What kind of idiot tries to stand in the way of a national child abuse panic? Matthew Parris, that’s who. In this week’s Spectator, he suggests that the panic about paedophilia is careering right out of control. Dr Liz Davies begs to differ. In her view, the inquiry is 20 years too late. In this week’s View from 22 podcast, they discuss whether Westminster needs to calm down.

For the next EU commissioner, Cameron needs a Eurosceptic Nick Clegg, says James Forsyth. But would the real Nick Clegg accept the role? The Prime Minister doesn’t have long to make up his mind — the makeup of the next commission will be discussed at a European summit next week. James and Isabel Hardman discuss the runners and the riders for this plum position.

Plus, the Spectator’s theatre critic Lloyd Evans and the historian Kate Maltby debate whether the National Theatre should continue to receive state funding. The NT is the jewel in the crown of Britain’s artistic heritage. It doesn’t belong on Benefits Street, argues Lloyd.

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