The Lib Dems are not taking any disciplinary action against Lord Rennard and have reinstated his membership, the party said this evening.

Lord Rennard had been suspended from the party as part of the aftermath of allegations about his inappropriate conduct towards a number of women. A party spokesperson said:

‘The Regional Parties Committee met this week to consider whether the party had been brought into disrepute by statements made by Lord Rennard, or on his behalf, following the publication of Alistair Webster’s conclusions.

‘It decided not to proceed with the disciplinary process against him. This brings the matter to a close and means the suspension of his membership is lifted.’

Party president Tim Farron is defending the changes the Lib Dems have made to their culture and practices, saying:

‘No one should ever have to feel that their concerns are being dismissed or ignored and I am clear that the Liberal Democrats should become the ‘gold standard’ for how voluntary organisations treat their members and staff.’

If the party can prove it has changed, that will perhaps be of some comfort to those who have left. But the women who made the allegations about Rennard’s conduct do not seem all that impressed that no action is being taken against the peer.

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