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Brain dead liberals

23 March 2008 14:26

 The reaction from the liberal-left to David Mamet’s confession that he is no longer a "brain-dead liberal" has been strangely muted — and often hilariously ludicrous. The most priceless piece… Continue reading


If Cameron isn’t careful, Brown will outflank him on education reform

23 March 2008 11:53

The Spectator recently ran a letter from Lord Adonis saying the Swedish schools revolution which I said David Cameron would bring to Britain was in fact being delivered under Labour.… Continue reading


The Embryology Bill, cui bono?

22 March 2008 17:46

A guest blog from Nadine Dorries, MP.  The Human Tissue and Embryology Bill will be the show of the year in Parliament. The amendments I and others will lay down… Continue reading


Merci beaucoup, Msr. Sarkozy

22 March 2008 13:14

Next week, Gordon Brown will meet with Nicolas Sarkozy at the home of French football. And, according to early reports, Sarkozy will come bearing a few petits cadeaux – among which will be… Continue reading


The funding muddle

22 March 2008 11:48

The issue of party funding is going to run and run with the parties still nowhere near an agreement on it. In an interview with the Telegraph today, Francis Maude… Continue reading


Iran’s role in Iraq

21 March 2008 18:34

This week’s Time has an important piece on Iran’s role in training, funding and arming the insurgency in Iraq. What one Shiite fighter told Time illustrates just how much Iran… Continue reading


Time to start thinking about boycotting Beijing

21 March 2008 12:44

It is hard to know quite what is going on in Tibet because of the obstructionism of the Chinese government. What is clear is that the people of Tibet—who have… Continue reading


Why do we call it Good Friday?

21 March 2008 11:17

Why is the most solemn day in the Christian calendar called Good Friday? In Sweden and Denmark it’s “long Friday”; in Germany it’s Charfreitag or Sorrowful Friday. That all chimes… Continue reading


How McCain can help Cameron

20 March 2008 18:17

It is a definite coup for David Cameron that John McCain saw him as well as Gordon Brown today. It was a significant statement that a President McCain expects to… Continue reading


Poetry Corner

20 March 2008 16:43

For some reason, MPs have been struck by the poetry bug recently.  First there was the anonymously-penned verse attacking the Prime Minister.  And now Theresa May’s got in on the act, reading out her poem on… Continue reading


Cameron v Balls, Round II

20 March 2008 14:38

David Cameron’s been picking on Ed Balls recently, and to good effect.  Here’s footage of the Tory leader’s latest swipe in PMQs yesterday:


Reforming the Lords

20 March 2008 12:55

As today’s FT reports, Jack Straw is leading the charge to reform the House of Lords.  Under his plans, most of the existing members would be ejected from their red leather… Continue reading


Backing Boris

20 March 2008 11:38

Mike Smithson makes a good observation over at Political Betting.  The detailed results from that recent YouGov poll show that some 41 percent of Brian Paddick’s supporters would choose Boris as their second… Continue reading


Keeping shtum

20 March 2008 9:01

Iain Martin’s article for the Telegraph today is well worth a read. In it he’s praiseful of Project Cameron, but throws in a substantial caveat – that the Tories aren’t… Continue reading


Meeting McCain

19 March 2008 20:29

John McCain is doing Europe tomorrow: Brown for breakfast, Cameron for afters and Sarkozy in Paris in the afternoon. It’s significant that he’s setting aside as much time for Cameron… Continue reading


A weak document

19 March 2008 19:05

As Pete said earlier, even by this government’s low standards, the National Security Strategy is a pitifully weak document. It looks like it was ordered up in 24 hours’ notice:… Continue reading

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Cabinet’s green split

19 March 2008 17:43

There’s a fun but revealing story in the FT today about a row within the Cabinet about what kind of cars they should all be driven round in. The split… Continue reading


"The sun is rising on our borrowing bacchanalia…"

19 March 2008 17:31

Iain Martin highlights it over at Three Line Whip, and rightly so – Jeff Randall’s hatchet job on Alan Greenspan is essential reading.  Not only does it flag up Greenspan’s role in our… Continue reading


National security letdown?

19 March 2008 15:38

4 months overdue, Gordon Brown today outlined a new national security strategy. Was it worth the wait? Not particularly. It’s little more than a collection of proposals that we knew… Continue reading


Brownies, Balls and the Barnett Formula in PMQs

19 March 2008 14:06

There are two PMQs: the one seen from galleries in the Commons chamber, and the one on television. The more I go to the former, the more convinced I am… Continue reading


Death of a visionary

19 March 2008 12:23

Like Mother Theresa, it was Arthur C Clarke’s historic misfortune to die in the same week as someone with more “celebrity” (Anthony Minghella in his case, rather than Diana). But… Continue reading


Throwing the book at Gordon Brown

19 March 2008 10:48

An intriguing item in the Ephraim Hardcastle diary in The Daily Mail this morning suggests that cash for honours will soon come back to haunt Gordon Brown: “LORD Levy’s book… Continue reading


Exclusive commentary and podcast: The West is provoking a new Cold War with Russia

19 March 2008 10:47

A downloadable podcast of last night’s Spectator / Intelligence Squared debate – "The West is provoking a new Cold War with Russia" – is available here. Lloyd Evans’ web exclusive… Continue reading


Charm offensive

19 March 2008 9:06

Gordon Brown’s got an article in today’s Sun.  Its message?  That we shouldn’t worry about the economy, because he’s got his hand on the fiscal tiller.  Again, then, our Prime… Continue reading


Brown 2.0

18 March 2008 22:38

From his deckchair in Vietnam, Guido blogs on the latest openings for the revamped (and, perhaps, jinxed) Team Brown – two web experts. He certainly needs them – Labour’s internet… Continue reading