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Petraeus and Crocker on Iraq

8 April 2008 17:44

The message from General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker’s opening statements to the Senate Armed Services Committee is that there has been significant progress in Iraq since September, but that his… Continue reading


Rudd gets it right

8 April 2008 15:45

Iain Martin is spot-on over at Three Line Whip. Kevin Rudd has shown Gordon Brown exactly how he should have handled the recent Olympic torch relay in London. Here’s what the… Continue reading


What inflation? What debt?

8 April 2008 15:14

Ok, so Fraser’s already mentioned Brown’s denial over the state of the economy.  But this whopper that our Prime Minister just issued in an interview with Nick Robinson can’t go unmentioned: "Because… Continue reading


Parent power

8 April 2008 13:30

Steve Richards’s column in The Independent is, as ever, worth reading. Richards is surely right that education is fast becoming the main dividing line between the two parties. But I’m… Continue reading


Out of touch

8 April 2008 12:06

Is Gordon Brown on a mission to prove he is out of touch with what’s happening in the economy? First he tells us inflation is at a record low. Today… Continue reading


Video head-to-head

8 April 2008 10:54

Both Boris and Ken have now released their first election broadcasts – you can watch them both below.  Boris’s effort is more pared down, and for me that makes it more… Continue reading


Coming to blows

8 April 2008 9:00

As always, Rachel Sylvester’s column in the Telegraph is essential reading. Today she writes of how divide, doubt and mistrust have permeated every level of the Government. In particular, this… Continue reading


More bad poll news for Brown

7 April 2008 21:27

Politics Home, which is becoming an indispensable resource, flags up tomorrow’s poll in The Times which shows the Tories ahead 39 to 33. The Tories will be disappointed not to… Continue reading

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Parisian protests

7 April 2008 18:56

The Beijing Olympics are being overshadowed by the Tibet issue on every step of this ridiculous torch relay. And rightly so.    Today it was Paris’ turn to get one over the… Continue reading


Non-essential viewing

7 April 2008 16:37

If you feel like an afternoon nap, then Labour’s first local election TV spot (see below) might help you drop off.  If you stick through to the end, there are details of how… Continue reading


Past posters

7 April 2008 15:39

A few sites across the political blogosphere have already flagged up the newly-digitised Conservative Party Archive Poster Collection, but it deserves a Coffee House mention as well.  I’d recommend you take the time… Continue reading


Boris’s biggest lead yet

7 April 2008 14:09

More great news for Boris today.  Our Man notches up his biggest lead yet in the latest Evening Standard / YouGov poll; claiming 49 percent of first preference votes – whilst Ken languishes… Continue reading


An urgent need for change

7 April 2008 12:36

We hear phrase "market failure" often enough – but (as Michael Prowse once said) government failure is far more common. The most egregious example is education – and David Cameron… Continue reading


Introducing Spectator Business

7 April 2008 11:39

We’ve made a few changes to the website, in anticipation of the launch of our new magazine – Spectator Business – next month. An extra tab has been added to… Continue reading


Just in case you missed them…

7 April 2008 10:54

Here are some of the posts made over the weekend: Peter Hoskin flags up a senior judge’s thoughts on family breakdown, and reports on another good poll result for the… Continue reading


Ming offers lukewarm support for Nick Clegg

7 April 2008 10:33

It is hard to imagine that this week could be as disastrous as last week for Nick Clegg, but Ming Campbell’s interview in the Independent this morning won’t have put… Continue reading


The chickens come home to roost

7 April 2008 8:59

There’s more trouble for Gordon Brown this morning over his decision to scrap the 10p tax rate for low-income earners. The Treasury Select committee – lead by the Labour MP… Continue reading


The wrong sort of snow at Terminal 5

6 April 2008 22:47

You really couldn’t make this up, the snow that fell today led to 100 flights being cancelled at Terminal 5. Now, I’ll grant you that you don’t expect snow in… Continue reading


Taking care of business

6 April 2008 17:12

David Rothkopf’s Newsweek essay on the global super class is well worth reading if only for this anecdote:  “I once overheard a dinner conversation among the CEO of a leading… Continue reading


Protests in the snow

6 April 2008 13:32

The Olympic torch passes through London today.


Another calamity for Clegg

6 April 2008 13:23

The last thing that Nick Clegg needed this morning was the claim in The Independent on Sunday that if all the votes had been counted Chris Huhne would have been… Continue reading


Voters look to the Tories as the credit crunch bites

6 April 2008 12:57

Another encouraging poll for Team Cameron today. The latest ICM / Sunday Telegraph poll puts the Tories on 43 percent (up 6 from last month); Labour on 32 percent (unchanged);… Continue reading


The meaning of what happened in Basra

5 April 2008 17:56

The consequences of the fighting in Basra and the subsequent cease-fire are still unclear. Some see events as testifying to Sadr’s strength, others point out that it was him who… Continue reading


A period of family meltdown?

5 April 2008 13:44

The attacks against this Government are becoming angrier and more widespread by the day.  Now a senior judge wades into the fray, blasting Labour for not preventing family breakdown.  Here’s what he had… Continue reading


Can Clegg recover?

5 April 2008 11:23

Nick Clegg has had a disastrous week. His comments about the number of women he had slept with have made him into a laughing-stock while his party’s position on the… Continue reading