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Westminster plays recall tennis

13 August 2014 16:47
Cobra Meets To Discuss the Crisis In Iraq

Now that David Cameron has returned from his Portuguese fish-shopping exploits, the game of recall tennis that Westminster has been playing for the past few days has stepped up a… Continue reading


When it comes to jihad porn, abstinence is best

13 August 2014 15:27
The spokesman of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam, "Abu Ubaida," in

This feature is a preview from this week’s Spectator, out tomorrow: I am sure we’re all in agreement that watching videos of adults abusing children is wrong. At least outside… Continue reading


‘Left Handers Day’ ignores the Ambidextrous and Transhand communities. End this discrimination now!

13 August 2014 14:55
All hands are equal, surely? (Image: ALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP/Getty Images)

Today is International Left Handers Day, ‘the 22nd annual celebration of lefthanders’ superiority’. It’s an opportunity for ‘Lefties’ and their Right-handed supporters to highlight the discrimination they face from the… Continue reading


Why is the SNP endorsing Israel haters?

13 August 2014 11:46
The Scottish National Party And Labour Battle For Control Of Glasgow In The Local Elections

Regular readers will have noticed that I don’t like Islamic fundamentalists. Nor — though this is perhaps less often on display — do I much like Scottish Nationalists. Not just… Continue reading


Jobs figures: good news on unemployment, bad news on wages

13 August 2014 10:30
Image: Getty

Today’s labour market figures have enough in them for both sides of the political debate to feel they’ve got something to run with. First, the jobs: the overall unemployment rate… Continue reading


Shooting does more to protect wildlife than the RSPB

12 August 2014 19:09
Image: Getty

Today, the Glorious Twelfth, is the one day of the year most anticipated by game shooters – the start of the grouse season. But, as the first grouse make their way… Continue reading


How far do the Lib Dems want to go over Gaza?

12 August 2014 18:14
How far would this gruesome twosome go over Gaza?  (Photo by Ben Gurr - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Well, well, well. What’s all this then? Uncle Vince has announced the suspension of 12 export licenses to Israel. Here’s what he said: ‘We welcome the current ceasefire in Gaza… Continue reading


We may not think ourselves at war with ISIS but they are pretty sure they are at war with us.

12 August 2014 15:26

John McTernan’s column in today’s Telegraph about Kurdistan – and our, that is the West’s, debt of honour to the Kurds – is a piece of which, I think, the… Continue reading


‘These people want a holocaust’: pressure grows on PM for recall over Iraq

12 August 2014 13:12

Downing Street remains resolute that there will not be a recall of Parliament over the situation in Iraq. But Conor Burns, a Tory backbencher who resigned as a ministerial aide… Continue reading


A lesson of Iraq in 2014: the nation-state is the future

12 August 2014 12:45
Female members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and an Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighter take position on the front line in Makhmur, some 50 km south of Arbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq, on 9th August 2014. (Image: SAFIN HAMED/AFP/Getty Images)

The collapse of some of the Sykes-Picot states in 2014 will spur people to ask which way the world is heading and what it all tells us, just as with… Continue reading


Ian Fleming, James Bond and The Spectator

12 August 2014 10:30
Ian Fleming

It’s 50 years since the death of Ian Fleming and The Spectator has always taken James Bond seriously. The writer of the Spectator’s Notebook in 1962 went along eagerly to… Continue reading


Nicky Morgan’s challenge: stop Gove becoming a useful bogeyman

12 August 2014 8:47

Tristram Hunt announces today that he wants to put a stop to the policy of overhauling A-levels. That means that Labour isn’t going to do something that the Coalition says… Continue reading


Obama’s intervention in Iraq proves that religion really is the new politics

11 August 2014 17:45
An Iraqi Yazidi fighter stands guard outside a shrine (Photo: Ahmad Al-Rubaye/Getty)

Today we are witnessing the extraordinary – and long overdue – spectacle of an American president intervening in Iraq to protect religious minorities from ISIS death squads motivated by their… Continue reading


Owen Jones is lying about Israel. Plain and simple.

