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It is un-socialist to support Jeremy Corbyn

28 August 2015 11:35

A quick disclaimer: I am a socialist and I share much of Jeremy Corbyn’s politics. I believe that austerity is unjustifiable ideological warfare; I believe in renationalising the railways, I… Continue reading


Labour needs to up its game on the EU renegotiation

28 August 2015 10:16
Image: Getty

Most people in the Labour Party may want to stay in the EU, but few think there is no scope to improve the way the EU operates or our terms… Continue reading


What if Jeremy Corbyn has a successful start as Labour leader?

28 August 2015 9:41
Jeremy Corbyn Takes The Lead In The Labour Leadership Race

Jeremy Corbyn has taken to the Times to defend his Labour leadership campaign and attack both the press and his critics within his own party. He writes: ‘Despite the barrage… Continue reading


Could a row with Uber be taxi for a London mayoral candidate?

27 August 2015 16:48
The Evening Standard's Labour mayoral hustings at the Royal Geographical Society in London.

One of the striking things about the contest in Labour for the mayoral candidacy is how many of the candidates are keen to admonish private taxi firm Uber. Sadiq Khan… Continue reading


As a northerner, I’m fed up of Andy Burnham’s northern stereotypes

25 August 2015 17:55
Andy Burnham arrives for a football match between Labour Members of Parliament and journalists in Salford, north-west England, on September 30, 2012.

Northerners are easy to stereotype: working class, beer, flat caps, Labour, trade unions and football. In the same way all southerners aren’t stuck-up opera-goers and every Scot isn’t a miserly… Continue reading


Harriet Harman: we are not purging Corbyn supporters

25 August 2015 15:05
Harriet Harman Sits Down With Labour Leadership Candidates

The summit on the integrity of the Labour leadership contest is over and interim leader Harriet Harman described it as a ‘routine’ and ‘useful’ meeting. Although she is ‘confident that there won’t be… Continue reading


New poll shows challenges for all Labour leadership candidates

25 August 2015 13:42
Deputy Leader Of The Labour Party Harriet Harman Meets With Labour's Candidate For The Eastleigh By-election John O'Farrell

ComRes has released a new poll which outlines Labour’s present plight (as with all post-election opinion polls, treat these numbers with some caution). Just 20 per cent of the public say they… Continue reading


It is too late to stop a shadow hanging over the Labour leadership result

25 August 2015 8:59
A Labour Party leadership ballot paper is displayed on August 19, 2015 in London.

Concern about how the Labour leadership contest has been run is spreading throughout the party. The former home secretary Charles Clarke, who has voted Kendall 1st, Cooper 2nd and Burnham… Continue reading


An evening with Andy Burnham and his conventional Labour supporters

24 August 2015 22:10
Andy Burnham addressing at Q&A at St Pancras Parish Church in London, 24 August 2015.

Andy Burham’s rally this evening had only one similarity with Jeremy Corbyn’s last week: it was held in a place of worship. At the St Pancras Parish Church in London, close… Continue reading


Gordon Brown appoints Yvette Cooper as his political heir

24 August 2015 17:39
Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Work and Pensions Secretary Yvette Cooper (L) meet staff as they visit a Job Centre Plus January 20, 2010 in Marylebone, central London, England

Gordon Brown has announced he is backing Yvette Cooper in the Labour leadership contest. In a statement on his website, the former Prime Minister has revealed Cooper will be his first… Continue reading


Labour leadership contenders to demand details of party’s efforts to block infiltrators

24 August 2015 17:19
Ballot Papers Arrive For The Labour Leadership Election

Labour is holding a meeting tomorrow morning with the different leadership camps to discuss how the party is dealing with infiltrators into its membership. The campaigns are particularly keen to… Continue reading


Jeremy Corbyn signals the return of Labour’s Heathrow wars

24 August 2015 15:37
Jeremy Corbyn speaks outside the Tyne Theatre and Opera House, Newcastle, during his campaign.

Quelle surprise, Jeremy Corbyn has come out against a third runway at Heathrow. The Labour leadership favourite has indicated in an interview with the FT that under him, the party… Continue reading


Does anyone really care how politicians look?

23 August 2015 14:53

Charles Moore asks in this week’s Spectator what the ‘right looks’ are for a leadership contender, comparing Margaret Thatcher’s appeal to Tory backbenchers to the appeal of Yvette Cooper and Liz… Continue reading


Do Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall look like leaders?

