I saw MPs Peter Hain and Andrew Mitchell agreeing with each other on Newsnight about the need, now, to talk to President Assad, so that we might better combat the Islamic savages running amok in Syria and Iraq. Yee-haw.

If I could see, two years back, that Assad was infinitely preferable to the majority of those people who took arms against him, then why couldn’t our politicians? Do they really still cleave to the idiotic view that the Arab people are ‘just like us’ and are ready and waiting for a pluralistic, representational democracy, perhaps with the alternative vote in place for local council elections, and maybe Baroness Ashton and the Howard League for Penal Reform (‘can’t you just cut off his hand, rather than the whole arm?’). How could any sane person believe that?

Of course we should speak to Assad and, foul though he may be, first say ‘um…. sorry……you might have had a point about those rebels….’.

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