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Is this the new ‘John Major tucks his shirts into his underpants’?

11 October 2007 12:35

One of the many things that undermined John Major’s authority was the idea, first put about by Alastair Campbell, that the PM tucked his shirt into his underpants. Now, it… Continue reading


What Darling really did with Inheritance Tax

11 October 2007 11:18

I was too harsh on the Treasury. I derided their inheritance tax con, saying it may fool TV news but would be shredded by the press. This was not the… Continue reading


The Muhammad Ali of British Politics

11 October 2007 8:07

Has David Cameron rope-a-doped Gordon Brown? “Rope-a-dope” was the phrase coined by Muhammad Ali to describe the strategy he used to achieve his famous victory over George Foreman in the… Continue reading


Get ready for a row over Europe

10 October 2007 16:06

After being pummelled at PMQs today, the last thing Gordon Brown wants is an escalation of the row over the so-called EU Reform Treaty, what used to be called the… Continue reading


First blood to Cameron

10 October 2007 12:15

Cameron is at his derisive, aggressive best. Everything Brown says is being greeted with hoots of derision.  Brown’s "I will take no lectures" was weak to the point of being… Continue reading


The first PMQs of term

10 October 2007 12:08

Real first-day-back-at-school atmosphere in the Commons, in a good way. Andy Coulson has taken a perch in the press gallery, Alex Salmond is making a rare appearance but there is… Continue reading


Bush’s right-hand man ranks the Republican field

10 October 2007 11:50

This speech by Dan Bartlett, who was formerly a key Bush adviser, is well worth watching. Most of it is devoted to ranking the Republican contenders to succeed his old… Continue reading


Brown disappoints his own supporters while Cameron cheers his

10 October 2007 9:01

Columns by two of Britain’s most astute political commentators will not improve Gordon Brown’s mood this morning. In The Guardian, Jonathan Freedland bemoans how Brown doesn’t get the vision thing. He… Continue reading


The City Cottons on to the IHT con

9 October 2007 20:09

By Fraser Nelson Pennies are dropping in the city about the inheritance tax con. Here is Nigel May at MacIntyre Hudson:  "The Chancellor has done some wonderful arithmetic here by… Continue reading


Cracking Stuff

9 October 2007 19:34

This morning’s Guardian hailed the fresh brilliance of the new Unilever Turbine Hall project at Tate Modern by Doris Salcedo.  It shows: “a laudable unwillingness to compromise, wanting to make… Continue reading



9 October 2007 19:27

This morning’s Guardian hailed the fresh brilliance of the new Unilever Turbine Hall project at Tate Modern by Doris Salcedo. It shows “a laudable unwillingness to compromise, wanting to make… Continue reading


The inheritance tax con

9 October 2007 18:30

By Fraser Nelson Here’s the weasel. The Inheritance Tax "reduction" is a canard. Anyone with financial acumen (or a lawyer) will not benefit at all. KPMG have just been on… Continue reading


The impact of the PBR

9 October 2007 17:53

By Fraser Nelson • Buy-to-let bonanza: Previously, if you sold a buy-to-let house you’d pay between 24% and 40% on the capital gains. Now it’s 18%. Great news, which may help… Continue reading

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How much have taxes risen by?

9 October 2007 17:21

By James Forsyth The Tories, who have been pumping out information at a ferocious rate all afternoon, are saying that taxes will rise by £2.2bn over the next 3 years.… Continue reading


A tax raising report

9 October 2007 17:05

By Fraser Nelson I now have the costings. This is indeed a tax raising budget. By 2010-11 they plan to net £1.4 billion extra in tax. Highlights are: £440m a… Continue reading


The Tories force Darling to play catch up

9 October 2007 16:54

The most important line was George Osborne’s: “From this day on let there be no doubt who is winning the battle of ideas.” That’s right. Darling was chasing the Tories… Continue reading


A tax raising report

9 October 2007 16:30

I now have the costings. This is indeed a tax raising budget. By 2010-11 they plan to net £1.4 billion extra in tax. Highlights are: £440m a year by "state… Continue reading


Live Blog Darling’s speech

9 October 2007 15:34

3:30pm: The House is in confrontational mood and Darling is off on a party political point scoring exercise straight away. First mention of aspiration, the new political buzz word. 3:35… Continue reading


The scene is set for Darling

9 October 2007 15:27

This is a posthumous Brown budget. Let’s not forget he finished the Spending Review last year, but held it over to now updating it now and again. So you may… Continue reading

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Olympic Fever

9 October 2007 13:20

From today’s Guardian: London Olympic organisers have been forced to abandon their original plans for the canoe slalom venue after the original site in Spitalbrook, Hertfordshire was found to be… Continue reading


Live from 3PM: The 2007 Pre-Budget Report and Comprehensive Spending Review

9 October 2007 11:23

From 3PM, Matthew d’Ancona, Fraser Nelson and Allister Heath will be leading Coffee House’s coverage of the Pre-BudgetReport and the Comprehensive Spending Review. Can Alistair Darling wrestle back the political… Continue reading


A taxing friendship

9 October 2007 9:29

At the risk of infuriating Coffee Housers (and Polly), I rather like Polly Toynbee. She’s good company and we chatted happily before appearing on Marr on Sunday. It’s just that… Continue reading


The blame game

9 October 2007 9:15

The fall out from the election debacle continues this morning. The ‘young Turks’ surrounding Gordon Brown—principally, Douglas Alexander, Ed Balls and ED Miliband—are receiving much of the blame. One junior… Continue reading


Hitchens’s inconvenient past

8 October 2007 17:46

It is good for the soul to be reminded what a sharp and funny writer Christopher Hitchens was in the days before he collapsed under the weight of his own… Continue reading


Listen live, tomorrow at 6:45pm

8 October 2007 15:56

Tomorrow night from 6:45 pm, we’ll be broadcasting via this site a debate on the motion, “We should not be reluctant to assert the superiority of Western values.”  There is… Continue reading