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Can David Cameron square the 1922 Committee on another coalition?

4 May 2015 17:08
David Cameron Campaigns As Election Day Looms

As well as trying to prepare voters for what may happen after 8 May, David Cameron needs to make sure he has his party on board for the ride after… Continue reading


Parties turn attention to crafting post-election narrative

4 May 2015 10:15
UK General Election 2015 - UK Politics Through A Washington Lens

Ed Miliband spent a lot of his Today programme interview refusing to answer questions about how a minority Labour government would work because he is focusing both on the ‘big… Continue reading


Election podcast special: four days to go

3 May 2015 19:26
Labour leader Ed Miliband unveils Labour's pledges carved into a stone plinth in Hastings during General Election campaigning. Photo: PA.

In today’s election special podcast, James Forsyth, Isabel Hardman and I attempt to explain why Ed Miliband unveiled a stone engraved with Labour’s six pledges today. Will anyone notice what the pledges… Continue reading


Will there be a late surge to the Tories?

3 May 2015 13:19
David Cameron Makes Campaign Speech In London

So, here we are. In 100 hours time, we’ll be half-way through election-day. But at the moment, the polls still remain deadlocked. Yet, there remains a sense that there’ll be… Continue reading


Nicky Morgan’s market place fight to hold her marginal seat

2 May 2015 17:37

Nicky Morgan’s record as Education Secretary is coming under fierce attack in the Loughborough market place where she’s campaigning. A furious man is telling activists that he will never vote… Continue reading


Lord Ashcroft’s final marginal polling shows how tight the election remains

1 May 2015 22:24
Screenshot 2015-04-30 16.23.11

Lord Ashcroft has released his final marginal polls before the election, looking at ten marginal seats in England and Scotland. The Tories are set to hold onto four key marginals:… Continue reading


Election podcast special: six days to go

1 May 2015 17:51
British Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party David Cameron addresses workers during a UK general election campaign event at ASDA supermarket's headquarters in Leeds, northern England on May 1, 2015.

In today’s election podcast special, Fraser Nelson, James Forsyth, Isabel Hardman and I discuss the most significant moments during the campaign this week. Did Ed Miliband’s interview with Russell Brand make any impact? Which… Continue reading


Exclusive: Senior Tories to plot election response on Friday

1 May 2015 13:04
(Photo: Getty)

Tory MPs will plot their party’s response to the election result and any likely coalition partnerships in a meeting next Friday, 8 May at 4pm, Coffee House has learned. The… Continue reading


Ed Miliband’s refusal to admit that Labour overspent could cost him dear

30 April 2015 23:02
Labour leader Ed Miliband takes part in a special BBC Question Time programme with the three main party leaders appearing separately, at Leeds Town Hall on April 30, 2015 in Leeds, England.

Tonight’s Question Time special with Cameron, Miliband and Clegg provided the best television of this campaign so far. A well-informed audience relentlessly pressed the three leaders on their weakest points.… Continue reading


Douglas Carswell interview: Stop using my father to make cheap political points

30 April 2015 10:13

Douglas Carswell seems rather excited about the Spectator following him around as he campaigns in Clacton, but it’s not clear whether that’s just because our interview starts in McDonald’s. Tucking… Continue reading


Podcast: the election where everybody loses and Boris’s vision for conservatism

30 April 2015 9:11
London Mayor Boris Johnson and Prime Minister David Cameron arrive at the Advantage children's daycare nursery on April 22, 2015 in Surbiton, England.

With one week to go, are the Conservatives back on track to being the biggest party? In this week’s View from 22 podcast, Fraser Nelson and James Forsyth discuss the state of the election… Continue reading


Fallon refuses to back Labour on Trident as he plays politics with defence

28 April 2015 17:08

Things have come to a pretty pass when the two party spokespeople who experience the worst drubbing in a debate are the current Defence Secretary and the Green party representative.… Continue reading


Will Cameron’s ‘10 days to save the Union’ message work?

