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Lady Butler-Sloss steps down from child abuse enquiry

14 July 2014 13:15
Baroness Butler-Sloss. Image: Getty

It is not a surprise that Lady Butler-Sloss has stepped down as chair of the independent inquiry panel into child abuse: a critical mass of stories had built up against… Continue reading


Podcast: Douglas Murray analyses the Israel-Gaza conflict

14 July 2014 12:31
(Photo: JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty)

In our latest View from 22 podcast, Douglas Murray, Mary Wakefield and Fraser Nelson discuss the conflict in the Gaza strip. Has Israel become too good at protecting its citizens?… Continue reading


Podcast: 2014 Cabinet reshuffle

14 July 2014 11:36
(Photo: Getty)

In our latest View from 22 podcast, Fraser Nelson, James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman discuss the possible outcomes when Cameron reshuffles his Cabinet. listen to ‘James Forsyth, Isabel Hardman and… Continue reading


Reshuffle 2014: Cameron’s key challenges

14 July 2014 8:50

What does David Cameron need his reshuffle to do? As has been the case with every reshuffle in this Parliament, the changing of the guard, which is expected to start… Continue reading


Cameron could introduce ‘voluntary’ all-women shortlists

13 July 2014 22:30
Britain Prime Minister David Cameron (L)

David Cameron could introduce ‘voluntary’ all-women shortlists if the Conservatives continue to struggle to recruit female MPs, senior Tory sources have said. The Prime Minister has also set party chairman… Continue reading


Mental health and benefits: ministers get the wrong end of the stick

13 July 2014 17:19
Unemployment Figures Set To Rise Further In UK

Every so often when ministers are considering a policy, they send a little kite up to see how it’s received. Sometimes it gets hit by a lightning bolt of fury… Continue reading


There aren’t enough normal people in Cabinet – male or female

13 July 2014 14:02
Image: Getty

Well, it’s looking good for Esther, Liz and Priti, isn’t it? The one handle most of us have by now got on the reshuffle is that it’s one for the… Continue reading


Video: Rules of engagement, according to Hamas

13 July 2014 13:50
Image: Getty

CNN recently came across a video of Hamas officials calling on civilians in Gaza to volunteer to become ‘human shields’ so that Palestinian civilian casualties can be maximised. Fascinatingly a… Continue reading


Today’s poll shows Alex Salmond running out of time

13 July 2014 11:07
Image: Getty

There really isn’t much time left. From today, there are just nine and a half weeks until we go to the polls in the independence referendum. Also today, we have… Continue reading


If Britain was being shelled, as Israel is being now, how would we respond?

13 July 2014 10:41
Palestinian men search through the rubble of buildings following an Israeli air strike, that killed 18 people of the same family in Gaza City, on July 13, 2014. Image: THOMAS COEX/AFP/Getty Images

Glaring, the ennui over Israel. The way we drag our eyes to the page, and sigh, and want to read something else. Sympathy is hard. Even anger is hard. It’s… Continue reading


Nigel Farage hints at how a Tory / Ukip electoral pact might work

13 July 2014 10:38

Vote Farage, get Miliband might not have quite as much resonance with voters as the Tories would like. But it is certainly effective with donors. If Ukip is seen as… Continue reading


By supporting assisted dying, Lord Carey has united Christians against it

12 July 2014 16:30
United against Lord Carey? Image: Getty

He didn’t mean to, but Lord Carey, the outspoken and unpopular former Archbishop of Canterbury, may just have carried out a minor miracle. By coming out in the Daily Mail… Continue reading


US German relations nearing a post-war low

12 July 2014 14:45
(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty)

In an era of Russian revanchism, the cracks in the US German relations are particularly concerning. Angela Merkel’s decision to announce the expulsion of the CIA’s Berlin station chief over… Continue reading


Lord Carey undermines his successor, again

12 July 2014 14:36
Funeral of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, has changed his mind about ‘assisted dying’ and intends to vote for Lord Falconer’s Bill, which will be debated in Parliament next week.… Continue reading


George Carey’s thoughtless contribution to the ‘assisted dying’ debate

12 July 2014 13:15
George Carey. Image: Getty

Well, I think nobody really assumed that George Carey was the brightest button on the bench of bishops but the old bumbler has still managed to put a rocket into… Continue reading


Should public servants go on strike?

11 July 2014 19:24
Should public servants strike? (Image: CARL COURT/AFP/Getty Images)

David Cameron has promised to change the law to make it harder to go on strike if he wins the next election. The Spectator has generally been in favour of… Continue reading


Hamas has fallen out of favour with ordinary Gazans

11 July 2014 16:57

Earlier this year, Daniella Peled suggested that Hamas had finally lost its grip on Gaza: Gaza City   Tattered green Hamas flags still flap above the streets in central Gaza… Continue reading


How can we build ‘Brand Britain’?

11 July 2014 16:19
Image: Getty

The Spectator, in association with BAE Systems, hosted a half-day forum entitled ‘Exporting for Growth’ on 27 June. The event was held to discuss what can be done to spread… Continue reading


Uxbridge set to be destination Boris?

11 July 2014 14:28
Words that come to mind when thinking of Boris Johnson. Picture: Lord Ashcroft Polling.

Mr S likes a flutter. His eyes were drawn to the latest speculation about Boris’s return to the Commons. Ladbrokes are offering 3-1 that the Blond Bombshell will be selected… Continue reading


Unions are harming their members’ interests with strikes

11 July 2014 14:15
Strikes don't work. (CARL COURT/AFP/Getty Images)

Industrial relations experts have said that the latest public sector strikes are unlikely to have any impact on government policy. I don’t think you have to be an ‘expert’ to… Continue reading


Why we’ll mostly be supporting Germany on Sunday

11 July 2014 12:56
Why can't we be more like the Germans? (PATRIK STOLLARZ/AFP/Getty Images)

If you’re walking through any built-up area in England between 8 and 10pm this Sunday and you hear a cheer you can be pretty sure it means one thing –… Continue reading


Jean-Claude Juncker’s biggest challenge: energy

11 July 2014 12:37
Eggborough power station (Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty)

‘Energy is the single biggest issue facing Jean-Claude Juncker,’ remarked a seasoned Eurocrat to me earlier this week. Europe’s energy infrastructure is decrepit and insular. Rates of cross-border interconnection, for… Continue reading


Ed Miliband’s road to nowhere

11 July 2014 12:20
Image: Getty

Ed Miliband’s negotiations with the White House to meet his hero Barack Obama aren’t going well, Nick Robinson reported on the Today programme this morning: ‘Ed Miliband’s team are desperate… Continue reading


If you want social mobility, teach kids at the bottom end to write thank you letters

11 July 2014 11:34

Last week’s readers tea party at The Spectator was a delight. You always suppose that the people you’re writing for are interested, intelligent and nice….and there you go: they are.… Continue reading


The emergency surveillance legislation will make us safer

11 July 2014 9:24

Isabel wonders whether it is a good thing that all main parties allied in passing emergency surveillance legislation into law yesterday. While it’s true that legislation passed without any significant… Continue reading