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The ‘broken society’ consensus

28 July 2008 13:57

There are increasing hints that there is a new consensus emerging about the ‘broken society.’ Take Diane Abbot’s response to the question about what causes knife crime: “Knife crime, gun… Continue reading


The death of a pier

28 July 2008 12:17

There’s something both sad and compelling about the images of Weston-Super-Mare’s Grand Pier in flames.  Of course, we should be extremely thankful that no-one has been injured in the blaze.  But… Continue reading

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CoffeeHousers’ Wall, 28 July – 3 August

28 July 2008 11:38

Welcome to this week’s Wall.  As always, this is your space to write and chat about any topics you want.  Do let us know if there are things you’d like… Continue reading


Just in case you missed them…

28 July 2008 11:12

…here are some of the posts made over the weekend on Rory Sutherland says it’s out with the flash and in with the smiles to curb speeding on our… Continue reading


Et tu, Jackie?

28 July 2008 10:40

Few journalists have been closer to or more respected by Brown’s inner circle than Jackie Ashley, so it is significant to see her calling on Labour to topple Brown. Ashley… Continue reading


A Coffee House challenge: how can Cameron improve?

28 July 2008 8:59

Despite the CCHQ euphoria about Brown’s predicament, there’s still the occasional bit of news which should give the Tories pause for thought. The latest is a YouGov poll in today’s Telegraph; the… Continue reading


What goes around, comes around

27 July 2008 23:44

From tomorrow’s Daily Telegraph: The Daily Telegraph has learnt that a group of moderate MPs are planning a letter addressed to the entire Cabinet setting out the reasons why they… Continue reading


Obama recalibrates on Iraq

27 July 2008 16:22

Obama’s overseas trip appears to have led to at least one major shift in emphasis in his foreign policy thinking. In a Newsweek interview, he was asked how big a… Continue reading


Might Brown cry off sick?

27 July 2008 13:41

I wonder what Gordon Brown thought of the Kennedyesque overtones which Obama wanted to put on his European visit. Kennedy is Brown’s hero, of course, and he nicks hugs amounts… Continue reading


As long as it is not Johnson, the Tories have little to fear from a change of PM

27 July 2008 11:44

There are plenty of things to put a spring in the step of Tory MPs right now. Every day seems to bring a new poll that shows them on the… Continue reading


The Shadow Cabinet Rich List – Part 2

27 July 2008 1:23

Here, as promised, is the Shadow Cabinet Rich List published in today’s News of the World – reproduced with kind permission.  You can read my introduction to the list here.… Continue reading


The Shadow Cabinet Rich List – Part 1

27 July 2008 1:12

The Shadow Cabinet Rich List is published today by the News of the World (where yours truly is a columnist). It shows there are 19 millionaires around that table. Conservatives,… Continue reading


Cameron wants us to think that the torch has passed to a new generation

26 July 2008 18:58

One of, if not, the key theme of David Cameron’s leadership has been generational change. Back in his 2005 conference speech Cameron told the hall “We can be that new… Continue reading


Obama needs a history lesson

26 July 2008 15:17

Barack Obama should learn a little more history before his next visit – history about America, that is, not Britain. “Our founding institutions were profoundly shaped by the English tradition,”… Continue reading


A nudge in the right direction

26 July 2008 13:56

A few months ago I wrote a Spectator article suggesting that the government  spends far too little money and time on advertising and persuasion, despite the (to me, at any… Continue reading


Remote plotting

26 July 2008 10:51

About the only thing Gordon Brown has got right in recent months is scheduling by-elections so that when the results come in, MPs have left Westminster. This makes it more… Continue reading


And so it begins

25 July 2008 23:23

Oh, joy. It has all started. I’m in the BBC News studios, reviewing tomorrow’s papers – and there is plenty to savour. The Indy says Purnell has cut a deal with David Miliband… Continue reading


Darling makes sense backwards

25 July 2008 18:50

Melissa Kite has a quite brilliant post up on Three Line Whip about the nonsense government ministers have been spouting as they attempt to defend the Prime Minister. Mr Darling… Continue reading


The week that was

25 July 2008 18:12

Here are some of the posts made this week on Chris Grayling wants your questions. George Osborne answers your questions. Fraser Nelson reports on the SNP’s stunning victory in the Glasgow East… Continue reading


Put your questions to Chris Grayling

25 July 2008 15:47

Chris Grayling has kindly agreed to a Q&A session with Coffee House.  So, post your questions for him in the comments sections below.  And, in a week-or-so’s time, we’ll pick out… Continue reading


No message, no chance

25 July 2008 15:17

In politics you need an effective positive message about yourself and a negative message about your opponent hat resonates. At the moment, Labour has neither. Its attempt at a positive… Continue reading


Osborne responds – Part II

25 July 2008 13:19

Here are George Osborne’s answers to the last five questions put forward by CoffeeHousers.  For Part I click here GS London "What are the realistic possibilities of a flat-rate taxation… Continue reading


No such thing as a safe seat

25 July 2008 12:25

 Dunfermline, Crewe, Glasgow East – the phenomenon of safe Labour seats being upended is one that deserves a little more attention. Let’s consider that incredible turnout in Glasgow East –… Continue reading


Schadenfreude but not much else for the Tories

25 July 2008 11:38

Aside from schadenfreude, there is not much in the Glasgow East result to make David Cameron smile. It reminds us that what is happening nationally is a fury directed at… Continue reading


The personal is now the political

25 July 2008 10:49

Whether Gordon Brown survives or not is going to turn on the question of how many Cabinet ministers—if any—are prepared to tell Brown that he must go or they will.… Continue reading