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In praise of Michael Clarke

6 December 2014 14:13
South Africa v Australia - 3rd Test: Day 2

The cricketing world has begun its slow trudge back to normality. Phillip Hughes has been buried and conversation has, half-heartedly, began to turn back to the game itself. Australia will… Continue reading


Tories attack Nigel Farage over breastfeeding remarks

6 December 2014 12:24

Ukip’s crisis is the Conservatives’ gain. Following Nigel Farage’s comments about ‘ostentatious’ breastfeeding, Conservative HQ have been promoting this graphic online, with a title noting that Farage is ‘making it up… Continue reading


I’m with Farage on breastfeeding – we need to take on the frenzied glorification of motherhood

6 December 2014 10:04
Lou Burns, without and with the napkin she was given while breastfeeding her baby in Claridge’s. Via: @andysrelation

Let’s get one thing straight. Women have been bringing up children perfectly happily for centuries without breastfeeding them in Claridges. The fact that we are having a row about a… Continue reading


Should politicians grumble about awkward stories?

5 December 2014 16:27
Chancellor George Osborne Visits Bentley Motors

A lot of political types are very cross with the ‘biased media’ today. Ukip is currently the most aerated because some journalists ‘fabricated’ (which is today synonymous with ‘transcribed’) some remarks… Continue reading


The Ukip juggernaut continues: Tim Aker wins Thurrock council by-election

5 December 2014 12:22
Ukip's Tim Aker

Ukip’s Tim Aker is now juggling three jobs. Last night, the 29-year-old won a by-election in the Aveley & Uplands ward in Thurrock, adding councillor to his existing titles of MEP for… Continue reading


Nigel Farage: Women should avoid ‘ostentatious’ breastfeeding

5 December 2014 12:03
What is ostentatious breastfeeding? Does it involve a brass band?

Nigel Farage has waded into the row about a mother being asked to cover up while breastfeeding her baby by suggesting that women should avoid ‘openly ostentatious’ behaviour. The Ukip… Continue reading


Audio: ‘I’m called Sajid, I’m fiercely patriotic about our country’

5 December 2014 8:50
Sajid Javis on Question Time. Photo: BBC.

Sajid Javid was on Question Time yesterday and gave easily one of the most confident and assured defences of the government’s immigration policy to date. In response to a question… Continue reading


Revealed: where George Osborne’s axe will fall hardest

4 December 2014 18:07

If you think George Osborne has been a mad axe man, just wait to see the cuts he has planned for the next Parliament. To return a budget surplus by the end of… Continue reading


Tony Blair reaches out to Gove

4 December 2014 17:37

Tony Blair has taken some time out from posing awkwardly with his wife in order to pen a piece for the New York Times. While he tries to avoid getting… Continue reading


Former Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe dies, aged 85

4 December 2014 16:58
Jeremy Thorpe, the Liberal Party leader, during an election campaign in 1974. Photo by Tony Freeman/Keystone/Getty Images

Jeremy Thorpe, the former leader of the Liberal Party, has passed away aged 85, after suffering from Parkinson’s disease for many years. Thorpe will unfortunately be best remembered for the affair that… Continue reading


Eight different ways Ukip would spend Britain’s international aid budget

4 December 2014 16:26
Mark Reckless Wins The Rochester And Strood By-Election For UKIP

The Autumn Statement was Ukip’s first economic test as a Westminster party, so how did they fare? In their initial response, economic spokesman Patrick O’Flynn lambasted George Osborne for ‘smoke and… Continue reading


‘Expect cuts on a colossal scale’ – the IFS verdict on George Osborne’s Autumn Statement

4 December 2014 16:01

Some of yesterday’s biggest announcements were not from the Chancellor at all, they were from the independent Office for Budget Responsibility. Robert Chote and his team announced two big changes… Continue reading


