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While Labour panics, the Lib Dems are keeping their cool

29 July 2015 16:22
Gordon Brown Meets With Vietnamese Prime Minister

After May’s general election, both Labour and the Lib Dems needed a new leader, but the contrast between their leadership elections could not be starker. Labour is in the midst… Continue reading


John McTernan: if Corbyn wins the Labour leadership, he should be deposed immediately

29 July 2015 16:01
John McTernan (L), Director of Political Operatiosn, Prime Minister Tony Blair and author Ian Rankin (R) sit on a train from Barrhead to Kilmarnock, on April 26, 2007 in Scotland.

John McTernan is a Blairite who is not afraid to speak his mind. On this week’s View from 22 podcast, the former Labour special advisor discusses the state of Labour’s… Continue reading


Unison backs Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader

29 July 2015 15:57
Jeremy Corbyn poses for a portrait on July 16, 2015 in London, England

The momentum just keeps building behind Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign for Labour leader. This afternoon, Unison has announced it is backing the veteran socialist’s candidacy, with General Secretary Dave Prentis saying:… Continue reading


Jeremy Corbyn 20pts ahead in leaked poll — while Cooper heads into second place

28 July 2015 20:23
Yvette Cooper (R) listens to Jeremy Corbyn during a Labour Party leadership hustings event in Warrington, north west England on July 25, 2015.

Jeremy Corbyn is still on track to be the next Labour leader, according to leaked private polling. Tomorrow’s Daily Mirror reports that this poll puts Corbyn on 42 per cent… Continue reading


Jeremy Corbyn won’t destroy Labour. But he might yet destroy the country

28 July 2015 17:47
If you’ve never tried LSD, a Corbyn government would be a fairly decent simulacrum of the drug

Imagine, for a moment, the following scenario. In 2017 Britain votes narrowly to remain within the European Union, despite the Prime Minister having achieved little in attempting to renegotiate the… Continue reading


What if Jeremy Corbyn wins?

28 July 2015 17:31
Jeremy Corbyn poses for a portrait on July 16, 2015 in London, England

A Jeremy Corbyn victory was once a hilarious joke but now it seems possible, even likely according to some. If the Labour party wakes up on September 13 and the… Continue reading


The old Labour right tells the new right to pull its finger out

27 July 2015 15:51

Keeping Labour grounded to the centre is proving a tough battle for the moderates. Labour First, a pressure group of the old right within the party, has penned a public… Continue reading


Ed Miliband’s legacy: 140,000 new hard-left members sign up to back Corbyn

26 July 2015 13:55

If Jeremy Corbyn becomes the next Labour leader, there will be a lot of finger pointing at Ed Miliband. Today’s Sunday Times reports that 140,000 new members are projected to sign up to… Continue reading


The rival factions at war over Labour’s leadership contest

There is a clear ‘Progress faction’ within the PLP (Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty)

Which factions have the most influence in the Labour leadership and deputy leadership contest? The biggest split in the party is between the pressure group Progress and those with links… Continue reading


The second preference conundrum and why Liz Kendall shouldn’t drop out

23 July 2015 14:45

Is Liz Kendall about to quit the Labour leadership race? The Times reports comments from Labour sources who say Kendall’s time is up — given her poor showing in the recent YouGov poll… Continue reading


Who in Labour will fight to bring back sanity and honesty and dignity? Not John Prescott

23 July 2015 14:10
Prescott won't be using his boxing skills to fight for sanity in the Labour party. (Image: Getty)

When I heard John Prescott was going on the Today programme, I must admit that I expected him to urge Labour members to be sensible — and stop this damaging… Continue reading


Why Yvette Cooper is keeping quiet about what she believes

23 July 2015 9:55
Labour leadership candidate Yvette Cooper speaks during a meeting in London, United Kingdom, on June 15, 2015.

What does Yvette Cooper believe? John Humphrys was desperately trying to find this out on the Today programme this morning, and got nowhere. The Labour leadership contender at least showed… Continue reading


Who is to blame for the rise of Jeremy Corbyn? Ed Miliband

22 July 2015 17:23
UK Labour Party Leadership Hustings

Well, look, it’s Ed Miliband’s fault isn’t it? Thrice over in fact. First for winning the Labour leadership, then for leading the party in the way he did and, finally,… Continue reading


Jeremy Corbyn deserved a place on his party’s ballot paper

22 July 2015 16:42
UK Labour Party Leader ship Hustings

Some Labour MPs have been expressing their regret at the fun and games they indulged in to get Jeremy Corbyn onto the leadership contest ballot paper back in the heady… Continue reading


‘Yvette is dead in the water’ – Team Burnham on the YouGov Labour leadership poll

22 July 2015 15:26
Labour leadership candidates Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham on stage at the Labour leadership hustings in Citywest hotel on June 9, 2015 in Dublin, Ireland.

