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Throwing the book at Gordon Brown

19 March 2008 10:48

An intriguing item in the Ephraim Hardcastle diary in The Daily Mail this morning suggests that cash for honours will soon come back to haunt Gordon Brown: “LORD Levy’s book… Continue reading


Exclusive commentary and podcast: The West is provoking a new Cold War with Russia

19 March 2008 10:47

A downloadable podcast of last night’s Spectator / Intelligence Squared debate – "The West is provoking a new Cold War with Russia" – is available here. Lloyd Evans’ web exclusive… Continue reading


Charm offensive

19 March 2008 9:06

Gordon Brown’s got an article in today’s Sun.  Its message?  That we shouldn’t worry about the economy, because he’s got his hand on the fiscal tiller.  Again, then, our Prime… Continue reading


Brown 2.0

18 March 2008 22:38

From his deckchair in Vietnam, Guido blogs on the latest openings for the revamped (and, perhaps, jinxed) Team Brown – two web experts. He certainly needs them – Labour’s internet… Continue reading


Rallying point

18 March 2008 20:03

With the FTSE100 soaring 191 points and Dow Jones up 321 points, what are the odds that tomorrow’s front pages will have headlines of “markets rally”, the same way they… Continue reading


Obama’s speech on race

18 March 2008 19:37

The controversy over the racially divisive sermons of Obama’s friend and pastor Jeremiah Wright was the biggest challenge that Obama has faced in the campaign so far as it threatened… Continue reading


An outright victory?

18 March 2008 19:14

A week ago, most people I spoke to in Tory HQ had the happy expectation that Boris Johnson was heading for a glorious defeat. i.e. – that he’d win on… Continue reading


Live Audio: The West is provoking a new Cold War with Russia

18 March 2008 18:22

The latest Spectator / Intelligence Squared debate – The West is provoking a new Cold War with Russia – starts at 18:45. Speaking for the motion are the journalist Anatole… Continue reading


Misrepresenting the welfare ghettos

18 March 2008 16:54

I thought p8 of the Daily Mail looked familiar. It’s that table of benefits which we ran on Coffee House on Sunday (expanded from my News of the World column).… Continue reading


Beckham worth more than Bear Stearns

18 March 2008 16:44

If you want to get a handle on just how cheaply Bear Stearns was sold, consider this,  David Beckham’s contract with the LA Galaxy is worth more than what JP… Continue reading


Anthony Minghella RIP

18 March 2008 15:03

If this is another Black Wednesday, it has just been made blacker yet with the news of the horribly untimely death of Anthony Minghella. He was one of those rare… Continue reading


Intelligence Squared debate: The West is provoking a new Cold War with Russia

18 March 2008 14:54

A reminder that the latest Spectator / Intelligence Squared debate – The West is provoking a new Cold War with Russia  – takes place at 18:45 today. Speaking for the… Continue reading


Black Wednesday Mark II?

18 March 2008 13:31

Do check out this excellently-researched blog post from the think-tank Open Europe.  It details their finding that, as of yesterday, the pound has fallen by more over Brown’s premiership than… Continue reading


Remember to Quiz Clegg

18 March 2008 12:36

Just a reminder that Nick Clegg has offered to answer questions from CoffeeHousers. Register your questions in the comments section to this post.  And early next week we’ll pick the… Continue reading


Disgruntled Labour

18 March 2008 10:26

The two articles by the Labour MPs Jon Trickett and Charles Clarke in today’s Guardian are well-worth reading. Both are deeply pessimistic about the party’s prospects (perhaps indicative of the wider… Continue reading


Recession Watch

18 March 2008 9:03

Asian markets rallied this morning, most likely in expectation of an emergency rate cut from the US Federal Reserve. After the falls of yesterday, many commentators predict that Western markets will… Continue reading


A decisive moment for Obama

18 March 2008 2:38

The controversy over Barack Obama’s pastor and his racially divisive views just keeps getting worse for the Obama campaign. Today, Obama will attempt to move past the story by giving… Continue reading


Tories up 13 in new ICM poll

17 March 2008 20:48

The Guardian has just posted the headlines figures from its new poll which shows the Tories with a 42-29 lead over Labour. The poll also finds that David Cameron and George Osborne… Continue reading


Why falling base rates have lost their sting

17 March 2008 18:20

Now the Fed has cut US rates by another quarter, what’s next? The City expects UK rates to fall to 4.75% by year-end. Now and again, Gordon Brown likes to… Continue reading


The threat of violence

17 March 2008 16:29

Jonathan Powell’s new book and in particular his thoughts on talking to terrorists have been making waves in recent days. But the Guardian news story accompanying the paper’s serialisation of… Continue reading


Tories & tax cuts

17 March 2008 14:56

With Philip Hammond suggesting that the Conservatives won’t cut taxes until a second term in government, there’s a lot of great reading material on the Tory tax debate in today’s… Continue reading


On Boris and that poll lead

17 March 2008 13:55

Who’s laughing now? Boris has stormed ahead in the polls today, with a 12 point lead over Ken in the Standard’s YouGov survey. With 45 days to go, 49 per… Continue reading


Place your bets

17 March 2008 11:51

This is asking for trouble. Ladbrokes has opened a book on the first question David Cameron will ask in PMQs. There will be at least a dozen Tories who will… Continue reading


Boris 12 points up in London

17 March 2008 11:37

Over at Centre Right, Harry Phibbs points to a new poll in The Standard that shows Boris with a 49 to 37 lead over Ken. Boris also leads on second… Continue reading


Keeping it in the banking industry

17 March 2008 10:45

In today’s FT, Alan Greenspan describes the current financial mess as the “most wrenching since the end of the Second World War” (his hindsight being rather better than his foresight). Dismayed… Continue reading