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The disaster that backgrounds Northern Rock

19 February 2008 13:30

Hamish McRae writes an excellent article in today’s Independent; reminding us that the Northern Rock debacle pales in comparison to the Government’s mishandling of public finances:  “The much more substantial… Continue reading


Opik joins the yellow rebels

19 February 2008 12:26

A cheeky little bird has leaked me this text, from a letter Lembit Opik sent to a constituent – saying he will defy Nick Clegg and abstain from a vote… Continue reading


Don’t worry Darling

19 February 2008 11:09

David Cameron is calling for his head, the City has lost confidence and the bookies are offering 5/2 that he will be gone from the Treasury by the end of… Continue reading


Taking the puppet-master with him…

19 February 2008 11:01

A few months ago, I rather unkindly suggested that Alistair Darling is no more a Chancellor than Captain Scarlett was an actor. This may now be his salvation. Reading Rachel… Continue reading


Global shifts

19 February 2008 8:36

It has just been confirmed that Fidel Castro – leader of Cuba since 1959 – is to retire as President of his country.  Whilst it’s certainly a moment for the… Continue reading

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Shock defeats for pro-Musharraf party chiefs

19 February 2008 7:55

Staunch Musharraf allies and Pakistan Muslim League (Q) supremos, Party President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussein and former federal Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed both lost their supposedly safe seats. According to… Continue reading


Violence & vote-rigging, as results come in

18 February 2008 21:27

PML (N) and PPP in front for National assembly; many more results expected Asif Ali Zardari is reported to be in Islamabad tonight for an emergency strategy meeting with Nawaz… Continue reading


So much for a united European front

18 February 2008 18:15

The issue of whether or not to recognise Kosovo demonstrates once again why the idea of a common European foreign policy is absurd. On this issue—as on pretty much any… Continue reading


Some Brownies with your coffee?

18 February 2008 18:02

With Boris again laying into Gordon Brown, CoffeeHousers should remember to have their say on the latter’s most misleading statements.  What tops your list of Brownies?

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Riding away with votes

18 February 2008 17:34

PML(N) Sindh Province President S.G.A Shah told Coffee House on Sunday that the next Zardari-Sharif meeting for the new  PPP/ PML(N) alliance will be on the 19th February, following on… Continue reading


The Chancellor’s lucky break

18 February 2008 16:41

Alistair Darling really should send Mohamed al-Fayed a thank you note. Fayed’s testimony is bound to bump Northern Rock off at least the front pages of the tabloids tomorrow. Perhaps… Continue reading


Polls are closed

18 February 2008 15:33

The polls have now closed and counting has begun. There have been shootings in Hyderabad and bomb blasts elsewhere, the latest murder tally for Monday can be viewed on the… Continue reading


Hypocrisy watch

18 February 2008 14:45

There is something rather tragic about the spectacle of Mohammed al-Fayed sounding off in the High Court about the establishment’s supposed role in the death of Princess Diana. One doesn’t… Continue reading


Far from secure

18 February 2008 12:08

Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling have just delivered an absurd medley of deceptions, unwarranted boasts and blame-shifting.  Their Northern Rock press conference in brief: everything’s the fault of global forces, and we can be happy that Brown’s… Continue reading


How bad is it Darling?

18 February 2008 11:45

The Prime Minister and his puppet Chancellor are currently facing the press and engaging in furious damage limitation. After that, the Chancellor will have to make a statement to the… Continue reading


A new consensus

18 February 2008 11:06

Bruce Anderson writes an essential piece in today’s Independent, in which he crystallises the tortoise-hare debate around changes in public opinion; the political narrative of the past thirty years; and… Continue reading

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The countdown begins

18 February 2008 10:16

Polls open at 8.00am and close at 5.00pm (Pakistan time). Counting starts immediately after that, with first results coming in over the next few hours. The final numbers of seats being… Continue reading


Sifting through the Northern Wreckage

18 February 2008 9:22

Perhaps, the greatest political danger for the government from yesterday’s nationalisation of Northern Rock is that it fits so neatly into the narrative of a government that is incapable of… Continue reading


The nationalisation of Northern Rock

17 February 2008 15:37

The BBC are reporting that Northern Rock is to be nationalised.  The move comes after Richard Branson’s overtures to the beleaguered company were rejected. It’s yet another case of Government… Continue reading


Polls & death tolls

17 February 2008 15:17

The Chief of Army Staff General A.P. Kayani has "expressed satisfaction" over arrangements to maintain law and order for the elections while asking for public co-operation. An army spokesman has… Continue reading


Are the Tories doing well enough?

17 February 2008 12:20

Even David Cameron’s most enthusiastic backers in the 2005 leadership contest might have thought it unrealistic to imagine that after a little over two years in the job he would… Continue reading


An operatic treat

17 February 2008 10:38

Opera is a good word. It means work. And if you want to experience a work that is the absolute and utter works, a shattering combination of music and drama… Continue reading


Sunny side up

16 February 2008 17:07

Imagine a world in which there was a constant supply of cheap and renewable energy and the world was no longer reliant on oil. Well such a situation may soon… Continue reading


Water, politicised

16 February 2008 14:19

Geo TV is running an evening show in Urdu called “The Great Debate” in which the representatives of the major parties are each given three-minute slots to air their views… Continue reading


Is Labour not doing the business any more?

16 February 2008 9:56

New Labour’s relationship with business is at a low ebb. As George Parker argues in the FT this morning, the changes to capital gains tax and the whole non-dom business… Continue reading

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