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Twenty hours in America

7 January 2008 13:57

 Voting in New Hampshire starts in 21 hours time and unless something dramatic happens between now and then Barack Obama will win big. If he does, the nomination will be… Continue reading

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Obama now favourite

7 January 2008 11:49

Even on Saturday afternoon, I couldn’t find a bookmaker who made Barack Obama favourite to be the next us president. People’s money was still on Hillary, suggesting Iowa was a… Continue reading


Brown’s back – and doing a Hillary

7 January 2008 9:49

Don’t mention the relaunch! That will be the motto today as Gordon Brown embarks on his, ahem, new year initiative kicking off with a big speech on health . Cameron… Continue reading


New polls show Obama with a double digit lead in New Hampshire

7 January 2008 4:39

The latest New Hampshire polls suggest that Obama is going to blow Clinton away here. He leads by 13 in the Gallup poll and is 10 ahead in the CNN/WMUR… Continue reading


The Republicans debate

7 January 2008 1:03

Tonight, the Republican presidential contenders—minus Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter—hold another televised debate here in New Hampshire. Last night, John McCain, Fred Thompson, Mike Huckabee and Rudy Giuliani all piled… Continue reading


The BBC was not even warm about global temperatures

7 January 2008 0:47

Almost a year ago, BBC News reported (January 04),  that "the world is likely to experience the warmest year on record in 2007." In fact, temperatures in 2007 were no… Continue reading


How Huckabee is tailoring his message to New Hampshire

7 January 2008 0:32

After Hillary’s rally this morning, we drove out to Mike Huckabee’s chowder-fest in the small town of Wyndham. The whole event was a testament to what a versatile politician Huckabee… Continue reading

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Hillary needs a convincing critique of Obama–and fast

6 January 2008 23:23

Hillary Clinton’s new strategy was evident at her canvas kick off this morning. She kept stressing how she, unlike Obama, had actually delivered change. She rattled off—Gordon Brown style—the numbers… Continue reading


Hillary’s quest for votes

6 January 2008 14:45

I’m at a Hillary “canvas kick off” in Manchester, New Hampshire this morning and the Hillary supporters are out in force making more noise than is entirely decent at this time… Continue reading

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The winners: McCain and Obama

6 January 2008 4:48

John McCain and Barack Obama won tonight’s debates here in New Hampshire not because of what they did but because of what others did for them. The mass Republican assault… Continue reading


The Democratic debate

6 January 2008 2:40

I’m a little late to the party here as I was in the spin room listening to the surrogates for the Republican candidates. So, I’ll come back to the foreign… Continue reading


The debate double-header

6 January 2008 0:40

I’m sitting in the press filing centre at Saint Anselm College where the leading Republican and Democratic presidential candidates are about to hold back to back debates. The stakes are… Continue reading


Worrying signs for the Republicans

6 January 2008 0:05

As in Iowa, you can’t help but notice the enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Democrats. This morning Obama drew 3,000 people and no one seemed to mind the event starting… Continue reading


McCain rallies his band of brothers

5 January 2008 23:36

After the Obama rally, I headed up to Peterborough for a John McCain town hall. The population of the town is 6,000 yet McCain had 600 at his event with… Continue reading

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Obama has the wind at his back

5 January 2008 21:15

Nashua, New Hampshire There’s little doubt that Obama is the candidate with the big ‘mo. Half an hour before his event was due to start here at Nashua North High… Continue reading

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Hillary’s last best chance

5 January 2008 12:53

Tonight, both the Democrats and the Republicans debate here in New Hampshire. The Democratic debate represents Hillary Clinton’s best chance to push back against the surging Barack Obama. Hillary has… Continue reading


The shape of the Republican race

4 January 2008 21:28

Manchester, New Hampshire Mark Halperin over at The Page poses perhaps the most important question about the Republican race post-Iowa, “Do Huckabee and Giuliani rely on Romney to stop McCain… Continue reading


Brown should help pensioners fight the cold

4 January 2008 18:01

Last month, I posted about the number of pensioners who die from the cold each winter (more than 20,000). Two events will make it even worse this winter: the decision… Continue reading


Britain’s out of touch elite is shocked by reality

4 January 2008 13:13

Fleet Street seems staggered to hear that half a million under-35s are on incapacity benefit – as publicised by the FT yesterday. Even Xinhua, the Chinese government newswire service, follows… Continue reading


On to New Hampshire

4 January 2008 11:36

The US  papers are stuffed with analysis of last night’s result. Of the stuff that I’ve seen waiting for my flight to New Hampshire, two pieces are absolute must reads: … Continue reading


Is there a way for Hillary to recover from this defeat?

4 January 2008 9:44

To understand how deep a hole Hillary Clinton is in following Barack Obama’s crushing victory in the Iowa caucuses, think what you would advise her to do. Going negative on… Continue reading


Where now for the Republicans?

4 January 2008 8:38

After Iowa, the Republican race remains remarkably fluid. Indeed, it is hard to identify anyone as the frontrunner. The result was clearly awful for Mitt Romney but Rudy Giuliani was… Continue reading


How Obama triumphed

4 January 2008 7:40

Last night I headed to a caucus in Johnston, a suburb of Des Moines, and how Obama triumphed there was an extreme example of how he won Iowa. In 2004,… Continue reading


Obama is now the most likely Democratic nominee

4 January 2008 5:06

Barack Obama must now be regarded as the favourite to win the Democratic nomination. He has absolutely thumped Hillary Clinton in Iowa, 38% to 29% with 99% of precincts reporting.… Continue reading


Both Republicans and Democrats voted for change

4 January 2008 4:37

Huckabee’s victory rally was buzzing; his supporters were revelling in having upset the apple cart. The most noticeable feature of Huckabee’s speech was how was how much of what he… Continue reading