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Ministers to unveil counter- terror laws

26 November 2014 9:01
(Photo: Getty)

Today is the day ministers set out their new counter-terrorism legislation following Theresa May’s revelations on Monday about the number of thwarted terror attacks and yesterday’s publication of the ISC… Continue reading


Facebook insists it does tackle terrorism as finger points at site for Rigby messages

25 November 2014 18:24
A picture taken on May 14, 2012 in Paris, shows an illustration made with a figurine set up in front of Facebook's homepage

Facebook is responsible for hosting a conversation Rigby murderer Michael Adebowale had about killing a solider, according to the Telegraph. Both the ISC’s report and the committee’s chairman Malcolm Rifkind have been… Continue reading


Are Tristram Hunt’s plans for private schools a class war or just a bit pointless?

25 November 2014 17:52
Labour Attempt To Hold On To Stoke As The BNP Target The Seat

Tristram Hunt has managed to get a great deal of attention for his proposals for private schools helping out state schools, with even his own (private but sufficiently stuffed with… Continue reading


MPs to discuss legacy of Afghan conflict this week

25 November 2014 14:37
British Prime Minister David Cameron mee

Yesterday the final UK personnel left Kandahar airfield, with just a few hundred British defence workers left in Afghanistan to help train the country’s future officers. MPs have been assured… Continue reading


Five things you need to know about the Lee Rigby report

25 November 2014 13:16
Drummer Lee Rigby. Photo: Ministry of Defence

Could the intelligence services have prevented the murder of Lee Rigby last year? Probably not, but there was more they could have known and possibly done, according to a report from the… Continue reading


Sir Malcolm Rifkind suggests internet companies are ‘a safe haven for terrorists’

25 November 2014 12:45
Sir Malcolm Rifkind (Photo: Getty)

The battle between the spooks and the geeks is heating up. A new report into the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby has suggested that the brutal attack could have been prevented… Continue reading


Why we should use the language of Christianity in public discourse

25 November 2014 10:01
Image: Getty.

There was an interesting exchange last night at the annual lecture for Theos, the think tank that does God. After a speech by the economist Will Hutton which paid tribute… Continue reading


Can Iain Duncan Smith force Labour to continue his welfare reforms?

25 November 2014 9:51
British Secretary of State for Work and

Iain Duncan Smith is taking the fight to Labour today, accusing them of being the ‘party of welfare’ with their ‘heads in the sand’ as he marks the next ‘roll-out’ of… Continue reading


Theresa May: a big beast in kitten heels

25 November 2014 0:00
Theresa May on the cover of the new Spectator Life.

listen to ‘Harry Cole discusses Theresa May’s possible leadership bid on the Today programme ’ on audioBoom In the latest issue of Spectator Life, Harry Cole profiles the Home Secretary Theresa… Continue reading


Boris’s dilemma: relinquish his US passport or pay American tax

24 November 2014 18:18
Boris in his birth town (Photo: Getty)

When in doubt, blame wealthy foreigners for any political problems. That goes for pols in the US and the UK alike, and even the dual-national Mayor of London is not immune. Boris Johnson opposes blanket… Continue reading


By caving in to religious misogyny, ‘anti-racist’ liberals reveal their inner racist

24 November 2014 17:46

Even by the low standards of English lawyers, the men and women who run the Law Society have behaved like shameless hypocrites. Instead of confining themselves to offering professional advice,… Continue reading


Is Owen Paterson hoping to become leader of the ‘Out’ camp in the 2017 referendum?

24 November 2014 15:36
(Photo: Leon Neal/Getty)

There may well be a battle in Labour for the party’s soul, but the same is certainly true of the Tory party. Owen Paterson’s speech today to Business for Britain… Continue reading


The saga of Ed Miliband and White Van Man reveals a politics based on grievance and cowardice

24 November 2014 14:42
Rochester and Strood Parliamentary By-Election

Say this for the current state of British politics: it keeps finding new lows. A while back I made the mistake of suggesting voters might already have priced-in Ed Miliband’s… Continue reading


The fight for the soul of the Labour party

24 November 2014 13:33
Image: Getty

Fight! Two senior Labour MPs locked horns yesterday over the Scottish leadership contest. Ivan Lewis and Tom Watson scrapped after the latter wrote a piece endorsing left-leaning Neil Findlay for… Continue reading


Don’t blame Theresa May – she did her bit. The problem is immigration from the EU

24 November 2014 8:01
Conservative Party Conference Held In Birmingham - Day 3

Theresa May is getting some stick this morning because she has admitted the obvious: that immigration is never going to get below the ‘tens of thousands’ target that David Cameron… Continue reading


Will mainstream parties get the credit for turning up the volume on immigration?

23 November 2014 18:26
(Photo: AFP)

David Cameron is set to give his big immigration speech this coming week, according to the Sunday Times, while James reports that Labour is to turn up the volume on… Continue reading


Five things we learnt from Theresa May’s Desert Island Discs appearance

23 November 2014 13:31
Theresa May on the cover of the new Spectator Life.

This week belongs to Theresa May. Although the longest serving Home Secretary in fifty years continues to dodge leadership questions, her movements over the next few days will make it harder to deny that she… Continue reading


No breathing space for Miliband and Labour

23 November 2014 10:06
Ed Miliband's Speech To Scottish Labour Party Conference

This was meant to be the weekend when Ed Miliband got some ‘breathing space’, a chance to recover after the last torrid few weeks. But his—and his party’s—troubles are still… Continue reading


Has the resurgent SNP scared Gordon Brown away from Westminster?

23 November 2014 8:31

It’s being reported that Gordon Brown has decided not to fight the next general election. Odd timing, you might think, he’s had almost five years to make up his mind… Continue reading


The politician who can fill a venue quicker than Kylie

22 November 2014 14:45

What’s the most significant political story of the week, Ukip winning Rochester or Emily Thornberry’s resignation? Well, I suspect, it might be neither of them and that the really big… Continue reading


We’re too frightened of appearing ‘racist’ to have a debate about immigration

22 November 2014 12:56
(Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty)

A rather typical 24 hours in the life of modern Britain.  Everyone does another round of ‘we need to be able to talk about immigration.’  The main parties once again… Continue reading


Spectator competition: ‘Jabberwocky’ for the digital age (plus: Christmas round robins from fictional characters)

22 November 2014 9:30
The slaying of the Jabberwock (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The call for scenes describing a well-known character from children’s literature past grappling with a 21st-century problem drew an entry full of wit and variety. Pamela Dow reimagined Louisa May… Continue reading


Nigel Farage: I would love a Labour defector to join Ukip

21 November 2014 18:25
Nigel Farage outside Rochester Castle in Kent, after Mark Reckless won the Rochester and Strood by-election last night.  Photo: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Ukip’s victory in Rochester has lead to the inevitable question of ‘what next?’ for the party. Now that Nigel Farage has two representatives in the House of Commons, his main… Continue reading


One night in Rochester: how Ukip won and what comes next

21 November 2014 16:01
A victorious Nigel Farage emerges in Rochester on Friday morning. Photo: Sebastian Payne.

How did Ukip steal their second seat from the Tories with a candidate as uninspiring as Mark Reckless? Now that he has begun work in the Commons alongside Douglas Carswell, here’s… Continue reading


Ed Miliband reveals he ‘feels respect’ whenever he sees a white van

21 November 2014 15:21

The fallout from Emily Thornberry’s ‘snobbish’ photo of a flag-furnished house in Rochester looks like it still has plenty of gas. The house’s owner, Dan Ware, has travelled to Thornberry’s… Continue reading