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Lessons from the midterms for the AV referendum

4 November 2010 15:26

Amid all the excitement of the US midterms, a small, local ballot took place which has important lessons for the UK’s referendum on the Alternative Vote – due to take… Continue reading


The rise of Marco Rubio

4 November 2010 9:07

Of all the good news that the American Right is savouring at the moment, Marco Rubio’s victory must be near the top. Rubio won 49 percent of Florida’s vote, defeating… Continue reading


Republicans take control of the House, Democrats cling on in Senate

3 November 2010 6:43

The Democrats have lost control of the House of Representatives. The Republican party looks to have picked up more than 60 seats in the lower house, slightly more than they… Continue reading


Early signs are that it will be a good night for the Republicans and an awful one for Obama and his agenda

3 November 2010 0:50

It is early in the night but things are looking good for the Republicans. Marco Rubio, the Cuban-American son of a bartender, has won his Senate race in Florida at… Continue reading


California Dreamin’

2 November 2010 17:29

Amidst the Democrats’ doom and gloom over the US midterm elections, there is one race that will give Obama hope, and it is in the world’s 8th largest economy: California.… Continue reading


A conservative revival in the States

1 November 2010 15:30

Election night two years ago was not a good night for the GOP. Not only had it lost the White House but also all those predictions about how social trends… Continue reading


Reading the Tea Party

30 October 2010 18:49

Copyright BBC Tea Party America with Andrew Neil, Renegade Pictures for the BBC This Tuesday we will find out the electoral strength of the Tea Party, the insurgent political movement… Continue reading