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Backing Boris

1 May 2008 22:33

You can add and Betfair to the list of those who have called the election for Boris.


More on that ConservativeHome claim

1 May 2008 22:30

Anyone who follows know it doesn’t take fliers. And it has just called the election for Boris. You may think: wishful thinking from those Tories. But no website is… Continue reading

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ConservativeHome calls it for Boris

1 May 2008 22:06

Here’s what ConservativeHome have to say: "Based on a wide range of conversations we’ve had throughout the day with people in the field and with Tory and other insiders we… Continue reading


Polls are closed

1 May 2008 22:00

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … and polls are now closed.  Exit poll data should be filtering through soon.  We’ll keep you informed.


Was Ken a Tory?

1 May 2008 20:44

Hm, I’m not sure about this.  But according to Harry’s Place, Ken may once have been a Young Conservative.  Discuss…


Local elections 2008: live coverage

1 May 2008 18:50

Stay with Coffee House tonight for all the latest on the local elections.  Expect frequent updates, as well as analysis from Matthew d’Ancona, Fraser Nelson, Mary Wakefield, James Forsyth and Peter… Continue reading


Your guide to tonight’s entertainment

1 May 2008 18:10

The Electoral Reform Society has produced an invaluable briefing on tonight’s event. Handily, it includes the times that the key results are expected to be called—remember that the counting in… Continue reading


The books that made an author

1 May 2008 17:46

Sebastian Faulks has named 40 books which "shaped his writing". He’s picked works by Tolstoy, Stendhal, Iris Murdoch (one of only five women — no Jane Austen), Solzhenitsyn, Colin Thubron, J.D.… Continue reading


Three essential columns

1 May 2008 16:09

While we wait for the local election results, I’d thoroughly recommend reading this morning’s columns by Mary Ann Sieghart, Iain Martin and Martin Bright. The three of them, brilliantly distil… Continue reading


The Evening Standard endorses Boris

1 May 2008 15:21

Today, The Evening Standard formally threw its support behind Boris Johnson for Mayor. Here’s the conclusion of their very solid editorial: This paper believes that the key issues in this… Continue reading


What did The Spectator say about Hiroshima?

1 May 2008 14:53

Over at the Spectator 180th blog, we’ve just posted The Spectator’s initial reaction to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. You can check it out here.   If you’ve got any requests… Continue reading


The Guardian’s invective

1 May 2008 13:27

The Guardian’s G2 today informs us that Boris "despises gays, " "despises provincials" and "despises Africans." What is more,  "He despises those of us who hold such judgments to be… Continue reading


Do the Brown new guard see Alan Johnson as Labour’s saviour?

1 May 2008 12:44

Last week, The Daily Mirror reported that Alan Johnson would be made the chief whip and the government front man in a post-May day reshuffle. Now, Kevin Maguire’s New Statesman… Continue reading


Would you live next door to a bail hostel?

1 May 2008 11:50

When I was househunting last year, I came very close to putting in an offer for a surprisingly well-priced two bed flat. Only at the last minute did I discover… Continue reading


Worrying developments in Zimbabwe

1 May 2008 11:40

There have been some terrifying signs that the violence in Zimbabwe is intensifying over the last 24 hours. with tactical assaults on the few remaining commercial farms increasing  in preparation… Continue reading


Is Blair eclipsing Brown in Israel?

1 May 2008 11:38

I’ve just returned from Israel, but the issues have followed me to London. Tomorrow the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee convenes in the capital, to discuss the Palestinian situation.   Gordon Brown’s… Continue reading


Back Boris

1 May 2008 9:05

We have had the debates. We have had the interviews. We have had acres of newsprint, some sensible, some way off the mark and some downright scurrilous. Can anyone doubt… Continue reading


It’s election time

1 May 2008 8:58

It’s local and London election time, and Coffee House will be bringing you frequent news and analysis throughout today and tomorrow. For now, though, an overview of what the papers… Continue reading

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How to vote for Boris

30 April 2008 19:19

If you’re voting in London tomorrow, you are going to be given three ballot papers—one for the mayoralty, one for the constituency section of the London assembly and one for… Continue reading


A snapshot of Sderot

30 April 2008 16:29

Yesterday, I visited the Southern Israeli town of Sderot. Being perched on the border with Gaza, it’s subjected to a constant barrage of rockets from Hamas and their associates. A… Continue reading


Cameron is walking into an elephant trap on 42 days

30 April 2008 14:54

Like Fraser, I thought that David Cameron went on the wrong topic today. But I think the bigger mistake the Tories might be making is in trying to turn 42… Continue reading


In crisis, there’ll be an opportunity for Brown

30 April 2008 13:13

If Livingstone loses on Thursday and the Labour vote slumps elsewhere in the country, the headlines for Gordon Brown will be dire and he’ll be plunged further into the mire.… Continue reading


A better PMQs for Brown

30 April 2008 12:57

In a not-very-hotly contested category, this was perhaps Gordon Brown’s best PMQs performance. His content wasn’t any more accurate, but sounding confident is half the battle. And he did. He… Continue reading


Today’s Brownies

30 April 2008 10:21

Gordon Brown gives interviews like he is programming a computer. In his pre-election appearance on Today at 8.10am he fired off statistics, as if they spoke for themselves – sounding… Continue reading


What counts as a good result?

30 April 2008 8:58

Over at the Red Box, Sam Coates has a very handy guide to what the parties are claiming would constitute success for them in Thursday’s elections.