28 April 2015 10:38
David Cameron Campaigns In The South West

David Cameron continues his anti-SNP campaign today, launching what the Times calls his ‘strongest attack so far’ on a Labour-SNP government. The Prime Minister tells the paper that there are… Continue reading


PM pumps up the passion after porridge and panic

27 April 2015 18:58
David Cameron Makes Campaign Speech In London

David Cameron is known as the ‘essay crisis’ Prime Minister, and today he did little to dispel that impression. With just 10 days to go until the election, Cameron produced… Continue reading


Note from Mandelson’s firm warns that SNP will drag Labour to the left

27 April 2015 10:20
Peter Mandelson. Getty Images.

Peter Mandelson and Ed Miliband appeared to have been undergoing a certain rapprochement during this campaign. Mandelson declared recently that Miliband has ‘way exceeded my expectations‘. But a briefing note… Continue reading


Cameron’s answer to the passion question

26 April 2015 16:35

David Cameron has been bugged in this campaign by the question of whether he’s passionate enough, of whether he really wants it. When Fraser and I asked him about why… Continue reading


This election will be decided by the undecideds

26 April 2015 13:49

The polls could hardly be closer than they are at the moment and the parliamentary arithmetic looks like it is going to be remarkably tight, there’ll be only a few… Continue reading


David Cameron insists Tory campaign has ‘the most positive vision there could possibly be’

26 April 2015 11:57
Conservative Party Launch Their Election Manifesto

There’s nothing wrong with negative campaigning in an election. If you think your opponents would damage the country, then you should point it out. What’s wrong with negative campaigning is… Continue reading


Revealed: the Tories’ plan to up their ground game in the final 10 days with ‘Battlebus 2015’

26 April 2015 9:57
Roadtrip 2015 campaigning day during the Rochester & Strood by-election last year. Photo: @Roadtrip2015.

Membership of the Conservative Party has halved under David Cameron, leaving him with fewer activists to help him in this election than were available to any of his modern predecessors. So… Continue reading


Have the Tories given up on taking seats from Labour?

24 April 2015 16:03
George Osborne and David Cameron pay a visit to Arriva TrainCare mantenance plant  in Crewe (Photo: Toby Melville/Getty)

David Cameron and George Osborne’s campaigning is focused on seats the Tory party wants to hold onto, while Ed Miliband is taking the fight to seats Labour wants to win… Continue reading


Four things you need to know about the IFS’ manifesto analysis

23 April 2015 15:17
Party manifestos for the 2015 General Election campaign. Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Nobody’s perfect, are they? The IFS found something to criticise today for all the parties — the Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems and SNP — whose tax and spending plans it has examined.… Continue reading


The Conservatives are strategising regional media out of the grid – and it won’t help their cause

23 April 2015 15:02
George Osborne on another factory visit, this time in Leeds. Image: Getty

This has, I think we can all agree, been the most stage-managed election ever. Nobody on a soap box, no punches thrown, no bigoted women. Just a seamless marathon of… Continue reading


Breaking: Politician spotted talking to a real voter

23 April 2015 14:42
Ruth Davidson. Photo by Isabel Hardman.

I’ve just witnessed an extraordinary moment on the campaign trail in Edinburgh. No, it’s not this, but a political party leader talking to a real voter. This is Ruth Davidson,… Continue reading


Why identikit lines on the SNP are important for the Tories

23 April 2015 10:30
Image: Getty.

This morning when George Osborne defended the way the Tories were fighting the election campaign, there was something slightly odd about what he said in response to John Humphrys’ first… Continue reading


Boris hits the campaign trail — and admits being Tory leader would be a ‘wonderful thing’

22 April 2015 17:10
London Mayor Boris Johnson and Prime Minister David Cameron react as they join a hand-printing session with children at the Advantage children's daycare nursery on April 22, 2015 in Surbiton, England.

The Tories’s not-so-secret weapon has finally been deployed. Boris Johnson hit the campaign trail with David Cameron today, solving a jigsaw puzzle, painting with some children (above) and exuding a… Continue reading