11 August 2014 17:22
Here's the (daily) proof of Hamas's murderous intent. (MENAHEM KAHANA/AFP/Getty Images)

Owen Jones’s column in the Guardian is headlined ‘Anti-Jewish hatred is rising – we must see it for what it is.’ Sadly the article falls well short of that headline’s… Continue reading


Britain’s military involvement in Iraq is becoming increasingly confusing

11 August 2014 17:18
Could Britain send Tornado jets to help with the relief operation? (Photo: Getty)

What is the extent of British involvement in Iraq? Philip Hammond today said it was simply to provide humanitarian assistance, but the suggestion that ministers could send Tornado jets to help… Continue reading


Alex Salmond remains trapped in a currency quagmire with no way out in sight

11 August 2014 16:45
Royal Bank Of Scotland Unveil GBP8bn Profits

It has not been a happy few days for supporters of Scottish independence. It remains too soon to say whether – unusually – last week’s debate between Alistair Darling and… Continue reading


Maria Eagle is talking nonsense about floods and climate change

11 August 2014 15:06
Flooding Continues To Affect The Somerset Levels

The Shadow Environment Secretary Maria Eagle headed off to Woking today, where she addressed an audience of environmentalists at WWF’s swanky new headquarters. Her speech, which was widely trailed, was… Continue reading


Video: Should Parliament be recalled over Iraq and ISIS?

11 August 2014 13:29

Neither Obama nor Cameron seem ready to return from their holidays to debate how best to respond to the events in Iraq. However, in our look at the week ahead,… Continue reading


Forget warnings and labels. Make problem drinkers pay for their excess

11 August 2014 13:26
Pubs And Clubs in England and Wales Prepare For New Licensing Laws

It was news to me that there exists an All Party Commons Committee on Alcohol Misuse, but when you think about it, the notion makes complete sense; for evidence, all… Continue reading


Foreign Office clear out continues: Mark Simmonds stands down as FCO minister

11 August 2014 12:56
Simmonds resigns

Number 10 has today announced that Mark Simmonds, the Conservative MP for Boston and Skegness, is stepping down as a Foreign Office minister – and will not stand as an MP… Continue reading


Opinion polls should be the last thing on MPs’ minds now

11 August 2014 8:54

There was a revealing moment on the Today programme this morning when Lord Dannatt was asked whether he accepted that the response from the British public to any further military… Continue reading


Baroness Warsi’s parting shot contains a serious warning for the Tories

10 August 2014 14:45
The Prime Minister and Baroness Warsi clashed over the government's counter-extremism strategy while the minister was on a plane. Picture: Getty

Baroness Warsi’s interview with the Sunday Times and Independent on Sunday is, unsurprisingly, not just about her discomfort with the government’s policy in the Middle East. The Independent on Sunday… Continue reading


Alex Salmond is wrong. Scotland isn’t more ‘socially just’ than the rest of Britain

9 August 2014 12:59
(Photo: Getty)

Alex Salmond’s suggestion that Scotland is more predisposed towards ‘social justice’ than other parts of Britain is absurd, repellent, and embarrassing. Let’s take those points in order. From the Left’s… Continue reading


3,000 masochists descend on Edinburgh

9 August 2014 11:30

And they’re off. The mighty caravan of romantic desperadoes, radical egoists, stadium wannabes, struggling superstars and vanity crackheads is on its way to Edinburgh. This year’s Fringe sponsor is Virgin… Continue reading


Spectator competition: write a preview in verse of when the lights go out (plus voter-repelling party political broadcasts)

9 August 2014 9:00
Flanders Fields 100 Years Since The Great War

The recent call for off-putting party political broadcasts on behalf of the Tories, Labour, the Lib Dems, the Greens or Ukip drew a surprisingly small entry. But the Green party… Continue reading