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David Blunkett is the latest Labour grandee to attack Corbyn. But is this the right strategy?

19 August 2015 8:34
David Blunkett, veteran Labour politician and former Home Secretary is interviewed by media as he joined the Labour candidate for Redcar Anna Turley on a campaigning visit on April 22, 2015 in Redcar, England

Day after day, Labour’s big beasts are being wheeled out one by one. Yesterday it was Neil Kinnock, today it’s David Blunkett’s turn to warn against the impending doom if Jeremy Corbyn… Continue reading


Can we trust the Labour leadership polls?

18 August 2015 18:46

Is Jeremy Corbyn’s steaming ahead in the Labour leadership contest? Is he going to win on first preferences alone? The best quantitate answers we have come from two YouGov polls conducted for the Times —… Continue reading


Jeremy Corbyn is not an anti-Semite but he is reaping what he sowed

18 August 2015 18:24
Jeremy Corbyn's Policy Ideas For Young People Launch

People keep asking me if I think Jeremy Corbyn is anti-Semitic. I don’t. Or at least I think it’s vanishingly unlikely. Why would he be? For all his political unorthodoxy… Continue reading


Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party: one of them must go

18 August 2015 17:24
Jeremy Corbyn is pictured as he arrives to address a speech in west London, on August 17, 2015.

I suppose I’d insult Jeremy Corbyn if I compared him to an American. Jews (sorry ‘Zionists’) and Ukrainians rank high in the far-left’s demonology. But Corbyn and his comrades agree… Continue reading


What Christian Guy’s appointment says about David Cameron’s No.10

18 August 2015 16:10
Christian Guy on Sky News.

What will David Cameron do with his final few years in power? On election night, he said he wanted his party ‘to reclaim a mantle that we should never have… Continue reading


Cheat sheet: what Jeremy Corbyn stands for

18 August 2015 14:16
Jeremy Corbyn answers questions from the media outside King's Cross Station on August 18, 2015 in London, England.

Given by most metrics Jeremy Corbyn is on track to win the Labour leadership contest, his policies deserve to be examined and discussed. Based on his speeches and pamphlets, here is… Continue reading


Muhammad really is the single most popular boys’ name in England and Wales

18 August 2015 12:21

Why doesn’t the Office of National Statistics want us to know that Mohammed is the most popular boys’ name in England and Wales?  Yesterday, it put out its annual survey… Continue reading


Inflation is rising at a snail’s pace; interest rates will too

18 August 2015 12:20

With inflation nailed to the floor, real wage increases are now increasing at the fastest rate in years. Today’s CPI inflation data today shows it moving from zero in June… Continue reading


Yes, Jeremy Corbyn actually is the most dangerous man in British politics

18 August 2015 12:17

No, Nicola Sturgeon does not have much reason to be worried about Jeremy Corbyn. But the rest of the country does. To borrow from the tabloids, Corbyn is The Most Dangerous… Continue reading


Will the Bangkok bomb shake Thailand’s ‘Land of Smiles’ reputation?

18 August 2015 11:07
Policemen stand at the cordoned-off site of a bomb blast at the popular Erawan shrine in the heart of Bangkok's tourist and commercial centre (Photo: Christophe Archambault/Getty)

A powerful explosion ripped almost instantaneously through a busy intersection in Bangkok’s downtown shopping area yesterday, killing 22 people and injuring more than 100. Some of the victims were foreign tourists, and… Continue reading


Andy Burnham: it’s not ‘three against one’ with Jeremy Corbyn

18 August 2015 9:12
Andy Burnham delivers a speech at the Peoples Museum on August 17, 2015 in Manchester, England

The Labour leadership race is rapidly turning sour. None of the warnings from party grandees are denting Jeremy Corbyn’s support, so talk has turned back to whether candidates should drop out. Yvette… Continue reading


Corbynomics: A path to penury

17 August 2015 20:52

The expansion of capitalism and free markets in recent decades has led to incredible economic and social progress; the fastest fall in extreme poverty in human history, rising life expectancy… Continue reading


Cooper vs Burnham: ‘A panicked, desperate stunt straight out of the Ed Balls playbook’

17 August 2015 20:30
Labour leadership candidates Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham on stage at the Labour leadership hustings in Citywest hotel on June 9, 2015 in Dublin, Ireland.

