How would the rest of the United Kingdom cope without Scotland? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, James Forsyth discusses his Spectator cover feature with Fraser Nelson and Eddie Bone from the Campaign for an English Parliament. Would England be left a lesser country without Scotland? Why has no one looked into how dramatic the situation would be? Could the UK hold its position on the international stage? And why are we so keen to talk down Britishness?

Madeleine Teahan from the Catholic Herald and James Harris of Dignity in Dying also debate the campaign to legalise assisted dying and whether Britain is actually granting doctors a license to kill patients. Is the debate between Christians and medics? Would there be more deaths as a direct result of the Assisted Dying Bill?

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Plus, the Labour MP Frank Field and Isabel Hardman discuss the government’s Modern Slavery Bill and whether it goes far enough. Has Theresa May not been radical enough, or did No.10 hold her back? Could the result be a win for the Conservatives, or a cross-party victory?

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