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Burnham’s letter defuses the Chakrabarti row

21 June 2008 15:22

As Paul Waugh’s reporting over at his essential blog, it seems like the row between Shami Chakrabarti and Andy Burnham is at an end – and all because of a… Continue reading


The European Commission’s dodgy numbers

21 June 2008 13:41

Open Europe has caught the European Commission out in some outrageous spinning. Before the recent summit, the Commission circulated a briefing note to journalists that stated that 40 percent of… Continue reading


A clunking disaster

21 June 2008 10:57

Friday marks the end of Gordon Brown’s first year as Prime Minister. Labour won’t be marking the occasion, but the Tories will which rather tells you what you need to… Continue reading


Davis tries to explain why if 42 days is so wrong 28 is OK

20 June 2008 19:13

David Davis has blogged today in defence of his position on 28 days, his critics are asking why he voted for that if detention without charge is so wrong. Here’s… Continue reading


The week that was

20 June 2008 18:28

Some highlights of the week on   Spectator Live is launched. Andrew Neil thinks that Britain has lost out from the Home Office’s decision not to let Martha Stewart… Continue reading


Countdown to Wimbledon

20 June 2008 17:55

If ever there was a sporting foregone conclusion it’s Wimbledon. Federer always wins Wimbledon. It’s what he does. He hasn’t lost on grass in 59 games so there’s no point… Continue reading


Countering the lies

20 June 2008 16:38

My, British politics is becoming litigious. First Shami Chakrabarti threatens to sue over “smears” about her and David Davis, and now David Cameron is talking about suing the Liberal Democrats… Continue reading


Brown delays ratification of the Lisbon Treaty

20 June 2008 14:35

At the suggestion of Lord Justice Richards, Gordon Brown has confirmed he’ll delay ratification of the Lisbon Treaty until after the result of Stuart Wheeler’s court case against the Government. … Continue reading


Peter Oborne: We have a duty to protect Zimbabwe

20 June 2008 14:07

With the EU having just threatened further sanctions against Zimbabwe, I’d recommend you read Peter Oborne’s powerful article in this week’s magazine.  In it, he describes the terrible civil strife experienced under Robert… Continue reading


Exclusive: Martha Stewart banned from Britain! Her loss — or ours?

20 June 2008 13:26

I was scheduled to have dinner with Martha Stewart, America’s very own domestic goddess, in London next week — but not any more. She was due to arrive for an… Continue reading


We stand with Mandelson

20 June 2008 12:56

I know this might not come naturally to Coffeee Housers but we all really should rally to Peter Mandelson’s defence. Nicolas Sazkozy is attacking Mandelson because he is a free… Continue reading


The disgruntled speak out

20 June 2008 12:27

Over at Comment Central, Danny Finkelstein’s posted a couple of no-holds-barred quotations from Labour MPs: "Our Leader is utterly useless. If you asked him which of the two doors from… Continue reading


Things are hotting-up in Henley

20 June 2008 11:24

After David Davis’ resignation, Henley was under threat of becoming the forgotten by-election.  But things are hotting up there today, with David Cameron threatening to sue the Lib Dems over… Continue reading


The Davis shuffle

20 June 2008 10:59

Last night on Question Time, David Davis said: "If I was given my job back, I think I’d take it – but I don’t think I’ll be offered it." The… Continue reading


Ed Balls’ salvo against grammar schools

20 June 2008 9:04

Although he hasn’t quite stepped out and declared that he hates all existing grammar schools, Ed Balls’ latest speech contains the strongest clue yet that that’s how he feels. Here’s… Continue reading


Miliband won’t take no for an answer

19 June 2008 20:12

Further to Pete’s post, David Miliband’s comments on Channel 4 tonight are a classic example of Euro double-speak: "We are ready to respond to the vote that took place in… Continue reading


Just say ‘No’

19 June 2008 18:54

The news coming out of the EU summit in Brussels is less than encouraging. Apparently, the various representatives are preparing themselves for months and months of negotiation over the Lisbon Treaty. And… Continue reading


The Labour attack machine has lost its teeth

19 June 2008 17:28

If you want to know how much Labour’s political skills have atrophied just consider how it has failed to land a hit on the Tories—and David Davis in particular—over their… Continue reading


Burnham gets more than he bargained for

19 June 2008 16:26

Andy Burnham’s comments about David Davis and Shami Chakrabarti were a cheap shot and unworthy of this office. They also typified the cack-handed way in which Labour has responded to… Continue reading


Darling speaking at Mansion House

19 June 2008 15:19

Here, thanks to HM Treasury, is footage of Alistair Darling’s speech at Mansion House last night:


Spectator Live

19 June 2008 14:37

Just a reminder about latest feature on the site – Spectator Live.  You can access it via the ‘Live’ tab at the top of the page, or by going to  It’s… Continue reading


The Tories should take the poor out of tax

19 June 2008 13:11

The Telegraph’s excellent Tories in Power series continues today with a splendid piece by Tim Montgomerie. Tim argues that: “The Tories’ next moral target should be the taxation of low-income… Continue reading


The Davis story

19 June 2008 13:03

A few months ago, I was told that David Davis had confessed at a dinner party that he didn’t believe the next Cameron government would be very Tory, and didn’t… Continue reading


Can Cameron be in two places at once?

19 June 2008 11:48

The Daily Mirror has returned to pinning cycling misdemeanors on David Cameron.  But, as Adam Boulton & Co. point out, the Tory leader has a very good alibi for their… Continue reading

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Does Brown need some holiday reading?

19 June 2008 10:59

Alistair Horne has a delightful piece in today’s Independent reflecting on the dinner he went to with George W. Bush and what politicians learn from history. I was particularly struck… Continue reading