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Ukip’s Suzanne Evans: ‘nobody wants Nigel to leave’

17 May 2015 11:02
Suzanne Evans on the Andrew Marr show this morning. Photo: BBC.

Ukip’s internal warfare continues today with interventions from both sides. Suzanne Evans, the party’s deputy chairman, appeared on the Andrew Marr Show this morning to play down the tensions. She told Andrew… Continue reading


George Osborne poaches Daily Mail’s political editor

16 May 2015 18:34
A picture shows the front door of number

George Osborne has moved to strengthen his personal, political operation by hiring the political editor of the Daily Mail James Chapman as his director of communications. This beefing up of… Continue reading


Jim Murphy resigns as Scottish Labour leader and condemns Len McCluskey

16 May 2015 16:36
Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale deputy leader arrive at the Labour headquarters Glasgow.Photo David Cheskin.16.05.2015.

Jim Murphy is quitting Scottish Labour. After only narrowly surviving a vote of no confidence from the party’s executive this morning, Murphy announced that after a ‘terrible election defeat’, he… Continue reading


Spectator competition: ‘I have my own gun and a mind sufficient cold to master the arcane philosophies of your payment protection insurance’: Cormac McCarthy applies for a telesales job (plus: write a saucy short story)

16 May 2015 9:30
Image: Getty

Inspiration for the latest comp came from a young Hunter S. Thompson’s characteristically unorthodox pitch for a position at the Vancouver Sun. An unflattering portrait of his relationship with a… Continue reading


Douglas Carswell breaks cover and says Farage ‘needs to take a break now’

15 May 2015 22:50
UKIP leader Nigel Farage campaigns with Clacton MP Douglas Carswell, on April 13, 2015 in Clacton, England.

Nigel Farage said today his critics need to put up or shut up and Douglas Carswell has chosen the former. Confirming that he is the ‘senior figure’ Farage mentioned earlier,… Continue reading


Lord Ashcroft’s polling overlooked many of the real election battlegrounds

15 May 2015 17:50
Image: Getty

Lord Ashcroft has likened the current state of the polling industry with that of the Liberal Democrats, but he could quite have easily chosen the Labour party as a comparison.… Continue reading


A modern scandal in Belgravia

15 May 2015 16:22
Motcomb Street

You know, I’m not sure the new, in-by-a-squeak Tory MP for Croydon, Gavin Barwell, has quite got it right when he says that ‘London is turning into Paris’, what with… Continue reading


Exclusive: Nigel Farage ‘never resigned’ from Ukip in ‘stitch up’

15 May 2015 15:54

It has been alleged that Nigel Farage never formally resigned from Ukip as part of what party sources have told the Spectator was a stitch up to avoid a leadership… Continue reading


The simple test Labour’s next leader must pass

15 May 2015 15:41
Liz Kendall (Photo: Justin Tallis/Getty)

With Chuka Umunna out, the choice for Labour party members is simple. If they want to win the next election they will choose Liz Kendall as their next leader. There… Continue reading


Paul Lambert out as Ukip’s head of communications

15 May 2015 14:47

The Ukip wars have taken another casualty: the party’s head of communications Paul ‘Gobby’ Lambert. Guido reports that the ‘press office has declared war on the leader’ and it appears… Continue reading


Podcast special: can Nigel Farage survive the Ukip wars?

15 May 2015 13:35
UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage leaves the party's head office in central London on May 15, 2015.

In this View from 22 special podcast, Fraser Nelson and Sebastian Payne discuss the ongoing Ukip wars with Laura Pitel from The Times. Can Nigel Farage survive as leader? Is there… Continue reading


Will anything go right for Nigel Farage?

