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Farewell Alex Salmond, hello Nicola Sturgeon

20 November 2014 11:36
Nicola Sturgeon Is Voted In As Scotland's First Minister

And so the Age of Nicola dawns. Elected First Minister by the Scottish Parliament yesterday; sworn in this morning. Taking First Minister’s Questions this afternoon. Alex Salmond’s departure was a… Continue reading


Podcast: Brendan O’Neill on Oxford’s Stepford Students, and Scotland’s new first minister

20 November 2014 8:34
Students take part in a protest march against fees and cuts in the education system on November 19, 2014 in London, England.

Do today’s students care about free speech? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Brendan O’Neill and Harriet Brown from the University of Oxford debate this week’s cover feature on… Continue reading


PMQs sketch: Labour and Ed Miliband are the ones who are really out of touch

19 November 2014 18:23
Labour Leader Ed Miliband waits to enter the hall to address supporters on November 13, 2014 in London.

Ironic Tory roars greeted Miliband’s ascent to the vertical at PMQs today. He assumed his habitual spanked puppy look. It’s quite a sight, Ed’s expression of frosty endurance. Part dismay,… Continue reading


Poll for Unite says Labour will fail to take its seventh target seat from the Tories

19 November 2014 17:32
James Wharton's Private Member's Bill will have its second reading on 5 July. Picture: PA

Stockton South is seventh on Labour’s target seat list in terms of the swing needed to win yet a Survation poll in the constituency has put the current Tory MP… Continue reading


I have more respect for Labour politicians who defend their record on immigration than those who pander

19 November 2014 17:02
Survey Indicates Scotland Have Different Views On Migration From Rest Of UK

Wonderful: Labour has a new slogan on immigration, which appears to be the Conservatives’ old slogan from 2005, the one that Labour said was racist. I have far more respect… Continue reading


Cameron and Miliband exchange insults at PMQs

19 November 2014 13:44

PMQs is in a rut. The exchanges between Cameron and Miliband now descend into the trading of insults even faster than they did before and both sides simply use PMQs… Continue reading


Neither the Tories nor Ukip deserve to win the Rochester by-election

19 November 2014 11:05
UKIP Hold A Public Meeting  Before Rochester And Strood By-Election

Let’s be honest, just for a moment. The Rochester and Strood by-election has been a disgrace. It has been a sewer race during which the two leading protagonists have done… Continue reading


Listen: what Mark Reckless said about EU migrants

19 November 2014 11:04
Ukip parliamentary candidate Mark Reckless campaigns in Rochester, Kent on November 18, 2014 ahead of the by-election poll on November 20.. AFP PHOTO / BEN STANSALL

Mark Reckless has landed himself in the soup over comments he made at hustings last night about what might happen to EU migrants if Britain quit the EU. First reported in… Continue reading


Yes, Bob Geldof, Africans know it’s Christmas. Do you know it’s time to pack Band Aid in?

19 November 2014 10:19
(Photo: AFP/Andrew Cowie)

In this week’s Spectator, out tomorrow, our leading article looks at the Band Aid 30 single and why it’s time for Bob Geldof to pack Band Aid in. Pickup a copy tomorrow… Continue reading


Responding to Ukip shouldn’t just mean talking about immigration

19 November 2014 8:10

Can you out-Ukip Ukip? Depending on which day of the week it is, both mainstream political parties think you can and you can’t. Last week Ed Miliband said you couldn’t… Continue reading


The immigration arms race

18 November 2014 21:01
Yvette Cooper

Who is tougher on immigration? Neither the Tories nor Labour want to be left behind by Ukip, and have descended into an arms race over who can best crack down… Continue reading


Embarrassing (Han)cock-up in Commons as govt loses pub vote

18 November 2014 18:15
Nick Clegg and Vince Cable down the pub. Image: Getty

How did an amendment brought by a Lib Dem backbencher to an uncontroversial bill wind up with the government sustaining its first proper defeat? Today Greg Mulholland’s changes to the… Continue reading


Baroness Warsi uses her retirement to provoke British Jews

18 November 2014 17:27
Baroness Warsi.

If anyone ever wondered what the over-promoted, incapable and incompetent Baroness Sayeeda Warsi was planning to do in retirement, now we know: provoke British Jews on Twitter. Today, after four Jews,… Continue reading


Why the Hunting Act is still dividing opinions ten years on

18 November 2014 15:06

Most weeks there is a demonstration of some sort in Parliament Square. I can hear the noise from my office and occasionally read the odd banner or two. Some are… Continue reading


Poverty comes in red and blue – a reply to the Guardian’s Michael White

18 November 2014 15:03
IDS grab

I have the honour of having my Ch4 Dispatches documentary, now available online, reviewed by Michael White in the Guardian today. I think he was expecting me to lay into Labour, and critiques… Continue reading


The Hunting Act has been successful and popular. It should now be made even better.

18 November 2014 14:57
Chris Maiden, the Berkeley Hunt Huntsman, whose family have been involved in fox hunting since 1670, and who now finds his livelihood under threat after the introduction of the fox hunting ban. From December 8, 2004 in Berkeley, Gloucestershire.

It’s hard to believe a whole decade has passed since the Hunting Act was passed on 18 November 2004. This legislation, undeniably one of the most contentious seen in modern… Continue reading


Yvette Cooper steals Tory immigration slogan from 2005

18 November 2014 14:48
Conservative election poster from 2005.

At the height of the 2005 election, the then Tory leader Michael Howard (advised by one Lynton Crosby) declared: ‘Let’s be clear. It’s not racist to talk about immigration. It’s… Continue reading


MPs push George Osborne to give Autumn Statement wings

18 November 2014 12:52

This year’s Autumn Statement isn’t going to be full of a great deal of Christmas cheer. But as it’ll take place just over five months before the General Election, Tory… Continue reading


Myleene Klass attacks Ed Miliband’s ‘sexy’ mansion tax

18 November 2014 11:47
Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 11.44.16

Myleene Klass had a bit of a go at Ed Miliband last night when she appeared next to the Labour leader on The Agenda. She was very cross about what… Continue reading


French economy minister pushes Germans on bailout money

18 November 2014 8:09

Emmanuel Macron has only been the French economy minister for a few months, but already he’s attracted plenty of domestic outrage, mostly from socialists who think he’s a bit too… Continue reading


How worried should the West be about Russia?

17 November 2014 18:22
Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin t

The most sobering column you’ll read today is the FT’s Gideon Rachman, no doom monger, warning about the risk of a nuclear war. Rachman is concerned about how quick Vladimir… Continue reading


Revealed: how state education fuels inequality

17 November 2014 17:31
How the Rich Get Richer PN_ 59588_004.SIR SELDON

At 8pm tonight, I’m presenting a Channel 4 Dispatches documentary on inequality, entitled How The Rich Get Richer. In 27 fact-filled minutes, I go through a lot of things –… Continue reading


Home Office questions: It’s all Labour’s fault

17 November 2014 16:13
Theresa May. Image: Getty

A week after uproar in the Commons over the vote on the European Arrest Warrant that was or wasn’t a vote, depending on what you fancied believing, Theresa May faced… Continue reading


Anger at government incoherence on spending and debt

17 November 2014 13:45

David Cameron had hoped that the UK’s £650 million contribution to the Green Climate Fund wouldn’t get much attention in the week that the Tories are going head-to-head with Ukip… Continue reading


David Cameron warns of ‘red warning lights’ in world economy

17 November 2014 9:02

Over the past few months, ministers have been using increasingly upbeat language about the British economy. ‘Britain is coming back’, ‘the economy is booming’, and ‘Britain, we did this together’… Continue reading