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The coming battle for legitimacy

18 April 2015 13:10
Big Ben and the The Houses of Parliament

Jonathan Freedland has written a compelling column on the challenge that Ed Miliband will face to establish his legitimacy if he becomes Prime Minister despite Labour not having won the… Continue reading


My decision to vote Labour – a further explanation

17 April 2015 8:40
Ed Miliband's Speech To Scottish Labour Party Conference

Missing from my column this week, for reasons of space etc, was this simple point: I am a Socialist. I am not a liberal. Liberalism, or what it has become,… Continue reading


Listen: The Spectator’s verdict on the opposition leaders’ TV debate

16 April 2015 23:23
Labour Party leader Ed Miiband, Plaid Cymru Party leader Leanne Wood, Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon and Ukip leader Nigel Farage during the BBC Challengers' Election Debate 2015 at Central Hall Westminster, London. Photo: PA.

Ed Miliband managed to surpass expectations in tonight’s opposition leaders’ debate. In this View from 22 podcast special, Fraser Nelson, James Forsyth, Isabel Hardman and I discuss the final televised… Continue reading


Ed Miliband’s gamble paid off but the Scottish question still haunts him

16 April 2015 22:56
Labour Party leader Ed Miiband, Plaid Cymru Party leader Leanne Wood, Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon and Ukip leader Nigel Farage after the BBC Challengers' Election Debate 2015 at Central Hall Westminster, London..

Ed Miliband took a risk by turning up to this debate and until the last question it looked like it had definitely paid off. Miliband avoided conceding too much to… Continue reading


Why Ed Miliband is taking part in tonight’s TV debate

16 April 2015 18:16
Labour Leader Ed Miliband leaves Methodist Central Hall after paying a short visit ahead of tonight's Live TV debate on April 16, 2015 in London, England.

Tonight Ed Miliband takes one of the big risks of the campaign. He debates with Nicola Sturgeon, Nigel Farage, Leanne Wood and Natalie Bennett. All of these leaders will be… Continue reading


Exclusive: Where the next generation of MPs think the burden of cuts should fall

16 April 2015 16:16
Image: Getty

What do the next generation of MPs think with regards to public services, government spending and taxes? Coffee House has got its hands on new research by Ipsos MORI on… Continue reading


Tories and Labour keeping policies up their sleeves

16 April 2015 15:45

Three weeks from now, people will be voting and the parties will just be getting a sense of how this election is shaking out. But in a sign of how… Continue reading


Tories are consolidating while Labour are extending leads in key marginals

14 April 2015 16:14
Jacob Rees-Mogg Visits New Bagpuss Pop-up Shop

Lord Ashcroft has released his latest round of polling, looking at ten competitive Tory-Labour seats. In all of the constituencies, Ashcroft has reported swings to Labour, ranging from 0.5 per cent… Continue reading


Nick Clegg sets out red lines for coalition negotiations with Labour and the Tories

13 April 2015 20:59
Liberal Democrats Leader Nick Clegg Visits Scotland

Nick Clegg produced Lib Dem red lines for any coalition with either Labour or the Tories in an interview with Evan Davis this evening. Clegg said that he wouldn’t go… Continue reading


Music to the SNP’s ears: Vote Labour, get more austerity

13 April 2015 17:31
(Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty)

As Jim Murphy tries to turn back the SNP surge, he has been arguing that a Labour government wouldn’t result in endless austerity. He has repeatedly cited the Institute for… Continue reading


Ten things you need to know about Labour’s manifesto

13 April 2015 15:45
Members of the Shadow Cabinet (L) listen as Ed Miliband (R), the leader of the Labour Party, launches his party's general election manifesto in the Old Granada Studios in Manchester, Northern England on April 13, 2015.

Labour has launched its election manifesto in Manchester today, entitled ‘Britain can be better’. The document (pdf here) includes some new policies and others already announced. Here are ten key… Continue reading


Why Labour’s bold manifesto move won’t work

13 April 2015 13:49
Ed Miliband, leader of the U.K. opposition Labour Party, gestures as he unveils the party's 2015 general election manifesto in Manchester, U.K., on Monday, April 13, 2015.

