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Will Toynbee’s praise help or hinder Miliband?

2 August 2008 12:26

Polly Toynbee’s article in today’s Guardian is really quite remarkable.  She’s certainly cooled towards Brown and his government over recent months.  But now the split is complete and unequivocal.  Here’s… Continue reading


On the verge of a reshuffle

2 August 2008 9:51

Brace yourselves – the reshuffle forecasts have shifted from ‘likely’ to ‘imminent’.  According to this morning’s paper’s, one could come as early as September 1st, as Brown tries to reestablish his government after the summer… Continue reading


The week that was

1 August 2008 19:04

A selection of posts made this week on Fraser Nelson wonders whether Alex Salmond is the real threat for Labour, and laments Gordon Brown’s reverse Midas touch. James Forsyth… Continue reading


We’re hurtling over the economic precipice

1 August 2008 18:42

Like the Road Runner’s Coyote speeding off a cliff, it will take some time before Britain looks down and realises that Brown has led us over an economic precipice. The CPI… Continue reading


Your questions for Chris Grayling

1 August 2008 18:17

It’s been a week since we asked CoffeeHousers to put forward their questions for Chris Grayling.  We’ve since picked out the best five, which have now been put to the… Continue reading


Free trade is the protectionism the world needs

1 August 2008 17:16

The post-Doha debate is exemplified by two opposing articles in the papers today.  One’s by Johann Hari in the Independent, and the other is the Times leader.  I’d recommend that… Continue reading


The Pakistan problem

1 August 2008 16:18

Today’s most important news story appears in the Washington Post, here’s the lede: “U.S. intelligence officials have concluded that elements of Pakistan’s military intelligence service provided logistical support to militants… Continue reading


Will the tensions at No.10 leave the door open for Miliband?

1 August 2008 14:20

Much has been made about the tensions between the Brownite old guard and the Stephen Carter-led new guard at No.10.  Those same tensions are now threatening to play havoc with Brown’s… Continue reading


Miliband: ‘Cameron’s substance is nonsense’

1 August 2008 12:58

Ok, so that isn’t a new quote from David Miliband – it’s the headline to an article he penned for The Spectator back in October 2006.  After the events of the past… Continue reading


The maths doesn’t look good for Miliband

1 August 2008 11:56

The Miliband camp can easily spin today’s YouGov poll, which Pete blogged earlier, showing that the Tory lead holds steady with Miliband as leader. They can say with some justification… Continue reading


Boris backs Obama

1 August 2008 11:50

Boris has endorsed Barack Obama’s bid for the US Presidency, claiming that a victory for the Illinois senator would "do fantastic things for the confidence and feelings of black people… Continue reading


Has Brown’s reverse Midas touch upset the British Energy takeover deal?

1 August 2008 11:18

I, for one, am weeping no tears about the collapse of the British Energy takeover deal. Invesco and Prudential – the institutional shareholders understood to have led the backout –… Continue reading


Can anything go right for Labour?

1 August 2008 8:52

Since June, Jack Straw’s been trying to push through reforms which would limit the Tories’ ability to pour £millions into key marginal seats between elections – the ‘Ashcroft Effect’ as… Continue reading


Brother against brother

1 August 2008 0:53

The Daily Mail reported yesterday that Downing Street suspected that Ed Miliband and Douglas Alexander knew in advance of David Miliband’s Guardian op-ed.  Today, in The Times Alice Miles, who… Continue reading


A poll battering for Brown, but it’s not good news for Miliband either

31 July 2008 21:56

The Telegraph have just posted the results of their latest YouGov poll.  It has the Tories a hefty 22 points ahead of Labour.  And Brown’s personal ratings are disastrous.  Only 15 percent of… Continue reading


By September, it might be Harman’s moment

31 July 2008 20:33

Politics right now is unbelievably macho. Every conversation I’ve had today about the Labour leadership has involved phrases like ‘kill or be killed’, ‘kneecap him’, ‘destroy him’ etc. As this… Continue reading


How Cameron should reshape the machinery of government

31 July 2008 18:46

With the Conservatives ahead in the polls, David Cameron must be using the summer break thinking of whom to place around the Cabinet table. But he would do well to… Continue reading


More fuel for the Labour leadership fire…

31 July 2008 18:11

David Miliband has "suddenly" cancelled a trip to India, which was originally scheduled for September.  The Times has the full story here.


The Brits to watch out for in the Olympics

31 July 2008 17:49

At eight seconds past eight minutes past eight in the evening, central Chinese time, on the eighth of August, two thousand and eight, the Beijing Olympic Games get underway. That’s… Continue reading


A tactical success for the Brownites

31 July 2008 17:02

Damian McBride will be happy that this is the lead headline on the BBC’s politics site: MPs urge Brown to sack Miliband This, though, is mild compared to what everyone… Continue reading


No way back for Miliband

31 July 2008 16:27

David Miliband has now gone so far he can’t go back. But could this be his "botched election" moment? His appearance on the Jeremy Vine show went well, inasmuch as… Continue reading


Miliband needs coaching

31 July 2008 15:39

When David Miliband’s team get together this afternoon to talk through his performance on the Jeremy Vine show, I hope they realise they’ve got to do something about his voice.… Continue reading


Miliband approaches the point of no return

31 July 2008 14:32

David Miliband is not backing down. Listening to him on the Jeremy Vine Show just now, it was noticeable how pleased he sounded when callers rung in to say how… Continue reading


Toby Young takes on the commenters

31 July 2008 13:33

You can read – and comment on – his article here.


Dealing with Miliband: the inclusive approach

31 July 2008 11:30

I wrote earlier that Brown is being urged to sack David Miliband.  But the Mirror’s Bob Roberts puts forward a different scenario – that Brown annoints Miliband as his heir… Continue reading