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Labour unsure about health policy its own councils support

25 February 2015 20:25
Public Inquiry Into Stafford Hospital Scandal Resumes

The announcement today that Greater Manchester will receive full control of health spending – worth £6bn – has left Labour in a rather interesting position. On the one hand, it… Continue reading


Tories and Labour to make pledges knowing they are bad policy

23 February 2015 8:12
Queen Elizabeth II Attends The State Opening Of Parliament

This week, the two main parties plan to make iconic pledges that they hope will appeal to their core vote, but that are pretty poor policy. David Cameron will today… Continue reading


Ed Miliband to Cameron: show us your EU renegotiation policy

19 February 2015 15:07
Labour Leader Ed Miliband Gives A Speech On The Economy

Ed Miliband has sent an angry letter to David Cameron this afternoon, demanding that he ‘set out in detail a reform agenda for the EU and a strategy for building… Continue reading


Record employment figures create more problems for Labour

18 February 2015 13:06

Britain has reached its highest ever level of employment. According to new figures from the ONS, the employment rate has risen to 73.2 per cent — or close to 31… Continue reading


Former NEC chair dumps Labour for Ukip

17 February 2015 19:18
Harriet Yeo of the TSSA has switched her support from Labour to Ukip.

Labour’s decision to shy away from an EU referendum has cost it a senior figure. The Telegraph reveals that Harriet Yeo, the former chairman of Labour’s National Executive Committee between… Continue reading


Labour tries to resuscitate tax row

17 February 2015 15:12
Ed Balls

Presumably as a way of getting out of an endless debate about receipts, Ed Balls has issued a letter with some detailed questions about tax evasion and HSBC (as opposed… Continue reading


Labour’s tax fight turns scrappy

17 February 2015 9:39
Ed Balls Kill Bill

Well, those tax attacks worked out well, didn’t they? Tax avoidance is on the front pages of the newspapers, but not in a way that benefits either main political party.… Continue reading


Has Labour finally found its campaign message?

16 February 2015 16:00
Ed Miliband Delivers Education Speech

As well as keeping the tax avoidance row going for as long as possible (something that is worrying Tories, who think their party needs to find a way of moving… Continue reading


Seven times Labour has previously launched a plan for the economy

16 February 2015 15:35
Labour Party leader Ed Miliband speaks to business leaders on December 11, 2014 in London, England

The Labour vs. Conservative battle of economic plans is heating up. Ed Miliband is launching a 79-page Better Plan for Britain’s Prosperity today, which appears to be his latest alternative… Continue reading


Will Labour’s efforts to paint the Conservatives as a party of the rich backfire?

16 February 2015 9:03
Chuka Umunna, business spokesman for the opposition Labour party, pauses ahead of a Bloomberg Television interview in London, U.K., on Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015.

Quite naturally, the latest foray by Labour into pointing fingers at Tory tax avoiders has led to two scraps, firstly about Labour’s own donors and their tax affairs (as James… Continue reading


The danger for Miliband in his tax triumph

15 February 2015 12:04
Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband Speaks At The Scottish Labour conference

Last week was Labour’s best of the campaign so far and the Tories’ worst. The row over tax avoidance and Lord Fink’s comments reinforced the damaging perception that the Tories… Continue reading


Will Labour rule out a deal with the SNP?

14 February 2015 12:50

Who ends up governing Britain after the election may well be determined by what happens in the Scottish seats. If the SNP take a slew of seats from Labour, it… Continue reading


Three reasons why Labour probably (just about) ‘won’ this week

13 February 2015 18:29
Ed Miliband, Douglas Alexander and Jim Murphy (Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty)

Ed Miliband’s party has ended up having a reasonably good week, even though it’s been a pretty tough battle. Today’s front pages have not been good at all, something the… Continue reading


Miliband: I stand by what I said about Lord Fink

12 February 2015 12:48
Image: Getty

Ed Miliband has now repeated what he said about Lord Fink in the Commons. At the end of his speech, he said: ‘Yesterday Conservative donor Lord Fink challenged me to… Continue reading


Miliband appears to win tax battle as Lord Fink backs off legal threat

12 February 2015 12:03
Labour Leader Ed Miliband Speech At The Science Museum

So it looks as though that Ed Miliband has won his battle with Lord Fink. The Tory peer has given an interview to the Evening Standard in which he says… Continue reading


Labour denies Miliband sees Fink fight as a ‘Milly Dowler moment’

12 February 2015 11:36
(Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty)

Nick Robinson had an extraordinary claim (see update, below, for his clarification) in his blog last night that ‘the Labour leader’s aides say that he sees [his allegations about Lord Fink]… Continue reading


Peter Oborne: Ed Miliband is the most accomplished opposition leader since the war

12 February 2015 10:09
The greatest opposition leader since the war? Image: Getty

In this week’s Spectator podcast, we put a Labour and a Tory supporter next to each other to debate the virtues of Ed Miliband. The difference being that Peter Oborne… Continue reading


Podcast: why modern love is rubbish and is Ed Miliband an honourable opposition leader?

12 February 2015 8:57
Internet Companies Vie For Market Dominance

In the age of Tinder and online dating, is modern love rubbish? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Melissa Kite, Cosmo Landesman and Camilla Swift discuss this week’s Spectator cover feature on why romance is being killed off by digital… Continue reading


David Cameron is lucky he faces Ed Miliband, not Nicola Sturgeon

11 February 2015 19:03
Nicola Sturgeon Delivers Anti-Austerity Speech At Universtiy College London

In some respects David Cameron has been a lucky politician. Lucky that his predecessors had failed so completely that his initial brand of so-called modernisation seemed a punt worth taking.… Continue reading


Ed Miliband is being pushed to the left by the SNP

11 February 2015 17:54
To the left, to the left, (Photo: Getty)

At last, the picture is becoming clearer. We now have a better idea of what the SNP will demand in return for its support to put Ed Miliband in Downing… Continue reading


Miliband to repeat allegations against Lord Fink in public

11 February 2015 17:11
Image: Getty

So Ed Miliband really is going to pick one of the bigger battles of his leadership. After Lord Fink demanded that the Labour leader withdraw what he said about the peer at… Continue reading


Lord Fink confronts Miliband over ‘defamatory’ comments at PMQs

11 February 2015 16:59
(Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Lord Fink has confronted Ed Miliband over his allegation at Prime Minister’s Questions that the peer was engaged in ‘tax avoidance’. In a letter, Fink says Miliband should repeat the… Continue reading


Miliband’s attacks fell flat at PMQs

11 February 2015 13:48

The stage was set for Ed Miliband at PMQs today. Just before the session, The Guardian revealed the names of various Tony donors who allegedly had accounts with HSBC’s Swiss… Continue reading


Labour keeps up pressure on HSBC row

11 February 2015 9:18
Image: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Labour wants to keep up the pressure on the the Tories over the HSBC scandal today. Ed Miliband will inevitably have a go on the issue at Prime Minister’s Questions… Continue reading


Labour to reach women with a barbie bus

10 February 2015 17:53
Labour's campaign so far: Picture: Carla Millar

Labour is launching its women’s campaign tomorrow, and Guido has discovered that part of this special campaign is a special battle bus. A pink bus. A pink bus with ‘Woman… Continue reading