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The plot thickens…

7 August 2008 12:45

And so the Labour leadership struggle rumbles on, with claims by Team Miliband that the Milburn for Chancellor story was "fictional" – an effort by the Brownites to smear their… Continue reading


Update to the summer reading list

7 August 2008 12:33

We’ve just updated the Spectator summer reading list with recommendations from Liz Anderson and Henrietta Bredin.  You can see the full list here.


Rod Liddle takes on green taxes

7 August 2008 11:43

In this week’s magazine, Rod Liddle provides a brilliantly acerbic take on the Government’s green agenda.  Here’s the bottom line: “The truth is, I suspect, that you can ‘prove’ almost… Continue reading


Rowan Atkinson weighs into the debate

7 August 2008 11:00

Amid all the earnest discussion of Rowan Williams’s position on homosexuality and Christianity, can I recommend the classic Not the Nine O’Clock News sketch on the subject? Still essential viewing:

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10 years after the US embassy attacks, al Qaeda is winning

7 August 2008 9:00

Nothing on God’s Earth would persuade me to wish al Qaeda a "Happy Anniversary", ten years to the day since its simultaneous attacks on US Embassies in the East African capital… Continue reading


The most ineffectual phrase in current misuse?

6 August 2008 19:33

Is there a more pathetically ineffectual phrase in current misuse than ‘international condemnation’? "Oooh, how awful, listen up everyone. Our violent and bloody military coup is attracting international condemnation. We… Continue reading


The Spectator summer reading list

6 August 2008 17:48

You may have seen the summer reading list that Tory MPs have been issued with. But here’s an alternative set of book recommendations for you, this time from Spectator staff. Not all… Continue reading


Gordon Brown’s got a question for you

6 August 2008 16:04

I’ve just re-read this Q&A that the Independent conducted with Gordon Brown on 27 June, 2007.  One of our Dear Leader’s responses jumped out at me.  Here it is, with… Continue reading


Andy Warhol was born 80 years ago today

6 August 2008 14:26

It’s 80 years since the birth of Andy Warhol – an occasion which I feel shouldn’t go unmarked.  To be honest, though, my reaction to his work oscillates wildly.  Sometimes it… Continue reading


Put your questions to Eric Pickles

6 August 2008 12:38

Eric Pickles – the mastermind behind the Tory success in Crewe & Nantwich – has kindly agreed to a Q&A session with Coffee House.  So, post your questions for him in the… Continue reading


Is French reconciliation with Rwanda possible?

6 August 2008 12:02

Yesterday Iain Dale wrote that the only French response to a new report on the Rwandan genocide – which implicates former president Francois Mitterand and ex-prime minister Dominique de Villepin… Continue reading


Why the Brownites would love Milburn to back Miliband

6 August 2008 10:51

The Daily Telegraph story about David Miliband offering Number 11 to Alan Milburn rings true for a number of reasons: not least that Milburn has also been in to see Gordon… Continue reading


Riddled with vermin

6 August 2008 8:57

There are few blunter indictments of this Government’s mismanagement of the health service than the news that numerous hospitals are ‘infested with vermin’. Over £90 billion of public money has… Continue reading


CoffeeHousers’ Wall

6 August 2008 8:22

This week’s CoffeeHousers’ Wall is here. Head over there to have your say on the week’s events, and to let us know what you’d like to see on Coffee House.


Is Milburn just the ticket for Miliband?

6 August 2008 3:08

Today’s Telegraph reports that David Miliband has lined up Alan Milburn to be his Chancellor, should he manage to oust Gordon Brown from office.  A good move by Team Miliband? … Continue reading


Grayling responds

5 August 2008 18:22

Here are Chris Grayling’s answers to the questions put forward by CoffeeHousers: Marcus Cotswell "What are your plans for reducing the incidence of means-testing in the benefit system, with particular… Continue reading


Thoughts on the Ian Oakley case 

5 August 2008 17:30

There’s little to say about the Ian Oakley case that Iain Dale didn’t write in his excellent post on the matter earlier.  In which case, I’ll echo Iain by saying that Oakley-style campaigns of intimidation… Continue reading


Has Harman got it right?

5 August 2008 15:04

Harriet Harman’s spotted the obvious answer to the problem of MPs employing their children, Derek Conway-style – her consultation document recommends banning the practice altogether.  Of course, any effort to slow the… Continue reading


There’s more to it than lads’ mags

5 August 2008 14:39

Michael Gove got a whole lot of coverage – much of it less than enthusiastic – about his proclamations on lads’ mags, such as Nuts and Zoo, yesterday. And that’s escalated… Continue reading


Does "improvement" mean improvement?

5 August 2008 12:41

The Sats results have finally been released, and – as the BBC puts it – there has been "a slight improvement" in level 4 results – the level that will be… Continue reading


Thanks, Gordon

5 August 2008 11:26

“Don’t worry,”  the Government told us when Northern Rock was nationalised, “the £100 billion debt is secured against the bank’s assets.” And what assets might they be? As Guido points out in… Continue reading


Brown’s economic plan takes shape

5 August 2008 11:00

The latest is that Brown is going to temporarily scrap stamp duty as part of his economic recovery plan.  Read Michael Millar’s take on it over at Trading Floor.


Will Cameron and Osborne divorce over marriage?

5 August 2008 8:58

I’d recommend you read Rachel Sylvester’s column in today’s Times. In it, she identifies a split between David Cameron and George Osborne on recognising marriage in the tax system. Cameron’s extremely keen… Continue reading


More Kremlinology

4 August 2008 18:14

Those readers who are tiring of the constant stream of Labour leadership speculation would be best advised to look away now. For the rest of you, here’s a quote from Andy… Continue reading

16 Comments statistics: July 2008

4 August 2008 16:30

Here are the July monthly traffic figures for Unique Users — 197,403 Page Views — 1,886,333 These figures represent an impressive year of growth across the site, and include your… Continue reading