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Growth no more

22 August 2008 10:55

The latest economic growth statistics – which show that growth in the second quarter of 2008 stood at a less-than-impressive 0 percent – deny Brown one of his proudest boasts; that… Continue reading


Brown’s crass Olympics comparison

22 August 2008 10:50

So Britain’s soldiers, risking life and limb, fighting in the treacherous Hindu Kush, defending our freedoms and the safety of ordinary Afghans are like our Olympics athletes? Heh? That’s what… Continue reading


Fit for purpose?

22 August 2008 8:53

Another day, another data loss scandal.  The culprit this time?  The Home Office – or rather the private consultancy firm entrusted by the Home Office with the details of over… Continue reading


Playing house

22 August 2008 0:37

It all kicks off after McCain gives the worst possible answer to the question of how many houses he and his wife own: "I think — I’ll have my staff… Continue reading


VP watch: Buy Bayh

21 August 2008 20:13

Time Magazine: One of the biggest moments in the campaign is going to be your announcement of a Vice President. What is that decision going to tell voters about you?… Continue reading


And the award for worst foreign policy goes to…

21 August 2008 17:45

In Hollywood, there is an award called the Golden Raspberry or Razzies. The opposite of the much-desired Oscar, the Razzies go to those who have most dishonoured the acting, screenwriting… Continue reading


Is He too young?

21 August 2008 17:25

The Beijing Olympics was a chance for China to shine. But despite the brilliance of much of the games, the hosts keep reinforcing the criticism that all isn’t what it… Continue reading


The Tories have their biggest ever lead, Labour at record low

21 August 2008 15:16

The 24 point lead the Tories have in this month’s Ipsos/Mori political monitor is their largest since the survey began after the 1979 election. The 48 percent they scored is… Continue reading


School isn’t for everyone

21 August 2008 13:23

The GCSE results debate today will be full of the usual accusations of grade inflation from critics and celebration of better teaching by the Government. However in the Times Lord… Continue reading


Opposition foreign policy

21 August 2008 11:27

Normally foreign policy is the refuge of poll-losing leaders, who have tired of the slow pace of domestic reform and launch themselves unto the international stage in the hope of… Continue reading


Brown still doesn’t know how to respond to the Miliband article

21 August 2008 8:55

After David Miliband wrote his infamous Guardian article, the Brownites had two options. Either they could welcome it as important contribution to the debate and try and laugh off the… Continue reading


Who does the PM side with in the Brown-Miliband dispute?

20 August 2008 18:00

The Conservatives have jumped on the confusion in the government’s foreign policy revealed by Nick Brown’s outburst on Comment is Freee (see Fraser’s post), with William Hague asking the Prime… Continue reading


Brown’s not the only one

20 August 2008 17:49

There’s an article in the latest New Republic which (perhaps unintentionally) highlights a key similarity between George Bush’s and Gordon Brown’s difficulties.  Jonathon Chait points out that Republican claims that… Continue reading


It’s still war between Brown and Miliband

20 August 2008 17:30

David Miliband should remember: it is still war between him and Gordon Brown. Thinks he’s Foreign Secretary? Thinks he can go around talking up Nato protection to former Soviet states… Continue reading



20 August 2008 17:14

The deceit of protectionism

20 August 2008 17:02

Jagdish Bhagwati has an excellent piece in the FT today.  He argues that America needs a new deal for trade which supports a globalised market without resorting to protectionism.  He… Continue reading


Time to stand up to the RMT

20 August 2008 16:34

Standing in a stuffy tube train is unpleasant enough without Bob Crow making your life even harder. Almost 3 million people have been hassled again this week with another bout… Continue reading


Hillary’s brother meets with McCains victory chair

20 August 2008 15:09

This’ll set tongues wagging: Hillary Clinton’s younger brother met with Carly Fiorina, the chair of the Republican party’s Victory 2008 committee, at a private gathering in Pennsylvania. The event was… Continue reading


Musharraf’s missed opportunity

20 August 2008 12:58

Reihan Salam, a Spectator contributor, has a good piece at The Atlantic. In it, he conducts a thought experiment that is worth reflecting on: “It’s worth wondering what might have… Continue reading


Labour’s unfunded spending commitments

20 August 2008 10:54

Yvette Cooper on Monday revealed two parts of George Osborne’s policy of which I was unaware. The first was his secret plan for swingeing tax cuts. Next, she informs us,… Continue reading


The things they spend our money on

20 August 2008 9:18

The Daily Mail flags up this bizarre response from Downing Street to the petition calling for Jeremy Clarkson to be made PM. At the risk of sounding like an old… Continue reading


Could the pro-choice McCain VP candidate be Meg Whitman?

19 August 2008 20:50

There is still buzz that the McCain campaign is seeing if the Republican Party can be reconciled to a pro-choice running mate. It seems unlikely that they would carry on doing this if they… Continue reading


Boris’s gift to Labour

19 August 2008 18:10

Might Labour’s attack machine have come back from the dead? They have today seized – and quite rightly – on this comment in Boris Johnson’s Daily Telegraph column: “If you… Continue reading


Cameron’s right there’s a drink problem – but good luck fixing it

19 August 2008 17:47

In the new Cameron book put together by GQ’s Dylan Jones the Tory leader has directly addressed the – apparently particularly British – problem of binge drinking.  Cameron explains that:… Continue reading


The numbers show why Labour should dump Brown

19 August 2008 16:49

There has been much talk over the past few months about Labour’s catastrophic slump and Cameron’s rise. But is it really that bad for Brown? The answer: an unequivocal yes.… Continue reading