Think we’ve done enough to avoid another financial crisis? Think again, says Liam Halligan. Sure, there’s no shortage of commentators (and stockbrokers) insisting the outlook is rosy and share prices will keep on rising. But alarming evidence is amassing that the global recovery is shaky, stock markets are over-hyped and large western banks remain a serious liability. Liam discusses his Spectator cover piece on this week’s podcast with Adam Memon, Head of Economic Research at the Centre for Policy Studies.

Over in Westminster, it’s holiday time for MPs. In his round up of the political scene, James Forsyth suggests a worrying trend has emerged: many of the ministers who quit during the  reshuffle simultaneously declared that they would stand down from the Commons at the next election. It’s as if they saw little point in being an MP if they were not a minister. James discusses this with Paul Goodman, editor of Conservative Home.

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And finally, should we trust men who wear sunglasses (and have beards)? Mark Mason thinks wearing shades indicates you are a thoroughly shady character. Ed Cumming, the Observer Magazine’s commissioning editor, begs to differ.


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