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Contemporary Labour, nice

15 June 2007 8:47

For some time, New Labour has been looking for a fresh-sounding name for the post-Blair era. I have heard "New New Labour" (too daft), "Neo-Labour" (too close to "neo-con"), "New… Continue reading


I fear the violence will get worse, much worse

14 June 2007 18:50

Mostly I am feeling too depressed about what’s happening in Gaza to even find words to comment on it. Civil war has been looming for so long, and yet I… Continue reading


This should cheer the Blairs up

14 June 2007 16:06

If the Blairs are rather down about leaving Downing Street, they should consider this: Bill Clinton raked in more than $10 million from his various speaking engagements last year. Tony… Continue reading


Iraq edges away from the brink

14 June 2007 12:20

The fact that the violence in Iraq has not reached the point of no return after yesterday’s bombing of the mosque at Samara is reassuring. John Burns, the New York… Continue reading

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What should the Cabinet get the PM?

14 June 2007 10:24

The Times reports today that the Cabinet has held a whip round for leaving presents for Blair and Prescott and that they’ve got £1,600 to spend on the two of… Continue reading


Understanding Gaza

14 June 2007 8:08

The descent of the Palestinian territories into hideous internecine conflict makes an understanding of the complex dynamics of the region all the more imperative and Clemmie’s interview with a senior… Continue reading

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A guide to Iraq for US GIs

13 June 2007 19:34

A few years ago, bookshops started selling the hand book that American GIs were given before coming to Britain during World War Two. With hindsight, it made for amusing reading—it… Continue reading


Where will Gordon go first?

13 June 2007 18:35

Benedict Brogan’s always excellent blog has an interesting post on the question of what Brown’s first foreign trip as leader will be. As Brogan notes, if Brown goes to Paris… Continue reading


A friendly mistake

13 June 2007 13:01

“We’ve gone on holiday by mistake”. So says Richard E Grant’s unforgettable character in Withnail & I. The other day I was trying to get on to Facebook to list… Continue reading


The Tony n’ Dave show, catch it while you can

13 June 2007 12:45

A few thoughts from the penultimate Cameron v Blair show. The Prime Minister has a new phrase, “the end of waiting as we know it,” which doesn’t mean waiting has… Continue reading

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Checking up on progress

13 June 2007 12:38

At PMQs today, David Cameron raised the whole question of what had happened to the information sharing measures which were supposedly going to be put in place after the Soham… Continue reading


Brussels talks

13 June 2007 12:08

This interview with the José Manuel Barroso, president of the Commission, hints at how Brussels will play the negotiations on the constitution. He tries to calm Euro-skeptics by claiming that… Continue reading


Brown’s team

13 June 2007 10:18

One of the most significant disclosures about the incoming Brown regime is the news today that the next PM will bring Jeremy Heywood back into Number Ten as head of… Continue reading


Iraq on the brink

13 June 2007 8:05

The news that the Shiite mosque in Samara has been hit by terrorists is extremely worrying. It was the attack on this site in 2006 that prompted one of the… Continue reading

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All publicity is…

13 June 2007 0:13

  Methinks the Indy will sell more copies than usual today.


The picture on the ground

12 June 2007 21:26

To those who find the Iraq coverage too Baghdad-based (Our Boys are in the south, from which we hear almost nothing) here is a superb photo essay from Michael Yon… Continue reading


You won’t have Tony to kick around anymore

12 June 2007 17:15

Enoch Powell famously said that “For a politician to complain about the press is like a ship’s captain complaining about the sea.” For Tony Blair to complain about spin is… Continue reading


What to make of Blair’s attack on the media?

12 June 2007 16:56

This was an oddly defensive speech from a normally robust orator. It tells you a lot about Blair’s preoccupations that he left his big statement on the media till this… Continue reading

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Blair’s red lines

12 June 2007 13:48

Mark Mardell has a handy guide to the negotiations on the EU Constitution. He identifies four red lines for Blair and Brown. • Calling it a constitution, or any mention… Continue reading


Richard Rorty-one kind of Tory

12 June 2007 12:48

Richard Rorty – who died last week – was a playful thinker and a serious philosopher. In his time he attracted attacks from the committed left – and the equally convinced right.… Continue reading


Politics 2.0

12 June 2007 11:18

My column in this month’s GQ is on politics and the web – timely, as Joe Trippi, Howard Dean’s online guru, is in town this week. And do have a… Continue reading


The return of the established order?

12 June 2007 10:32

With Tony Blair’s departure from Downing Street there’ll be much talk of restoring ‘good government,’ an end to the centralisation of power, politicisation of the civil service and ‘spin’. Rachel… Continue reading

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For God’s sake

12 June 2007 8:29

God has had a hard time of it lately, what with Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens weighing in to see who can be the most aggressive Alpha Atheist. Then again,… Continue reading


Did the grammar schools row come at the right time?

11 June 2007 16:27

The conventional wisdom on the grammar school row is that it came at precisely the wrong time for the Cameroons. With Brown about to take over at No.10, they needlessly… Continue reading


Brown’s mind is made up on Iraq

11 June 2007 15:33

When you hear that Gordon Brown is engaged in “fact-finding”, you can assume with complete confidence that he has made his mind up on a subject – whatever it is… Continue reading

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