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The Plebgate judge thought PC Rowland was a pleb

11 December 2014 12:55
Former Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell Loses His Plebgate Libel Case

In paragraph 135 of his judgment in the Andrew Mitchell ‘Plebgate’ case, Mr Justice Mitting says that P.C. Rowland, the police officer whom Mr Mitchell was suing for libel, is… Continue reading


Labour now thinks it is safe to reject the Tory narrative on the economy

11 December 2014 7:58
Ed Miliband and Ed Balls

Labour has returned to a bit more of an even keel in the past few wintry weeks after a torrid autumn. Plotters are resigned to letting Ed Miliband fight the… Continue reading


PMQs sketch: Nick Clegg heats up in the hot seat

10 December 2014 17:32

Cameron is away in Ankara. His mission is to annoy the Germans by inviting Turkey to join the EU as soon as possible. It all sounds like fun. Let’s hope… Continue reading


Who privatised Hinchingbrooke hospital? And does it matter?

10 December 2014 17:06
Day Four - The Labour Party Holds Its Annual Party Conference

When it comes to rows about the NHS, these days it doesn’t rain, it pours. In fact, fights between the parties about who cares more/privatised the most are turning into… Continue reading


Yes, torture can be justified. Here’s why

10 December 2014 16:44
Roland Jahn New Stasi Archives Head

Torture is repulsive. Even on the scaffold or in front of a firing squad, a man can meet death with dignity. The torturer sets out to strip his victim of… Continue reading


Ministers plan informal review of lessons learned from Afghanistan

10 December 2014 16:10
Lance Corporal Corey Hilton from US Mari

British troops have now left Afghanistan, but the debate about the conflict itself and what happens next rumbles on. There have been a number of calls for a review of… Continue reading


Jeremy Vine and the truth about government spending

10 December 2014 15:57
Image: Getty

Those who complain about the BBC (myself included) usually only refer to a small part of a massive and divergent operation. Nicky Campbell on Radio 5 is just superb – not… Continue reading


Nicola Sturgeon’s plans for the Crown Estate — my response to the Scottish government

10 December 2014 15:43
Keynote Speech By New Leader Of The SNP Nicola Sturgeon

My article about Nicola Sturgeon’s plans for the Crown Estate caused some excitement within her administration. All untrue, they say. They have written a response (below). So what could have… Continue reading


PMQs: Nick Clegg delivers a perfect Cameroon performance

10 December 2014 14:16
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Delivers His Keynote Speech At The Liberal Democrat Party Conference

Nick Clegg’s performance at PMQs reminded me of Field Marshall Bosquet’s verdict on the charge of the Light Brigade, ‘c’est magnifique, mais ce n’est pas la guerre’. After a week… Continue reading


The Bird-Bolter plot thickens…

10 December 2014 12:50
Natasha Bolter and Roger Bird: the investigation continues.

It’s a good name, Roger Bird, isn’t it? The story, or non-story, develops apace. Read Steerpike here for the details of the text messages sent by Natasha Bolter to Mr… Continue reading


Are poor people really having to bury their loved ones in the back garden?

10 December 2014 11:52
Canvassing With The Labour Candidate For South Shields

One of the most striking stories in today’s papers – and on the front of one of them – is the claim made by Labour’s Emma Lewell-Buck that people on… Continue reading


Has Ofsted’s Michael Wilshaw really gone rogue?

