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Support grows for British air strikes against Isis

4 September 2014 9:08
Refugees Fleeing ISIS Offensive Pour Into Kurdistan

If there is a strategy buried under the ‘no strategy’ response by the US and the UK to Isis, it seems to be that David Cameron and Barack Obama have… Continue reading


Exclusive: Tory MP accuses Speaker of misleading House over Clerk row

3 September 2014 18:29
The new Speaker of the House of Commons,

This story ran first in tonight’s Evening Blend. Get more scoops, analysis and insight into the day’s political news by signing up for free here. Speaker Bercow has been accused… Continue reading


PMQs sketch: Was Carswell right all along?

3 September 2014 17:34
(Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty)

Calamities crowd in every side. Nuclear-armed Russia is already waging war with Europe, according to our NATO ally, Lithuania. At home, Douglas Carswell’s defection threatens to rob the Tories of… Continue reading


Justine Greening: Cameron’s government needs more people who have worked at Morrisons

3 September 2014 16:46
Minister for International Development Justine Greening addresses delegates on the first day of the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester on September 29, 2013. Photo: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

David Cameron is in need of advice right now and there’s plenty of it in the new Spectator – not least from Justine Greening, his International Development Secretary. Her interview… Continue reading


How can Cameron save the Conservatives? Daniel Hannan, Lord Tebbit and Andrew Roberts respond

3 September 2014 16:25
Image: Getty

We asked Daniel Hannan, Lord Tebbit and historian Andrew Roberts what – if anything – David Cameron could do to rescue his party. Here’s what they had to say: Daniel… Continue reading


Justine Greening: the Tory message on social mobility ‘has been diluted’

3 September 2014 16:07

This feature is a preview of this week’s Spectator, out tomorrow: Justine Greening wants to talk about social mobility. If it is not immediately obvious why the Secretary of State… Continue reading


Exclusive: David Cameron mocks Bercow to Tory MPs

3 September 2014 15:46
Image: Getty

It was widely noted that the Prime Minister remained grinning in his seat after PMQs to hear a Point of Order directed to the Speaker from Tory MP Simon Burns.… Continue reading


PMQs: Fighting suspended as leaders respond to Iraq terror

3 September 2014 13:38
Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 16.33.06

A few days ago, one would have expected the first PMQs of term to be a rowdy affair as Labour went for Cameron over the Carswell defection. But the recent,… Continue reading


PMQs highlighted the Speaker’s diminishing authority

3 September 2014 13:28
(Photo: Ben Gurr/AFP/Getty)

John Bercow, the self-styled champion of Parliament, is now being scrutinised by MPs via a series of increasingly hostile points of order. The Speaker’s response to today’s barrage of points… Continue reading


How can Ed Miliband make the most of Tory chaos over Carswell?

3 September 2014 11:56
Image: Getty

Ed Miliband would never have seen it coming, but he’s starting his first PMQs of the autumn term in a jolly good place. Labour MPs that I’ve spoken to over… Continue reading


Jim Murphy laments the ‘energy of nationalism’. Where’s the energy of unionism?

2 September 2014 23:26
The energetic Jim Murphy

“It’s part of the energy of nationalism,” sighed Jim Murphy on Newsnight. “They’re never knocked down.” He’s right, and that that is why the Scottish referendum polls show the gap… Continue reading


Steven Sotloff murdered by Isis

2 September 2014 23:02

A second beheading of an American hostage – with warnings that a British hostage could be next – brings a fresh round of condemnations of the barbarity of Isis. Steven… Continue reading


How can Jews oppose Muslim anti-Semitism without being ‘Islamophobic’?

2 September 2014 19:00
(Photo: Justin Tallis/Getty)

On Sunday there was a rally in London demanding ‘zero tolerance’ of anti-Semitism. About 4,500 people gathered in front of the Royal Courts of Justice. Speakers who addressed the crowds… Continue reading


Welcome home… to a world of beheadings and Bake Off

2 September 2014 18:59
The new normal

Apologies for the lengthy interregnum. I was away in the USA for almost three weeks and my mobile phone provider decided I should not be allowed to make or receive… Continue reading


Jennifer Lawrence’s leaked photos highlight feminism’s next frontier: cyberspace

2 September 2014 17:53
Jennifer Lawrence (Photo: Getty)

Nobody wants naked photos of themselves leaked across the internet so a global network of creeps can beat off to them. But celebs and plebs alike are increasingly confronted by… Continue reading


Exclusive: Tory Clacton selection will be an open primary

2 September 2014 16:24
(Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty)

How do the Conservatives make the Clacton by-election more difficult for Douglas Carswell? I hear from two extremely well-placed sources that the selection for the Tory candidate will be an… Continue reading


Boris: No-one seriously approached me to stand in Clacton

2 September 2014 14:23
Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

If the Tories did want to really fight Douglas Carswell in the Clacton by-election, then Boris Johnson would have been a jolly good way of driving a steamroller over Ukip’s… Continue reading


The real reason behind the BBC’s kicking of Nick Prettejohn

2 September 2014 14:19
(Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty)

This is an extract from this week’s Spectator. Subscribe here: Hats off to Rona Fairhead, the former Financial Times executive who will succeed Lord Patten as chairman of the BBC… Continue reading


Alex Salmond is within sight of his promised land: Scottish independence is more than just a dream.

2 September 2014 14:03

I don’t want to appear too immodest but, you know, I told you so. Back in February I wrote an article for this paper warning that Scotland’s independence referendum would be… Continue reading


Nick Clegg: No agreement on TPIM measures is not an argument

2 September 2014 8:53

Nick Clegg had a stab at being René Magritte on the Today programme this morning, telling us that a disagreement between the two coalition parties over anti-terror measures that were… Continue reading


Scottish referendum: ‘no’ lead falls to 6 points, from 22 points last month

1 September 2014 22:16
Image: Getty

Tonight brings a reminder that the Union is in real danger. A new YouGov poll has the No camp’s lead in the Scottish referendum down to just six points. Just… Continue reading


Cameron’s anti-terror statement sets out autumn battles

1 September 2014 17:07
Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 16.33.06

So, after the horsetrading of the past few days, the Conservatives appear to have won their battle to add relocation powers to the terrorism prevention and investigation measures. In his… Continue reading


The current political climate rewards authoritarians, not civil libertarians

1 September 2014 14:48
(Photo: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty)

The talks between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives on the anti-terror measures that David Cameron will unveil this afternoon have finally finished. There are a few more details to… Continue reading


Listen: Humiliated Bercow heckled as he pauses Clerk appointment

1 September 2014 14:46
Photo: Getty Images.

Even though he decided to call the delay in the appointment of a new Clerk ‘modest’, John Bercow has just suffered a humiliating climb down in the Commons. The Speaker… Continue reading


How Parliament ignored sex abuse allegations

1 September 2014 14:19
Rotherham. Alexis Jay's report, released last Tuesday, estimates that at least 1,400 children were sexually abused in the town's care homes between 1997 and 2013. Image: Anna Gowthorpe/Getty Images

Sexual exploitation of a single child is a despicable crime, but the whole country is in shock at the industrial scale of the abuse that has been revealed in Rotherham… Continue reading