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Blanchflower foresees a miserable Christmas

29 August 2008 12:12

Hardly a day goes by now without a new set of grim economic forecasts in the papers.  But some stand out more than others, such as the prediction made by David Blanchflower today that 300,000… Continue reading



29 August 2008 12:03

So it’s all America’s fault, heh, Mr Putin? The Russian-Georgian War as a “wag-the-dog” kind of operation aimed at making John McCain the next US president. Sure. And what about… Continue reading


Has Brown bought himself more time?

29 August 2008 9:27

As I wrote a couple of days ago, Brown’s close involvement in the Glenrothes by-election is a high risk strategy - after all, he’ll be regarded as even more reponsible should… Continue reading


Footage of Obama’s convention speech

29 August 2008 9:16

Here’s full footage of Barack Obama’s DNC speech last night.  Do check out James and Fraser’s reviews of it here and here:


Yet another poll battering for Brown

29 August 2008 8:37

Does the latest YouGov poll for the Telegraph have the Tories 19 or 20 points ahead of Labour?  The reported numbers have the Tories on 46 percent, Labour on 26… Continue reading


Not a great speech but an effective one

29 August 2008 5:56

On a night which will live long in the memory, Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for president. His acceptance speech was in parts stridently populist but in others presented… Continue reading


Tonight’s McCain ad

28 August 2008 19:56

The McCain campaign used to rail against the media’s obsession with Obama but now it feeds it. It has jumped into the conversation through a series of ads mocking Obama… Continue reading


A hard balancing act

28 August 2008 17:25

The expectations for Obama’s speech tonight are a mile high. I’d be tempted to say they’ll be impossible to match but, as First Read points out , Obama has never… Continue reading


Is the eco-town coalition collapsing?

28 August 2008 16:23

Ok, so Tesco’s announcement that they’re dropping plans to construct an eco-town at Hanley Grange, Cambridgeshire, was couched in diplomatic terms ("We think the proposal had very good prospects of… Continue reading


Political correctness is the real failure of stop and search

28 August 2008 15:09

Laura Richards, a former head of the Met Police homicide prevention unit has claimed stop and search makes gangs stronger not weaker. The method has been used by the Met… Continue reading


How McCain can beat Obama

28 August 2008 11:38

We’ve just uploaded the latest magazine content, and I’d recommend you check out Reihan Salam’s cover piece on how John McCain can beat Barack Obama in the forthcoming US Presidential… Continue reading

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45 years ago today…

28 August 2008 10:28

…Martin Luther King delivered his ‘I have a dream’ speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC.  Here it is in full:


The leadership buzz has fizzled out, but for how long?

28 August 2008 8:51

Do read John Retoul’s excellent article in the Independent today.  In it, he picks up on how the leadership speculation surrounding Brown has slowly fizzled out over the past few weeks.  Things are… Continue reading


Biden lands some blows on McCain, but the convention as a whole fails to pack a punch

28 August 2008 4:13

Joe Biden did go after John McCain tonight, drawing contrasts between McCain and Obama. His solution to the question of how you attack a man with McCain’s record of service… Continue reading


Kerry, this time with feeling

28 August 2008 3:32

When John Kerry got up there to speak with his insomnia-curing drawl, I thought I’d watch the old loser just from a sense of schadenfreude. But then his attack came… Continue reading


Waiting for the boy from hope

27 August 2008 23:30

Bill Clinton’s speech is going to be the dramatic focal point of the night. Whether it is an emotional rapprochement with Obama, a lukewarm endorsement or a reflection on the… Continue reading

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Coffee House poll results: should the Tories pledge to cut public spending?

27 August 2008 18:03

A couple of days ago, we asked CoffeeHousers whether the Tories should pledge to cut public spending.  Many thanks to all those who voted.  The results are now in… Yes,… Continue reading


Lessons to be learned

27 August 2008 17:32

Just as high street chains send spies to Paris fashion shows to nick ideas, so British political parties send envoys to American conventions to see what new ideas are coming… Continue reading


The Clintons dominate in Denver  

27 August 2008 16:59

Another day in Denver, another day of Clinton stories. The extent to which the Clintons are dominating this convention really is quite remarkable. This morning, the news shows have three new… Continue reading

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A Coffee House challenge: how to sell a Cabinet?

27 August 2008 16:23

One of the things about Cameron on Cameron is that it provides journos with a bank of quotes from the Tory leader, on more topics than you could care to think… Continue reading


The joy of a focused book group

27 August 2008 16:07

Book groups are clearly here to stay, with little gatherings across the land busy discussing the latest Ian McEwan or Julie Myerson. These discussions may well be of great interest… Continue reading

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Have the Tories scored an own goal over food packaging?

27 August 2008 13:20

In a speech to the think tank Reform earlier today, Andrew Lansley outlined a few potential measures to tackle obesity in the UK.  You can find a good summary of… Continue reading


Footage of Hillary Clinton’s convention speech

27 August 2008 12:04

Here’s footage of Hillary Clinton’s speech to the Democratic convention last night.  Do check out James and Fraser’s reviews of it here and here.


Brown takes charge in Glenrothes

27 August 2008 10:42

The Daily Record reports that Gordon Brown is to take personal charge of the Labour campaign in the forthcoming Glenrothes by-election, presumably on the basis that he’s well acquainted with the area. … Continue reading


Are we heading towards the point of no return?

27 August 2008 8:39

The Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has a comment piece in today’s FT in which he defends his decision to recognise the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia by drawing parallels… Continue reading