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Brown introduces a stamp duty holiday

2 September 2008 9:39

So Brown has introduced a stamp duty holiday as part of his rescue package for home owners and buyers. From tomorrow until 3 September 2009, properties costing less than £175,000… Continue reading


The extent of the reshuffle

2 September 2008 8:58

As usual, Rachel Sylvester’s column in the Times is essential reading. Today, she writes – contrary to Ben Brogan - that relations between Brown and Darling are poor. But goes… Continue reading


Five reasons why things are now looking up for the Republicans

1 September 2008 22:07

1) Gustav has been downgraded to a Category One hurricane. No levees were breached. So no disaster – and McCain may deliver convention speech in person after all. 2) To… Continue reading


Should we care about Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter being pregnant?

1 September 2008 19:07

The Republican Convention, Minneapolis, Minnesota Word that Sarah Palin is to become a grandmother, aged 44, is spreading rapidly through Minneapolis. Should it matter? James says no, but personally I… Continue reading


The Tories go nuclear

1 September 2008 17:58

In a recent conversation with a Cameroon about the Tory Leader’s foreign policy overtures, I was alerted to William Hague’s July speech at the Institute for Strategic Studies during which… Continue reading


The higher education charade must stop

1 September 2008 17:01

A study has shown that 1/3 of graduates receive no financial benefit from having a degree. And there’s been a 12% rise since 1992 in the number of graduates in… Continue reading


Brown is neither feared nor loved

1 September 2008 15:57

When David Miliband wrote his infamous Guardian piece and then further stoked the controversy with a series of provocative media appearances many of us expected the Brownites to knee-cap him.… Continue reading


Is bare-knuckle politics the way forward for Labour?

1 September 2008 14:16

As James wrote yesterday, Stephen Carter’s alleged slide down the pecking order at No.10 suggests that his softly-softly approach to tackling Davids Miliband and Cameron has been thrown out the… Continue reading


CoffeeHousers’ Wall, 1 September – 7 September

1 September 2008 13:08

Welcome to the latest CoffeeHousers’ Wall.  For those who haven’t come across the Wall before, it’s a post we put up each Monday, on which – provided your writing isn’t… Continue reading


Has Balls lost out in the Darling row?

1 September 2008 12:09

The Alistair Darling story just keeps on rolling.  The latest comes courtesy of Benedict Brogan, who writes on his excellent blog that "relations between Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown remain… Continue reading


Leaky government

1 September 2008 10:16

Expect more furious nail-chewing in Downing Street today, after the leak of a pessimistic memo from Jacqui Smith to Gordon Brown.  The picture that the Home Secretary paints, of the effect the… Continue reading


Will Brown’s conference speech be a mea culpa?

1 September 2008 3:30

Jackie Ashley’s column is, as always, well worth reading this morning. Perhaps, the most significant thing in it is the suggestion that Gordon Brown might admit to his own mistakes at conference:… Continue reading


Carter got

31 August 2008 22:52

The Independent on Sunday’s report that Stephen Carter has been demoted is hugely significant. If it is right, and I have no reason to think it is not I just… Continue reading


A political hurricane

31 August 2008 21:07

It seems rather Jo Mooreish to be discussing the political implications of Hurricane Gustav as people are forced to evacuate their homes but with the hurricane expected to make landfall… Continue reading


Will Hurricane Gustav dent McCain’s hopes?

31 August 2008 17:33

I’m in Denver airport waiting for what a Republican friend in St Paul has just informed me is likely to be a one- or two-day convention. Even if Hurricane Gustav… Continue reading


The East London Carnival?

31 August 2008 16:43

The streets around my house have now been cleaned, shops have opened again and any trace of the colour-packed, music-filled event that is the Notting Hill Carnival has disappeared. The… Continue reading


Forcing the narrative

31 August 2008 11:26

There’s a comment piece by Gordon Brown in today’s Observer, and one by David Miliband in the Mail on Sunday.  The subject of both? Russia and the Georgian crisis. Our Prime Minister… Continue reading


Picking a running mate like it is 2000

30 August 2008 17:48

At first blush the selections of Joe Biden and Sarah Palin appear to have little in common. Obama went for an experienced Washington insider with a ton of national security… Continue reading


Will Darling’s frankness lose him his job?

30 August 2008 10:15

Has Alistair Darling just earned himself the chop?  In an interview with the Guardian this morning, he claims that the current economic downturn could be the worst we’ve faced for over… Continue reading


The Palin pick

30 August 2008 7:06

Talking to those Democrats who didn’t get the first flight out of Denver one picks up two conflicting emotions about the Palin pick: relief and fear. They are all happy… Continue reading


The week that was

29 August 2008 17:29

On Americano James Forsyth and Fraser Nelson have been reporting from Denver, Colorado, on the Democratic National Conference. James thinks McCain has rolled the dice with his VP pick and… Continue reading

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McCain rolls the dice

29 August 2008 16:54

A few weeks ago I was talking to a Republican who fretted that McCain wasn’t far enough behind. His worry was that the McCain campaign wouldn’t realise just how many… Continue reading


Your questions for Dominic Grieve

29 August 2008 16:24

It’s been a week since we asked CoffeeHousers to put forward their questions for Dominic Grieve.  We’ve since picked out the best five, which have now been put to the shadow home secretary. … Continue reading


Timing is everything

29 August 2008 14:22

Well done George Osborne. Just before Labour launch their economic recovery plan he has demanded corporation tax cuts from Darling. This is a great political move that puts the Chancellor… Continue reading


Is this independence?

29 August 2008 12:49

Earlier this week, Russia formally recognised South Ossetia’s "independence".  And now, as the Telegraph reports: Znaur Gassiyev, the Speaker of South Ossetia’s parliament, said the enclave would formally join Russia… Continue reading