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Campaign-kick off: 24 hours to go

6 May 2015 8:11
Prime Minister David Cameron arrives at a construction site for the South Devon Link Road as a rainbow is seen behind him on May 5, 2015 in Devon, England.

Finally, after six weeks of campaigning, endless opinion polls and the semi-TV debates, the final day of the 2015 general election campaign is upon us. David Cameron, Ed Miliband and… Continue reading


New poll shows SNP will annihilate Labour — but the nation is still divided over independence

31 March 2015 21:32
Referendum Debate Continues As Campaigns Enter Final Week

Scottish Labour is having no luck in denting the SNP’s support. ComRes/ITV News have released a new poll this evening, which shows a 19 per cent swing to the SNP across… Continue reading


Muddled souls – Britain is a non-religious, Christian-ish country

4 November 2014 16:09
The Wintershall Players perform 'The Passion of Jesus' on Good Friday in Trafalgar Square in April 2014 (Photo: Getty Images)

A new survey of British religious attitudes is out. It reveals a surprising degree of hostility to religion, and an unsurprising degree of muddle. David Cameron’s claim that Britain is… Continue reading


Final polls put No ahead

17 September 2014 22:35
The Annual Cowal Highland Games

The last YouGov poll of the campaign, which has a far larger than usual sample size, has No ahead 52-48. The last phone poll of the campaign, a Survation effort,… Continue reading


A new poll shows the Scots referendum is going right to the wire

12 September 2014 13:27
Image: Getty

ICM’s poll has ‘no’ ahead, but only just– it’s 51-49. The ICM poll is a telephone one so both phone and internet polls are now showing ‘no’ narrowly ahead but the race too close… Continue reading


Alex Salmond is within sight of his promised land: Scottish independence is more than just a dream.

2 September 2014 14:03

I don’t want to appear too immodest but, you know, I told you so. Back in February I wrote an article for this paper warning that Scotland’s independence referendum would be… Continue reading


Lord Ashcroft’s poll shows a swing to Labour in Tory-held marginal seats

20 August 2014 16:31
Labour and Conservative supporters’ placards, held on the occasion of a visit by Gordon Brown to Cardiff during the 2010 election campaign. Image: Getty

One of the most fascinating things about Lord Ashcroft’s latest poll is not its content, but who in the Conservative party will be reading it. Naturally, those trying to hold… Continue reading


Labour confirms Tory strategy: Vote Nigel, Get Ed

28 July 2014 7:48

Talk to most Tory strategists about Ukip and Ed Miliband and they say something along the lines of ‘Vote Farage, get Miliband’. They hope that this will deter people from… Continue reading


Today’s poll shows Alex Salmond running out of time

13 July 2014 11:07
Image: Getty

There really isn’t much time left. From today, there are just nine and a half weeks until we go to the polls in the independence referendum. Also today, we have… Continue reading


Miliband’s main man blames the voters

8 July 2014 15:04

Labour Party guru David Axelrod popped up in Sunday’s New York Times, presumably to promote his new book. He spoke candidly to columnist Maureen Dowd, attempting to explain why Barack Obama is… Continue reading


A new poll shows Scotland on the brink of independence. Time for the ‘no’ side to panic

20 April 2014 11:05
Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 15.01.39

Politicians always manage to take some crumbs of comfort from opinion polls but, if you are Alistair Darling, it would be difficult to find anything positive in the dramatic new poll published by… Continue reading


Philip Hammond and David Mundell expose lack of political grip at heart of government

14 April 2014 12:59
Philip Hammond and David Mundell are odds over where Trident would stand in discussions with an independent Scotland. (Andy Buchanan/AFP/Getty Images)

Was it Philip Hammond who told the Guardian that Britain would discuss a currency union with an independent Scotland? Fleet Street is asking that question after the Defence Secretary said:… Continue reading


Polling worries for Miliband – and for Cameron

14 March 2014 17:17

There’s been much hullaballoo this afternoon over a Populus poll that shows a Labour lead of one point. The usual caveats apply (it’s just one poll!); but, nevertheless, this sample… Continue reading


Is fox hunting on a par with dog fighting?

13 January 2014 14:55
The Duke Of Beaufort's Hunt Holds The Opening Meet Of The Season

As horses and hounds gathered across the country on Boxing Day, more than a quarter of a million people turned out on foot and on horseback to support their local… Continue reading


Why do the Tories lead on the economy and leadership but trail overall?

2 November 2013 12:06
Image: Getty

One of the odd things about the polls at the moment is that the Tories lead on economic competence and leadership, traditionally the two most important issues, yet trail overall.… Continue reading


If Ed Miliband is to become Prime Minister he needs more than gimmicks

11 October 2013 12:26
Labour Conference Focuses On Leader's Speech

Ed Miliband, everyone seems to agree, has had a good few weeks, even months. Everyone agrees on this even though Labour’s position in the polls is not significantly better now… Continue reading


Tory activists are feeling more confident. What about the Lib Dems?

30 July 2013 17:21
British Prime Minister David Cameron (R)

A Conservative Home poll, which found that a majority of activists believe that the coalition is good for Britain, is the latest little boost for David Cameron, so says Paul… Continue reading


Poll: Half of religious people support gay marriage

14 July 2013 14:09
Image: Getty

As the House of Lords prepares to vote on gay marriage, a YouGov poll shows that the opinion of people who regard themselves as ‘religious’ is 48pc against and 44pc… Continue reading


Boris Johnson: an eminently likeable politician who poses little threat to David Cameron

28 June 2013 8:08
Words that come to mind when thinking of Boris Johnson. Picture: Lord Ashcroft Polling.

Even Boris can’t help the toxic Tories. That’s the upshot of Lord Ashcroft’s latest polling, which asked 8,000 people (including several focus groups outside of London) about what they think of… Continue reading


Is nice but dim such a bad thing for Labour?

10 May 2013 15:44
Ed Miliband

Labour’s lead in the polls has been pretty steady at around 10 points for a little over a year now. So why does today’s Guardian carry an article with the… Continue reading


Should the Public Affairs Act 1975 be repealed?

18 April 2013 17:54

9 per cent of Brits say the Public Affairs Act 1975 should be repealed, and 9 per cent say it shouldn’t, according to a new poll by YouGov. If you’re… Continue reading


Poll: Boris could save 50 Tory MPs

28 March 2013 15:36
A Boris-led Tory party does six points better than a Cameron-led one, a new poll shows. Picture: Getty Images

YouGov have once again tested how a Boris-led Tory party would compare to a Cameron-led one in the polls. When they last did so in October, they found that Boris… Continue reading


Budget 2013: The public’s verdict

22 March 2013 14:08
George Osborne's latest Budget seems to have gone down better than last year's. Picture: Getty Images

We’ve got the first post-Budget polling from YouGov, and it brings mixed news for George Osborne. Certainly, this Budget doesn’t seem (so far) to have dented the Chancellor’s reputation the… Continue reading


The truth about Ukip supporters

5 March 2013 12:11
Picture: Getty Images

Who are all these folk jumping on Nigel Farage’s bandwagon? Ukip — which received just 3 per cent of the vote in 2010 — is now averaging about 11 per… Continue reading


Eastleigh by-election: Four points from Ashcroft’s exit poll

1 March 2013 15:48
Their superior operation and strong local record helped the Liberal Democrats secure victory. Picture: Getty Images

The result might be in, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing useful polls can tell us about the Eastleigh by-election. What swayed the voters? Why did they vote as they… Continue reading