999, what’s your emergency? This time, it’s one right at the heart of the ambulance service, as Mary Wakefield reveals in this week’s Spectator. Paramedics are fleeing and needless calls are mounting. But why is the government refusing to take notice? And why are paramedics being denied the respect they deserve? Mary discusses her findings in this week’s podcast with Fraser Nelson and Julia Manning, chief executive of 2020Health.

The Prime Minister heads off on Saturday to Brussels for one of his least favourite events: the European Union summit. In her column, Isabel Hardman suggests that EU summits haven’t been kind to Cameron, and that things aren’t about to change. But can he find his ‘European way’? And can he tackle the problem of Europe without a ‘big beast’ by his side? Isabel weighs up Cameron’s options with Mats Persson, Director of Open Europe.

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And finally, have websites like YouTube and Netflix created a new generation gap? In this week’s issue, Mark Mason suggests that as younger people have migrated away from the television, they’ve lost a set of shared references between age groups. But should we lament or celebrate this? Alex Owen, a comedian and member of the comedy double act The Pin, suggests that viewing habits have certainly changed. However, you can still watch clips from bygone eras online, so all is not lost.

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