful, listen up everyone. Our violent and bloody military coup is attracting international condemnation. We… Continue reading