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The Tories have friends in the north

2 May 2008 11:45

The BBC are confirming that the Tories have taken North Tyneside, a nice psychological boost for the party.


All down to Brown 

2 May 2008 10:30

I’ve just done BBC World Service with Martin Bright, my counterpart at the New Statesman. We’re pitched against each other quite a lot – the theory being that I’m a… Continue reading


Brown, the author of his own misfortune

2 May 2008 10:06

When considering what effect these results will have on the mood of the Parliamentary Labour Party, it is worth remembering that most people are blaming Labour’s ghastly performance on the… Continue reading

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The Tories’ slicker operation

2 May 2008 8:59

Last night gave yet another example of the Tories’ more finely-tuned internet operation.  A visit to their website, and you’d find twitter feeds and behind-the-scenes video footage (the most recent of which you… Continue reading

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Morning round-up

2 May 2008 6:56

For those who missed the drama of last night, a quick round-up… At time of writing, results have come in for 100 of 159 councils.  So far, the Tories have gained 147… Continue reading


If tonight’s results were repeated in a general election, the Tories would have a majority of 138

2 May 2008 3:51

Jeremy Vine just sent a chill down the spine of Labour MPs with extrapolation for how many MPs each party would have if the parties received the same vote-shares in… Continue reading


Has Brown led Labour to its worst results since 1968?

2 May 2008 3:15

So, when was the last year Labour did so badly? “Since records began in 1973” say the Tories but surely they can do better than that. Michael Portillo, whom I… Continue reading


Gordon Brown fails his first electoral test

2 May 2008 3:04

In the first elections since Gordon Brown became Prime Minister, Labour’s national vote share fell to 24 percent. Labour’s worst result in a generation is bound to further undermine Brown’s… Continue reading


A nightmare for Brown

2 May 2008 2:06

If the BBC national projections aren’t giving Brown a headache right now, then this Times prediction sure will.  It suggests that Labour’s on course to lose around 270 seats.  That’s some distance from the… Continue reading


Hoon: ‘There is no crisis’

2 May 2008 1:59

Geoff Hoon is turning in one of the worst TV performances I’ve ever seen by a front-line politician. His attempt to pretend that the results really aren’t that bad is making him… Continue reading


Labour in third on 24 percent, Tories on 44 percent

2 May 2008 1:48

The national vote equivalents that the BBC just projected are dire for Gordon Brown. Under him, Labour are doing worse than they were under Tony Blair at the height of… Continue reading


Tories gain Bury

2 May 2008 1:41

There we have it – the Tories have gained outright control of Bury. It’s a key victory – perhaps even more significant than the Southampton result – and it fits… Continue reading


Things keep getting worse for Labour

2 May 2008 1:35

The BBC is now predicting that Labour’s vote share will be only 24 percent, a disaster for Gordon Brown. William Hague is bullish, claiming that tonight is a big step… Continue reading


Tories win Southampton, Jowell stresses that London is a London election

2 May 2008 1:15

The Tory victory in Southampton is the first sign that something big might be happening tonight; no one had this one down as a possible change. John Denham is blustering… Continue reading


 What will Boris and Ken do without each other?

2 May 2008 1:00

Ken or Boris: it’s still anyone’s guess. But whoever wins, (and I do hope Pete and Fraser are right to be optimistic) the question remains: what will they do without each… Continue reading


Osborne revelling in Brown’s difficulties

2 May 2008 0:59

George Osborne really is in his element on the BBC’s election night special. Every time Dimbleby comes to him, Osborne stresses how this is Brown’s first electoral test and if… Continue reading

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The papers lag behind

2 May 2008 0:49

If you want to know why blogs have the edge over newspapers on election night, take a look at tomorrow’s newspapers. I’ve just finished reviewing them on Sky News alongside… Continue reading


David Cameron an asset for the Tories, Brown a liability for Labour

2 May 2008 0:33

There are many in small ‘c’ conservative circles who do not yet love David Cameron—often this has more to do with them than Cameron—but no one can credibly claim that… Continue reading

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Tories fail to take Worcester

2 May 2008 0:12

A poor early result for the Tories, failing to take Worcester. The home of Worcester Woman has not yet left Labour all together, which is consolation for Gordon Brown.


Atmospherics point to a strong Tory showing

2 May 2008 0:01

Tessa Jowell, George Osborne and Charlie Kennedy just got the chance to set expectations for their respective parties on the BBC’s election special and their answers were rather revealing. Jowell… Continue reading


Looking very good for Boris

1 May 2008 23:34

I’m very much inclined to believe Conservative Home’s claim that Boris has won London, but my faith has been bolstered by Nick Robinson’s latest blog post. Here’s how he starts… Continue reading


And the first result is in…

1 May 2008 23:28

The Tories have held Tamworth, gaining one seat in the process.  Expect a flurry of results around 23:30.


Inflated expectations?

1 May 2008 22:46

I have just spoken to a senior Labour staffer (not Douglas Alexander!) who tells me they are seeing the "mirror image" of what I am hearing from the Tories. That is… Continue reading


Is tonight going to be disastrous for Labour?

1 May 2008 22:38

The early word isn’t good for Labour.  A few outlets have called the mayoral election for Boris.  And now Benedict Brogan and Sam Coates reveal some Labour insiders think the Tories… Continue reading


Backing Boris

1 May 2008 22:33

You can add and Betfair to the list of those who have called the election for Boris.