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How should mainstream politicians talk about Ukip?

16 November 2014 17:16
(Photo: Justin Tallis/Getty)

Mainstream politicians still aren’t sure how to talk about Ukip. There’s the question of whether the party’s European election and by-election successes will power them to a good result at the… Continue reading


How the Rich Get Richer – my Channel 4 documentary

16 November 2014 10:50
Fraser Nelson's documentary will be broadcast on Monday.

(Update: you can now watch the documentary online here) Inequality is rising up the political agenda right now, but the debate usually descends into clichés about wealth, bankers and tax.… Continue reading


Why Rochester won’t provide much relief for Labour

16 November 2014 10:12
UKIP Prepares For Rochester And Strood By-Election

Thursday can’t come soon enough for shadow Cabinet loyalists. They believe that the Rochester by-election will provide Ed Miliband with some ‘breathing space’ and turn the spotlight on David Cameron’s… Continue reading


Am I responsible for inciting a British jihadi to join ISIS?

15 November 2014 19:49
Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 19.42.07

I fear I may be done for incitement.My friend and expert on all things ISIS, Shiraz Maher, alerts me to the fact that Abu Rumaysah has gone, apparently to fight… Continue reading


A hard-Left anarchist tears into Isis and its liberal apologists. Blimey

15 November 2014 17:44
Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 16.54.39

Update: He’s called Martin Wright and you can see a clip of him speaking here at a Class War event in 1985. In it he reveals that he used to support… Continue reading


Justin Welby defends Rowan Williams against Spectator’s criticism

15 November 2014 16:39
Rt Rev Justin Welby, the incoming Archbishop of Canterbury (background) looks on as Dr Rowan Williams, the outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury is given a hug,

We at 22 Old Queen Street have never been great fans of Rowan Williams. At a time when strong ecclesiastical leadership was needs he served up abstract, pew-emptying waffle. But as this week’s… Continue reading


Hammond tries to thread the needle on EU immigration

15 November 2014 11:53
Prime Minister Returns To Downing Street From His Holiday

Philip Hammond’s interview in The Telegraph this morning is striking for several reasons. First, Hammond admits that Britain isn’t going to regain full control of its borders in the renegotiation.… Continue reading


Spectator competition: buildings to love and hate (plus: rapping poet laureates)

15 November 2014 9:30
Love at second sight? The Pompidou Centre. Image: Getty

Buildings can provoke strong reactions and the call for poems in praise or dispraise of a well-known one produced a satisfyingly robust entry. Frank McDonald took me at my word… Continue reading


The recklessness of CCHQ

14 November 2014 19:23

The Conservatives have released a rather silly leaflet for the Rochester by-election contrasting Mark Reckless with their candidate Kelly Tolhurst. As if to highlight that it might be a silly… Continue reading


How Brussels’ sanctions could bleed Britain dry

14 November 2014 13:32
EU flags in Brussels. Getty Images

London is at risk of another blow from Brussels. Currently, the UK Supreme Court is hearing a sanctions case involving the Iranian Bank Mellat, which could prove pivotal in the… Continue reading


Scotland’s Neverendum begins and there’s nothing Unionists can do to stop it

14 November 2014 10:56
Nicola Sturgeon Starts Her Tour Of Scotland

Oh look, it’s a Neverendum. Who could have predicted that the SNP (and the wider Yes movement) would treat defeat in the independence referendum as just a temporary set-back? Well,… Continue reading


Sir John Major, Cameron’s unofficial EU negotiator

14 November 2014 9:16
The Prince Of Wales And Duchess Of Cornwall Attend A Memorial Service For Sir David Frost

John Major’s speech in Berlin yesterday was aimed at a European audience, but his warning that Britain has a just under 50% chance of quitting the EU still gets plenty… Continue reading


John Major: Nearly 50% chance of Britain leaving the EU

13 November 2014 17:46
Former Prime Minister John Major And Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband Give Evidence At The Leveson Inquiry

This is the text of a speech delivered by Sir John Major in Berlin. Thank you for your kind invitation.  I feel privileged to be here to talk about the… Continue reading


Labour’s war on the media is working, as activists turn on hacks

13 November 2014 17:36
One of Ed Miliband's spin doctors looks on as he delivers his speech. Picture: Getty

Labour’s efforts to demonise the hostile anti-Ed media is working. At the Labour leader’s eighth ‘relaunch’ speech on Thursday at Senate House, every single question from journalists was greeted by… Continue reading


Ed Miliband turns down head-to-head debate with Nigel Farage

13 November 2014 15:58

Earlier today, Ukip leader Nigel Farage sent what appeared to be a typewritten letter to Ed Miliband challenging him to a head-to-head debate. The Labour leader has now used a more… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Miliband heads for the exit

13 November 2014 15:24
Labour Leader Ed Miliband Makes A Speech In Defence Of His Leadership

One of the things that every political team needs is a Liz Sugg. Sugg works in Downing Street and makes sure that every trip the Prime Minister makes anywhere runs… Continue reading


Hillary Clinton and the Audacity of Inevitability

13 November 2014 15:21
Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Campaigns With Jeanne Shaheen In New Hampshire

Here we go again. We last travelled down this road eight years ago. Then, as now, Hillary Clinton was laying the ground for a run to the White House. Then,… Continue reading


Ed Miliband’s make-or-break speech: ‘I’m willing to put up with whatever is thrown at me’

13 November 2014 15:15
Labour Leader Ed Miliband Makes A Speech In Defence Of His Leadership

Ed Miliband’s make-or-break speech this morning was fine. That’s fine as in it did the job just fine, rather than that it was a fine speech that his party will… Continue reading


Why Christians should stick up for atheists

13 November 2014 14:07
In some countries this could get her killed. Image: Getty

Christians and Muslims in Egypt are joining forces to address the challenge of atheism, according to this news report. (It reminds me of the old headline from Northern Ireland: ‘Catholics… Continue reading


The Windsor PR problem — how low can they go?

13 November 2014 13:43

Having had years of everybody telling them how clever they are for ‘re-inventing’ monarchy in the 21st century, the royal family has now reached something of a PR impasse. Sebastian Shakespeare today reveals that… Continue reading


Labour’s two biggest problems—and neither of them is Ed Miliband

13 November 2014 11:00
Ed Miliband. Getty Images.

The knives are out again for Ed Miliband this morning. But the Labour leader is the least of his party’s problems. Labour has still not come up with answers to… Continue reading


How The Spectator snared the Fake Sheikh – 15 years ago

13 November 2014 9:56
Screenshot 2014-11-13 09.52.49

In 1999 the News of the World offered Lloyd Evans £5,000 to destroy Boris Johnson’s career. Here’s the story… Now it can be told. A couple of months ago — following… Continue reading


Podcast: the death of the left, Rochester and Strood and equality in marriage

13 November 2014 8:50
Ed Miliband's Speech To Scottish Labour Party Conference

Has Ed Miliband found himself on the wrong side of history? In this week’s View from 22 podcast, James Forsyth discusses his Spectator cover feature on the plight of progressives with John… Continue reading


Miliband to pitch himself against Goliaths in fightback speech

12 November 2014 22:56
Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband has a speech billed as his make-or-break fightback proof-I’d-make-a-great-PM tomorrow morning. In truth, it’s rarely right to bill one political speech as The fightback, at least in voters’… Continue reading


The Spectator’s portrait of the week

12 November 2014 18:30

Home The government, expecting a backbench rebellion over the European Arrest Warrant, did not present it for a separate vote in the Commons, which enraged backbenchers all the more. Yvette… Continue reading

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