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Student visa reforms will be a nightmare for university vice-chancellors

12 May 2015 11:48
(Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty)

As the dust settles on the outcome of the 2015 general election, one group of business executives who we can be sure are less than ecstatic at what the future… Continue reading


Tristram Hunt: Education Secretaries can send their kids private

23 April 2015 16:17

In the Daily Politics education debate just now on the BBC, Tristram Hunt declared that it was acceptable for an Education Secretary to send their own child to private school.… Continue reading


Ed Miliband couldn’t care less about education reform

8 April 2015 18:17
(Photo: Stefan Rousseau/Getty)

The editor of The Spectator isn’t the only person thinking about the prospect of Ed Miliband becoming the next Prime Minister. Eighty educationalists have signed a letter in the Daily Mail… Continue reading


Kids love fairy tales. This doesn’t mean they must be taught about transgender politics

7 April 2015 13:07

If the NUT didn’t exist it would be necessary for a latter-day Michael Wharton to invent it. This week the teaching union is having its congress where, among other things, it’s… Continue reading


Do we really need more physics teachers?

11 March 2015 12:11

The government has today announced a drive to get more physics and maths graduates into teaching. It’s a good idea, given the struggle that many headteachers report in recruiting teachers… Continue reading


If ‘non-violent extremists’ can’t express their views at universities, where can they?

4 March 2015 12:49
Mohammed Emwazi studied at the University of Westminster (Photo: Jack Taylor/Getty)

Last month, the government’s Counter-Terrorism & Security Bill became law. One provision is the legal obligation it places upon ‘specified authorities’ to ‘prevent people from being drawn into terrorism’. ‘Specified authorities’… Continue reading


E.G. West showed a way for ‘free schools’ to be truly free

27 February 2015 16:24
Durham Free School is to close at the end of this term

Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Education, has announced the closure of the Durham Free School, following scandalously one-sided Ofsted reporting about the school.  Closure would lead to less choice for… Continue reading


Could this be the solution to the Durham Free School dilemma?

6 February 2015 19:32
James Tooley (Photo; Newcastle University)

A highly respected academic has stepped forward pointing education ministers towards a potentially face-saving solution to the Durham Free School dilemma. James Tooley, professor of education policy at Newcastle University… Continue reading


One of Gove’s most important education reforms is in danger

5 February 2015 14:22

One of this week’s most important stories is tucked away in the Times’ Higher Education supplement today. It appears that one of Michael Gove’s most important reforms, putting universities—not Whitehall—in charge… Continue reading


Exclusive: Nicky Morgan to approve more than 50 new free schools

4 February 2015 14:12

Nicky Morgan will announce more than 50 new free schools by the end of this month, Coffee House has learned. I understand that a protracted battle has been taking place… Continue reading


Will Nicky Morgan admit she may have been wrong about Durham Free School?

4 February 2015 12:49
Nicky Morgan (Photo: Carl Court/Getty)

The education secretary gave Durham Free School (DFS) until 3 February to make representations showing why it should not have its funding agreement ended. Nicky Morgan now has the school’s response:… Continue reading


Freezing the education budget won’t hurt pupils. Here’s why

2 February 2015 18:56
Cameron vs Blob large rez

David Cameron has today been refreshingly honest about his plans for school funding in England: budgets will be flat, which (when you factor in inflation) will mean a drop of… Continue reading


If Cameron wants an ‘all-out war’ on mediocre schools, why did he get rid of Gove?

2 February 2015 9:34

It is odd to hear David Cameron promise an ‘all-out war on mediocrity’ in education. An admirable sentiment, but it’s hard to reconcile with the fact that he demoted the… Continue reading


Nicky Morgan: British values test isn’t just about Muslim schools

27 January 2015 22:08

Nicky Morgan has launched a rather strident defence of the government’s ‘British values’ agenda this evening, after fears that it is being used to punish schools unfairly. The Education Secretary… Continue reading


Oftsed’s campaign against Christian schools: now Gove is gone, the Blob is back

25 January 2015 11:50

When Ofsted inspectors allegedy asked primary-age girls at Grindon Hall Christian School, Sunderland, whether they knew what lesbians did in bed, they (apparently) received insufficiently detailed answers. Also, pupils displayed… Continue reading


Good question, Mr Bryant, where are the Albert Finneys and the Glenda Jacksons?

19 January 2015 15:48
James Blunt and Chris Bryant.

James Blunt, the self-deprecating musician who may or may not have stopped World War III, has written an open letter to Chris Bryant calling him a ‘classist gimp’ after the… Continue reading


Archbishop John Sentamu is wrong about free schools on every count

19 January 2015 14:59

John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, has never been shy about courting publicity. He frequently churns out controversial opinion pieces for the red-tops and, just in case they don’t receive… Continue reading


Michael Gove might not be preparing for another coalition. But other Tories are

6 January 2015 15:22
(Photo: BBC)

Michael Gove pitched up on Newsnight yesterday to give one of his typically confident performances to the programme. Apparently CCHQ don’t believe any floating voters watch the BBC’s flagging current affairs… Continue reading


This is how you can fight the Taleban

17 December 2014 18:26
(Photo: A Majeed/Getty)

The murder of over a hundred children by the Taleban in Peshawar left people furious but also frustrated. What can we do to stop the Taleban? Troops are leaving Afghanistan, combat mission… Continue reading


Class war at Education questions

1 December 2014 17:13

Labour is very pleased with the amount of attention it garnered for its new private schools policy when Tristram Hunt unveiled it last week. So it was natural that the… Continue reading


Tristram Hunt’s proposals for public schools are nothing new

28 November 2014 15:39
(Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty)

The Shadow Education Secretary is suggesting that private schools provide qualified teachers to help deliver specialist subject knowledge to state schools. It’s depressing that they don’t all already have in-house… Continue reading


Educational apartheid is Scotland’s greatest national disgrace

4 November 2014 16:11
Image: Getty

A while back I was speaking at one of those How did it all go so wrong? post-referendum discussions and, as expected, the air was thick with recrimination. The good… Continue reading


Teachers should decide the curriculum, not politicians or a panel of ‘experts’

2 November 2014 8:39
Education Secretary Michael Gove Speech On Education Reform

David Laws is an honourable, clear-thinking politician – but looming general elections (and, in the Liberal Democrats’ case, threatened extinction) can have strange effects on a man. Hence his comments… Continue reading


Smoking weed won’t make your kids smarter, but it won’t make them brain-dead, either

24 October 2014 16:20
(Photo: Getty)

Lacking in pep? Looking for some extra zing as winter sets in? The Spectator recommends our energy conference on 1 December. Tickets are still available, sign up here. I don’t want this… Continue reading


Without Michael Gove the Tories have no moral mission on education

30 September 2014 19:05
Education Secretary Nicky Morgan addresses delegates on day three of the Conservative Party conference. Image: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Why is Nicky Morgan the Education Secretary? She’s long been billed as a rising star in the government and has put in some very passionate and impressive performances on the… Continue reading