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What Oxfam doesn’t want you to know: global capitalism means less poverty than ever

19 January 2015 8:58
An Oxfam poster - advancing class war, while perpetuating damaging stereotypes about Africans

The hijacking of Oxfam by the politicised left is nothing short of a tragedy. It’s heartbreaking to see a charity that has built up so much goodwill from so many… Continue reading


Why is Nick Clegg so happy?

18 January 2015 14:47
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg And Business Secretary Vince Cable Visit Ricardo Engine Assembly Facility

Nick Clegg always seems oddly upbeat when he’s doing interviews about just how badly his party could do in the General Election. Today when Andrew Marr asked him about Iain Dale’s… Continue reading


Does Ed Miliband think my generation is lazy, stupid – or both?

18 January 2015 14:01
Ed Miliband with some young potential voters. Does he think they're smart enough to register to vote?

According to Ed Miliband, my generation is about to be disenfranchised by the coalition. He’s getting quite worked up about it. On Thursday, he accused David Cameron and Nick Clegg of…… Continue reading


The coalition government is not blame for the latest NHS ‘crisis’

18 January 2015 11:29
No, the Tories aren't killing off the NHS.

Of all the accusations thrust at the Conservatives by Labour over the NHS in recent weeks, their weakest has been the attempt to blame the Government’s reforms to the NHS… Continue reading


Why Boris and the Tory leadership are playing nicely

18 January 2015 10:55
David Cameron and Boris Johnson visit to Newark

For most of this parliament, Downing Street has been thoroughly paranoid about Boris Johnson and his intentions. Any attempt by the Mayor to reach out to Tory MPs was met… Continue reading


Grey voters snap up Osborne’s pensioner bonds

17 January 2015 13:04
Image: Getty

Downing Street was a happy place after David Cameron and Barack Obama’s joint press conference yesterday. The US President was effusive in his praise for Cameron and his seeming endorsement… Continue reading


Spectator competition: Not Richard Dawkins’s Book of the Year (plus: literary agony uncles and aunts)

17 January 2015 9:15
Richard Dawkins. Could these blurbs make the bible his book of the year? Image: Getty

The recent call for publicity blurbs that sell the bible to a modern audience attracted a host of new competitors as well as the old-timers. Kieran Corcoran’s entry presented Jesus… Continue reading


Cameron and Obama: Friends4eva

16 January 2015 18:46

David Cameron and Barack Obama have just finished giving a rather cutesy and extremely verbose press conference following the reinvigorating of their bromance/serious talks on the economy and counter-terrorism. The… Continue reading


Exposed! George Osborne’s secret plan to help people back to work.

16 January 2015 15:01
Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 16.01.19

We’ve spent plenty time on Coffee House challenging George Osborne’s more dubious claims (‘deficit halved!’, etc) as has much of the media. But happily, there now seems to be a truce.… Continue reading


The ineffable sadness of Mitt Romney 2016

16 January 2015 14:58
Mitt Romney Campaigns With AK Senate Candidate Dan Sullivan In Anchorage

The suggestion Mitt Romney might make another run for the Presidency of the United States made me think of a line from one of my father’s novels: ‘There’s nothing so sad… Continue reading


Do Theresa May and Mr Henry Bellingham think we were born yesterday?

16 January 2015 12:57
Image: Getty

On Wednesday the Home Secretary made a statement in the House of Commons about the terrorist attacks last week in Paris. Here is part of the Hansard transcript of the… Continue reading


Down with la laïcité — to beat Islamism, we need a secularism that encourages religion

16 January 2015 12:33
People hold up placards reading "I am Charlie" during a gathering in Nice on January 7, 2015. Photo: Getty Images.

‘We are avenging the Prophet Muhammad’ shouts the jihadi murderer as he escapes, having killed 12 at Charlie Hebdo. In Syria, an American fighting for al-Qaeda says: ‘I want to… Continue reading


David Cameron’s transatlantic election campaigning

16 January 2015 8:42
IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde

This trip to Washington couldn’t have gone much better for David Cameron. Not only has he had serious meaty talks with President Obama about the importance of tackling terrorism and… Continue reading


How the Greek election will affect our election

15 January 2015 15:24

In ten days time, Greece goes to the polls in what is, arguably, the most important election that will take place this year. For if — as looks likely —… Continue reading


Clunky Conservative machine still causing unnecessary problems

15 January 2015 15:03
One of the 2010 election debates.

There is considerable frustration in the Tory ranks about the way the Prime Minister is handling the TV debates. Both those who think David Cameron should be doing the debates and… Continue reading


Charlie Hebdo: Murdoch’s Sky News bows to the demands of murderers

15 January 2015 11:37
Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 11.47.48

Caroline Fourest is a French journalist and feminist. Unlike so many of her Anglo-Saxon sisters she does not think freedom is only for white women, and is ready to condemn the… Continue reading


How can the Church keep earning its right to intervene in politics?

15 January 2015 11:09

Given the political parties are already well underway with their General Election campaigns, the Church of England couldn’t have waited much later to dispense its advice on how to campaign… Continue reading


How parliament is failing to hold the EU to account

15 January 2015 10:32
A woman with an umbrella depicting the l

Today MPs hold a short Commons debate on the proposed transatlantic trade and investment partnership – TTIP. As a pan-EU trade deal with the US it is being negotiated by the… Continue reading


Podcast: saving Islam from Islamists and the impact of the Greek elections in Britain

15 January 2015 8:25
An activist of Pakistani Islamic party J

Is it time for Islam to confront Islamists? On this week’s Spectator podcast, Qanta Ahmed discusses in the wake of the attack of Charlie Hebdo why this might happen — as well as… Continue reading


The Tories are likely to ‘weaponise’ in the lead up to the election

14 January 2015 17:46

David Cameron did, as James says, manage to avoid debating the rather more electorally damaging issue of the A&E crisis at Prime Minister’s Questions today because Ed Miliband chose to… Continue reading


PMQs sketch: EU referendum, the Greens and A&E

14 January 2015 16:55

Would he say no to saying no? The first question at PMQs, from Gregg McClymont, was about Cameron’s vote in the EU referendum, (if it ever happens). McClymont wants the… Continue reading


Here’s how politicians can convince British Jews that they have a future in the UK

14 January 2015 16:49
(Photo: Getty)

A recent study has suggested that over half of Britain’s Jews feel they have no future in the UK. At first glance this might seem outrageous, indeed incredible. Arguably (one… Continue reading


Al Murray standing against Nigel Farage in South Thanet

14 January 2015 15:56
Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 15.40.50

Nigel Farage will now have to compete for space at the bar with comedian Al Murray, who has announced he will stand for Parliament in South Thanet, as The Pub Landlord for the… Continue reading


Cameron’s reaction to the Charlie Hebdo attacks has been depressingly predictable

14 January 2015 15:47
(Photo: Leon Neal/Getty)

Last Sunday, David Cameron marched through Paris in solidarity, so it seemed, with those who stand up for free speech. Anyone who thought he meant it must now be crying… Continue reading


Everyone says they’re Charlie. In Britain, almost no one is

14 January 2015 15:35
(Photo: Rob Stothard/Getty)

Je suis Charlie indeed. This is the problem with placards — there is rarely enough room to fit in the caveats, the qualifying clauses and the necessary evasions. I suppose you… Continue reading