10 December 2014 10:56
Ofsted Chief Inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw during a visit to Fairlawn Primary School, in Honor Oak, south east London

Another preview from the Spectator Christmas special: Dennis Sewell looks at Ofsted and argues that the Chief Inspector of Schools must revamp his power-crazed organisation. Subscribe for just £73 for a whole year —… Continue reading


The CIA’s torture regime shames the United States. It will not be forgotten

10 December 2014 10:34
Pentagon Holds Departure Ceremony For Rumsfeld

We knew and we knew years ago. Anyone who has been paying attention has known for a long time that the CIA committed appalling acts of brutality in the years… Continue reading


Pippa Middleton: truffle hunting, cowboy dancing and, yes, Kim Kardashian’s bottom

10 December 2014 10:16
Pippa Middleton and Kim Kardashian. Photo: Getty Images.

In The Spectator’s Christmas special, hitting the streets tomorrow, Pippa Middleton writes about truffle hunting, cowboy dancing in Wyoming and — as the Daily Mail has been quick to point out – Kim Kardashian’s… Continue reading

Nick Clegg’s PMQs challenge

10 December 2014 8:56
(Photo: Dave Thompson/Getty)

Nick Clegg is taking Prime Minister’s Questions today, which will at least force the Lib Dem leader to turn up to a major Commons session, rather than bunking off to… Continue reading


Revealed: the cringeworthy horror of Ukip chat-up lines

9 December 2014 18:19
Natasha Bolter and Roger Bird: the investigation continues.

The Roger Bird-Natasha Bolter saga continues. Text messages between the Ukip romantics have revealed by the Telegraph which paint Bolter in a less favourable than Bird. While the Ukip investigation is ongoing,… Continue reading


The tricks being played over a VAT rise

9 December 2014 17:34

Today’s Treasury Questions was a bit odd, not least because neither George Osborne nor Ed Balls were there, so everyone seemed to be quite keen to get the thing over… Continue reading


Handbags for Commons couples: Sarah Vine vs Ed Balls

9 December 2014 17:11
Ed Balls v Sarah Vine.

It was a battle of the Westminster couples last night as Yvette Cooper took to the airwaves on Tom Bradby’s ITV Agenda show. Snarkily commenting from the couch at home,… Continue reading


As political scandals go, Ukip’s latest offering is hardly a knee-trembler

9 December 2014 10:04
Main Political Parties Take Heavy Losses In UK Euro Vote

The Natasha Bolter story is a little peculiar, no? Ms Bolter, formerly of the Labour Party and more latterly a rising star in Ukip, has been telling the press how… Continue reading


Ukip’s Roger Bird suspended over sexual misconduct allegations

9 December 2014 9:50
Natasha Bolter, the former Ukip PPC who has made allegations about Roger Bird.

The reason behind Roger Bird’s mysterious suspension as Ukip general secretary has been revealed. The splash of today’s Times makes several allegations (£) about Bird and Natasha Bolter, a Labour defector to… Continue reading


The Tory voters who are still vulnerable to Ukip

9 December 2014 8:53

Today’s conclusion from the British Election Study that Ukip will hurt the Tories far more than it will damage Labour at the General Election is unsurprising, but still important as… Continue reading


Ukip general secretary Roger Bird suspended over ‘impropriety’ allegations

8 December 2014 18:26
Ukip's General Secretary Roger Bird.

To the delight of its enemies, Ukip has just announced its general secretary has been suspended over ‘impropriety allegations’. According to a statement released by the party, claims have come to… Continue reading


Spectator competition: rapping poets laureate (plus: give a villain a makeover)

8 December 2014 18:00
John Betjeman. Image: Getty

The latest competition invited you to follow in the footsteps of Andrew Motion, who as poet laureate wrote a ‘rap’ to mark Prince William’s 21st birthday. It was bad enough… Continue reading


Jeremy Hunt and Andy Burnham’s NHS battle heats up

8 December 2014 17:49

Two politicians unashamedly and eternally at one another’s throats are Jeremy Hunt and Andy Burnham, scrapping over who cares more about ‘Our NHS’. Today Hunt has written to Burnham complaining… Continue reading


Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage are pursuing the same electoral strategy

8 December 2014 17:15
Can we expect Nigel vs Nick against in 2015? Photo: Getty Images.

What is the reasoning behind Nigel Farage’s recent spate of apparent gaffes? Following his breastfeeding comments last week, the Ukip leader blamed his lateness to an event in Wales on… Continue reading