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The latest proposals make the TV debates less likely to happen

23 February 2015 16:13
David Cameron (L) of the Conservative Party and Nick Clegg (C) of the Liberal Democrats Party and Gordon Brown (R) of the Labour Party, partake in the live second televised election debate on April 15, 2010 in Bristol, United Kingdom.

TV debates became a little less likely to happen today. The broadcasters have announced that their proposed timetable is for the two seven party debates to come first with the… Continue reading


The crisis of masculinity won’t be solved with antidepressants

23 February 2015 15:50

There was much discussion recently about the rise in male suicide rates, after official figures published last week showed they were at their highest level since 2001. But one aspect of… Continue reading


Labour demands David Cameron commit to TV debate with Ed Miliband

23 February 2015 13:05
The BBC Host The Third And Final Televised Leaders' Debate

Will any of the General Election TV debates take place? Labour hopes they will, and today Douglas Alexander has written to Grant Shapps demanding that the Tories commit to doing… Continue reading


The lobbyist’s web still threatens the reputation of MPs, parliament and politics

23 February 2015 12:55

Allegations that Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind were involved in the latest ‘cash for access’ scandal is a reminder of the threat that lobbying poses to both the reputation of parliament… Continue reading


Conservative party suspends whip from Sir Malcolm Rifkind

23 February 2015 12:11
Conservative Party Conference In Blackpool

Even if the two MPs caught up in today’s sting, Jack Straw and Sir Malcolm Rifkind, are found to have done nothing wrong, their parties cannot be seen to be… Continue reading


The ‘anti-politics’ bunch will benefit most from the ‘cash for access’ allegations

23 February 2015 11:46
Sir Malcolm Rifkind and  Jack Straw both face 'cash for access' allegations (Photo: Getty)

Naturally, the parties set to benefit the most from any allegations of impropriety against MPs are the ‘anti-politics’ bunch: Ukip, the Greens and the SNP. You can always when the Greens… Continue reading


The henchmen who prop up Putin need to be hit where it hurts

23 February 2015 10:50

If anyone thought Russian President, Vladimir Putin, was a strongman the West could do business with, that delusion has been punctured. Last week, Russian Bear bombers skirted by British airspace.… Continue reading


Mini Election: Tim Montgomerie on his plan to fix British conservatism

23 February 2015 10:30

Is conservatism in Britain broken beyond repair? Tim Montgomerie thinks it’s time for a reformation on the right. In the latest Mini Election video, I speak to the Times columnist and founder… Continue reading


Should we actually be worried about the Syria-bound schoolgirls?

23 February 2015 9:42
A photo of Shamima Begum, one of the missing schoolgirls (Photo: Laura Lean/Getty)

Are you terribly worried about those three London ‘schoolgirls’ who have gone off to fight for the Islamic State in Syria? I must admit I haven’t lost an awful lot… Continue reading


Tories and Labour to make pledges knowing they are bad policy

23 February 2015 8:12
Queen Elizabeth II Attends The State Opening Of Parliament

This week, the two main parties plan to make iconic pledges that they hope will appeal to their core vote, but that are pretty poor policy. David Cameron will today… Continue reading


We are one town away from a proxy war between Russia and the US

22 February 2015 11:06
Pro-Russian separatists on a road near Uglegorsk (Photo: Dominique Faget/Getty)

We are alarmingly close to the most serious confrontation between Russia and the United States since the end of the Cold War. A proxy war between Moscow and Washington on… Continue reading


The Greek crisis isn’t over

21 February 2015 13:56

The more you read about the deal between Greece and the Eurozone, the clearer it becomes how temporary a deal it is. First, the Syrzia-led government has to submit on… Continue reading


Spectator competition: ‘Shall I compare thee to a camembert?’ — new ways with Sonnet 18 (plus acrostic poets)

21 February 2015 9:30
Image: Getty

The challenge to put a fresh spin on Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 was the most popular competition for ages. The brief was to replace ‘summer’s day’ with a trisyllable of your… Continue reading


Ruth Davidson’s Blue-collar Conservatism subtly rebukes David Cameron

20 February 2015 18:49
David Cameron and Ruth Davidson MSP, leader of the Scottish Conservatives

Today’s Scottish Conservative conference in Edinburgh proved unexpectedly interesting. No, really. Or, rather, yes, really. Or whatever. David Cameron spoke, you see, and so did Ruth Davidson and they said… Continue reading


Politicians needn’t be so afraid of saying what they think

20 February 2015 17:27
Penny Mordaunt

Politicians know they need to be more natural, less spun, and more honest about what they think. But most of them carry on sounding unnatural, spin-doctored and cagey because they’re… Continue reading


Isis are just very un-progressive Open Border fanatics – we need an Atatürk to fight them

20 February 2015 10:42
Kashmiri protesters hold up a flag of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), during a protest against Israeli military operations in Gaza, on July 18, 2014 in Srinagar, India.

If you haven’t already seen it, I recommend reading this fantastic essay by the Atlantic’s Graeme Wood on What Isis Really Wants. He takes the time to look into the theology of… Continue reading


Labour’s tuition fees moment

20 February 2015 8:55
Gordon Brown Tours East Midlands

Could Labour’s tuition fees policy be its own tuition fees moment, of the same order as the moment it endlessly needles the Lib Dems about? Well, the decision, when it’s… Continue reading


How bad are things for the Liberal Democrats?

19 February 2015 20:00
(Photo: Getty)

One of the most remarkable things about this parliament is how the Liberal Democrats have continued to hold their nerve in the face of truly dire poll ratings. Now, partly… Continue reading


Policymakers must address high male suicide rates

19 February 2015 17:15

It’s pretty tough to find good news in suicide statistics, but today’s figures for 2013 are particularly grim reading. The number of suicides increased from 2012, and the male suicide rate… Continue reading


What are we willing to do to make our intelligence agencies’ job easier?

19 February 2015 16:45
Apple Hosts Event At Company's Town Hall

Ottawa. Sydney. Paris. Copenhagen. Four major Western cities attacked in five months by Islamist terrorists and all committed by perpetrators with lengthy histories of criminal activity. When the next terrorist… Continue reading


If Greece leaves the euro could others follow?

19 February 2015 16:43
The Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis.

Germany wants nothing less than an unconditional surrender from the new Greek government. It is hard to draw any other conclusion from Berlin’s decision to reject Greece’s proposal for a… Continue reading


Greece isn’t the only country that wants to leave the euro

19 February 2015 16:13

With EU budget talks breaking down on Monday night, there was, for a time, an outside chance that Greece would leave the euro. Worryingly for EU leaders, there are plenty… Continue reading


Ed Miliband to Cameron: show us your EU renegotiation policy

19 February 2015 15:07
Labour Leader Ed Miliband Gives A Speech On The Economy

Ed Miliband has sent an angry letter to David Cameron this afternoon, demanding that he ‘set out in detail a reform agenda for the EU and a strategy for building… Continue reading


Five things you need to know about the latest political donations report

19 February 2015 15:06
The 2010 General Election - Barking And Dagenham Declares Its Result

£20 million — that’s how much money was donated to the political parties in the last quarter of 2014. The Electoral Commission has released their latest report on political donations… Continue reading


Identity politics has created an army of vicious, narcissistic cowards

19 February 2015 14:26
Peter Tatchell has received a torrent of abuse from supporters of transgender rights after signing a letter about censorship (Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty)

Has there ever been a more petulant mob of moaners than that which is currently hurling abuse at Peter Tatchell? On Twitter, which is where these people live, self-styled queers… Continue reading