Now, now, no laughing at the back. Less than 12 hours after representing the government at WW1 commemorations, Baroness Warsi has quit — citing the government’s policy toward Gaza and the Middle East as the reason behind her departure. However, there is growing belief that the bungling baroness’s exit has something to do with the ‘government’s policy towards Baroness Warsi’, as Dan Hodges puts it.

One Tory source said today that she has been in a sulk ever since the reshuffle, when she was passed over for promotion to Foreign Secretary (a delusional desire, if ever there was one, if indeed it was her desire). Tory MPs say that Warsi made it known that she would like to leave before the reshuffle. At the time they thought that was just cack-handed damage limitation by the baroness, who expected to be sacked. But, in light of William Hague’s resignation, Warsi’s stance takes on a new light.

The source, who was until recently in a senior government post, claims that Warsi realised ‘she had gone as far as she should go’ and when it was made clear that she did not have a cat’s chance in hell of making the top job at the FCO, today’s principled resignation was only a matter of time.

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