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On the trail of The Phantom Carriage

12 February 2008 17:30

If you’re after a profound cinematic experience, then you could do far worse than to invest in Victor Sjöström’s The Phantom Carriage (1921), which got its first UK DVD release yesterday. … Continue reading


The case for Tory boldness

12 February 2008 16:04

Over at Three Line Whip, Iain Martin argues that the Tories need a plan B as Gordon Brown shifts tactics. This is all goes back to the hares versus tortoises… Continue reading


The victims of a lifestyle culture?

12 February 2008 15:31

A new YouGov poll for the DWP confirms the dangers of a lifestyle culture.  The bottom line: many young people now expect to enjoy certain luxuries when they retire, without having to save… Continue reading


They really don’t want you to have a referendum

12 February 2008 14:18

Labour is clearly rattled by the row over it reneging on its promise of a referendum on the EU Constitution. Not content with threatening to withdraw the whip from Labour… Continue reading


The supporters and opponents of vote-rigging

12 February 2008 12:53

Unlike in, say, American politics, pre-elections polls are bit thin on the ground in Pakistan. The results of one, however, have been published by the Dawn. Conducted during January 2008,… Continue reading

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Is Britain still relevant on the world stage?

12 February 2008 11:45

Britain’s place in the world is under increasing scrutiny.  There’s the continuing debate over the Lisbon Treaty; mutterings that the "special relationship" may break down; and questions about the viability of Brownite free trade. … Continue reading


Yet another rethink…

12 February 2008 10:24

After a wave of criticism, Alistair Darling’s said to be considering a rethink over the Treasury’s non-dom tax proposals.  He’s right to do so – the current plans are a mess –… Continue reading


Brown’s idea

12 February 2008 8:53

The Brown re-launch, or strategic readjustment as I expect the Prime Minister would prefer us to call it, is the subject of Steve Richards’s column today. Richards notes how Brown… Continue reading


So far, so planned

12 February 2008 8:30

I meet with Pakistan’s Deputy High Commissioner to the UK and former High Commissioner to Norway, Abdul Basit. Debonair and sophisticated, he’s a career diplomat from the Foreign Service.  He… Continue reading


NHS on life support

11 February 2008 18:31

Earlier, Fraser mentioned the work of the think-tank Reform, and today that same group released an insightful – and scathing – report on the state of the NHS.  Download it,… Continue reading


And the brass neck of the year award goes to… 

11 February 2008 18:18

If there is an award for a brass neck of 2008, George Osborne has just done enough to win in. First, he proposes a tax on the non-doms (which I… Continue reading


The Archbishop of Cant

11 February 2008 17:50

One might have guessed that the Archbishop of Canterbury would find a verbally tortured way of explaining himself. “I must of course take responsibility for any unclarity,” he told the… Continue reading


Out of the mouths of babes

11 February 2008 17:18

There’s a great piece in New York Magazine about why children lie. In short, they do so because their parent do. The good news if you’re a parent, is that… Continue reading


How to tax the rich?

11 February 2008 15:27

As if to prove he’s still a left-winger, Frank Field today gives a lecture calling for an extra 10% tax on earnings over £150k that could be completely offset by… Continue reading


You’re only as old as the ideas you think

11 February 2008 13:42

John Mortimer had a piece in The Observer this weekend bemoaning ageism in our politics and contrasting the treatment of the 66 year old Ming Campbell with that of the… Continue reading


Another day, another bomb

11 February 2008 13:11

In the troubled North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, a bomb exploded on Saturday during an election rally, allegedly the work of a suicide bomber. So far, 25 are reported… Continue reading


Brown will not tread the road to Blairite reform

11 February 2008 11:40

Both Che Guevara and Thatcher declared they were for “reform”, so Brown saying it means nothing in itself. His definition of reform is “personalisation” which, as far as I can… Continue reading


Can Darling survive the media blitzkrieg?

11 February 2008 11:29

After the grim speculation over the weekend, there’s little comfort for Alistair Darling in today’s papers. The Telegraph runs with the finding that the Chancellor’s tax crack-down on non-doms will actually cost the Treasury… Continue reading


Phil Woolas should not become collateral damage in the Sharia row

11 February 2008 10:51

The last few days have been disastrous for community cohesion. The Archbishop of Canterbury’s ill-considered remarks have stirred up a visceral reaction and created the erroneous impression that Muslims can… Continue reading


Just in case you missed them…

11 February 2008 9:59

Be sure to check out some of the posts made over the weekend: Matthew d’Ancona charts how the Archbishop of Canterbury’s recent proclamations have kickstarted a political row. Fraser Nelson laments… Continue reading


New Brown

11 February 2008 8:43

The supremely well informed Peter Riddell has an informative analysis of phase two of the Brown project in The Times today. Riddell reports that new blood will be brought into… Continue reading


Obama’s perfect weekend

11 February 2008 0:26

Americano has reaction to Barack Obama winning all five of this weekend’s contests and the news that Hillary Clinton has appointed a new campaign manager.   


Watch your back, Darling

10 February 2008 18:27

The whispering campaign against Alistair Darling just went public. The Sunday Times carries an article today that is packed with devastating quotes from government insiders, albeit anonymous ones. We are… Continue reading


Will Kate Hoey and Frank Field be the first MPs to have the whip withdrawn for honouring a manifesto promise?

10 February 2008 16:18

Frank Field and Kate Hoey must be the first MPs in history to be threatened with having the whip withdrawn for trying to honour a manifesto commitment. The 2005 Labour… Continue reading


The gold medal for censorship and appeasement goes to the British Olympic Association

10 February 2008 14:49

It is quite incredible that the British Olympic Association has decided to ban British athletes from making any criticism of the Chinese regime before or during this summer’s Olympics; effectively… Continue reading