15 May 2015 12:27
(Photo: Niklas Halle'n/Getty)

Anxious viewers tuned into Question Time last night to watch live coverage of the ongoing Nigel Farage crisis. Quite a week for the Ukip leader. Up and down. In and out.… Continue reading


Nigel Farage tells mystery ‘senior figure’ to put up or shut up

15 May 2015 12:18
Nigel Farage Speech At UKIP Public Meeting In Basingstoke on April 9, 2014 in Basingstoke, England..

Nigel Farage’s fight back has continued with an interview on Sky News this morning. Following on from his appearance on Question Time, the Ukip leader described an ‘astonishing’ level of support… Continue reading


David Cameron needs to learn how to deal with nationalists

15 May 2015 10:45
Play it cool (Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty)

David Cameron still has much to learn about dealing with nationalists. Theirs is a very different kind of politics – one where flags, language and choreography matters. Nicola Sturgeon is… Continue reading


Breaking: Chuka Umunna withdraws from Labour leadership contest

15 May 2015 10:41
The Labour Party Conference Continues

In the past few minutes, Chuka Umunna has announced he is not standing for the Labour leadership after all, citing ‘pressure’ that he found uncomfortable. This is odd, although Friday… Continue reading


Have Nigel Farage and Douglas Carswell reached détente over Ukip’s Short money?

15 May 2015 8:39
Douglas Carswell (L) and UKIP leader Nigel Farage eat ice-creams as they visit Clacton-On-Sea, in eastern England, on October 9, 2014.

The row over what to do with its Short money was the tinderbox for Ukip’s internal tensions. Although the war between Team Farage and Team O’Flynn has been bubbling away for… Continue reading


Nigel Farage isn’t the biggest threat to the Eurosceptic cause. Vladimir Putin is

14 May 2015 22:00

I keep on reading that the ‘Outers’ are going to lose the upcoming EU referendum because Euroscepticism has become associated with Ukip, and Nigel Farage is too divisive. It has… Continue reading


Podcast: the end of Miliband and the Tories’ one nation challenge

14 May 2015 21:39
Labour leader Ed Miliband unveils Labour's pledges carved into a stone plinth in Hastings during General Election campaigning.

Ed Milband and his team were not ready for their major defeat on election night. On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Dan Hodges discusses the final days of Miliband’s… Continue reading


The final flourishes have been made to the new government

14 May 2015 19:26
Jim O'Neill (Photo: Pius Utomi Ekpei/Getty)

The chaos in Ukip and the Labour leadership race has allowed Number 10 to quietly finish off the task of constructing a new government without too much attention. The distribution… Continue reading


The ‘save Nigel Farage’ operation is underway, but is it too late?

14 May 2015 18:16
UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage leaves the party's head offices in central London, on May 14, 2015.

It is touch and go whether Nigel Farage can survive as Ukip leader. With key figures such as former leader Roger Knapman, donor Stuart Wheeler and treasurer Hugh Williams saying… Continue reading


A radical guide to boosting your baby’s ‘brand individuality’

14 May 2015 17:50
It's a brand opportunity!

A Telegraph journalist, Lucy Denyer, has written about how rubbish it is that people are calling their children stupid, made-up names. (Spoiler alert: I’m anti stupid made-up names.) Trouble is, while… Continue reading


London can be Blue again

14 May 2015 17:32
Image: Getty

In the midst of a glorious election night for the Conservatives on 7 May, London stubbornly resisted the swing across the rest of the country and went a darker shade… Continue reading


People are avoiding retirement because of low interest rates. Who can blame them?

14 May 2015 17:11

‘Bank of England says that migrants are holding down wages’ the headlines screamed this morning. Yet Mark Carney, when interviewed on the Today programme this morning, spun a slightly different… Continue reading


Raheem Kassam un-sacked as Nigel Farage’s senior adviser

14 May 2015 16:34

Raheem Kassam, senior adviser to Nigel Farage, has not been ‘sacked’ from Ukip after all. It was reported earlier this afternoon that he had left the party today — as… Continue reading


The one thing sadder than an ex-MP

14 May 2015 16:21

Tonight at midnight, something will change in Parliament. All the MPs who lost their seats in last week’s elections will have their passes cancelled, to be replaced by a pass… Continue reading