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John Major to enter the electoral fray this week

19 April 2015 13:02
David Cameron Meets With John Major In Downing Street

David Cameron’s inner circle are always keen to talk up the parallels between this campaign and 1992. This week, the winner of that election will enter the fray on their… Continue reading


Feisty Cameron warns English voters of the ‘frightening prospect’ of the SNP propping up a Labour government

19 April 2015 10:29
British Prime Minister David Cameron pla

David Cameron has just delivered his feistiest performance of the election campaign yet. In a combative interview with Andrew Marr, the Tory leader repeatedly described the prospect of a Labour… Continue reading


The coming battle for legitimacy

18 April 2015 13:10
Big Ben and the The Houses of Parliament

Jonathan Freedland has written a compelling column on the challenge that Ed Miliband will face to establish his legitimacy if he becomes Prime Minister despite Labour not having won the… Continue reading


Who lies behind these three new pro-Conservative blogs?

16 April 2015 12:28

Three new anonymous pro-Tory political blogs have popped up in recent weeks. All are rather curious: none carry bylines, and two are so technically similar that they could have been made in the… Continue reading


The Tories may have a strong message but do they have any momentum yet?

15 April 2015 15:06

The Tories have another election broadcast out tonight that builds on the message of their manifesto: that they are for hardworking blue-collar people and that if you want sunshine, vote… Continue reading


Tories are consolidating while Labour are extending leads in key marginals

14 April 2015 16:14
Jacob Rees-Mogg Visits New Bagpuss Pop-up Shop

Lord Ashcroft has released his latest round of polling, looking at ten competitive Tory-Labour seats. In all of the constituencies, Ashcroft has reported swings to Labour, ranging from 0.5 per cent… Continue reading


Exclusive: watch a preview of the Conservatives’ manifesto launch video

14 April 2015 10:22
Screenshot 2015-04-14 10.20.44

David Cameron will take to the stage in an hour to launch the Conservatives’ 2015 manifesto. Before he does, a short video will roll to introduce the themes of the… Continue reading


Campaign kick-off: 23 days to go

14 April 2015 9:12
Prime Minister David Cameron talks with a local family as he campaigns on April 13, 2015 in Alnwick, England.

Today, it’s the Conservative Party’s turn to release its manifesto. Labour pushed out its own document ‘Britain can do better’ yesterday, so it’s Tories’ turn to try and better it.… Continue reading


Cameron declares that the Tories are the ‘party of working people’ as he pledges to extend right to buy

13 April 2015 23:17
Prime Minister David Cameron Makes A Speech About The Financial Markets

Tomorrow’s Tory manifesto will contain the boldest policy proposal of this campaign so far. The party will promise to extend the right to buy to 1.3 million families living in… Continue reading


Nick Clegg sets out red lines for coalition negotiations with Labour and the Tories

13 April 2015 20:59
Liberal Democrats Leader Nick Clegg Visits Scotland

Nick Clegg produced Lib Dem red lines for any coalition with either Labour or the Tories in an interview with Evan Davis this evening. Clegg said that he wouldn’t go… Continue reading


The truth behind David Cameron’s new inheritance tax policy

12 April 2015 14:10

David Cameron’s new Inheritance tax policy is clearly an important political message of aspiration and family values rather than a policy that will either help many or actually have much… Continue reading


This week, the Tories must seize the initiative

12 April 2015 12:45
Picture: Getty

Even Tory insiders admit that while they broadly had the better of the first week of the campaign, Labour had the better of the week just gone.  This makes it… Continue reading


Tories try to use their lead on the economy to bolster their position on the NHS

12 April 2015 10:39
U.K. Chancellor Of The Exchequer George Osborne Delivers 2015 Spring Budget

The Tories believe that their record in government and their lead on economic competence means that they can set out spending commitments without having to set out precisely how they… Continue reading


Ashcroft marginal polls show Tory-Labour races remain tight — and Ukip is falling behind

8 April 2015 21:37

The Tory-Labour battleground remains very close. Lord Ashcroft has returned to ten competitive marginal seats in his latest round of polling and has found swings to Labour, ranging from 0.5… Continue reading


The Tory ‘rally’ that wasn’t: these photos reveal how modern campaigning works

7 April 2015 19:29

David Cameron took the stage at an election rally in Wadebridge, Cornwall this evening. He was surrounded by supporters waving placards. From the pictures, it seems there was a real… Continue reading


Ed Miliband’s popularity is improving – and the Tories should worry

7 April 2015 18:02
Ed Miliband Leaves His Home On The First Day Of The General Election

Ed Miliband has long been considered the Conservatives’ main electoral asset. Certainly, Simon Danczuk touched a nerve when he described his party leader as a liability only a fortnight ago.… Continue reading


Why all this talk of a hung parliament could be a self-fulfilling prophecy

6 April 2015 17:18
Workers carry out cleaning and maintenan

In a close campaign, you would normally expect the smaller parties to get squeezed as voters decided that is really a choice between Labour and the Tories. But this time,… Continue reading


Another Tory ‘defection’ to Ukip – in a safe Labour seat

6 April 2015 9:40
Illustration: Stephen Collins.

Nigel Farage has had a torrid few days – exactly as he’d planned. He had all six of his fellow contestants in the TV debate ganging up on him over… Continue reading


Parties launch tax attacks as Britain heads to the beach

6 April 2015 9:27

The three main parties are having a fight about tax today. It’s the day the rise in the personal allowance comes into effect, and David Cameron will give a speech… Continue reading


Tories convinced ‘moment of maximum danger’ has passed

5 April 2015 12:45
David Cameron Speaks At The Conservative Party General Election Rally

On Thursday night, David Cameron didn’t eviscerate the competition. But nor did he suffer any damage and that, to Tory high command, meant that it was job done. The Tory… Continue reading


The media and political elite need to stop treating the electorate like dogs

2 April 2015 15:41
Image: Getty

There are many grating phrases in modern British politics. ‘Best practice.’ ‘Fit for purpose.’ ‘Let me explain’ (just bloody well explain!). And that tendency of Labour politicians to preface pretty… Continue reading


Two more polls suggest Ed Miliband’s ‘Paxo bounce’ is sliding away

30 March 2015 23:56
Labour leader Ed Miliband and Jeremy Paxman chat during the filming of  'Cameron & Miliband ; The Battle For Number 10' on March 26, 2015 in London, England.

Ed Miliband’s so-called ‘Paxo bounce’ in the opinion polls is ebbing away. The polls out this evening have the Conservatives either level pegging with Labour or slightly ahead. Tonight’s latest from YouGov/The Sun… Continue reading


Whatever happened to Larry the Downing Street cat’s increased security?

30 March 2015 18:46
Larry takes on Bailey the sniffer dog. Image: PA

When reports emerged that a dog had allegedly been poisoned at Crufts, David Cameron appeared to be extremely worried that a similar fate might befall the Downing Street cat, Larry.… Continue reading


Were the Tories’ dodgy figures designed to provoke Labour into making a statement?

30 March 2015 18:28
tory poster tax

Why are the Tories peddling what the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies has described as ‘at best unhelpful’, which is the claim that households would be hit with a £3,000… Continue reading


First poll of the campaign puts the Tories four points ahead

30 March 2015 13:56

And we’re off! Today is the first day of the proper general election campaign and the rollercoaster of polls continues. ComRes/ITV News/Daily Mail have released a new poll putting the… Continue reading