Yvette Cooper has rounded on Andy Burnham this evening, demanding that the Labour leadership contender oppose Jeremy Corbyn or stand aside. Burnham gave a speech this morning that was widely… Continue reading


Sadiq Khan: the man who can beat Zac Goldsmith in London?

17 August 2015 17:28
Sadiq Khan takes part in the 2014 London Marathon on April 13, 2014 in London, England.

The dynamics of Labour’s other ongoing election appear to be shifting. While Tessa Jowell remains the favourite to be the party’s candidate for the 2016 London Mayoral election, Sadiq Khan… Continue reading


Ed Miliband won’t say anything until after the Labour leadership contest is over

17 August 2015 16:17
Miliband speech at University of London

Why is Ed Miliband not intervening to stop Jeremy Corbyn? Some Labourites see the former leader’s silence on the issue as a dereliction of duty, and hope to increase the… Continue reading


At least Labour is still a party worth crashing

17 August 2015 16:02
(Photo: Getty)

The Labour party includes many sensible and intelligent people who want what is best for our country.  But all of them are currently gnawing their hands and weeping into their… Continue reading


Could Jeremy Corbyn be removed as Labour leader?

17 August 2015 15:22

If Jeremy Corbyn is elected as Labour leader, how long would he last? Blairities, such as John McTernan, have promoted the idea of an instacoup — taking him out as soon as possible. Or the party… Continue reading


Exclusive: Whitehall prepares for a new cull

17 August 2015 15:09

Government departments have started to prepare their staff for job losses ahead of this autumn’s spending review, Coffee House has learned. George Osborne wants ministers to cut as much as… Continue reading


Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall deny Peter Mandelson asked them to drop out

17 August 2015 8:46
Peter Mandelson listens to Gordon Brown speak at a party election conference, April 8, 2010 in London, England

He may be out of power but Labour’s Prince of Darkness is still attempting to pull the strings. Today’s Daily Telegraph reports that Peter Mandelson suggested to Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall that they… Continue reading


Jeremy Corbyn can fill a Glasgow hall quicker than Nicola Sturgeon. It’s time for her to worry

16 August 2015 21:53
Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 22.33.53

Strange things have been happening in Scottish politics of late, and Jeremy Corbyn’s speech in Glasgow on Friday was one of them. I’m a Labour supporter, and can safely say… Continue reading


Gordon Brown’s speech provokes scuffles amongst Labour MPs

16 August 2015 16:22

So, funnily enough, Gordon Brown’s speech about his party’s leadership election hasn’t been that well-received by some quarters of Labour. There are some interesting people who are inevitably claiming he’s… Continue reading


Gordon Brown tries to save his party

16 August 2015 15:48
Labour leadership contest

Gordon Brown has just given one of his saving-the-world-at-the-last-minute speeches. He was speaking just as the ballot papers for his party’s leadership election are being sent out, and in keeping… Continue reading


Lurch to the left or the right? Where Labour and the Tories must position themselves to win in 2020

16 August 2015 13:30
(Photo: Tim Whitby/Getty)

What are the best political positions for Labour and the Conservatives to take to win back more voters? The Tories want to maintain and extend their victory, while Labour is… Continue reading


A Twitter snapshot of the Labour leadership struggle

16 August 2015 9:01

Who would win the Labour leadership contest if it were decided by the number of Twitter followers? Jeremy Corbyn 94,200 Andy Burnham 85,400 Yvette Cooper 72,800 Liz Kendall 35,900 And… Continue reading


Should we have celebrated VJ Day?

15 August 2015 10:23
Chinese Celebrate.

Should we have celebrated VJ Day? Hearing the hieratic tones of the Emperor Hirohito on Radio 4 the other day, announcing the unthinkable — the surrender of the great imperial… Continue reading