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An American, an Australian and a South African walk into a British election

18 April 2014 13:37

All three main parties have now hired foreign advisers to help run their general election campaigns. These foreign advisers have one thing in common: they’re all from the English speaking… Continue reading


If you really hate wind farms, David Cameron won’t help you

16 April 2014 14:32

The Prime Minister is planning to cap the total number of onshore wind farms in Britain. But what would limiting the number of wind farms to those in existence or… Continue reading


Cabinet concern over the state of the Unionist campaign in Scotland laid bare

13 April 2014 12:32
Scotland Prepares For The Independence Vote

There are only five months to go to the Scottish referendum and the Cabinet is becoming increasingly agitated about the state of the Unionist campaign. At Tuesday’s meeting there was… Continue reading


Michael Fabricant sacked: what about other HS2 opponents?

9 April 2014 21:42
Michael Fabricant poses with the Monster Raving Loony Party candidate outside the UKIP campaign offices during the Eastleigh by-election. Picture: Getty

It’s difficult to know what astonished people more about Michael Fabricant’s sacking: that he has lost his job or that he was still in a role that required some semblance… Continue reading


Andrea Leadsom joins the Treasury

9 April 2014 14:02

After excited rumours flew around the Conservative party that she was finally getting a promotion, Andrea Leadsom has been confirmed as the new Economic Secretary to the Treasury. She was… Continue reading


Sajid Javid: How I became a Conservative

9 April 2014 11:44
Day 2: 9th World Islamic Economic Forum, Panel Discussions

Although I joined the Conservative Party during my time at Exeter University, it was my upbringing and early life that shaped my political consciousness. Abdul-Ghani Javid (or, as he was… Continue reading


Sajid Javid is the new Culture Secretary

9 April 2014 11:06

Sajid Javid is the new Culture Secretary. Javid has impressed as a junior minister at the Treasury. He has learnt the political ropes fast despite only becoming an MP in… Continue reading


Maria Miller had no choice but to resign

9 April 2014 8:07
Maria Miller

Listen: Fraser Nelson, James Forysth and Isabel Hardman discuss Miller’s resignation listen to ‘Podcast special: Maria Miller resigns’ on Audioboo Maria Miller has bowed to the inevitable and resigned. For… Continue reading


Miliband’s moment of decision, does he call for Maria Miller to go?

8 April 2014 19:03

Ed Miliband faces a big decision tonight, does he use PMQs tomorrow to call for Maria Miller’s resignation. So far, he has limited himself to saying that Cameron has questions… Continue reading


More Tory MPs break cover on Miller

8 April 2014 14:38
Zac Goldsmith was one of a number of Tory MPs to criticise Maria Miller this morning. He said he was surprised she hadn't resigned.

Tory MPs now feel it’s acceptable to pile in on the Maria Miller row and offer their views. Mark Field has just told the World at One that her apology… Continue reading


Boris Johnson: Maria Miller is being hounded

8 April 2014 8:54
London's mayor Boris Johnson delivers a

As backbenchers apparently gang up on Maria Miller, she’s seen Conservative and Lib Dem colleagues trying to defend her – and dampen down Esther McVey’s comments – on the airwaves… Continue reading


Esther McVey breaks cover on Miller: ‘It wouldn’t be how I would have made an apology’

7 April 2014 20:55
Esther McVey. Image: Getty

Esther McVey is known as a plain-speaking Tory. That ability to avoid mincing her words might propel her into the Cabinet one day – possibly as a replacement for Maria… Continue reading


Court of public opinion hands down awkward judgement on Miller case

7 April 2014 17:32
David Cameron asked Patrick McLoughlin to apply a 'smell test' to see if expenses claims were justifiable in the court of public opinion in 2009.

There are always all sorts of bizarre petitions calling on politicians to do this, that and the other. By and large, politicians tend to ignore them. But the petition calling… Continue reading


Big catch for Tory reconciliation team as rebel gives up anti-Cameron fight

7 April 2014 14:53

Mark Wallace has a fascinating post on ConHome reporting that Andrew Bridgen has written to the Prime Minister withdrawing his letter calling for a leadership contest. Bridgen, if you remember,… Continue reading


Maria Miller and the anatomy of a Tory row

7 April 2014 8:42
Culture Secretary Maria Miller And Alan Davey Unveil Items Accepted In Lieu From The Estate Of Lucian Freud

The papers are trying to keep the momentum going in the Maria Miller row this morning, with a fresh angle in the Telegraph. Such is the seriousness of an adviser’s threat… Continue reading


Cameron’s renegotiation strategy is no longer an obstacle to a second Tory-Lib Dem coalition

6 April 2014 16:11
The Prime Minister And Deputy Prime Minister Announce Their Mid-Term Review

David Cameron’s plan to renegotiate Britain’s membership of the European Union has long been regarded as a major obstacle to a second Tory-Lib Dem coalition. But, as I report in… Continue reading


Maria Miller, a political zombie

5 April 2014 11:20
Maria Miller. Image: Getty

Talking to Tory ministers in the last 24 hours, one of the things I’ve been struck by is the level of irritation with Maria Miller’s graceless apology. It is easy… Continue reading


The other awkward May elections and why they matter

3 April 2014 16:06
Electorial count staff tally the votes f

After all the excitement of Nick vs Nigel and the endless mutterings in the Tory party about uprisings following the European elections, you might be forgiven for thinking that the… Continue reading


Michael Gove is right — the Conservatives are the party of social justice

1 April 2014 12:00

Yesterday, George Osborne dedicated himself the mission of ‘full employment’. Today, Michael Gove has given a speech declaring that the Conservatives are the ‘party of social justice’. This is not… Continue reading


George Osborne’s ‘fight for full employment’ speech – full text

31 March 2014 12:28
Image: Getty

In a speech given at Tilbury Port in Essex, Chancellor George Osborne hailed cuts to business and personal taxes this week as the ‘biggest in two decades’ – and committed… Continue reading


The Tories are repeatedly reminding voters of their achievements – finally

31 March 2014 8:56
Image: Getty

It’s no surprise that the Conservatives want to take the credit for the tax cuts in the Budget, or that the Lib Dems are rather peeved about this. The Chancellor… Continue reading


Why Sajid Javid could end up at the top of the Tory tree

30 March 2014 12:37
The upwardly mobile Sajid Javid

Sajid Javid’s promotion to Culture Secretary will not surprise his many fans. And it underlines an advantage that the Conservative party has over Labour right now – the talent in… Continue reading


Class warriors and unpaid mercenaries

28 March 2014 17:22

Class war. It’s not very classy, is it? But it’s Labour’s big thing at the moment, the class-of-politicians-crisis, which it thinks works well with the other crisis facing hardworking families… Continue reading


Knives out for Warsi in reshuffle

28 March 2014 15:04

After a few weeks of Boris vs George, Conservatives are now starting to gossip about something a little more immediate: a post-European elections reshuffle. I understand that the Prime Minister… Continue reading


Despite low-key launch, Tory ‘managed migration’ campaign should worry No. 10

25 March 2014 16:47
Mark Field MP, who launched the Conservatives for Managed Migration group today. Photo: BBC.

Mark Field’s new Conservatives for Managed Migration group hasn’t attracted overwhelming public support from MPs. When it launched this morning, it only had two Tory MPs openly signed up, with… Continue reading