Labour’s manifesto is the most daring move of this campaign so far. The party has decided to try and address one of its biggest weaknesses on page 1 of the… Continue reading


Is Labour really wise to take on the Tories on the economy?

13 April 2015 12:46
Ed Miliband, the Leader of the Labour Party, launches his party's general election manifesto in the Old Granada Studios in Manchester, northwest England on April 13, 2015.

Ed Miliband gave a good, forceful, well-received speech at Labour’s manifesto launch this morning. It couldn’t have been anything else, given how close we are to polling day. There were… Continue reading


Campaign kick-off: 24 days to go

13 April 2015 8:54
Labour Leader Ed Miliband addresses activists as he launches the party's health manifesto at The Guiseley Theatre on April 11, 2015 in Leeds.

The third week of the campaign is going to be all about manifestos. Today, it’s Labour’s turn to launch its plan — while the Tories, Liberal Democrats, Ukip and Greens… Continue reading


This week, the Tories must seize the initiative

12 April 2015 12:45
Picture: Getty

Even Tory insiders admit that while they broadly had the better of the first week of the campaign, Labour had the better of the week just gone.  This makes it… Continue reading


Tories try to use their lead on the economy to bolster their position on the NHS

12 April 2015 10:39
U.K. Chancellor Of The Exchequer George Osborne Delivers 2015 Spring Budget

The Tories believe that their record in government and their lead on economic competence means that they can set out spending commitments without having to set out precisely how they… Continue reading


Deficit? What deficit? Labour candidates ignore key issue

10 April 2015 16:06
Labour Leader Ed Miliband Gives A Speech On The Economy

Ed Miliband famously forgot to mention the deficit in his 2014 conference speech, but you would have thought that at least some prospective Labour MPs consider it to be a… Continue reading


Is Ed Miliband really prepared to risk £8.27 billion on an election stunt?

10 April 2015 11:57

It’s a common assumption that non-doms pay little tax. It’s certainly an assumption made by Ed Miliband, who has announced plans to scrap the non-dom status for long-term residents. ‘There are 116,000 non-doms costing… Continue reading


Podcast special: polls and personal attacks

9 April 2015 23:58
Labour leader Ed Miliband speaks as he launches his party's education manifesto on April 9, 2015 in London, England.

With 28 days to go, is the momentum beginning to move towards Labour? In this View from 22 podcast special, Fraser Nelson, James Forsyth, Isabel Hardman and I discuss the latest polls… Continue reading


Tony Blair rallies the troops at Labour HQ

9 April 2015 16:25

Tony Blair gave a speech at Labour HQ this afternoon, I understand, which rather puts paid to the claim that he was doing the very minimum required of the former Prime… Continue reading


Sturgeon hints that the SNP would never back a Labour budget

9 April 2015 11:57
Keynote Speech By New Leader Of The SNP Nicola Sturgeon

“Is it sensible to spend your way out of debt?” ran the opening question in the last night’s Scottish leaders debate – marking it out, straight away, as something very… Continue reading


Podcast: what if Ed wins, the madness of Scottish politics and Catholic wars

9 April 2015 10:30
Labour Leader Ed Miliband delivers a speech at Warwick University on April 8, 2015 in Warwick, England

Ed Miliband could still win the general election, but what would happen next? On the latest View from 22 podcast, The Telegraph’s Dan Hodges discusses this week’s Spectator cover feature on what to expect from a Miliband premiership with George… Continue reading


Ashcroft marginal polls show Tory-Labour races remain tight — and Ukip is falling behind

8 April 2015 21:37

The Tory-Labour battleground remains very close. Lord Ashcroft has returned to ten competitive marginal seats in his latest round of polling and has found swings to Labour, ranging from 0.5… Continue reading


Ed Miliband couldn’t care less about education reform

8 April 2015 18:17
(Photo: Stefan Rousseau/Getty)

The editor of The Spectator isn’t the only person thinking about the prospect of Ed Miliband becoming the next Prime Minister. Eighty educationalists have signed a letter in the Daily Mail… Continue reading


The referendum is still defining Scottish politics

8 April 2015 18:07

One of the most striking things about Scotland is how the referendum still dominates politics here. I’ve seen more Yes posters and stickers than I’ve seen posters for any political… Continue reading