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A month of real progress in Iraq

1 June 2008 11:17

This May saw fewer US military casualties in Iraq, 18, than any previous month in the war. It also saw the Iraqi government take significant steps to becoming a truly… Continue reading


Score one to Obama

31 May 2008 18:08

On Tuesday night after the last vote in the Democratic primaries has been cast, Obama will speak in the very hall in which John McCain will accept the Republican nomination… Continue reading


Brown has been phoning round since 1997

31 May 2008 16:49

The story that Gordon Brown personally calls members of the public who write him critical letters gets more bizarre with the news in today’s Guardian that he has apparently being… Continue reading


Labour’s money woes

31 May 2008 11:56

Peter Oborne’s column in The Daily Mail reveals just how bad Labour’s financial position is. As Peter notes, there are doubts as to whether the party can be deemed a… Continue reading


"Madrassa Guardian"

31 May 2008 9:26

Time was when the Guardian was the favourite British newspaper of the Indian elite because of its historic support for Indian independence and its generally liberal-left collectivist outlook, which coincided… Continue reading


The week that was

30 May 2008 19:01

Some highlights of the week on Matthew d’Ancona surveys the new political landscape. James Forsyth asks if New Labour can survive opposition and looks at the Cruddas alternative. Stephen… Continue reading


Was the Chinese army responsible for the 2003 New York blackout?

30 May 2008 17:32

  National Journal has an eye-opening cover story this week on the extent of China’s e-espionage. The piece reveals that US intelligence officials believe that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army… Continue reading


The question Brown must answer if Labour is to recover

30 May 2008 14:55

Stephen McCabe, the Labour whip who was in the charge of the Crewe and Nantwich campaign, has written an article for Tribune on his experience. The headlines will be grabbed… Continue reading


Pakistan’s failure to police its border is a threat to us all

30 May 2008 12:59

The warning from the departing American commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan General Dan K. McNeill that Pakistan is once more pursuing the failed strategy of trying to strike a… Continue reading


Labour’s targets for fighting crime are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard

30 May 2008 10:55

Tim Montgomerie flags up how the targets culture is distorting policing priorities with arresting a child for stealing a chocolate bar treated by the police as being as important as… Continue reading


Brown leads Labour to a historic low–new poll has Lab 23, Con 47, Lib Dems 18 

30 May 2008 8:57

The headlines figures in today’s YouGov poll are disastrous for Brown, the historical comparisons are humiliating—even under Michael Foot the Labour party never sank this low in the polls, but… Continue reading


Purnell’s speechwriter pushed for trashing Brown

29 May 2008 19:34

Not so long ago, James Purnell released a speech on Microsoft Word format. This excites Tory researchers, who inevitably get hold of it, as they can interrogate the document –… Continue reading


Drags on the ticket

29 May 2008 18:14

The last couple of days have flagged up problems that are going to bedevil McCain and Obama respectively in the general election campaign. McCain is going to have to run… Continue reading


Hello, it’s Gordon here. I just wanted to explain…

29 May 2008 16:21

When I saw this story I had to check the date but it is not an April Fool, Gordon Brown really is cold calling members of the public who write… Continue reading


Will New Labour survive a general election defeat?

29 May 2008 15:38

Let’s assume that, as currently seems likely, the Labour party loses the next election by a fairly substantial margin. The question then is does Labour conclude that the best route… Continue reading


In the magazine this week

29 May 2008 13:44

Fraser Nelson and Charles Moore report from Afghanistan. Rod Liddle explains how Britain can win Eurovision. Irwin Stelzer previews the US election and Bryan Forbes asks when did we start… Continue reading

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The new landscape

29 May 2008 11:52

As John Prescott is fond of saying, the plates are moving. Two left-of-centre commentators today turn their attention to Labour’s predicament in ways that only emphasise its depth. Steve Richards… Continue reading


Not the headline the government wants right now

29 May 2008 10:56

This is the story leading The Guardian web site: House prices: Nationwide reports fastest fall since 1991 Nationwide are reporting that house prices fell 2.5 percent month on month and the… Continue reading


Labour pains

29 May 2008 9:02

Guido flags up David Hencke’s story in The Guardian which reveals that Labour has only five weeks to find £7.45 million to pay off bank loans and money owed to… Continue reading


The spokesman’s revenge

28 May 2008 18:49

Scott McLellan was an awful White House press secretary. As you watched him get beaten up day after day by reporters you couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. He… Continue reading


Remembering Frank

28 May 2008 18:22

Clive has a nice little musical tribute up to mark the tenth anniversary of Frank Sinatra’s death—and no, it is not someone singing My Way. Do check it out.


Bin Laden’s No. 2 believed he could secure political asylum in London for his supporters

28 May 2008 16:29

Lawrence Wright’s essay in The New Yorker on the ideological divisions within the Islamic extremist movement from which al Qaeda emerged is essential reading. It really is long-form magazine journalism at its… Continue reading


Darling indicates that a government u-turn on fuel duty is coming

28 May 2008 14:40

On The World at One this lunchtime, Alistair Darling strongly hinted that the government is preparing yet another u-turn; this time over the planned 2p rise in fuel duty. "I… Continue reading


Brown’s pumped up meeting

28 May 2008 13:01

The TV cameras trooped in to film the beginning of Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling’s meeting with various oil big-wigs this morning. After Brown thought they’d stopped filming, he announced:… Continue reading


Brown can look in The Mirror for advice

28 May 2008 12:21

Kevin Maguire was widely tipped to be Gordon Brown’s Alastair Campbell but in the end the Mirror man stayed at his paper rather than heading to Downing Street. His columns,… Continue reading