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The Labour MPs who deny planning to defect to Ukip

26 November 2014 15:00
Kate Hoey. Image: Getty

Ukip are desperate to build on the momentum from their Rochester win as the general election looms ever closer. At the very top of the party figures including leader Nigel… Continue reading


Ukip on course for victory in Rochester – but no Tory panic

21 November 2014 0:23
UKIP Hold A Public Meeting  Before Rochester And Strood By-Election

Counting is underway in the Rochester and Strood by-election and the early indications are that Ukip has won the seat on a turnout slightly over 50%. The result is expected… Continue reading


Poll for Unite says Labour will fail to take its seventh target seat from the Tories

19 November 2014 17:32
James Wharton's Private Member's Bill will have its second reading on 5 July. Picture: PA

Stockton South is seventh on Labour’s target seat list in terms of the swing needed to win yet a Survation poll in the constituency has put the current Tory MP… Continue reading


Responding to Ukip shouldn’t just mean talking about immigration

19 November 2014 8:10

Can you out-Ukip Ukip? Depending on which day of the week it is, both mainstream political parties think you can and you can’t. Last week Ed Miliband said you couldn’t… Continue reading


Anger at government incoherence on spending and debt

17 November 2014 13:45

David Cameron had hoped that the UK’s £650 million contribution to the Green Climate Fund wouldn’t get much attention in the week that the Tories are going head-to-head with Ukip… Continue reading


Why Rochester won’t provide much relief for Labour

16 November 2014 10:12
UKIP Prepares For Rochester And Strood By-Election

Thursday can’t come soon enough for shadow Cabinet loyalists. They believe that the Rochester by-election will provide Ed Miliband with some ‘breathing space’ and turn the spotlight on David Cameron’s… Continue reading


Hammond tries to thread the needle on EU immigration

15 November 2014 11:53
Prime Minister Returns To Downing Street From His Holiday

Philip Hammond’s interview in The Telegraph this morning is striking for several reasons. First, Hammond admits that Britain isn’t going to regain full control of its borders in the renegotiation.… Continue reading


The recklessness of CCHQ

14 November 2014 19:23

The Conservatives have released a rather silly leaflet for the Rochester by-election contrasting Mark Reckless with their candidate Kelly Tolhurst. As if to highlight that it might be a silly… Continue reading


Tories three points ahead of Labour in new poll

12 November 2014 12:36
Ed Miliband and Ed Balls

The Tories have pulled ahead of Labour in a new poll in today’s Evening Standard. The Ipsos Mori poll puts David Cameron’s party three points ahead of Labour, at 32,… Continue reading


Government wins crunch vote on European Arrest Warrant by NINE VOTES

10 November 2014 17:52
Operation Trojan Horse allegations

The government has just won the vote extending the debate on the justice and home affairs opt-outs by just nine votes – 251 ayes to 242 noes. This means that… Continue reading


European Arrest Warrant vote mired in confusion

10 November 2014 13:11

The government’s vote on the European Arrest Warrant this evening is becoming rather confused. The motion does not include a mention of the warrant itself, which ministers had hoped would… Continue reading


Labour unrest: What Ed Miliband can learn from David Cameron’s struggles with the Tories

9 November 2014 19:49
Image: Getty

Well, the Labour party certainly knows how to give the appearance of a fight when its back is against the wall. Many MPs and supporters have spent quite a lot… Continue reading


Tory eurosceptics plot to use loss in Rochester to pressure Cameron

7 November 2014 17:03
UKIP Prepares For Rochester And Strood By-Election

Labour might be mired in misery this week, but at least it can take comfort that around the corner is the Rochester by-election, which the Conservatives look set to lose.… Continue reading


Smoke, mirrors, magic: how George Osborne “halved” the £1.7bn EU bill

7 November 2014 16:48
Image: Getty

George Osborne took a victory lap on Friday to declare that ‘instead of footing the bill, we have halved the bill.’ This would be the £1.7 billion EU budget invoice… Continue reading


Tory MPs react to Osborne’s ‘EU bill deal’

7 November 2014 16:24
Osborne yesterday

So are Tory backbenchers happy with what George Osborne claims to have brought back from Europe after his talks on that £1.7 billion bill? While the government argues with the… Continue reading


Shoot first, ask questions later – police back off new gun monitoring plans

7 November 2014 13:53
Image: Getty

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a new Crimestoppers telephone hotline that the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) decided would be a good idea, that was going to… Continue reading


Tories launch US-style attack ad on Mark Reckless

7 November 2014 13:24

The Conservatives have launched an aggressive video advert for the Rochester and Strood by-election. It attacks Mark Reckless in a very direct manner – but not in a personal manner.… Continue reading


Tories to lose nine seats to Labour in latest Ashcroft poll

5 November 2014 14:08
Esther McVey is one of the Tories under threat according to the latest Ashcroft polling. Picture: Getty

Lord Ashcroft’s polls are, as a rule, very rarely good news for the Tories these days – the peer clearly hopes that he’s at least warned the party before it… Continue reading


Who will be the next Tory defector to Ukip?

4 November 2014 13:49
David Cameron with Henry Smith. The Tory MP today said he would remain in the Conservative party. Picture: PA

The Tories have now accepted they’ve got a much worse chance of winning the Rochester by-election than they claimed they initially did. The plan now is to factor in a… Continue reading


European Arrest Warrant vote could be held next Monday

4 November 2014 11:56

David Cameron promised that the European Arrest Warrant vote would be held before the Rochester by-election on 20 November, but so far no date has been set. I now hear… Continue reading


What to expect from Owen Paterson’s think-tank launch?

3 November 2014 15:29

Whatever could Owen Paterson be up to? The sacked Environment Secretary gave a punchy speech a few weeks back on climate change and is now set to intervene in the… Continue reading


What Tory MPs remember from their away day

2 November 2014 12:21

Two things have stuck in Tory MPs’ minds from their away. The first, that painting of George Osborne. The second, Jim Messina’s presentation and his confidence that the Tories would… Continue reading


If David Cameron doesn’t take immigration seriously, he’ll lose the election

31 October 2014 12:21
Prime Minister David Cameron Tries To Take A Harder Line with Europe

Coffee House readers may remember a classic John Cleese comedy film almost thirty years ago called Clockwise. It’s the story of middle class angst, frustration, desperation and ultimate triumph at… Continue reading


Tories on away day put away hopes of winning Rochester

31 October 2014 9:45
Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps Visits Rochester

Tory MPs are in Oxfordshire today for an ‘away day’. It’s supposed to focus on the autumn statement, but Tory MPs also want to make a few points about the… Continue reading


Liam Fox launches One Minute Fox campaign

28 October 2014 18:24
Defence Secretary Liam Fox Facing Inquiry Into Ministerial Conduct

Liam Fox has launched a series of ‘One Minute Fox’ videos in which he sets out his position on various hot issues from the threat of fundamentalism to welfare reform. He unveiled… Continue reading