Breaking: Tory MP Mark Pritchard arrested on rape allegations

4 December 2014 12:05
Conservative MP Mark Pritchard. Photo: BBC.

Mark Pritchard, MP for the Wrekin in Shropshire, was arrested on Tuesday following an allegation of rape. The Metropolitan Police said in a statement: ‘We can confirm that a 48-year-old man… Continue reading

The three Tory vulnerabilities Osborne is hoping to shut down

4 December 2014 12:04
Image: Getty.

In the last few days, George Osborne has moved to close down three Tory vulnerabilities ahead of the election campaign. First, there was the decision to put another £2 billion… Continue reading


The BBC is right to point out failure on debt. Osborne is wrong to complain about it

4 December 2014 9:04

George Osborne has in the past year assembled a coterie of advisers to help him become more human, more stylish, thinner and more in touch with voters. But this morning… Continue reading


Podcast: Autumn Statement, Russia’s information wars and life inside Tatler

4 December 2014 8:57
U.K. Chancellor Of The Exchequer George Osborne Delivers Autumn Budget Statement

George Osborne appears to have delivered a successful Autumn Statement, but are there some dark secrets in the details? In this week’s View from 22 podcast, Fraser Nelson and James Forsyth discuss the Chancellor’s… Continue reading


Podcast special: a good Autumn Statement for George Osborne?

3 December 2014 19:49
Chancellor George Osborne Delivers His Autumn Statement

George Osborne appears to have delivered a successful Autumn Statement, but are there some dark secrets in the details? In this week’s View from 22 podcast, Fraser Nelson, James Forsyth… Continue reading


George Osborne’s Autumn Statement in 12 graphs

3 December 2014 18:15
Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 09.59.58

George Osborne had dismal figures today, and still managed to present them as a triumph. He even presented his failure on the deficit (below) as a success, and got away… Continue reading


George Osborne’s fact-finders come up trumps in the Autumn Statement

3 December 2014 17:24
Image: Getty

Osborne got his chance to audition for Number 10 today. He hasn’t the fluency and the synthetic chumminess of Cameron. And his emotional range is far narrower than the PM’s.… Continue reading


Nick Clegg avoids Autumn Statement because ‘he just sits there’

3 December 2014 17:15
Nick Clegg in Downing Street this morning, shortly before he made his escape to Cornwall. Picture: Getty

One notable absence on the government frontbench during the Autumn Statement today was Nick Clegg, who is in Cornwall today. The Deputy Prime Minister is in Cornwall today, visiting a… Continue reading


Sweden’s political crisis shows why Britain needs to abolish five-year parliaments

3 December 2014 16:50
Stefan Löfven, Sweden's PM, is doing a Harold Wilson. But could David Cameron?

The Swedish government has just collapsed, not even three months after being formed, and new elections are being called for March. The problem is one that Britain may well soon experience: no… Continue reading


Cardinal Pell: ‘hundreds of millions of euros’ were hidden away in the Vatican

3 December 2014 15:16
Illustration by Christian Adams, courtesy of the Catholic Herald

Cardinal George Pell, the Australian prelate charged by Pope Francis with cleaning up the Vatican’s murky finances, has decided to speak bluntly about the appalling corrupt mess he found when he started work… Continue reading


Ed Balls survives tricky Autumn Statement response under intense heckling

3 December 2014 15:06
Ed Balls responding to the Autumn Statement.

Labour has had a poor run of Autumn Statement and Budget responses for a couple of years now, and with only today’s statement and the 2015 Budget to go before the… Continue reading


Osborne’s Statement is likely to get stamp of approval

3 December 2014 15:00

George Osborne has delivered an autumn statement that, provided it doesn’t unravel in the next few hours, should give him very good headlines. He has abolished the old, unfair system… Continue reading


George Osborne’s new stamp duty regime explained

3 December 2014 14:33
Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 14.28.49

If you’re buying a house, or thinking about it, there’s only one fact you need to know about today’s Budget: stamp duty is changing. Gone is the old system of… Continue reading