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Does "improvement" mean improvement?

5 August 2008 12:41

The Sats results have finally been released, and – as the BBC puts it – there has been "a slight improvement" in level 4 results – the level that will be… Continue reading


Thanks, Gordon

5 August 2008 11:26

“Don’t worry,”  the Government told us when Northern Rock was nationalised, “the £100 billion debt is secured against the bank’s assets.” And what assets might they be? As Guido points out in… Continue reading


Brown’s economic plan takes shape

5 August 2008 11:00

The latest is that Brown is going to temporarily scrap stamp duty as part of his economic recovery plan.  Read Michael Millar’s take on it over at Trading Floor.


Will Cameron and Osborne divorce over marriage?

5 August 2008 8:58

I’d recommend you read Rachel Sylvester’s column in today’s Times. In it, she identifies a split between David Cameron and George Osborne on recognising marriage in the tax system. Cameron’s extremely keen… Continue reading


More Kremlinology

4 August 2008 18:14

Those readers who are tiring of the constant stream of Labour leadership speculation would be best advised to look away now. For the rest of you, here’s a quote from Andy… Continue reading

16 Comments statistics: July 2008

4 August 2008 16:30

Here are the July monthly traffic figures for Unique Users — 197,403 Page Views — 1,886,333 These figures represent an impressive year of growth across the site, and include your… Continue reading


Old habits die hard

4 August 2008 14:59

We all know about Brown’s control-freakery when he was at the Treasury.  And that he maintains a tight grip on matters economic from No.10 is equally common knowledge.  But I… Continue reading


The Sunday Essay: a reminder to send in your submissions

4 August 2008 13:41

We’re introducing a new feature to Coffee House – the Sunday Essay.   Each Sunday, we’ll post an essay by one of our readers, on any political, cultural or sporting topic.  The… Continue reading

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A holiday farewell, and some thoughts about Coffee House

4 August 2008 13:12

Many smokers I know say they aren’t addicted, they just choose not to stop. By the same token, I’m seeing if I can give up Coffee House for a fortnight… Continue reading


Who is Solzhenitsyn’s dissident heir?

4 August 2008 12:42

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the great Russian dissident, has died at the age of 89.  Solzhenitsyn gave a face – and a powerful voice – to the victims of Soviet authoritarianism, through… Continue reading


CoffeeHousers’ Wall, 4 August – 10 August 

4 August 2008 11:49

Welcome to the latest CoffeeHousers’ Wall.  For those who haven’t come across the Wall before, it’s a post we put up each Monday, on which – provided your writing isn’t… Continue reading


Who should be the next England cricket captain?

4 August 2008 11:17

Coffee House seems to have a fair share of cricket fans, so I thought I’d canvass your views on who should be the next England test captain after Michael Vaughan’s resignation yesterday. The… Continue reading


Just in case you missed them…

4 August 2008 9:58

…here are some of the posts made over the weekend on     Daniel Korski says that Britain needs to support a European defence initiative.  Fraser Nelson points out that… Continue reading


The Blairites rally to Miliband’s cause

4 August 2008 9:00

One of the more startling aspects of the nascent Labour leadership struggle is just how quickly it’s dissolved into a Blairite-Brownite feud. Of course, it helps that David Milband – the key,… Continue reading


Helping Europeans on defence is good policy

3 August 2008 18:18

European Union countries keep half a million more men and women under arms than the United States. But 70 percent of these troops cannot operate outside of their national borders… Continue reading


Taxing alcopops: the Australian experience 

3 August 2008 16:59

Taxing alcopops is one of Tory ideas designed to stop youth drinking. “They’ve done this kind of thing in Germany and Australia and it has had dramatic effects,” George Osborne… Continue reading


How different things would be if Blair had sacked Brown

3 August 2008 15:25

As the Blair memo shows us today, the grinning charlatan had the right idea. He stayed too long, and as a result his own popularity was destroyed. But he knew… Continue reading


Has Harman ruled herself out?

3 August 2008 13:36

Harriet Harman has been one of those mooted to succeed Gordon Brown.  But here’s what she says in today’s News of the World (article not online, as far as I can… Continue reading


Something to read on a Sunday

3 August 2008 12:41

If you haven’t already, do check out Matthew Parris’ article from the latest issue of the magazine, on whether doubt is a necessary component of faith.

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Will the money men help Miliband’s cause?

3 August 2008 11:44

The Miliband leadership bid is picking up steam.  According to today’s Sunday Telegraph, his team are already drafting the Foreign Secretary’s speech for the upcoming Labour conference – and it’s… Continue reading


GB demolished by TB

3 August 2008 9:54

Earlier this week, the expectation was the the Brownite attack dogs would set about demolishing David Miliband in today’s papers.  But – as I outlined here – they were soon… Continue reading


Well done Ramps

2 August 2008 18:19

Hearty congratulations to Mark Ramprakash for becoming only the 25th player to score 100 first class centuries. It’s quite a feat, and underlines his status as one of the modern… Continue reading


The Sunday Essay: send in your submissions

2 August 2008 17:17

We’re introducing a new feature to Coffee House – the Sunday Essay.   Each Sunday, we’ll post an essay by one of our readers, on any political, cultural or sporting topic.  The… Continue reading


Will Toynbee’s praise help or hinder Miliband?

2 August 2008 12:26

Polly Toynbee’s article in today’s Guardian is really quite remarkable.  She’s certainly cooled towards Brown and his government over recent months.  But now the split is complete and unequivocal.  Here’s… Continue reading


On the verge of a reshuffle

2 August 2008 9:51

Brace yourselves – the reshuffle forecasts have shifted from ‘likely’ to ‘imminent’.  According to this morning’s paper’s, one could come as early as September 1st, as Brown tries to reestablish his government after the summer… Continue reading