The YouGov survey might be ‘just one poll’ in a notoriously tricky race to predict, but it has sent shockwaves throughout the Labour party. Tristram Hunt and Tony Blair have been activated to plead with the… Continue reading


‘Tories for Corbyn’ isn’t just a bit of fun. It’s an effective political weapon

22 July 2015 12:00
Jeremy Corbyn Takes The Lead In The Labour Leadership Race

Is the #ToriesForCorbyn campaign politics at its most infantile? As one of the few conservative commentators willing to defend it in the media, I’ve been doing my best to rebut… Continue reading


Tony Blair advises Corbyn supporters to get a heart transplant

22 July 2015 11:13
Tony Blair speaking at a Progress event in London this morning.

Tony Blair has made his predictable intervention in the Labour leadership contest. At an event with the Progress think tank in London this morning, the former Prime Minister made his… Continue reading


Will this Jeremy Corbyn poll break the Labour fever?

22 July 2015 10:12
Jeremy Corbyn (Image: Getty)

It is hard to overstate the level of shock in moderate Labour circles at last night’s YouGov poll showing Jeremy Corbyn heading for victory in the Labour leadership race. Regardless… Continue reading


Labour will become a ‘pressure group’ if Corbyn wins, says Tristram Hunt

22 July 2015 8:30
Shadow Secretary of State for Education, Tristram Hunt, makes a speech in which he announced he will not run for the Labour Party leadership on May 20, 2015 in London, England.

Labour is waking up this morning to the news that Jeremy Corbyn might stand a chance of actually become Labour leader. The question many are asking is how genuine this… Continue reading


Jeremy Corbyn on track to be next Labour leader, according to new poll

21 July 2015 22:57
Jeremy Corbyn poses for a portrait on July 16, 2015 in London, England.

Could Jeremy Corbyn actually win the Labour leadership race? A new poll from The Times/YouGov suggests that he will. The new poll of eligible voters in the leadership contest — party members, registered… Continue reading


Andy Burnham opens fire at Labour’s ‘current leadership’ over the Welfare Bill

21 July 2015 16:12
Andy Burnham and Harriet Harman at the Labour Party conference on September 25, 2013 in Brighton, England

Relations between Andy Burnham and Harriet Harman must be disintegrating quickly. After the leadership favourite abstained during last night’s vote on the Welfare Bill, Burnham attempted to his logic on the World at… Continue reading


The 48 welfare rebels demonstrate the ‘Miliband effect’ on the Labour party

21 July 2015 9:13

One in five members of the Parliamentary Labour Party voted against the party whip last night. Although the second reading of the government’s Welfare Bill passed, it shows that the… Continue reading


The Welfare Bill has passed -- and revealed Labour to be a party divided

20 July 2015 23:17
Labours candidates for Leader and Deputy Leader Liz Kendall,Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper  and Jeremy Corbyn take part in a hustings in The Old Fruitmarket, Candleriggs on July 10, 2015 in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Welfare Reform and Work Bill has, as expected, passed its second reading in the House of Commons, with 48 Labour MPs defying their party whip and voting against, while… Continue reading


Has Liz Kendall’s campaign run out of momentum?

20 July 2015 16:27
Liz Kendall visits Brixton Solar in south London where she saw how solar energy is being produced on the Roupell Park Estate with the cooperation of the residents. Monday July 20, 2015

Liz Kendall’s chances of winning the Labour leadership contest appear to be slipping away. On several measures, she has fallen into fourth place. Kendall has just 12 nominations from constituency… Continue reading


Five things we learnt from the Sunday Politics Labour leadership hustings

19 July 2015 14:14
The candidates for Labour leader on the Sunday Politics. Photo: BBC.

The four Labour leadership contenders took part in another televised hustings today, this time chaired by Andrew Neil on the Sunday Politics. With just over 50 days left of this contest,… Continue reading