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New Sheffield Hallam poll raises questions about Lord Ashcroft’s methodology

4 May 2015 21:30
Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg speaks to  party activists alongside Jasper Gerard (left), the partyÕs candidate for Maidstone & The Weald, at Hush Heath Winery on May 3, 2015 in Tonbridge, England.

If Nick Clegg loses in Sheffield Hallam, it would be the Portillo moment of the 2015 election. After several tight polls, a new survey from ICM this evening suggests that the Lib Dem… Continue reading


Election podcast special: three days to go

4 May 2015 19:10
Liberal Democrat party leader Nick Clegg speaks at the Citizens UK event at Westminster Central Hall on May 4, 2015 in London.

In today’s election special podcast, James Forsyth, Isabel Hardman and I discuss whether Nick Clegg will lose his seat in Sheffield, the current state of the seat predictions and the pros and cons of… Continue reading


Can David Cameron square the 1922 Committee on another coalition?

4 May 2015 17:08
David Cameron Campaigns As Election Day Looms

As well as trying to prepare voters for what may happen after 8 May, David Cameron needs to make sure he has his party on board for the ride after… Continue reading


Spectator competition: write a poem for the new royal baby (because the Poet Laureate won’t)

4 May 2015 17:03
Who will write a poem for Charlotte Elizabeth Diana?

Carol Ann Duffy, the Poet Laureate, has again refused to write a poem to commemorate the birth of the new royal, Charlotte Elizabeth Diane. Rod Liddle has written his own… Continue reading


Which arguments about government legitimacy are legitimate?

4 May 2015 16:40
Big Ben and the The Houses of Parliament

Well, Labour has started on its own mission of framing the post-election legitimacy debate. Responding to the Tory operation to prepare the public for what might happen from 8 May… Continue reading


A beginner’s guide to pulling off a political stunt

4 May 2015 16:23
Rule 1: Don't let the medium become the message

It’s an important discipline when watching elections to remind yourself that political parties are staffed by smart, hardworking people and not – despite occasional impressions to the contrary – complete… Continue reading


Three reasons why Labour might not actually want to govern

4 May 2015 16:01

There’s an episode of The New Statesman in which geologists discover that there’s no more oil in the North Sea and the British economy is about to crash; as a… Continue reading


It’s a Tory! Girls called ‘Charlotte’ are the most likely to vote Conservative

4 May 2015 15:29
Go forth and vote Conservative

Ed Miliband may have Russell Brand’s endorsement today, but David Cameron has got the royal baby’s. Okay, she’s a little young to vote – but we can read the signs.… Continue reading


Carol Ann Duffy won’t write a poem for the royal baby, so I have

4 May 2015 15:11
The new Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy po

Our wonderful bisexual poet laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, has decided once again not to write any of her doggerel to commemorate the latest royal birth. I suppose this is a… Continue reading


Comedian Brand u-turns and urges people to vote

4 May 2015 13:37

There’ll be satisfaction in the Labour leader’s office today as Russell Brand has done a reverse-ferret and urged his voters to vote and vote Labour. Or, to be more precise,… Continue reading


Ed Miliband still isn’t being honest about debt. And yes, that matters

4 May 2015 13:35
Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 13.01.31

The Guardian’s superb live blog was even better than usual this morning when it covered Twitter’s reaction to the Ed Miliband interview: eight tweets, of which five came from Spectator staff. That’s what… Continue reading


Parties turn attention to crafting post-election narrative

4 May 2015 10:15
UK General Election 2015 - UK Politics Through A Washington Lens

Ed Miliband spent a lot of his Today programme interview refusing to answer questions about how a minority Labour government would work because he is focusing both on the ‘big… Continue reading


Ed Miliband: the stone ‘got people talking’ — and refuses to apologise for borrowing too much (again)

4 May 2015 9:43
Labour leader Ed Miliband unveils Labour's pledges carved into a stone plinth in Hastings during General Election campaigning.