23 August 2015 10:00
Liz Kendall and Yvette Cooper. Photo: Getty.

A hidden reason for Mrs Thatcher’s victory in 1975 was that lots of older Tory backbenchers fancied her. She was 49 and made the best of it without obvious strain.… Continue reading


An evening with the cult of Corbyn in Islington

22 August 2015 13:00

Jeremy Corbyn has hosted over 70 rallies as part of his Labour leadership campaign. Yesterday evening, the bearded one returned to Islington to speak at a four hour fundraising event… Continue reading


Burnham campaign raises entryism concern — but deny any legal challenge

21 August 2015 15:40
Memorabilia supporting British Labour Party leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn is offered for sale ahead of his arrival to address party supporters as part of a nationwide leadership campaign at the Town Hall on August 18, 2015 in Middlesbrough, England

Whoever wins the Labour leadership contest, questions will be raised about how it has been run. If Corbyn loses, his supporters will become even more angry about the ‘purge’ of the Corbynites.… Continue reading


Stripping the bark from Jeremy Corbyn will be the easiest campaign in modern political history

21 August 2015 13:06
Jeremy Corbyn and Gerry  Adams

Lately, I’ve been thinking about Willie Horton and Michael Dukakis. That’s what Jeremy Corbyn’s rise to prominence will do to a fellow. Horton, you will remember, was the convicted murderer… Continue reading


Corbyn’s remarks on Iraq and Isis are a preview of the fireworks to come if he wins

21 August 2015 9:14
Jeremy Corbyn gestures as he leaves an event outlining his plans for a publicly owned railway network, in London, on Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2015

Tories are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn winning the Labour leadership contest. Two stories that have broken this morning show precisely why. Returning to the Iraq… Continue reading


Could Burnham or Cooper stand again in the next Labour leadership contest?

20 August 2015 17:12
Labour leadership candidates Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham on stage at the Labour leadership hustings in Citywest hotel on June 9, 2015 in Dublin, Ireland.

Does it matter who comes second in the Labour leadership contest? According to the polls and bookies, Andy Burnham is vying for second place with Yvette Cooper. Ladbrokes currently have… Continue reading


Labour ‘members’ object to ‘purge’

20 August 2015 15:43
Ballot Papers Arrive For The Labour Leadership Election

Some Labour party members are currently finding out that they can’t vote in the leadership election after all because they’ve been picked up as being insincere members. A number of… Continue reading


Yvette Cooper: I won’t be challenging Labour leadership result

20 August 2015 14:17
Yvette Cooper, Labour Party leadership candidate speaks at an event at the Coin Street neighbourhood Centre in central London on August 19, 2015.

It was Yvette Cooper’s turn to do a Q&A session on the World at One today and it was a pretty dry affair, unlike Corbyn or Burnham. There was nothing new about her policies or stances but Cooper did… Continue reading


Labour’s bitter, bitchy battles will continue long after its leader is announced

20 August 2015 12:40
Ballot Papers Arrive For The Labour Leadership Election

Why is the Labour leadership contest so vile? It has been the bitterest, bitchiest battle that the party has experienced for a good long while, even though the last contest… Continue reading


Podcast: the clean eating fad and what happens if Corbyn wins

20 August 2015 9:40
A trader arranges a display of courgettes for sale on his stall at a farmer's market on Kassandrou street in Thessaloniki, Greece, on Thursday, July 2, 2015

Is ‘clean eating’ a trendy new fad or something more dangerous? On the View from 22 podcast, nutritionist Ian Marber discusses this week’s cover feature with Isabel Hardman and Lara Prendergast. How is the advice… Continue reading


Jeremy Corbyn: suggestions I’m anti-semitic are ‘disgusting and deeply offensive’

19 August 2015 17:14
A member of staff adjusts the hair Jeremy Corbyn as he arrives at an event outlining his plans for a publicly owned railway network, in London, on Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn has hit back at suggestions he has been hanging out in a rather bad crowd. The former Conservative MP Louise Mensch has dug up a press release on… Continue reading


The left is rapidly losing its moral authority on racism

19 August 2015 16:04

On Monday, Jeremy Corbyn was questioned by Channel 4 News about yet another Holocaust denier and anti-Semite of his acquaintance.  And now the BBC’s World at One has asked Corbyn about another.… Continue reading