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Why there’s so much talk about the Labour succession

11 December 2007 12:44

Both Rachel Sylvester and Steve Richards cast their expert eyes over the Labour succession in their columns today. The current emphasis on who will succeed him must be absolutely infuriating… Continue reading


Everything left to play for

11 December 2007 11:54

Today’s poll in The Times shows how much in flux British politics still is. A Tory optimist looking at it might rejoice that the party has breached 40 percent for… Continue reading


The Murdochs and the Middle East

11 December 2007 10:24

Rupert Murdoch is such a hard-right supporter of Israel — Ariel Sharon was his great hero (he even visited him on his farm) — that many regard him as a… Continue reading


Led Zeppelin are back

11 December 2007 7:52

Twenty seven years after it was grounded by sudden death, the Zeppelin flies once more – and none of us can quite believe it. The three surviving members of the… Continue reading


The Great Iraq Debate

10 December 2007 22:55

From 6:45pm, listen live on Spectator.co.uk to a Spectator / Intelligence Squared debate on the future of Iraq. William Shawcross and Lt Peter Hegseth, executive director of Vets for Freedom,… Continue reading


What is Putin up to?

10 December 2007 20:37

At first blush, Vladimir Putin’s decision to anoint the relatively liberal Dmitry Medvedev as his successor rather than the hawkish, former KGB agent Sergey Ivanov appears to be a signal… Continue reading


Patten Nonsense

10 December 2007 16:06

Chris Patten is trying to assure us all that there is nothing to worry about in terms of foreign policy in the EU Treaty previously known as the Constitution. Playing… Continue reading


Can conservative blogs survive a Cameron government?

10 December 2007 14:02

One of the puzzles of the blogosphere in Britain is why there is so much more energy on the right than the left. In Media Guardian today, Matt suggests that… Continue reading


Brown’s betrayal of Basra

10 December 2007 12:19

When it comes to Iraq, we know all about the US surge and its effect – there are facts, figures and reporters in the US-controlled zone. But what’s happening in… Continue reading


US primary contests now too close to call

10 December 2007 10:56

If you want a feel for how dramatically both the Republican and Democratic primary races have tightened in the US, consider this: “The only candidate in either party with a… Continue reading


Searching for a solution in Kosovo

10 December 2007 8:56

With the UN deadline for a final status agreement on Kosovo passing without success, we are now into a dangerous and unpredictable phase. The Kosovans will declare independence at some… Continue reading


Labour plotters talking Balls

9 December 2007 11:09

John Rentoul’s column in the Independent on Sunday illustrates how the Blair – Brown feud is still poisoning Labour politics. Rentoul points out that most of the September plotters against… Continue reading


Republican presidential contender wanted to quarantine AIDS victims

8 December 2007 18:45

Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas, has come from nowhere to lead the Republican field in the lead-off state of Iowa. A large part of Huckabee’s appeal has been… Continue reading


How Gordon plans to reconcile with the Blairites

8 December 2007 15:09

The big political story of the New Year will be how Gordon Brown tries to get his groove back. Peter Oborne reports in the Mail this morning that Brown’s plans… Continue reading


Connections … between the BBC and Blair

8 December 2007 11:33

The distinguishing characteristic of the three-part documentary on the Blair years which ended on BBC1 last Sunday was not just that it failed to tell us things we didn’t already… Continue reading


The Bash Britain Corporation

8 December 2007 10:44

The BBC’s version of the Nativity this Christmas will depict Mary and Joseph as asylum seekers rejected by brutal Britain. Yes, once again the Beeb plays fast and loose with… Continue reading


The economic storm clouds gather

7 December 2007 18:13

I’m not superstitious, but if I was Gordon Brown I wouldn’t take much comfort in tonight’s figure for the one-month LIBOR interbank interest rate. It’s an ominous 6.66% – having… Continue reading


Why teaching nonsense makes sense

7 December 2007 17:28

There is more than enough dumbing down in modern education without seeing it where it doesn’t exist. The new Ofsted report complaining that under-11s are being taught too much Edward… Continue reading


Celebrity politics

7 December 2007 14:44

I’m normally fairly sceptical about the value of celebrity endorsements. I can’t imagine that if, say, Frank Lampard urged people to vote Tory at the next election it would make… Continue reading


The Jewish Chronicle on how they got the Abrahams interview

7 December 2007 14:28

The Jewish Chronicle calls to explain further following my earlier post. Jenni (with an i – my apologies) had heard Abrahams might be at the dinner and had set out… Continue reading


Dinner with Abrahams

7 December 2007 12:13

Amidst all this mystery about the Jewish Chronicle’s interview with Abrahams, an interesting aside springs to mind. I am told that Abrahams was a late arrival to the Anglo Israel… Continue reading


The struggle takes many forms

7 December 2007 10:58

Nick Robinson has a great little story about when Gordon Brown’s photo shoot with  the fashion photographer David Bailey. My favourite story of the week comes from the studios of… Continue reading

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Did Abrahams say this?

7 December 2007 9:00

Just when you thought that the David Abrahams’s story could not become any more bizzare, along comes this. The Jewish Chronicle has an explosive interview with Abrahams this morning in… Continue reading


Will the rate cut work?

6 December 2007 19:31

"Interest rates are cut for the first time in two years, so does that mean we can spend more this Christmas?" so runs the headline from Radio One’s Newsbeat. As… Continue reading


The Ukraine’s Iron Lady

6 December 2007 19:21

With today’s news that Yulia Tymoshenko, one of the key figures in the Orange Revolution, is set to return as Prime Minister of the Ukraine, it is well worth re-reading… Continue reading

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