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Tony Blair becomes a Roman Catholic

22 December 2007 16:59

With the news that Tony Blair joined the Roman Catholic church last night in a ceremony led by Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, I’d thoroughly recommend reading—or re-reading—Fraser Nelson’s piece on  the… Continue reading


Why does Atonement knock Britain?

22 December 2007 10:17

Watched "Atonement", starring Keira Knightley and James McAvoy, the film version of Ian McEwan’s novel and the latest British costume drama which American critics affect to love (hence talk of… Continue reading


Slow brewing

21 December 2007 9:42

The Coffee House team are scattering to the four winds for Christmas so posting will be less regular than usual. You can keep up to date with all the latest… Continue reading


The Lib Dems need their A team on the field

20 December 2007 18:06

Nick Clegg’s reshuffle illustrates the problems that he is going to have as Lib Dem leader. Three of the most talented and well know Lib Dems won’t be on the… Continue reading


Christmas Cooking

20 December 2007 17:43

I’m fascinated by the history and mythology of Christmas. Up until the 1890’s, most English families if they were lucky, ate goose; turkey was a luxury only enjoyed by the… Continue reading


Cameron and Osborne all smiles, for now

20 December 2007 11:13

David Cameron and George Osborne are both singing from the same hymn sheet about the fact that there was no Granita style deal between the two of them in their joint interviews… Continue reading


Why it is not healthy for democracy to have Brussels fix the NHS

20 December 2007 8:58

This business with the EU and the NHS has been very disorientating. My conscience is pricked by MatthewT, who commented on my previous post: “So you guys are against the… Continue reading


The scale of Petraeus’s achievement

19 December 2007 16:59

If you want to get an idea of how great General Petraeus’s achievement have been in Iraq, consider this revelation from Time’s profile of him:  “At a Pentagon meeting with… Continue reading


Brown at it again on party funding

19 December 2007 15:02

Gordon Brown is an accomplished expert in the art of misrepresentation, here’s a prime example is from his press conference today: On the political funding issue, I think the Conservative Party… Continue reading


Has Lansley seen the light?

19 December 2007 13:02

I wouldn’t have put it past Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley to side with the unions in today’s great health debate – and ConservativeHome wasn’t sure he wouldn’t either. But… Continue reading


Brown meets the press

19 December 2007 12:29

The main news coming out of Gordon Brown’s monthly news conference is that nationalising Northern Rock is now clearly under serious consideration, with Brown and Alistair Darling both stressing that… Continue reading


Clegg fails Cameron’s Paxman test

19 December 2007 10:53

Peter Hyman, Tony Blair’s former chief speechwriter, described Nick Clegg as a ‘mini-Cameron’ on Newsnight yesterday and there’s little doubt that Cameron and Clegg exude a similar aroma. Some think… Continue reading


Brussels to the rescue

19 December 2007 8:59

It is days like this that remind you why so many on the right were in the “yes” campaign during the Euro referendum of 1975. It was then to the… Continue reading


Rogue Chancellor

18 December 2007 18:11

Alistair Darling was brought on to be a grey, unremarkable chancellor. He’s fast turning into the Nick Leeson of British politics. Leeson, you will remember, was the rogue trader who… Continue reading


Will it be third time lucky for Huhne?

18 December 2007 16:13

To lose by this small a margin must be absolutely gutting for Chris Huhne. To come so close against the candidate of the party establishment and the media is a… Continue reading


Has Clegg got what it takes?

18 December 2007 15:46

After perhaps the quietest leadership race in recent political history the Spectator/Threadneedle Newcomer of the Year has not disappointed us. I thought Nick Clegg would win by a mile: in… Continue reading


The challenge for Clegg

18 December 2007 15:03

A chastened looking Nick Clegg has just delivered his first speech as Lib Dem leader. It was actually a pretty decent performance, trying to tie both Labour and the Tories… Continue reading


Clegg wins but only by 510 votes

18 December 2007 14:20

London needs a dedicated traffic police

18 December 2007 12:29

On the way to a birthday party in Bucks on Sunday night we were delayed by a long tailback on the elevated section of the A4 out of London by… Continue reading


What other data does Pearson have?

18 December 2007 10:41

What I love about this government is that they lose no time passing the blame. Just as Darling fingered the TNT courier company for the lost discs, we’re told that… Continue reading

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A benchmark for Clegg

18 December 2007 9:02

The Lib Dem leadership result will be announced this afternoon and the general feeling in Westminster is that Nick Clegg has won, although folk aren’t ruling out an upset. The… Continue reading

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Put the L plates on this government

17 December 2007 17:59

Following on from the child benefit data loss fiasco, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has—through an American contractor—lost the details of three million learner drivers. Now, admittedly the lost… Continue reading


The real winners of the Lib Dem leadership contest…The Tories

17 December 2007 16:11

When Ming Campbell was hurried into retirement by his Lib Dem colleagues, the general consensus was that it was bad news for the Tories. Before Ming’s departure, senior Tories joked… Continue reading


A double-edged compliment

17 December 2007 14:02

Bob Kerrey, a maverick former Democratic senator, was out stumping for Hillary Clinton in Iowa yesterday and had this to say about Barack Obama: "I like the fact that his… Continue reading


What we’re leaving behind in Basra

17 December 2007 12:30

In macabre contrast to James’ post about the effects of the US surge, The Guardian splashes on the mayhem in Basra left by Britain’s shameful under-commitment to the provinces under… Continue reading