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One dog down, in Spain’s Ebola panic

8 October 2014 16:17
Excalibur the dog barks from his owners' balcony in Madrid  (Photo: Getty)

[UPDATE: The dog is now dead, WSJ reports.] For anyone concerned about Spain’s ability to contain Ebola, after a Spanish nurse’s aide tested positive for the virus, fear not: Madrid’s regional… Continue reading


Podcast special: Nick Clegg’s speech

8 October 2014 15:57
(Photo: Getty)

Nick Clegg delivered an aggressive speech this morning. But will it be enough to keep the Liberal Democrats in government? James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman discuss it in this View… Continue reading


We want to make you shine! Nick Clegg’s speech in five points

8 October 2014 15:07
Graphic: Carla Millar

listen to ‘Podcast: Nick Clegg’s speech’ on audioBoom Nick Clegg has just finished speaking to the Liberal Democrat conference. The Lib Dem leader spoke for around an hour, and in… Continue reading


Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats are in high spirits – and in attack mode

8 October 2014 14:52
Nick Clegg speaks on Wednesday at the Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow (Photo: Getty)

listen to ‘Podcast: Nick Clegg's speech’ on audioBoom There were no rabbits in Nick Clegg’s speech today. Instead, there was just an unerring emphasis on the Liberal Democrats’ message that… Continue reading


The unbearable ingratitude of Kevin Pietersen

8 October 2014 13:32
Australia v England - Fourth Test: Day 2

Seven years ago Kevin Pietersen produced his first attempt at autobiography, Crossing the Boundary: The Early Years in My Cricketing Life. Atrociously written, it demonstrated no awareness of the world… Continue reading


Full text: Nick Clegg’s speech to the Liberal Democrat conference 2014

8 October 2014 12:59
(Photo: Getty)

listen to ‘Podcast: Nick Clegg's speech’ on audioBoom Before I say anything else, I’m sure I speak on behalf of all Liberal Democrats when I say that our hearts and… Continue reading


Gleeful end to Lib Dem conference

8 October 2014 11:03

listen to ‘Podcast: Nick Clegg's speech’ on audioBoom Nick Clegg put in an appearance at Glee Club last night – albeit only in 2-dimensional form as a cardboard cutout –… Continue reading


Nick Clegg to announce waiting targets for mental health

8 October 2014 0:16
Nick Clegg at the Lib Dem conference (Photo: Getty)

Nick Clegg will, as promised, use his conference speech today to announce waiting time targets for mental health treatments. The Deputy Prime Minister, as part of government efforts to bring… Continue reading


Anglican bishop to address Ukip. Now that’s courage for you

8 October 2014 0:14
Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 23.15.01

The former Bishop of Rochester, Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, has agreed to talk to members of Ukip about ‘Magna Carta and the Perfectly Virtuous Pages of our History’. I blogged earlier about the… Continue reading


‘Unfunded tax cuts’: a verbal disease from America

7 October 2014 19:54
(Photo: Getty)

The notion of ‘unfunded tax cuts’ seems set to be a central theme in next year’s election. David Cameron’s promise last week to raise the income threshold for the 40 per cent tax rate has… Continue reading


Tory planning changes ‘perverse’ and creating ‘unbalanced development’ warns Cable

7 October 2014 18:14
Vince Cable. Image: Getty

One of the most striking things about the Lib Dem conference is not that the party has decided to be mean about the Tories in a mildly obsessive and weird… Continue reading


Nick Clegg fails to reverse the Lib Dem position on airport expansion

7 October 2014 13:09
(Photo: AFP/Getty)

Nick Clegg may feel he’s got his party in a reasonably good place and a reasonably good mood. But he has just been defeated by the Lib Dem conference on… Continue reading


In football as in politics, the Lib Dems have a losing policy

7 October 2014 12:36
The Lib Dems say winning is dangerous. (Photo: Getty)

The Liberal Democrats now have an official party policy that football clubs wanting to win is a cause for concern. The party’s conference has just approved a motion, which Coffee… Continue reading


Lib Dems to announce mental health policy ‘red line’

7 October 2014 9:03
Norman Lamb

The Lib Dems haven’t really announced many enormous policies so far at their party conference. Yesterday’s speech from Vince Cable was more notable for its loyalty than it was for… Continue reading


Danny Alexander indicates that the Lib Dems wants £5 billion in tax rises

6 October 2014 20:37
Danny Alexander's call for the abolition of higher-rate relief on pension contributions has received the backing of the Centre for Policy Studies. Picture: Getty

In a sign of his enhanced status in the party, Danny Alexander has been one of the main attractions on the conference fringe this year. This evening, it was standing… Continue reading


Lib Dems aren’t haranguing Nick Clegg. Makes a change

6 October 2014 16:59
Image: Getty

In the past few years, Nick Clegg has come to blows with his party activists at his annual conference question-and-answer session over the policies his party has had to support… Continue reading


Vince Cable accuses George Osborne of lying about tax rises

6 October 2014 13:58
(Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty)

Vince Cable’s speech today was loyal and funny. Cable was, unlike in some previous years, very much on message. He lavished praise on Clegg for having turned the Liberal Democrats… Continue reading


Football too concerned with winning, say Lib Dem activists

6 October 2014 11:39
The Liberal Democrats Hold Their Annual Party Conference At SECC Glasgow

The Lib Dem conference is always a chance to see which side of the party is winning the debate internally. Normally, the Left dominates the grassroots – which is why… Continue reading


Who would the Lib Dems really prefer to work with?

6 October 2014 8:58
Nick Clegg tries on Google Glass at the Lib Dem conference. Picture: Getty

Though they didn’t call them ‘red lines’, the Liberal Democrats did spend yesterday making clear the things they won’t accept if they have to work with the Tories in another… Continue reading


Lynne Featherstone: I’d like to shoot the Lib Dem Coalition Negotiating Team

5 October 2014 19:58
The Liberal Democrats Hold Their Annual Party Conference

The Lib Dems leadership might have hoped that it had moved on from tuition fees. But tonight’s League of Young Voters fringe was dominated by the topic. Lynne Featherstone, a… Continue reading


Danny Alexander rolls up his sleeves to attack the Tories

5 October 2014 17:25
The Liberal Democrats Hold Their Annual Party Conference At SECC Glasgow

Danny Alexander clearly wanted to come across as casual and jovial for his speech to the Lib Dem conference. He wasn’t wearing a tie. His top button wasn’t done up.… Continue reading


Lib Dems swear to get attention – but what about their policies?

5 October 2014 17:19
The Liberal Democrats Hold Their Annual Party Conference At SECC Glasgow

The Lib Dems are in an amusingly sweary mood this weekend at their conference, with Danny Alexander telling the Sun on Sunday that he’s p****d off with the Tories for… Continue reading


Why every Tory should wish the Liberal Democrats a successful conference

5 October 2014 15:48
LibDem Labour

Every Conservative should wish the Liberal Democrats a successful conference in Glasgow this week and not from any misplaced sense of coalition loyalty. The poor souls are on a pathetic… Continue reading


Clegg attacks ‘economically extreme’ Tories

5 October 2014 10:35
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Speech On International Development

The Lib Dem message in Glasgow this week in simple, you can’t trust either Labour or the Tories to run the country on their own. On Marr this morning, Nick… Continue reading


Lib Dem conference: Nick Clegg cheers activists before starting the trickier work

4 October 2014 20:49
The Liberal Democrats Hold Their Annual Party Conference At SECC Glasgow

Lib Dem conference rallies are always a little like spending Christmas with a family you don’t know: quite baffling but rather endearing. There’s the uncle who tells the same jokes… Continue reading