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Ministers to crackdown on food waste in summit with supermarkets

16 December 2014 14:00
Image: Getty

Ministers are to hold the first of a series of meetings aimed at helping food banks after pressure from MPs to address hunger in the UK, Coffee House understands. Early… Continue reading


The Union needs balance

16 December 2014 13:45
(Photo: Carl Court/Getty)

Today’s Guardian long-read on the Scottish referendum is a great piece of journalism. Both Alistair Darling and Danny Alexander argue in it that when David Cameron stepped out of Downing… Continue reading


From Sydney to Peshawar – Islamic extremists are civilisation’s common enemy

16 December 2014 12:08
Pakistani soldiers transport rescued school children from the site of an attack by Taliban gunmen on a school in Peshawar (Photo: A Majeed/Getty)

Yesterday it was Sydney. Today it is Peshawar. Yesterday a coffee shop. Today a school. Yesterday a lone gunman. Today a gang of them. If anybody wondered about the global and… Continue reading


Exclusive: Mrs Farage is still paid for by ‘public sector’ despite Gogglebox denial

16 December 2014 12:06
Nigel Farage with Steph and Dom Parker. Photo: Channel 4.

Ukip has confirmed this morning that Nigel Farage’s wife is still in receipt of public money — despite an on air denial from her husband. The party could not have paid… Continue reading


Australia finally feels the ripples of Islamist terrorism on its own shores

16 December 2014 11:11
(Photo: Daniel Munoz/Getty)

It was a scene that Australians are hitherto unfamiliar with. Terrified civilians forced at gunpoint to press a black flag, bearing the shahādah – the Islamic declaration of faith, most… Continue reading


We wish you a Merry Bin-mas, lots of love the Brighton Green Party

16 December 2014 10:59
Caroline Lucas welcomes Labour Party delegates - main screen on Queens Road Brighton. Photo: The Green Party.

I have been passed a snap of the Christmas tree inside Brighton and Hove’s Green Party run council building. Or more accurately, I have been passed a snap of some… Continue reading


Tory MPs prepare mischief for EVEL statement

16 December 2014 10:55
Prime Minister's Questions

William Hague is unveiling his EVEL plans in the Commons at 12.30 today. Just in case you were trying to work out what sort of atmosphere will greet this discussion… Continue reading


Poor Farage was stitched up by Steph and Dom

16 December 2014 10:38
Nigel Farage with Steph and Dom Parker. Photo: Channel 4.

Steph and Dom are the posh-sounding, drunk couple from Gogglebox – the surprise hit programme where people are recorded sitting on sofas giving a running commentary on the TV shows… Continue reading


Tory EVEL plotting to annoy many different camps

16 December 2014 8:50

William Hague is today setting out the Government’s EVEL plan – which includes options for English votes for English laws that some Labourites see as an evil plan to deprive… Continue reading


Steph and Dom Meet…Nigel Farage: the last authentic politician or tipsy fool?

15 December 2014 23:07
(Picture: Channel 4)

Would you invite Nigel Farage around for drinks and dinner? Steph and Dom Meet…Nigel Farage shows what happened when the ‘posh couple’ from Gogglebox did just that. The Ukip leader comes… Continue reading


Is David Cameron telling porkies on the deficit? His spokesman explains

15 December 2014 17:26
(Photo: Paul Hackett/Getty)

As Fraser points out, David Cameron has gone from saying the deficit has been brought down by a third to claiming it has been halved, but with the often unspoken caveat… Continue reading


Why is David Cameron now misleading voters about the deficit?

15 December 2014 15:59
Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 15.59.55

Can the Tories really be planning to fight the next election lying about the deficit? I ask because in his speech today, David Cameron has just repeated an untrue claim… Continue reading


Labour accuses Government of ‘U-turn’ on Budget charter

15 December 2014 14:42
The Prime Minister Joins The Irish Taoiseach At Stormont For Cross Party Talks

The government has published its Charter on Budget Responsibility, which at one stage was supposed to be a Labour trap but which now appears to be something that Labour can… Continue reading


A radical plan to ease Britain’s housing shortage – double the population of London

15 December 2014 13:55
House Prices Hit New High In The UK

Roger Scruton writes in today’s Daily Telegraph, a sentence that in itself fills me with a sense of Wa – harmony, order. He writes: ‘Whether or not our political class… Continue reading


The ideal Christmas present for the xenophobe in your life

15 December 2014 12:44

Stuck with gift ideas for that slightly xenophobic, older family member this Christmas? Then look no further than the Ukip website. They are currently auctioning off a painting of their… Continue reading


Four things we’ve learnt from the leaked Labour/Ukip paper

15 December 2014 10:49
Will Labour take on Ukip over immigration?

How will Labour respond to the threat from Ukip? Thanks to today’s scoop by the Telegraph’s Ben Riley-Smith, we now know. A leaked internal memo (pdf here) singles out immigration as the biggest… Continue reading


It’s beginning to feel a lot like a General Election

15 December 2014 10:27
Labour Leader Ed Miliband Gives A Speech On The Economy

David Cameron is talking about the ‘great, black, ominous cloud’ that Labour’s economic plans would put over the British economy. Labour is talking about its immigration policies while trying not… Continue reading


Selfies outside the Sydney hostage café: we’ve all got narcissistic personality disorder now

15 December 2014 10:11

Conservatives always say the world is going to the dogs, and we’re usually wrong. But how else do you respond to the news that people are taking selfies outside the… Continue reading


Theresa May’s moral mission: Home Secretary to stop sick children being locked up

15 December 2014 9:11
Theresa May. Image: Getty

Theresa May will announce changes the Mental Health Act this week that mean mentally ill teenagers are never held in police cells when they should be in a hospital bed.… Continue reading


The UN has outsourced our emissions to the developing world

15 December 2014 8:10

Haiti is an object lesson in how chronic aid – as opposed to emergency aid in reaction to a disaster – can lay waste to a developing economy. For decades,… Continue reading


Sydney hostage situation: what we know so far

15 December 2014 6:50
Police snipers enter Martin Place, Syndey, where the Lindt Chocolate CafÈ is under siege, on December 15, 2014 in Sydney, Australia.

At least one armed gunman has taken ‘fewer than 30′ people hostage in a Sydney café. Here is what we know so far. Five people have escaped the café in… Continue reading


Is torture acceptable if it helps save thousands of lives?

14 December 2014 11:20

This week’s Senate Report on the CIA hasn’t settled the question of torture once and for all, as Bruce Anderson has pointed out. When we talk about the heroes of… Continue reading


‘Torture is torture’ ignores the complex nature of intelligence gathering

14 December 2014 10:11

On Thursday I was on the BBC’s ‘This Week’ to talk about the CIA and torture. It is, for many reasons, perhaps the most gruesome subject possible. And not just… Continue reading


Why both the Tories and Labour now want a fight on the economy

14 December 2014 10:01

Tomorrow, in a sign of how keen the Tories are to keep the political debate focused on it, both David Cameron and George Osborne will give speeches on the economy.… Continue reading


Jim Murphy wins Scottish Labour leadership contest

13 December 2014 10:44
(Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty)

Jim Murphy has been elected leader of the Scottish Labour party. He defeated his more left wing rival Neil Findlay with 55.59 per cent of the vote to Findlay’s 34.99… Continue reading