Ed Miliband began the first 15 minutes of his NHS day talking about trust and the deficit. In a feisty interview on the Today programme, the Labour leader again did not apologise… Continue reading


Labour should be embarrassed about holding a sex-segregated rally

4 May 2015 9:39
A photo of the event

Labour MPs who spoke at Satruday’s sex-segregated rally in Birmingham don’t seem too keen on explaining themselves to The Spectator.  Siôn Simon, now a Labour MEP for the West Midlands, proudly… Continue reading


A Labour-SNP alliance will be a political remake of Stephen King’s ‘Misery’

4 May 2015 9:29
Salmond Miliband Misery2-2

On the radio this morning, Ed Miliband spoke as if he could get a Queen’s Speech passed without speaking to the SNP. This struck some as implausible, but it sounds… Continue reading


Labour’s latest video might be enough to make me change my vote

3 May 2015 19:53
SHOWBIZ Coogan Partridge 1

I thought Ed Miliband did rather well in that last debate. Insofar as it matters. In both of the last two debates he’s come across significantly better than much of… Continue reading


Election podcast special: four days to go

3 May 2015 19:26
Labour leader Ed Miliband unveils Labour's pledges carved into a stone plinth in Hastings during General Election campaigning. Photo: PA.

In today’s election special podcast, James Forsyth, Isabel Hardman and I attempt to explain why Ed Miliband unveiled a stone engraved with Labour’s six pledges today. Will anyone notice what the pledges… Continue reading


Possible ways to neutralise the SNP

3 May 2015 17:40
Keynote Speech By New Leader Of The SNP Nicola Sturgeon

The prospect of government by short-term deals and extortion is so depressing that you can see why Ed Miliband has said he won’t go in for that kind of thing,… Continue reading


Has the Guardian just called it for Cameron?

3 May 2015 16:34
Cameron's mood must be improving (Image: Getty)

The Guardian/Observer website is running with this story headed ‘Britain set to face weeks of political paralysis after election poll’. That’s a safe prediction. But what’s intriguing is that the… Continue reading


Ed Miliband turns garden designer with scary new sculpture for Downing Street garden

3 May 2015 14:08
Visitors in the Downing Street Garden, which opens to the public every year.

One of Britain’s great traditions is the open garden afternoon: an opportunity for folk revelling in being both middle-aged and nosy (like me) to wander around other people’s plots and… Continue reading


Will there be a late surge to the Tories?

3 May 2015 13:19
David Cameron Makes Campaign Speech In London

So, here we are. In 100 hours time, we’ll be half-way through election-day. But at the moment, the polls still remain deadlocked. Yet, there remains a sense that there’ll be… Continue reading


Watch: Nigel Farage, Douglas Carswell and Tim Aker on Ukip’s chances with five days to go

3 May 2015 9:06
Nigel Farge in South Thanet, Douglas Carswell's shop in Clacton and Tim Aker in Thurrock. Photo: Sebastian Payne/The Spectator.

Ukip has four key target seats in Essex and Kent it hopes to win on Thursday. In order of likelihood of victory, Clacton, Rochester & Strood, South Thanet and Thurrock are the… Continue reading


Nicky Morgan’s market place fight to hold her marginal seat

2 May 2015 17:37

Nicky Morgan’s record as Education Secretary is coming under fierce attack in the Loughborough market place where she’s campaigning. A furious man is telling activists that he will never vote… Continue reading


Former Communist spy: KGB created Catholic liberation theology

2 May 2015 14:04
Ion Mihai Pacepa (Image: Catholic News Agency)

The respected Catholic News Agency has published an interview with Ion Mihai Pacepa, a former general in Romania’s secret police who was one of the Eastern Bloc’s highest-ranking defectors in the 1970s. In… Continue reading


We are lucky that the royal baby won’t distort the democratic system

2 May 2015 11:32
Private Lindo Wing At St. Mary's Hospital

The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby girl. It is hardly a very exciting event. Babies are born all the time, and there are already quite enough descendants… Continue reading