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Our changing future

18 August 2008 12:59

English is not the first language of one in eight schoolchildren according to a new government survey. As of January 2007, 85,000 children spoke Urdu and 70,000 Bengali as their… Continue reading


McCain and Cameron, close for now

18 August 2008 12:00

It is common knowledge that John McCain and David Cameron get on. By convention, politicians do not enter into electoral politics in other countries, but the Conservative leader has made… Continue reading


Standing up for America

18 August 2008 11:29

American public diplomacy is nowhere near as good as it should be. So, it is good to see Tim Montgomerie of Conservative Home fame taking on some of the myths… Continue reading


In case you missed them…

18 August 2008 10:50

…here are some of the posts made over the weekend on James Forsyth on who Putin is and the retreating Gordon Brown Americano on why Obama shouldn’t choose a… Continue reading


Brown’s return

18 August 2008 8:55

Philip Webster reports in The Times this morning that Gordon Brown will begin his ‘re-launch’ tomorrow. Apparently, the Prime Minister is not inclined to reshuffle until October thinking that a… Continue reading


The other side of the Beijing Olympics

17 August 2008 15:43

It is heartening to see Britain doing so well at the Olympics but it is worth remembering that for all the excitement of the games, China has not abided by… Continue reading


McCain finds another gear

17 August 2008 12:53

Last night, both John McCain and Barack Obama took questions from Rick Warren, the evangelical preacher, in a televised forum. The two candidates appeared separately with Obama going first. Obama’s… Continue reading


Was that Policy Exchange report so wrong after all?

17 August 2008 10:25

For obvious political reasons, David Cameron had to run a mile from Policy Exchange’s report on northern cities. But as John Rentoul argues in an excellent column in The Independent on Sunday,… Continue reading


Why Obama shouldn’t pick a foreign policy expert as his running mate

16 August 2008 18:30

Barack Obama is widely expected to name his running mate in the next few days. He is now back from vacation and presumably will want to make the announcement before… Continue reading


Who Putin is

16 August 2008 18:26

David Remnick, The New York editor who was the Washington Post’s Moscow correspondent during the collapse of the Soviet Union, has written a smart piece about Putin for the latest… Continue reading


That was quick

16 August 2008 17:45

I’m not normally particularly keen on athletics, but Usain Bolt’s performance in the 100 metres final was awesome. (If you missed it, you can watch it here.) You don’t expect… Continue reading


Report: Labour to re-brand in the autumn, thinking about dumping New Labour label

16 August 2008 14:16

A friend of Coffee House flags up an interesting post on Labour Matters which reports that as part of its autumn re-launch Labour might drop its “new Labour for Britain”… Continue reading


The ever-shrinking Prime Minister

16 August 2008 10:27

Gordon Brown’s team decided that they would take the Prime Minister off the airwaves over the summer. The thinking was that when Brown did return in September to roll out… Continue reading


Indian independence day

15 August 2008 18:59

Today is the 61st anniversary of Indian independence and it comes at a time when the prospects for the country have never looked better. The country has reformed its economy… Continue reading


The Tories’ best chance for a substantive legacy

15 August 2008 18:58

A truly significant government is one that makes changes that the other parties have to accept are part of a new settlement. That is why the Attlee and Thatcher governments… Continue reading


Cameron to Georgia this weekend, Miliband to visit next week

15 August 2008 18:22

David Cameron has stolen a further march on the government by heading out to Georgia before either the Foreign Secretary, who is going next week, or the Prime Minister. With… Continue reading


Omagh rememberance marred by McGuinness’s presence

15 August 2008 17:48

Omagh Highlights of the 10th Anniversary commemoration of victims of the Omagh bomb: lashing rain; Martin McGuinness laying a wreath in honour of victims of republican terrorism; Terry Waite telling… Continue reading


Weekend reading

15 August 2008 16:28

If Coffee Housers haven’t already read Bob Kagan’s The Return of History and the End of Dreams,  I would thoroughly recommend that you do so. In only a hundred pages… Continue reading

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Our low expectations

15 August 2008 14:29

Today’s Times tells the heart-warming story of Alex Griffiths who was kidnapped as an infant and has now achieved an A and two Bs at A-level to win her place… Continue reading


Pickles responds

15 August 2008 13:09

Here are Eric Pickles’s answers to the questions posed by Coffee Housers:  Victoria Street "Devolving power downwards from Westminster doesn’t mean that the blame can always be devolved downwards. Are… Continue reading

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Sales and online readership of the Spectator power ahead once more

15 August 2008 12:48

The Spectator magazine has recorded its highest-ever sales. The audited ABC average circulation for the first half of this year was almost 77,000 — a weekly average of 76,952 to be… Continue reading


Boston must go

15 August 2008 12:45

The QCA has at long last pulled the plug on ETS over the SATS marking debacle with the company being forced to pay back the remaining four years of its… Continue reading


Omagh 10 years on

15 August 2008 11:18

So here I am in Omagh to attend the commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the bomb that killed 29 people (and unborn twins) in the name of a united… Continue reading


Brown’s byelection dilemma

15 August 2008 8:59

One of the trickiest decisions that Gordon Brown has to make is when to call the Glenrothes byelection. As Martin Kettle points out in The Guardian this morning, Labour can… Continue reading


A grade A problem

14 August 2008 18:26

The debate sparked by today’s A-level results was predictable – the Tories are saying they’re getting easier and the government is saying everyone is simply getting smarter – but it’s… Continue reading