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My generation can’t afford to buy a house in London; so what?

28 October 2014 18:58
(Photo: Getty)

The UK Land Registry today released its latest report on house prises, showing the ticket-cost of an average home in England and Wales down 2.2 per cent to £177,299 in… Continue reading


Liam Fox launches One Minute Fox campaign

28 October 2014 18:24
Defence Secretary Liam Fox Facing Inquiry Into Ministerial Conduct

Liam Fox has launched a series of ‘One Minute Fox’ videos in which he sets out his position on various hot issues from the threat of fundamentalism to welfare reform. He unveiled… Continue reading


Postcard from Tunisa – voters reject Islamists, embrace sanity in cradle of Arab Spring

28 October 2014 15:06
Tunisians queue outside a polling station on October 26 in the Tunis suburb of Ariana (Photo: AFP/Getty)

Tunis A bloody two-day siege at a house in the outskirts of the capital last week didn’t augur well for Tunisia’s landmark elections. Six suspected jihadists, including five women, and… Continue reading


Save Isis (the dog on Downton Abbey… not the terrorists in Iraq and Syria)

28 October 2014 14:53
'Isis' the labrador on Downton Abbey, on far left (Photo: Giles Keyte/ITV)

Downton Abbey fans are on high alert that something drastic might be about to happen to the loyal labrador of the house, ‘Isis’. On this week’s episode she was pointed… Continue reading


Who’s playing dirty politics on Lord Freud and welfare? Everyone

28 October 2014 14:23
David Freud  (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

The main business of the day in the House of Commons is Labour’s debate on Lord Freud, a row that blew up nearly a fortnight ago. The party’s motion, entitled… Continue reading


Can George Osborne quibble away shock EU bill?

28 October 2014 13:26
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What’s next for David Cameron’s tussle with Brussels? The Prime Minister made clear yesterday that ‘we are not paying a sum anything like’ the £1.7 billion demanded by the European… Continue reading


Border controls are a basic human right – is it un-Christian to oppose mass immigration?

28 October 2014 10:13
Pope Francis meets immigrants at the pier in Lampedusa, Italy, in July 2013 (Photo: Getty Images)

Is it sinful to be not so keen on the whole immigration thing? I suppose Justin Welby thinks so, according to his recent comments. ‘We have to be careful and… Continue reading


Tribal loyalty stops bad news becoming worse for party leaders

28 October 2014 8:54
cameron and miliband

Today’s Independent explains why the Tory party is starting to get rather jitter again. Sure, Labour has fallen five points to level-peg with the party in a ComRes poll for the… Continue reading


David Cameron and Michael Gove to abstain on key Recall Bill vote – to keep Lib Dems happy

27 October 2014 19:32
Image: Getty

MPs have a free vote tonight on Zac Goldsmith’s amendment to the Recall Bill. But I have learned that instead of voting with their Tory colleague, the Prime Minister and… Continue reading


Jim Murphy is Scottish Labour’s only hope

27 October 2014 18:06

At the risk of intruding into someone else’s calamity, if you can’t enjoy this what can you enjoy? By this I mean, of course, Scottish Labour’s meltdown. (Suggestions the party… Continue reading


Tory MPs threaten trouble for PM over EU bill

27 October 2014 17:52

Tory MPs might have appeared keen to support the PM after his surprise EU bill when they spoke in the Commons this afternoon. But behind the scenes the party is… Continue reading


Jim Murphy now favourite to become leader of Scottish Labour

27 October 2014 17:07
Jim Murphy meets some Nats

WANTED: a fall guy to oversee the Scottish Labour Party’s greatest Westminster electoral setback in May 2015 – and be blamed for it afterwards. Seven-month fixed contract. It seems that Hutchie boy… Continue reading


Listen: David Cameron tells MPs why he won’t pay EU bill

27 October 2014 16:06
(Photo: Leon Neal/Getty)

The House of Commons is in a febrile, nervy mood this afternoon. No-one is quite happy with anyone else. David Cameron raised a cheer when he told MPs that he… Continue reading


Fear, loathing and an Ottoman shrine in the cold war between Isis and Turkey

27 October 2014 16:04
Two Syrian Kurds looking out from Mursitpinar, Turkey, across the border to Syria  (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

Turkey and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (Isis) are engaged in a cold war. Although they despise each other, they will avoid direct engagement, for fear of the… Continue reading


Meet the two Americans set to steer the next general election

27 October 2014 16:00
Jim Messina and David Axelrod (Photo: Getty)

Washington, D.C. David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg – the obvious targets to blame for the disillusionment engulfing British politics. But let’s not forget the role of the Americans.… Continue reading


Justin Welby: I worry about damage caused by language on immigration

27 October 2014 15:46
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When Justin Welby spoke to the Parliamentary press gallery today, he took great care to emphasise a number of points. One was about the influence the Church of England has… Continue reading


There will be no wind power without fossil fuels to guarantee supply

27 October 2014 15:18
The Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm near New Brighton (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

On 1 December, The Spectator will be hosting a conference on the geopolitics of energy, featuring MP David Lidington, the UK’s minister of state for Europe, and Price Waterhouse Cooper’s chief… Continue reading


Calorie-counting six sweets at a time

27 October 2014 13:13
(Photo: Peter Robins)

Anyone who is trying vaguely to control their weight and still eats tasty, nasty processed foods — me, for instance — gets used to playing the game of ‘guess how… Continue reading


Never mind the Baghdad politics, Iraqi Kurds need help to fight Islamic State

27 October 2014 12:35
Kurdish Peshmerga fighters keep guard near the Mullah Abdullah bridge, which separates  them from Islamic State militants (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

The threat from Daish, the Arabic acronym for the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, has gone from a side issue to a central imperative, judging by discussions with… Continue reading


Tricky Commons session looms for Cameron on EU bill

27 October 2014 9:27

It’s been a while since David Cameron had to give such a difficult feedback statement to the House of Commons after a European summit. Even his last tricky address, on… Continue reading


Farewell to Afghanistan (for now)

26 October 2014 22:01
An Afghan soldier mans the machine gun on a helicopter ferrying troops from Camp Bastion in Helmand province to Kandahar military base. October 12, 2009. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

Britain has ended combat operations in Afghanistan. The war did topple the Taleban, but it hasn’t got rid of them. It has improved some things in Afghanistan – better roads,… Continue reading


David Cameron has no choice but to defy Brussels

26 October 2014 11:59
Image: Getty

If the European Commission had come to Britain demanding another £90 million because this country’s economy had performed better than expected, it would have been a political headache for David… Continue reading


Spectator competition: Autumn villanelles (plus: poems in praise or dispraise of well-known buildings)

26 October 2014 9:30
Image: Getty

Stephen Fry is a fan of the villanelle — it was what inspired him to write his how-to book for poets, The Ode Less Travelled. And so are you, if… Continue reading


The Spectator at war: The enemy alien

26 October 2014 8:30
Max Schulze in the dock at Exeter Assize Court on spying charges in 1911.  (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

From The Spectator, 24 October 1914: It is alleged that in London there are something like a hundred thousand people, and as many more in the rest of the country—probably… Continue reading


Labour invented Scottish devolution. Why can’t it devolve?

25 October 2014 18:33
Yes, we're pulling our hair out too. Johann Lamont, who quit today as Scottish Labour leader - their 6th in 15 years. Photo: Getty Images.

One of the greatest ironies of these past 15 years of Scottish home rule is that Labour never really got devolution. Sure, it talked a good game. From Donald Dewar… Continue reading