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Devolution has given power to politicians, not people. Independence won’t change that

9 September 2014 12:09
Pressure Increases For A Scottish Independence Referendum

Gordon Brown has spoken, and the unionist parties are in agreement: if there’s a ‘no’ vote then more powers will be given – we’re told – ‘to Scotland’. There’ll be… Continue reading


Why is Britain arming countries that support terror in the Middle East?

9 September 2014 11:38
Image: RABIH MOGHRABI/AFP/Getty Images

Why is the UK still supplying arms to those who helped fund the so-called Islamic State, and what leverage does it bring? In the Prime Minister’s statement to the House… Continue reading


If government doesn’t work, whose fault is it?

9 September 2014 10:00
Image: Getty

The apparently eternal battle between politicians and bureaucrats for control of the government machine has been better for TV comedy writers than for the governance of Britain. Ministers complain that… Continue reading


Will this desperate last-minute tactic save the ‘No’ campaign?

9 September 2014 8:52
Glasgow Prepares For The Independence Vote

The Nationalists are of course right: this is a desperate last-minute tactic that the anti-independence camp never thought they’d have to dig out before 18 September. But with polls continually… Continue reading


‘Home rule’ for Scotland means the English question must finally be answered

8 September 2014 18:28
Gordon Brown in 2010. Image: Getty

We are now on the verge of the biggest set of constitutional changes in living memory. Even if Scotland votes No, there is going to be a move towards a… Continue reading


Surprise? Gordon Brown sets out devolution timetable

8 September 2014 17:11
Gordon Brown's Speech Proposing Further Devolution To Scotland

Is Gordon Brown going on a freelancing operation with his timetable for new powers for a Scotland that votes ‘No’? The former Prime Minister has this afternoon released the timetable… Continue reading


Stay, Scotland! Brits say why they want to keep their country united

8 September 2014 15:38

For the first time in its 186-year history, The Spectator‘s cover story will be written by its readers: people from outside of Scotland, saying why they want Scotland to stay… Continue reading

Cameron and Clegg’s last-ditch attempts to save the Union

8 September 2014 15:26
David Cameron and Nick Clegg. Image: STEFAN ROUSSEAU/AFP/Getty Images

After the panic in Westminster over the weekend about the Sunday Times‘ poll putting ‘Yes’ in the lead came the something-must-be-dones. David Cameron said he would ‘strain every sinew’ to… Continue reading


The royal womb watching begins. It’s enough to make you yearn for independence

8 September 2014 13:55
Even a look-alike royal womb gets attention... (Photo: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty)

So, there’s the final nail in the coffin of the ‘Better Together’ campaign. The Duchess of Cambridge is up the duff again and, according to The Daily Mail, being treated… Continue reading


Kate and the Queen come out fighting for the Union

8 September 2014 13:25
Prince George Of Cambridge First Birthday

Well, what a coup for the No campaign. At least that was my first thought before I found, annoyingly, that it seems to have occurred to every Twitter user too (at… Continue reading


Labour seem to enjoy standing against Tory Speakers

8 September 2014 13:06

‘A secret plot to boot John Bercow out of the Commons is being drawn up by senior Tory MPs,’ reported yesterday’s Mail on Sunday. Apparently a plan is afoot to… Continue reading


Join The Spectator’s campaign to save Britain (and write our next cover story)

8 September 2014 12:35

We’ve had an extraordinary response to our request for emails saying why you hope that Scotland votes to stay, and to keep our country united. So many that we’ll put… Continue reading

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Alistair Darling: I’m still confident No campaign will win

8 September 2014 8:58
Scottish Labour Party Leader Johann Lamo

Alistair Darling continues to insist that he’s confident of victory in the Scottish independence campaign, telling the Today programme this morning that ‘I am confident that we will win, because… Continue reading


People power can save the Union

7 September 2014 14:16
The Championships - Wimbledon 2013: Day Five

If Scotland does vote for separation—as the latest YouGov poll suggests it will, we’ll enter the most unpredictable political period in living memory. But before we start contemplating the consequences… Continue reading


Spectator podcast special: Scotland’s shock poll

7 September 2014 13:39
Glasgow Prepares For The Independence Vote

Would you bet on Scotland staying in the union? Isabel Hardman asks Hamish Macdonell, my former Scotsman colleague, in a podcast she presented this morning. Its about a minute from… Continue reading


Come in Britain, your time is up

7 September 2014 13:01
Wild Deer Seen Being Fed By Members Of The Public

How do you kill an idea? That is the Unionist quandary this weekend. For a long time now the Better Together campaign has based its hostility to Scottish independence on… Continue reading


The unions hated Gove because he actually cared about social mobility

7 September 2014 11:40
(Photo: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty)

There’s an interesting interview in The Guardian this weekend with one of the most famous teachers, or ex-teachers, in Britain, Katharine Birbalsingh. You’ll probably know her. She’s the woman with fabulous… Continue reading


The myth of meritocratic Scotland

7 September 2014 11:23
Image: Getty

Alex Salmond argues that Scotland has unique values, distinct from those in the rest of the UK, that can be best expressed in an independent country. A new poll from the… Continue reading


Shock poll: Scotland’s ‘Yes’ campaign pulls into lead. It’s 51% to 49%

6 September 2014 21:34
Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 22.14.43

Tomorrow’s Sunday Times poll by YouGov puts the Yes campaign ahead at 51 per cent, with No on 49 per cent when undecided voters are excluded (even when they’re included,… Continue reading


The theological illiteracy of Eric Pickles

6 September 2014 18:12
Eric Pickles. Illustration: Ian Tovey.

It is worrying that Eric Pickles is in charge of religion for this government. I first came across his footprints in Bradford, where in the Eighties he was as much… Continue reading


Do you want Scots to stay in the UK? Say why – and be published in the Spectator

6 September 2014 12:50
What's at stake

It’s extraordinary to think that we could be 12 days away from the dissolution of our country. The union of Scotland and England, perhaps the most successful and consequential alliance… Continue reading

The irresponsibility of Andy Burnham

6 September 2014 12:03
Labour's Shadow Secretary of State for E

Nothing matters more in British politics right now than keeping the country together. The polls in Scotland show that no one can be complacent about the result on the 18th… Continue reading


Class and misogyny – not political correctness – explain Rotherham’s abuse scandal

6 September 2014 11:30
Shoppers walk through the streets of Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Image: Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

There seems to be a political consensus that the sexual abuse of more than 1,400 girls in Rotherham, revealed in the recent Jay report, was caused by ‘political correctness’. And there… Continue reading


Spectator competition: write a poetic short story (plus: Philip Larkin’s version of Humpty-Dumpty)

6 September 2014 9:30
Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images

The invitation to recast a nursery rhyme in the style of a well-known author attracted a large and lively entry that was evenly split between prose and poetry. In general,… Continue reading

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Scotland won’t become a foreign country just because of a vote

5 September 2014 17:02

Hugo Rifkind had an interesting piece in the Times yesterday on the Scottish referendum arguing that the No campaign, by focussing on economics and pragmatism (where they obviously have the… Continue reading