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The mess that was Iraq policy

7 September 2008 17:01

Bob Woodward’s latest book on the Bush administration is being serialised by the Washington Post this week and is a grim reminder of just how badly Iraq strategy was run… Continue reading


Fear factor

7 September 2008 14:18

“If GB goes down, he’s going to take everybody with him." John Rentoul reports, in his column today, that this is what Nick Brown has told various Labour backbenchers. Leaving… Continue reading


Ivan Lewis pays the price

7 September 2008 12:47

Poor Ivan Lewis. Previously we only heard from this health minister when he cropped up to criticise Gordon Brown through some coded newspaper article. Now he’s on the front page… Continue reading


The dithering party

7 September 2008 11:51

Andrew Rawnsley hits the nail on the head when he says that a “Prime Minister cannot be on perpetual probation”. At some point soon if it is not to go… Continue reading


The British reaction to Sarah Palin

6 September 2008 17:02

I’m back in Britain now, and had not prepared myself for the reaction to Sarah Palin. The Guardian has a piece softly sneering at her Christianity (Headline: “This person loves… Continue reading


A warning shot across Gordon’s bow

6 September 2008 13:33

In the last week there have been several stories about how Stephen Carter, the PM’s chief strategist, is to be demoted or moved; Brown can hardly bear to look at… Continue reading


A lesson in how not to end leadership speculation

6 September 2008 11:22

Here are the last few lines of the interview with Harriet Harman in today’s Times: “Is it not time for another woman British leader? Does she want the job if… Continue reading


Brown’s sinking, but where are the alternatives?

6 September 2008 10:23

The story’s familiar by now. A poll comes out; it puts the Tories 20-ish points ahead of Labour; and it contains a whole load of below-the-headline findings which are personally… Continue reading


Palin Polling

5 September 2008 19:28

The new ABC poll, conducted yesterday so after Palin’s speech, is a mixed bag for the McCain campaign. On the one hand, less than half of voters—42 percent to be… Continue reading


The week that was

5 September 2008 18:20

Here are some of the posts made over the past week on Fraser Nelson reports for Americano from the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-Saint Paul.  He gives his take on… Continue reading


An Olympic let-down?

5 September 2008 17:21

A couple of days ago, I wrote that - given the massive costs attached to the 2012 Games – taxpayers will want to see that the Government’s promise to deliver a… Continue reading


Poverty of aspiration; not poverty of talent

5 September 2008 16:13

One of the major educational challenges facing us today is ensuring talented pupils receive the same opportunity to excel. Today’s publication of a Warwick University study shows that low teacher… Continue reading


The Brownites really can’t play the expectations game

5 September 2008 14:59

The Brown re-launch is falling flat because all the ideas in it were previewed over the summer, meaning that their announcement does little for Brown’s prospects. Indeed, in some cases… Continue reading


Is 5 June, 2009, the date for Brown’s departure?

5 September 2008 12:28

The Evening Standard’s Paul Waugh explains why it might be, over at his blog.


Comments are working again

5 September 2008 11:43

Just to say that the comments facility is now working again. I’ve been assured that any comments made overnight (when it wasn’t working) should still appear – although they may… Continue reading


Couldn’t organise a plot in a parliamentary party

5 September 2008 11:35

Iain Martin has a quite brilliant line in his column today on Charles Clarke and his plotting : “If this is an attempted coup, it is shaping up to be the… Continue reading


Have the energy companies damaged Brown’s hopes even further?

5 September 2008 10:37

Could the news that the Government won’t give cash handouts to those struggling with rising energy bills be another nail in the coffin of Brown’s premiership? The spin he’s putting… Continue reading


McCain’s speech: the verdict

5 September 2008 8:37

For his speech last night, John McCain had a walkway built into the floor – perhaps to remind him of the town hall settings he’s most comfortable with. He’s not… Continue reading



5 September 2008 8:32

Comments haven’t been working across the site since yesterday evening. We’ve got the techies working on it, so hopefully the problem will be fixed soon. Apologies to everyone who may… Continue reading

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What McCain needs to do tonight

4 September 2008 21:47

The Sarah Palin pick has given John McCain permission to say what he wants in policy terms tonight. The base is fired up and ready to go thank to both… Continue reading


"The outstanding politician of this era"?

4 September 2008 19:50

Amid all the Labour backbiting and leadership speculation, there remain some – almost comically enthusiastic – voices of support for Gordon Brown.  Here’s Tony Lloyd, chairman of the Parliamentary Labour… Continue reading


The limits of going negative for Labour

4 September 2008 19:04

Many people in the Westminster Village will tell you that Labour’s last best chance is to personally attack David Cameron. The theory is that if you can take down Cameron,… Continue reading


A real pity

4 September 2008 16:59

There’s a fascinating stat in Prospect’s In Fact column. In England, 57 per cent of children aged five to twelve have visited visited Spain and 54 per cent France. But… Continue reading


Global warming opens up Northwest Passage

4 September 2008 15:59

The Northwest Passage has been a focal point for both environmentalists and shipping companies for years. The sea route along the North American coast has been blocked for hundreds of… Continue reading


Is a snap reshuffle coming on Monday?

4 September 2008 14:53

Just to point out Iain Dale’s post suggesting that Brown will be holding a snap reshuffle on Monday.  The feeling around Westminster is increasingly that one’s coming sooner rather than later. … Continue reading