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Musharraf’s missed opportunity

20 August 2008 12:58

Reihan Salam, a Spectator contributor, has a good piece at The Atlantic. In it, he conducts a thought experiment that is worth reflecting on: “It’s worth wondering what might have… Continue reading


Labour’s unfunded spending commitments

20 August 2008 10:54

Yvette Cooper on Monday revealed two parts of George Osborne’s policy of which I was unaware. The first was his secret plan for swingeing tax cuts. Next, she informs us,… Continue reading


The things they spend our money on

20 August 2008 9:18

The Daily Mail flags up this bizarre response from Downing Street to the petition calling for Jeremy Clarkson to be made PM. At the risk of sounding like an old… Continue reading


Could the pro-choice McCain VP candidate be Meg Whitman?

19 August 2008 20:50

There is still buzz that the McCain campaign is seeing if the Republican Party can be reconciled to a pro-choice running mate. It seems unlikely that they would carry on doing this if they… Continue reading


Boris’s gift to Labour

19 August 2008 18:10

Might Labour’s attack machine have come back from the dead? They have today seized – and quite rightly – on this comment in Boris Johnson’s Daily Telegraph column: “If you… Continue reading


Cameron’s right there’s a drink problem – but good luck fixing it

19 August 2008 17:47

In the new Cameron book put together by GQ’s Dylan Jones the Tory leader has directly addressed the – apparently particularly British – problem of binge drinking.  Cameron explains that:… Continue reading


The numbers show why Labour should dump Brown

19 August 2008 16:49

There has been much talk over the past few months about Labour’s catastrophic slump and Cameron’s rise. But is it really that bad for Brown? The answer: an unequivocal yes.… Continue reading


Next stop, tax stop

19 August 2008 13:36

The Conservatives have been rightly looking to Sweden for ideas on education policy, now they should be looking a little further south, to Denmark, for inspiration on tax policy. In… Continue reading


Increasing freedom

19 August 2008 12:50

The number of democracies worldwide has almost doubled in the last twenty years, standing at 123 in 2007. These freer and fairer political systems have dramatically increased people’s happiness, a survey… Continue reading


The middle-class rip-off

19 August 2008 12:18

Great moment on the Today programme this morning when John Major – without irony – told James Naughtie how great the National Lottery was because an opera lover like him… Continue reading


Some withdrawal

19 August 2008 10:58

From The Washington Post this morning: Russian armored vehicles moved eastward from the town to a point about 30 miles from the capital, Tbilisi, and plowed aside Georgian police vehicles… Continue reading


There’s no proof that Miliband is the answer to Labour’s problems, but we know that Brown is not

19 August 2008 8:57

This morning’s ICM poll in The Guardian shows that David Miliband is no silver bullet for Labour’s problems: Cameron leads Miliband by the same margin, 21 points, he does Brown… Continue reading


Swedish thoughts

18 August 2008 20:31

I’m now back from my fortnight in Sweden where I kept my word to give up Coffee House for a fortnight. There’s something about the country that makes it a… Continue reading


Russia’s next step

18 August 2008 16:28

The latest Russian move in the conflict is to bulk up its forces in South Ossetia. The New York Times reports that the US believes that Russia has moved SS-21… Continue reading


CoffeeHousers’ wall 18 August – 24 August

18 August 2008 15:59

Welcome to the latest CoffeeHousers’ Wall.  For those who haven’t come across the Wall before, it’s a post we put up each Monday, on which – provided your writing isn’t… Continue reading


General confusion

18 August 2008 14:36

Pakistan’s government had vowed to start impeachment proceedings against President Pervez Musharraf. A session of the National Assembly, Pakistan’s lower house of parliament, had been scheduled for today to initiate… Continue reading


Our changing future

18 August 2008 12:59

English is not the first language of one in eight schoolchildren according to a new government survey. As of January 2007, 85,000 children spoke Urdu and 70,000 Bengali as their… Continue reading


McCain and Cameron, close for now

18 August 2008 12:00

It is common knowledge that John McCain and David Cameron get on. By convention, politicians do not enter into electoral politics in other countries, but the Conservative leader has made… Continue reading


Standing up for America

18 August 2008 11:29

American public diplomacy is nowhere near as good as it should be. So, it is good to see Tim Montgomerie of Conservative Home fame taking on some of the myths… Continue reading


In case you missed them…

18 August 2008 10:50

…here are some of the posts made over the weekend on James Forsyth on who Putin is and the retreating Gordon Brown Americano on why Obama shouldn’t choose a… Continue reading


Brown’s return

18 August 2008 8:55

Philip Webster reports in The Times this morning that Gordon Brown will begin his ‘re-launch’ tomorrow. Apparently, the Prime Minister is not inclined to reshuffle until October thinking that a… Continue reading


The other side of the Beijing Olympics

17 August 2008 15:43

It is heartening to see Britain doing so well at the Olympics but it is worth remembering that for all the excitement of the games, China has not abided by… Continue reading


McCain finds another gear

17 August 2008 12:53

Last night, both John McCain and Barack Obama took questions from Rick Warren, the evangelical preacher, in a televised forum. The two candidates appeared separately with Obama going first. Obama’s… Continue reading


Was that Policy Exchange report so wrong after all?

17 August 2008 10:25

For obvious political reasons, David Cameron had to run a mile from Policy Exchange’s report on northern cities. But as John Rentoul argues in an excellent column in The Independent on Sunday,… Continue reading


Why Obama shouldn’t pick a foreign policy expert as his running mate

16 August 2008 18:30

Barack Obama is widely expected to name his running mate in the next few days. He is now back from vacation and presumably will want to make the announcement before… Continue reading