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Clarke’s not done yet

4 September 2008 8:48

Charles Clarke certainly didn’t say all he wanted to in his New Statesman article yesterday. He’s just filled in some of the gaps, and spelt things out more clearly, with… Continue reading


Palin’s speech: the verdict

4 September 2008 7:48

I was sitting about 30 metres away from Sarah Palin when she walked on stage, and lost all remaining objectivity at that point. She looked bashful and nervous, as well… Continue reading


Waiting for Palin

4 September 2008 1:02

I’m now in the BBC suite in St Paul stadium with my former Spectator colleague Emily Maitlis. She’s off air and we’re all waiting for Sarah Palin – I’m due… Continue reading


Will the Brown-Miliband truce hold until after conference?

3 September 2008 20:08

There are a couple of excellent articles in the Evening Standard today. Joe Murphy has done a great piece on how Gordon Brown has left Stephen Carter high and dry.… Continue reading


Charles Clarke throws the cat among the pigeons

3 September 2008 17:32

As Nick Robinson suggests, this New Statesman article by Charles Clarke will throw the cat among the Labour pigeons.  There are two particularly incendiary quotes in it, both expressing the… Continue reading


McCain to use the Democrat-supporting blogs against Obama

3 September 2008 16:26

The stature of the blogs is a striking feature of the American elections. There are more of them, and some of the best journalists now working exclusively online (which means… Continue reading


What chance a lasting Olympic legacy?

3 September 2008 15:49

One of the major factors behind London’s successful bid for the 2012 Olympic Games was the promise to create a lasting "Olympics legacy" – to rejuvenate some of the poorer… Continue reading


Primetime for Palin

3 September 2008 14:47

The press are always declaring speeches ‘the most important of the campaign so far’ but Sarah Palin’s tonight really is. John McCain took a huge gamble in picking the first-term… Continue reading


Trans-Atlantic tension will remain

3 September 2008 12:27

On both sides of the Atlantic, foreign policy types are busy drawing up wish-lists of what they want the other to do once a new U.S. President is elected. More… Continue reading


The media register their vote of no confidence

3 September 2008 11:40

The media response to Brown’s recovery package for the housing market feels like some kind of milestone.  It’s negative pretty much across the board (as this useful summary by Jenny Percival… Continue reading


The dysfunctional Brown court

3 September 2008 11:12

Sue Cameron delivers up another great mix of scoops and quotes in her FT column this morning—it is worth paying £1.50 for this quote from Peter Hennessy alone: “If you… Continue reading


The Republican convention gets under way

3 September 2008 8:53

As Gustav fades, the first real night of the real convention has started. The signs, funny hats, even hesitant dancing (to Johnny B Goode). Guests were there: George HW Bush,… Continue reading


The Anbar achievement

2 September 2008 22:30

The transfer of Anbar province to Iraqi control marks another step forward in Iraq. The transformation in Anbar has been quite incredible. Two years ago, no one sane would have… Continue reading


Silly money

2 September 2008 20:27

Dr Sulaiman Al-Fahim, of the Abu Dhabi United Group—the new onwers of Manchester City, has said that he is planning a £135 million, yes one hundred and thirty five million… Continue reading


Leaves on the line

2 September 2008 17:47

From the Southeastern Railways timetable: Retimed trains during the leaf fall period From Monday 13 October 2008 until the end of the timetable, some morning services in this timetable (Mondays… Continue reading


Do the stamp duty stats add up?

2 September 2008 16:22

I just got some stats about how many homes bought in the last year would have been covered by the stamp duty suspension were it to have come in 12… Continue reading


Faith schools shouldn’t get special treatment

2 September 2008 15:18

Since 1997, faith schools have been peddled as a way to deliver high quality education – first by Blair, and now by Cameron and Gove. Sure, they may get impressive… Continue reading


Hail the moderate president

2 September 2008 13:56

The news is in: the next U.S president will be a moderate. Why? Because whoever is elected in November, the Democrats look set to increase their share of congressional seats… Continue reading


The economic storm clouds darken

2 September 2008 12:27

The respected Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has forecast that the UK economy will shrink by 0.3 percent in the third quarter of this year, and by 0.4 percent… Continue reading


Dice are loaded against Brown

2 September 2008 11:30

The news that stamp duty is to be axed on houses costing less than £175,000 is rather underwhelming—the Tories proposed abolishing it on homes under £250,000 last year but is… Continue reading


Brown introduces a stamp duty holiday

2 September 2008 9:39

So Brown has introduced a stamp duty holiday as part of his rescue package for home owners and buyers. From tomorrow until 3 September 2009, properties costing less than £175,000… Continue reading


The extent of the reshuffle

2 September 2008 8:58

As usual, Rachel Sylvester’s column in the Times is essential reading. Today, she writes – contrary to Ben Brogan - that relations between Brown and Darling are poor. But goes… Continue reading


Five reasons why things are now looking up for the Republicans

1 September 2008 22:07

1) Gustav has been downgraded to a Category One hurricane. No levees were breached. So no disaster – and McCain may deliver convention speech in person after all. 2) To… Continue reading


Should we care about Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter being pregnant?

1 September 2008 19:07

The Republican Convention, Minneapolis, Minnesota Word that Sarah Palin is to become a grandmother, aged 44, is spreading rapidly through Minneapolis. Should it matter? James says no, but personally I… Continue reading


The Tories go nuclear

1 September 2008 17:58

In a recent conversation with a Cameroon about the Tory Leader’s foreign policy overtures, I was alerted to William Hague’s July speech at the Institute for Strategic Studies during which… Continue reading