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Labour to try and steal Tory clothes on inheritance tax

8 October 2007 15:02

I hear on the grapevine that Darling will tomorrow announce a "review" of inheritance tax. If so, Brown again risks derision about his claim to be a "conviction politician". In… Continue reading


Brown faces the press pack

8 October 2007 14:47

Every time I’ve stood in a queue waiting for these No10 press conferences, the chat is usually “he’s really screwed now.” We’re usually disappointed. Same this time. This was neither… Continue reading


Brown’s poll pretence

8 October 2007 12:41

At his monthly press conference, Gordon Brown is keeping up the pretence that the polls had nothing to do with his decision not to call an election. But this is… Continue reading


Society v. the state

8 October 2007 12:23

It’s always a pleasure to hear Will Hutton on the radio, the perfect antidote to the idea that the battle in politics is over. He justified inheritance tax on the… Continue reading


How Gordon got into this mess

8 October 2007 11:29

In the FT this morning, Philip Stephens neatly sums up how Gordon Brown got into this current mess. There is more to this episode than a miscalculation of the public… Continue reading


Brown won’t send the young Turks into exile

8 October 2007 8:41

Perhaps, the best guide to the mood in Brown world this morning comes in Jackie Ashley’s column in The Guardian. Ashley admits that Brown has had a terrible week and… Continue reading


Gordon’s Recovery Plan

7 October 2007 23:30

Now the Brown fight back begins. I hear tomorrow he will announce plans to accept 500 Iraqis as asylum seekers, thus helping the translators. Generous? Not if you consider that… Continue reading


Polls show that the Tories might have won an autumn election

7 October 2007 18:55

The details of the YouGov / Sunday Times poll show just how dangerous a November election would have been for Labour. The Tories are ahead 41 to 38, but amongst… Continue reading


Gordon wasn’t ready for the fight

7 October 2007 14:00

The Marr-Brown interview made me realise Brown wasn’t ready for this election either. His claim that the Tory inheritance tax proposal would have "led to economic disarray" is laughable and… Continue reading


A ringside seat

7 October 2007 10:55

Just left the Andrew Marr Show, where I was on the sofa discussing the day’s big story before the full broadcast of Andrew’s pre-recorded interview with Gordon, in which the… Continue reading


Brown attempts damage control

7 October 2007 10:20

Gordon Brown’s performance on Sunday AM this morning did little to repair the damage that has been done to his reputation. Brown kept stressing that he had a “duty to… Continue reading

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Cameron hits Brown hard

6 October 2007 22:33

David Cameron takes a decidedly more aggressive tone in a piece he has written for tomorrow’s Sunday Times than he did on TV earlier. He writes, “what will now be… Continue reading


Brown’s Black Saturday

6 October 2007 21:38

This is Brown’s Black Saturday. He could have won even on these polls, but it would have been a fight rather than a massacre. And this is what he balked… Continue reading


Why Brown bottled it

6 October 2007 20:33

The News of the World front page tomorrow blasts, “Poll kills election.” The details of the poll, which the News of the World kindly advanced to us, are grim for… Continue reading


Tories 3 points ahead in the country as a whole

6 October 2007 19:49

It just keeps getting better and better for the Conservatives and worse and worse for Gordon Brown. A new YouGov poll shows that the Tories are now 3 points ahead… Continue reading


Another blow to Brown

6 October 2007 19:23

Adam Boulton, political editor of Sky News, is famously fair minded. That makes his verdict on Brown simply devastating. He has just described this as "one of the worst blows… Continue reading


How much does this hurt Brown?

6 October 2007 18:39

A relaxed, confident looking David Cameron has just been on the BBC hitting all the right notes about Gordon Brown’s climb-down over the election date. For Brown, the next few… Continue reading


Why Brown bottled it: Six point Tory lead in the marginals

6 October 2007 16:49

Why did Gordon Brown call off the election? The News of the World, where I am a columnist, tells us tomorrow. It is the only newspaper to have polled in… Continue reading


No November election

6 October 2007 16:00

Gordon Brown has called off the election. He may appear on Andrew Marr tomorrow to tell us why. I am in a rather unusual position here – I can tell… Continue reading

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Will he go now?

6 October 2007 11:49

As Gordon Brown prepares for tomorrow’s crunch meeting on whether or not to call an election the case against going early is getting stronger. A poll for the Daily Politics… Continue reading


More grim poll news for Brown

5 October 2007 18:24

Gordon’s decision just got trickier. The latest figures from The Guardian / ICM poll show that 48% of voters want a November poll compared to 43% who don’t. However, 58%… Continue reading


A week is a long time in politics

5 October 2007 15:29

Rarely has that old cliché seemed so true. On Saturday, Anthony King wrote that “Mr Cameron looks increasingly like a rich man’s Iain Duncan Smith” and with the Tories behind… Continue reading


Gordon and Maggie, together at last

5 October 2007 14:24

If there is a snap election, I suspect the resurgent Scottish National Party’s television campaign will look something like this…


Gordon and Maggie, together at last

5 October 2007 14:12

If there is a snap election, I suspect the resurgent Scottish National Party’s television campaign will look something like this…


The tide is turning

5 October 2007 12:36

Ben Brogan’s blog makes available to the punter the kind of lobby corridor gossip which I’d have given my right arm to be privy to when I was a press… Continue reading