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The British economic recovery, in 12 graphs

23 January 2015 14:48
Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 12.50.09

Everything seems to be falling into place ahead of the election for the Tories. Today’s data shows high street spending rising at the fastest rate for more than 13 years –… Continue reading


The perils of being posh

23 January 2015 12:41
Image: Getty

This week’s wazzock spat hasn’t polarised people in the way that arguments about class often do; most of us have just enjoyed the spectacle of the pop star James Blunt… Continue reading


French secularism is starting to feel the strain

23 January 2015 12:28
French secular values may not be shared by all of the country's citizens (Photo: Jean-Sebastien/Getty)

France is to institute something called a National Secularity Day, which will happen on 9th December every year, when French schools will remind pupils how to sing the national anthem,… Continue reading


I can’t stand the Green Party but they probably deserve their place in the TV debates

23 January 2015 10:58
(Photo: Getty)

An email arrives from the excellent Zoe Williams, Guardian columnist and leftyagitfem middle-class propagandist. It requests that I should sign a round-robin petition to ensure that the Green Party is… Continue reading


Confusing politics encourages leadership intrigues

23 January 2015 9:47
British Home Secretary Theresa May leaves 10 Downing Street in London on June 26

This election is going to be terribly confusing, something the latest TV debate proposals from the broadcasters highlight very nicely indeed. The debates are starting to resemble an episode of… Continue reading


Can George Osborne pass his own 13 tests?

23 January 2015 8:00
Osborne with keys No 10 NEW

Before George Osborne took to wearing hard hats and hi-vis jackets, he used to revel in his status as a political insider. In 2004, he wrote a piece for The… Continue reading


Labour rising star: Party cannot afford to sound like ‘the moaning man in the pub’

22 January 2015 20:59
Deputy Leader Of The Labour Party Harriet Harman Meets With Labour's Candidate For The Eastleigh By-election John O'Farrell

Liz Kendall is a real rising star in the Labour party. Few colleagues have a bad word to say about her, and indeed many have a great deal of good… Continue reading


TV debates: Cameron sits comfortably as smaller parties complain

22 January 2015 17:53
Picture: Carla Millar

If his condition of including the Greens in the TV debates was to be met, David Cameron’s next hope of scuppering them was that the other parties got upset with… Continue reading


If you’re going to have seven parties in the TV debates, you’ve got to include the DUP

22 January 2015 16:37
The DUP leader, Peter Robinson.

Having seven parties in two of the TV debates, as the broadcasters are reportedly proposing, is an admission that what matters is not whether the party will provide the Prime… Continue reading


Broadcasters to propose new set of TV election debates

22 January 2015 15:40
Image: Getty

The broadcasters have reportedly come up with a new set of proposals for the TV debates in order to force David Cameron to sign up. The Radio Times reports that they… Continue reading


UK and Scottish governments already at each other’s throats over extra devolution

22 January 2015 15:25
Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon meets with David Cameron in her office at the Scottish Parliament (Photo: Andrew Milligan/Getty)

It didn’t take long. In fact, the tweet from Nicola Sturgeon appeared soon after Alistair Carmichael had started speaking this morning. Smith clauses publication welcome – but doesn’t include a… Continue reading


Leon Brittan has died, aged 75

22 January 2015 14:56
Sir Leon Brittan (1939-), British politician, 1996. Home Secretary, Secretary for Trade and Industry

Leon Brittan, a former home secretary under Margaret Thatcher, has died aged 75 following a long battle with cancer. He first entered Parliament in 1974 as the MP for Cleveland… Continue reading

Was it us wot won Page 3 back?

22 January 2015 12:52

The Sun was being widely credited last night with having pulled off a brilliant bit of trolling, first appearing to kill off Page 3, then resuscitating it a week later.… Continue reading


Good news for travellers (and static travellers). Green Belt land is up for grabs!

22 January 2015 11:57
Help yourself to England's green and pleasant land (Photo: Getty)

Excellent news for Britain’s travelling community (and indeed those who aren’t travelling very much at all and are therefore known, officially, as ‘static travellers’). A judge has decreed that the… Continue reading


Tories run two rickety databases in target seats

22 January 2015 11:37
Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps Visits Rochester

The Conservatives are running two voter databases, neither of which are fully functioning, in their key constituencies, Coffee House has learned. The party had been trying to get rid of… Continue reading


SNP still on track to wipeout Labour and Conservatives in May

22 January 2015 10:48
Keynote Speech By New Leader Of The SNP Nicola Sturgeon

David Cameron is visiting Scotland today to set out his blueprint for Scottish home rule. Might he expect to see a lapse in the nationalist sentiment during his first visit… Continue reading


Podcast: Comedy meets politics and Osborne’s 13 tests for No.10

22 January 2015 8:56
Comedian Al Murray is standing for Parliament as 'The Pub Landlord' in South Thanet.

Why has politics turned into stand-up comedy? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Andrew Watts and Jesse Norman MP discuss this week’s Spectator cover feature on how these two… Continue reading


Ministers to introduce plain-packaging for cigarettes

21 January 2015 20:53
Plans for plain packaging of cigarettes have taken a step forward today. Photo: PA.

The government has finally decided to bring in plain packaging laws for cigarettes. This U-turn is a sort of U-turn because MPs will get a free vote on it, after… Continue reading


Tory MPs split over how far to push English votes for English laws

21 January 2015 19:10
Celebrations And Flag Flying On St George's Day

Tory backbenchers have just finished a long meeting about English Votes for English Laws. The 1922 Committee of Tory backbenchers have just spent the last hour and a bit debating… Continue reading


Don’t ask, don’t tell: the Tory party treats atheists like the army used to treat gay people

21 January 2015 18:17

I’m a Conservative MP who doesn’t believe in God. Polls suggest that my lack of belief puts me in the same position as most people in the country. So what’s… Continue reading


Could Britain cope with a minority Coalition government?

21 January 2015 17:32
Conservative MP Douglas Carswell Defects To UKIP

For all the obsessing about whether Nick Clegg would prefer to be in government with the Tories or Labour after the next election, there is very little discussion of what… Continue reading


Labour’s new political broadcast uses a veteran to promote NHS scare stories

21 January 2015 17:11
No, the Tories aren't killing off the NHS.

Now we know what ‘weaponising’ the NHS looks like: a World War II veteran. Labour has released an emotive party political broadcast via Mirror Online starring Harry Leslie Smith. The… Continue reading


PMQs Sketch: Cameron denies any Chilcot responsibility

21 January 2015 17:02

Warning to publishers. Don’t commission a first-time author without giving him a deadline. The Chilcot Inquiry, a long-pondered probe into the origins of the Iraq war, is maturing gracefully and… Continue reading


Welcome to the completely bonkers world of the Green Party manifesto

21 January 2015 15:14
(Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty)

I was about to shut down my computer last night when I made the mistake of clicking on an article about the Green Party’s manifesto, possibility the scariest thing since… Continue reading


Labour might not like to admit it but economic growth has created an employment boom

21 January 2015 13:49
(Photo: Getty)

With 105 days to go until the General Election, politicians of all sides will be slugging it out between now and 7 May. The starting gun has been fired and the… Continue reading