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The case Obama should make against Hillary

26 July 2007 17:24

It’s the electability, stupid should be one of the major themes of the Obama campaign if they want to play harball with Hillary. The Democrats are desperate to take back… Continue reading


Obama takes a shot at Hillary

26 July 2007 15:28

At the YouTube debate Barack Obama and Hillary got into a row about whether or not the US president should meet with some of the world’s least attractive leaders—Castro, Chavez,… Continue reading

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Why would Rambo read The Indy?

26 July 2007 14:04

What do neo-con action hero John Rambo and not-neo-con newspaper The Independent have in common? A bottle of champagne to the first Coffee Houser to get the right answer.


Has the Dianaisation of Britain changed the country for the better?

26 July 2007 12:13

The new issue of the always excellent Prospect has a great debate between Andrew Marr and Joan Smith about whether the mass emotionalism that followed Diana’s death, and is now… Continue reading


The will to win

26 July 2007 9:35

"The present Mayor of London": that is how Our Candidate refers, with terse menace, to Ken Livingstone, in today’s Telegraph. If I were Ken, those five words would give me… Continue reading


The Tories have no plan b

26 July 2007 7:38

Fraser’s piece is already making waves. The reason for this is that it poses the question that all Tories are thinking about but dare not voice – not least because… Continue reading


RIP Shambo

26 July 2007 7:33

If you’re thinking about the sacred bullock that is about to be slaughtered on the orders of the Welsh Assembly, do read the incomparable Jeremy Clarke’s piece on Shambo.

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What if Cameron fell under a bus?

25 July 2007 17:22

Fraser has a cracking piece in tomorrow’s magazine on who’d  take over if something happened to Dave. As Fraser reports, there’s no clear alternative—something that Cameron has reason to be thankful… Continue reading


Brown nabs another Tory idea

25 July 2007 14:45

Gordon Brown’s announcement that there will now be a unified border police force removes one of the Conservatives’ favourite talking points on security. It also puts them in a tricky… Continue reading


Common mockery

25 July 2007 13:10

It was almost like David Cameron was being bullied by the Commons today. When he stood up, all MPs cheered – the kind of sarcastic cheer they normally reserve for… Continue reading


The warped world of Ward Churchill

25 July 2007 12:49

I have been interested in Ward Churchill for years. So interested, in fact, that his writings inspired me to write a novel about what might happen if the “global justice… Continue reading


The clunking fist connects

25 July 2007 12:39

To date, Cameron has got the better of Brown at PMQs but the clunking fist had some good lines today. I’d bet that this one–"The wheels are coming off the… Continue reading


Essential reading

25 July 2007 11:55

There’s been a lot of hype – justifiably – around P J O’Rourke’s book on Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations Indeed, we posted on it weeks ago. But Coffee Housers… Continue reading

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Up from the streets

25 July 2007 11:26

If like me you’re a complete sucker for all things Banksy, do check out the graffiti artist’s new website. Hat tip: Andrew


What a dope

25 July 2007 10:47

Oh, Vino. How could you be so stupid? You fought all the way up from the bottom, making it from Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan to Paris, France on the strength of your… Continue reading


The boy who drank

25 July 2007 10:26

Today’s papers carry a rather exasperated quote from the publicist of Daniel Radcliffe, the young actor who plays Harry Potter. Responding to questions about whether Radcliffe had, shock horror, been… Continue reading


More bad news for Dave

25 July 2007 8:09

Today’s Guardian ICM poll continues the run of bad figures for Dave. Now, all of this can be (and is being) dismissed by Tory optimists as part and parcel of… Continue reading


Bush is not for turning

25 July 2007 0:41

Anyone who doubts George W Bush’s commitment to Iraq should read this speech delivered by the President at Charleston Air Force Base in South Carolina.  Quoting verbatim from intelligence reports,… Continue reading


Reading between Gordon’s lines

24 July 2007 20:39

Gordon Brown’s new book, Britain’s Everyday Heroes (Mainstream, £10.99), is yet another important clue to the Prime Minister’s political trajectory. In inspiration, it is part Cobbett’s Rural Rides, part Eliot’s… Continue reading


Lost in Translation

24 July 2007 17:46

This morning, I linked to Open Europe’s translation of the EU Constitution. Now the former Europe Minister Denis MacShane is claiming that Open Europe has mistranslated it to “whip up… Continue reading


Answer the snowman

24 July 2007 14:37

The most surreal question from last night’s YouTube debate in South Carolina between the Democratic primary candidates.

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Here’s some beef

24 July 2007 10:49

Amidst all the hullabaloo about David Cameron heading to Rwanda while parts of his constituency remain flooded, it is worth noting that the report he is unveiling over there has… Continue reading


New EU treaty is 96% the same as the constitution

24 July 2007 8:20

The invaluable think-tank Open Europe has translated the text of the European treaty formerly known as the constitution into English; something the government has so far failed to do.  Their… Continue reading


Cameron’s gamble

23 July 2007 20:14

Behold an extraordinary role reversal: the Tories used to define themselves by crunchy competence, and Labour by compassion and an emotional appeal to collective and international solidarity. Tonight, Gordon Brown… Continue reading


The real Iraq question

23 July 2007 19:35

Both sides in the Iraq debate tend to ignore, or downplay, the downside to their preferred course of action. On Meet the Press, New York Times columnist David Brooks put the… Continue reading